Sergei Prokofieff, Judith von Halle and the Representative of Humanity

After my recent blog posting on Coronavirus and the Indwelling Divinity of the Human Being, I received an email from an anthroposophist, someone for whom I have considerable respect:

“I read your blog with interest (…).  Thank you, it was stimulating food for thought. However, I’m afraid I don’t set great store by Judith von Halle’s sensational claims. I appreciate that you have obviously found them helpful, and I don’t want to undermine that, but from past experience and from Sergei Prokofieff’s analysis of her seership, I am very cautious. I think the pandemic is more about preparing humanity for the incarnation of Ahriman, the hallmarks are very much of ahrimanic nature. That’s not to say that other beings don’t also have an effect, but does Judith von Halle offer any substantiation of her claims? It’s a very strong statement that individual karma is being thwarted, for instance. When seers dislike being questioned, I become suspicious. She is welcome to offer opinions, but when they are dressed up as facts, I am wary. But it’s good that you write blogs and get people to think more widely.”

Another correspondent wrote to tell me how she attends a regular study group and after reading the blog post, “last week I mentioned Judith Von Halle and was jumped on by each of the others! Sometimes I feel that many people wouldn’t recognise Christ if he walked through their front door!!! “ 

What these messages show me is that there are many anthroposophists who revere the late Sergei Prokofieff (16 January 1954 – 26 July 2014), who regard him as a star in the anthroposophical firmament and a worthy successor to Rudolf Steiner. They have listened to his criticisms of Judith von Halle and have downplayed her significance accordingly. I don’t share this view but I realise that there are many people who won’t agree with me; if serious anthroposophists such as Peter Selg hold Prokofieff in high regard, then who am I to say that they are wrong?  I would, nevertheless, like to explain my views on both Prokofieff and JvH.

Sergei O. Prokofieff

Only once did I see Prokofieff in the flesh, and that was when he gave a lecture at Rudolf Steiner House in London. His buttoned-up appearance reminded me of Virginia Woolf’s jokey description of the repressed and reserved T.S Eliot, as “wearing his four-piece suit.” My doubts increased as he was speaking, because he seemed to me to be distorting Steiner’s teachings and drawing from them quite unjustified conclusions. Several other people with whom I spoke afterwards had similar reservations.

Later on, as I acquired copies of some of his books and began to read what he had written, my doubts increased further. I have now given almost all of these books away to Prokofieff enthusiasts, as I did not find them helpful.

Since it was clear to me that Prokofieff was introducing a Luciferic distortion of Steiner’s teachings, I became intrigued as to why he was regarded so highly by many anthroposophists, culminating in 2001 with his being invited to join the Vorstand (Executive Group) at the global centre for anthroposophy at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

I then came across a very important critique of Prokofieff’s work. This is Sergei O. Prokofieff: Myth and Reality by the late Irina Gordienko. This book crystallised for me all the reservations I had felt about Prokofieff’s work. I won’t say any more about it here, because an excellent review of the book has been provided by Kim Graae Munch on his website and I would urge anyone who is interested to read it:

In his memorial address for Prokofieff given on 29 July 2014, Peter Selg described him as “this most inwardly faithful pupil of Rudolf Steiner and protector of his new revelation of Christ.” It is abundantly clear from Prokofieff’s writings and actions that he idolised Rudolf Steiner and that he wanted to be just like his eminent teacher. Like Steiner, Prokofieff was a prolific writer and lecturer dealing with profound esoteric matters. But I take leave to doubt whether Prokofieff was a high initiate in the same mould as Steiner himself.

In his remarks at the memorial gathering, Selg clearly did not feel it appropriate to make any reference to the controversies surrounding Prokofieff’s interpretations of Steiner’s teachings, nor his attacks on Judith von Halle. He did manage, however, to imply that Prokofieff was not always an easy colleague, recalling that: “In 2001 he was finally called to Dornach to join the Executive Council at the Goetheanum. Looking back on his life in personal conversations, he expressed repeatedly that he should have been called to the Executive Council by 1994 at the very latest so he could work intensely in Dornach for the ‘payment of the debt owed’ to Rudolf Steiner and for the culmination.” (The ‘culmination’ refers to Steiner’s expectation that anthroposophy would be transformed in such a way that it would enter significantly into the global scene of the 21st century as a world-changing creative power.)

Prokofieff also was “increasingly troubled by the relationship to Rudolf Steiner within the Anthroposophical Society and in Dornach, and he published a book concerning this relationship in 2006. Selg adds that Prokofieff also “felt himself to be increasingly isolated. He knew and accepted that an experience of ‘cosmic loneliness’ was part of modern initiation, but he often had to ask himself where his colleagues in the battle for the culmination were to be found. It pained him that his relationship to Rudolf Steiner—and the reasons he insisted on its significance—were often misunderstood; its inner spiritual dimension was not seen and what he taught and authentically lived remained uncomprehended.” Shortly before his death, Prokofieff told Selg “that he had things to tell the spiritual world and Rudolf Steiner, especially about the conduct of anthroposophy on the earth.” 

Clearly, everyone but Prokofieff was out-of-step. No-one can doubt Prokofieff’s devotion to Steiner and anthroposophy and his single-minded pursuit of what he felt was a sacrificial path of martyrdom. But I can’t help wondering what Rudolf Steiner will have said to his disciple when they met in the spiritual world after Prokofieff’s death.

So why am I resurrecting this fairly ancient history? It is because Prokofieff’s attacks on Judith von Halle are still influencing many anthroposophists, such as my correspondent cited above. Anyone who is new to these controversies can find out more by following this link and this to items appearing in Southern Cross Review in 2013:

Judith von Halle

I would like to say something now about my own feelings concerning Judith von Halle. Up until fairly recently, I had stayed away from the controversies surrounding her and the attacks mounted on her by Prokofieff and others such as T.H. Meyer and Mieke Mossmuller. Then I read a book called The Representative of Humanity – Between Lucifer and Ahriman by Judith von Halle and the late John Wilkes, about the unfinished wooden sculpture by Rudolf Steiner and Edith Maryon, which is today exhibited at the Goetheanum.

As I read this book, I was seized by an absolute certainty of knowing that Judith von Halle in her previous life had been Edith Maryon. How can one explain these things? I just knew.

This book is a sacred text. In the chapters, written alternately by John Wilkes and Judith von Halle, one is given not only the history of the first Goetheanum as a mystery temple and the central place in it of the wooden model, but also a beautifully clear and simple exposition of what it is to be a human being and an outline of the evolutionary journey on which we are all embarked. If you are looking for a concise and clear explanation of anthroposophy, I don’t think you can do better than to read this book. The photos and illustrations of the first Goetheanum and the artwork inside it are very moving and make one realise what a unique treasure was lost when the arsonist did his work on New Year’s Eve 1922.

It is an extraordinary thing that, just a few days earlier, on 26th December 1922, Rudolf Steiner gave to Edith Maryon a mantric verse that would seem to be a kind of preparation to deal with the shock of what would occur on the last day of the year:

The 9.5 metre high Representative of Humanity wooden model at the Goetheanum.

When human beings discovered the way the world

Dispersed endlessly in atoms

They accepted an understanding of the death of nature:

They should now strive to find in spirit what will overcome

The dead remains, and they will direct their understanding

To world becoming.

By giving Edith Maryon this verse, Steiner was showing to her that in the artistic realm one should not cling to the material aspect, because if one had done the work with the right attitude, one would have created something that is imperishable at the angelic level, a lasting spiritual work of art that will then have eternal existence.

John Wilkes was the founder of the Foundation for Water at Emerson College in the UK, where he did much of the mathematical research that led to the creation of flow forms for revitalising water. But he also was instrumental in the saving and restoration of the wax, plasticine and clay models that had been prepared by Steiner and Maryon for the Representative of Humanity, which had been thrown out (some were even wantonly destroyed, including a bust of Rudolf Steiner) when Edith Maryon’s studio was being cleared out in the 1950s. A little while ago I spoke with John Wilkes’ widow, Alfhild, who, although being understandably reluctant to discuss such a sensitive subject, confirmed that my intuition about Judith von Halle’s previous life was also shared by JvH herself. Interestingly, Alfhild also suggested that JvH, in some of her spiritual research, did not always get things invariably correct, which is a theme that Prokofieff, Meyer et al might agree with.

It is, nevertheless, for her spiritual research that Judith von Halle should be celebrated today. She is able to do work that only a very few anthroposophists are capable of doing, ie genuine spiritual scientific research. I know of only a few such people doing distinguished work in their own fields, for example Susan Raven (nature spirits), Ralf Roessner (bees, the light root) and Iain Trousdell (John Wilkes’ successor at the Foundation for Water). There must be others that I’m unaware of, but they are all precious and we should cherish them.

Von Halle herself has said this about her work:

“I am often criticised—it is the main criticism—that my lectures and books only contain the description of the perceptions, of unreflected-upon visions. But that is not the case. The work of investigating the spiritual world, that is my real activity, and it was also the case before the stigmatisation. Together with the stigmata really came experience of the events in the life of Christ and its historical circumstances, but perceptions of concrete historical situations from other times have also been possible for me since then, such as from the time of the Templars or events from other times and their circumstances. That was an amazing experience. However, what was important was that based on these historical events it was possible for me to spiritually investigate, that is to find out by means of spiritual science why just these historical events happened and their esoteric meaning in the overall cosmic plan. And it should be clear to every anthroposophist that such things cannot be found out through mere perception, but only by working for knowledge of them. And that is the kind of work, namely spiritual research, which I also did previously. It is very important that this be understood, because the same error in judgment of my spiritual activity is repeated again and again in public, at least by those people who judge without having been correctly informed about my work by reading my books. Therefore in every introduction to my [Christological] books I write about this – but it is unfortunately often ignored.”

Asked about how she does her spiritual research, JvH said this (and also gave a clue about herself which I followed up): “An indication of what happens in this respect on a higher plane can be found in Rudolf Steiner’s Class lessons for the members of the Free University for Spiritual Science, especially what he says at the beginning of the 11th lesson”.

This is what Rudolf Steiner said in Dornach on 2nd May 1924, at the beginning of the 11th Lesson:

“My dear Friends! You were probably all deeply affected this morning by the news that Miss Maryon has departed from the physical plane, even though this was an event long expected, coming as it has after a very grave illness lasting for over a year.” (Edith Maryon died from tuberculosis.)

“Tomorrow, when all the members of the Anthroposophical Society are present, I shall tell you what I have to say about Miss Maryon’s departure from the physical plane. For today, let me just mention that the First Class has lost a truly devoted pupil, for Miss Maryon was foremost among those who, with devoted work and inner fervour, have been deeply attached to what it has been giving. Despite her severe illness, she not only participated in the esoteric work being developed here but also practised the exercises given, letting them work on her and living with them with exceptional inwardness.”

“In her case this was all founded on the fact that she was actually already an esoteric pupil when she came to us. She belonged to an esoteric school working in quite a different direction before she made the transition to the Anthroposophical Society, and she very rapidly made the complete transition from that esoteric school into Anthroposophy. For her the esoteric element was what really mattered; she lived very intensely within it during the years she was with us on the physical plane, and will now continue to do so, having departed from the physical plane, though most certainly not from Anthroposophy.”

(…) “My dear friends, in esoteric life the essential thing is that a person should at least see and contemplate the ways and means whereby real knowledge in spiritual things comes about. As to how far the one or other among us will progress in following these pathways – this, admittedly, will depend on his karma. It will depend on the conditions he brings with him from former lives on earth.”

Rudolf Steiner sculpting the figure of Christ for the Representative of Humanity group.

The karmic connections between Rudolf Steiner and Edith Maryon lay across many ages and intensified during their work together on the Representative of Humanity. During the winter of 1916, as recounted by Steiner in his funeral address for Edith Maryon, she had saved him from death or serious injury when he almost fell from the scaffolding in the high ceilinged studio built the previous year to accommodate the 9.5 metre high model of the sculpture: “It was fairly near the start of our sculptural activities at the Goetheanum in Dornach when I had to work in the outer studio, that is in the large front studio, up on the scaffolding next to the figure of Christ in our model. That was the moment when, because of a gap in the scaffolding, I ran the risk of falling off, and I would definitely have fallen with my whole body onto a post with a sharp point if Edith Maryon had not caught hold of me.”

For reason of these deep karmic connections between Steiner and Edith Maryon, I am inclined to think that in her current incarnation as Judith von Halle, the I of her being is in close touch with the great Christian initiate who was Rudolf Steiner. I therefore give high credence to her spiritual research and insights and less credence to the criticisms from people such as Prokofieff, Thomas Meyer and Mieke Mossmuller. I speak as I find, and I find their thoughts overly head-centred and intellectual. I wish they could find their way to the kind of heart-centred thinking towards which all anthroposophists should aspire. Like my second correspondent cited above: “Sometimes I feel that many people wouldn’t recognise Christ if he walked through their front door.”


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  1. kathyfinnegan

    ininsoi, I want you to know I deeply resonate with the experience you describe as an “overwhelming feeling of concentrated love”. I remember as a child trying to tell my mother I learned the world I thought was real was a dream – we were making it up – but there’s a real one inside it (behind it?). When I realized from her response she didn’t know what I was talking about I was terrified, “fell” out of the experience, and for years thought some terrible mistake had been made – that I was in the wrong place with the wrong family. Years later I came to learn that a number of children pass through a period of believing they are with the wrong family – that they’d been stolen from their real parents. I never “gave up” my experience – and it has repeated many times in many ways. The longest period of being in that consciousness (that I can remember) was about 20 minutes – I remember walking around seeing with new eyes – seeing tiny particles of light pouring out of everything – looking at a big, dirty old garbage dumpster and thinking – how could I ever have thought it was ugly!

    It wasn’t until I was 18yo, a freshmen in college and read Plato’s allegory of the cave, I found someone else who “knew”! Then Maslow, and Jung, and Steiner. We all have these experiences? But we persist in hiding them from ourselves? I think/hope/pray that this is the turning point – where mankind is shifting into a “new” lived experience – as the memories hidden in our subconscious minds are rising up. I think the challenge is to meet the varieties of responses and fears these memories are triggering. Steiner said if we do not redeem our Ahrimanic Double we will be deluded into thinking we have all the information in the universe at our fingertips and believe we can know all things – but without understanding them – without genuinely experiencing them. And that would leave us all stranded, alone, in our own universe,


    • ininsoi

      Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for your comment. I relate to what you say. I never felt completely ‘at home’ in the UK and increasingly felt an itch to leave in my teenage years. Then I moved to the US in my early 20’s and to Peru in my 50’s not so much searching for a utopia, more feeling the magnetic pull of destiny.

      One comical detail about my cosmic journey in 2007 that evokes the top leftmost figure in the magnificent carved work by Rudolf Steiner and Edith Maryon and underscores that we live in a universe with a sense of humor is that my earthbound body spent the whole time I was ‘away’ having the most incredible experience of my life sitting in a rustic outhouse privvy. Talk about going from the ridiculous to the sublime and back!


      • kathyfinnegan

        Yes, ininsoi, this human experience is definitely from the ridiculous to the sublime and back. Once, in my adolescent application of of Steiner’s teachings, I expressed gratitude to the “being” holding my car in form and function for me. I thanked it for its sacrifice and prayed it be released it to its higher journey. My car lights went out! After a moment of shock I realized I could see OK – there was a full moon shining off the Hudson river and no other cars on the road to blind me. I got to a gas station and the fellow replaced a fuse! I continued home, crying, blessing the one who left, welcoming the new one and asked him to stick around for a while.

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        • I like that story with the car Kathy. We do live within an interactive Cosmos.
          One thing that Archangel Michael communicated telepathically to me is that he is the one to talk to regarding situations in our everyday lives that need a remedy like when your car needed a fuse and then there was a guy up ahead in your moonlit journey who had one.
          My most dramatic experience of praying to Michael and sensing a response was two years ago when our small town of Sauce in northern Peru was hit by an 8.0 earthquake. During the violent shaking which went on for several minutes I was thinking of all the humble families in adobe structures round about and I prayed to Michael to protect them.
          Later that day the news came that there had been much damage to houses and other structures but no deaths.


          • kathyfinnegan

            Do you live near Machu Pichu ? I have a personal story about my sister visiting there – but the influence was more of a St Francis than Michael. But who knows?


            • kathyfinnegan

              ininsoi, I just remembered the name of the place was Marco Whasi (?)- not Machu Pichu.


              • ininsoi

                Hi Kathy,

                My wife and I met in the Sacred Valley which is close to the city of Cusco and is the gateway for those visiting Machu Picchu, We lived there for 6 years and heledp to found the Kusi Kawsay Waldorf-inspired school in the town of Pisac. This is all in eastern central Peru.
                In 2011 we moved to the northern jungle community of Sauce near the city of Tarapoto which is not so far from the border with Ecuador.
                I do not know of Marco Wasi which means the house of Mark in the Quechua language.


                • kathyfinnegan

                  Hi ininsoi,

                  All I remember about the place is that it was a desolate mountaintop with hugh stone figures that looked like animals that could never have been there – such as elephants. They had to climb – though some had burros – and stayed over night there in tents. I was at Kent State U. at the time and knew nothing about the trek. I woke one morning and was leaving my room to go to class when I felt the inner direction to lay down on my bed and sing St. Francis’ prayer, “All Things Great and Small”. I struggled with it because I was afraid to be late for class, but gave in (I always do). When I was done, it was as though it had never happened. Months later, I’d forgotten about it, when I my sister came for a visit and told me that at that very time she had awakened in her hotel room in Peru and felt like she was dying. She struggled to get up out of bed for help when she had the inner direction to stay where she was and sing “All Creatures Great and Small”! When she was finished, she “knew” she had to drink water and gradually felt better. As it turned out , most of their group was sick because they were dehydrated from the altitude and physical activity of the previous two days. That place felt so remarkable to her I am surprised you have never heard of it. I might have the name wrong – it was over 40 years ago.

                  I respect, so much, your commitment to Waldorf – and your courage to follow your inner direction.


                  • ininsoi

                    I will ask around about the place you are describing Kathy. Must have been at high altitude for your sister to have had that reaction. Coca tea generally does wonders for altitude sickness.
                    Funny thing destiny. I left the world of Waldorf for many years but had to come to Peru to reconnect…


                    • ininsoi

                      I just read the Robert Schoch article posted below by tonmajoor. It certainly seems a fascinating place and one I would like to visit at some point. Amazing you can be up at 12,000 ft not very far away from sea-level Lima.


                • kathyfinnegan

                  Thank you, Ton – for the article. When I read it, it finally struck me: With so many of the stones seeming to be animals, who else but St Francis – the patron of all animals – would be appealed to to cope with the aftereffects of the trek? Somehow, Barb and I both called on him to help, by singing “All Creatures Great and Small” without (consciously) knowing why! ininsoi, I can’t wait to hear about your future trip. My sister told me it was so steep that the older members of their group road up on burros and at some points were laying down on the backs of the animals as they ascended!


  2. In an interview (2014), von Halle has stressed the double sidedness of her research: “I am often criticised—it is the main criticism—that my lectures and books only contain the description of the perceptions, of unreflected-upon visions. But that is not the case. … such things cannot be found out through mere perception, but only by working for knowledge of them.”.

    Von Halle described her direct (‘one could even say sensory’) perceptions of the past in her methodological Foreword of her books. Now, Steiner (1918) has pointed to the content of Jesuit visualisations as something quasi-sensory, too: “All this must be visualized in a complete picture so that the novice sees the situation and all the separate representations as something which is visibly present to him.” (GA0185/19181102). So, could these methods be comparable? Cf.


    • kathyfinnegan

      Ton, since our language is derived from the experience of our five senses in a three dimensional world, how, then, – when we have an experience of the spiritual world- do we describe (even to ourselves) – what we have “seen”? “Seeing” becomes “experiencing” on a broader level. Everything gets described in metaphor, or “as if”, or “something like”, etc. when we view it from our 3-D perspective. Wouldn’t the concept of the “quasi-sensory” relate to the chakras/lotus flowers opening as we develop? Our rational/finite mind thinks in terms of flowers, but our awakening ego self is engaged in a direct experience.


  3. Upspince

    Dear anthroposophical brothers. It saddens me to see myself, as in a mirror, when looking at the situation of spiritual abandonment of certain friends of Anthroposophy.

    Anthroposophists have wandered like outcasts, far from the desired special and direct approach with the Archangel or Logos Michael and with the remaining Six.

    Anthroposophists have sought Michael and the Higher Beings with their thoughts, forgetting mysticism and commitment to Them, a commitment that must go beyond what the weak energy of the intellectual thoughts of the 21st century allows us to achieve in what corresponds to what there is as a theory or doctrine of Spiritual Science.

    Finding points of agreement with the Archangels through thoughts and nothing but thoughts, belongs to another era, brothers. I will affirm without further explanation for now.

    Getting used to thinking today and privileging its use in Spiritual Science atrophies other types of forces, necessary to link ourselves, in new dimensions of mood, with the Higher Beings and Worlds.

    Relying on the weakened aspect or —I apologize for this expression— devilish aspect of 21st century thought, is like trying to run when only walking slowly within the advance of Spiritual Science, which demands unimaginable things for those who have become accustomed just to think and think.

    Anthroposophists have managed to identify in Michael only a certain super-sensitive personality and, in specific cases, a possible miracle worker.

    If we insist on invoking the action of the Seven Archangels as if they were indecipherable arcana (read Agrippa) or as secrets of steganography (read Johannes Trithemius) or as if they were simple mechanical executors of human phenomena or external natural conditions, we do not we actually know them, nor do we know their worlds —for those worlds are truly within us.

    In another sense, the human bodies of the Archangels, by incarnating and carrying out a great mission for Humanity, are the famous Bodhisattvas of history, the Teachers of the World, the genuine Representatives of Humanity.

    I want to refer, quickly, that citing, even if only as a possibility, the name of a devious Jesuit to supplant some mission that only corresponds to the duly incarnated Archangels, is a great shame; is a cut for the prestige of Anthroposophy and shows the level of lack of knowledge of the anthroposophists who suggest it, alleging unsubstantiated statements but a lot of quotes and statements with that academic style with which, the average human being, hides today his ignorance.

    Knowing the Seven Logos and their incarnations is very difficult. However, making a permanent effort to feel our inside their holy and intelligent influences is paramount. On the other hand, whenever we learn to identify the erratic behavior that separated us from his grace and wisdom, we are allowed to understand what, through our behavior, we contribute to the destruction of our Fifth Root Race.

    Searching for the Archangels is not a matter of feeling ‘love’ for others and the job is done. That love needs spaces to nest. Michael’s space can begin to open up before us.

    I am going to share one of the very powerful and effective prayers that exist to invoke and attract the influence of Master Michael in us. We all have, so to speak, an ‘atom’ of each Regent, which gives vitality and wisdom to the microcosmic aspect contributed by each Archangel in ourselves —in our Microcosm, I repeat.

    Our age is diabolical, friends, and therefore also the energy that we naturally use to emit and order thought. There will already be an opportunity to share this reality in detail if the owner of this site approves it. It is necessary to try a contact with the Regents, at least with the few forces that remain to the human being of this time, but within the Temple-Heart of our interior.

    The Names in the final paragraph of the prayer —ancient variations of the thousands of beings who work in the Seven Rays of Creation— must be pronounced as they are, no matter their mother tongue. They are taught by the Initiates. The power of the mother tongue, in the main idiomatic manifestations of the last two thousand years, maintains a certain capacity to find the essentiality of certain ancient names —the Masters have not improvised anything in the ritualistic formation that gives social manifestation to the most ancient languages.

    So I don’t care about the brain reaction of some to the presence of these Holy Names. I consigned the prayer for the few, who, tired of their abandonment in relation to the forces of Michael, seek him in the Name, the Power and the Majesty of the Christ.

    Before praying I suggest a short relaxation.

    Sitting normally or reclining, we let human thoughts pass in front of us, without coming into contact with them, without heeding or condemning what we think, without linking ourselves, within any degree of importance, to those thoughts.

    Here I am going to say something that can be scandalous for certain friends. It does not matter how “beautiful” or “ugly” the preparation thoughts are before these types of prayers. To come into contact with an Holy Entity, thoughts or emotions must cease, without violence or pressure, momentarily. The thoughts and emotions must cease, that is the important thing in moments like this.

    By achieving some medium tranquility in the mind and emotional center, we now place a little of our attention on a sun, right in our human heart, and mentally recite the prayer for five or ten minutes, or as long as they can.

    The effects of a mystical prayer like the one I share to enter under the influence with any of the Seven Rulers of the Solar System, must be compared with a very clear knowledge of the evils that each Archangel reproaches in all human behavior.

    A prayer can be prayed a million times to seek Michael, for example, and it will not cause the intended effect if our conduct and ‘who we are’ internally continues to offend or weaken the real, spiritual contact with said Archangel.

    ¡Oh, Divine Logos Michael! Spirit of the Sun, source of Universal Life.

    ¡Oh, Michael! Creative Intelligence of our Planetary System.

    ¡Oh, Michael! Infinite Wisdom of all creation.

    Allow, my Lord, that your Hosts instruct me in the wisdom of the Sacred Fire, so that all things that are around me are illuminated for their perfect spiritual growth.

    Oh! Great Central Being, if it is your will, flood my energy with your powerful Energy, so that, through you, I can drive away all evil forces, preserving health, and so that my works are always just and shine gloriously in benefit of all beings of Creation.

    ¡Oh!, Malachim, Jot-chavat, Saglam, Saratiel and Agni, prodigious Beings who incessantly stir Nature from the center of the Cross, grant me to realize your Igneous Spirit or Christ Consciousness until realizing the absolute unity of Life. Aum. Aum. Aum.

    The mantram AUM is chanted, mentally or vocally, like this: Aaaaaauuuuummmm, for three occasions to end the prayer. The mantram should last a whole breath.


    • That would be the gnostic path. Steiner (1906) discerned “the three paths of knowledge. One is the Oriental path of Yoga [‘focus on thinking’], the second is the Christian-Gnostic path [‘the path of feeling’], and the third is the Christian-Rosicrucian path [‘schooling of the will’].” (GA0096/19061020 and GA0097)


    • Steve Hale

      Hi Upspince,
      I had a feeling from before that you were aligned with the works of Alice Bailey and the Tibetan. So, I pulled out my Bailey books, and especially her own ‘Unfinished Autobiography’ in which she recounts how she became the successor to HPB in the 20th century. Thus, this becomes an awesome task in telling people about the so-called, “Masters of Wisdom”, or even, “Elder Brothers of Humanity”, which Heindel proposed for how he came to a higher knowledge than Rudolf Steiner, c. 1907.

      I like very much the earlier posts from Kathy and Martin, and how she prayed to Saint Francis for the safety of her sister in Peru. I also pray to Saint Francis nearly every day. Steiner had a premonition that Max Heindel would suffer a fatal event in 1919, and this would create the relationship with AAB and the Tibetan, beginning in November 1919, and lasting for thirty years, until her death in 1949.


  4. Upspince

    Clarification on prayer to the Logos Michael and other esoteric practices.

    If you have questions related to the Logos Michael prayer — the prayer, please — I am here to read your concerns or queries about it. I will do so as long as the website moderator allows it. It is necessary to clarify the intention of my contributions again. With them, I don’t want to deviate from the topic suggested in the post where I make them.

    Therefore, if there are questions related to this sentence, one of the several legitimate and legal ways that exist to begin a real approach — real, believe me — with the physical and omnipresent Fourth Logos of the Solar System, I am here to answer, as far as possible and direct your questions in this regard to the best place.

    Prayer works, and in fact there is a powerful reason why it needs to work. The cause of why this and other occult practices are made public today has its reason in the events that have already started to roll. The urgent times that we were going to go through as humanity deserved, since 1997, the almost total opening of the Superior Worlds. A more than extraordinary activity in these worlds has accelerated, since that year, any sincere attempt of the soul to approach two of the manifestations within which everything travels in our current period of manifestation: the underworld and the ultraworld. The underworld begins to be carved for the human being downwards; the ultra world, the region of light in the specific sense that we give it at this moment, begins to open, little by little, in its superior direction, from the awakened consciousness, at least in an incipient degree, in the neophyte.

    Any theory and practice whose objective is carried out within either of these two directions of the spiritual spectrum, will have help, the most extraordinary help that we could have hoped for.

    The suprasensible world has been opened for God and the Devil to fight in every possible detail.

    The success achieved by the followers of the Dark Lodge in all kinds of practices and beliefs of their disciples to create the current state of our civilization is notorious. That said, it is clear that we are revealing, to the conscience of the people who read us, a terrible reality. Any individual who wants to orient his individual life and work, consciously or unconsciously, to direct his existence towards the underworld, can do so with ease. Likewise and in the opposite direction, the few human beings who have understood, to some extent, the current need to raise — yes, in the worst conditions of the Fifth Root Race — the “notes of their life” towards the higher across the ultra of the spectrum it will do it in no time, if it sets out to do so.

    The obstacles to working in the destruction, or if you decide, in the construction and realization of spiritual impulses that benefit us individually to obtain the right to new reincarnations in the Sixth Root Race (within which the Planet has already entered, except humanity) will have all the necessary help.

    This is how it is defined the material and spiritual imperative of our time. Shakespeare’s words hinted at it four centuries ago: To be or not to be … and this is the question.

    Remember, the coldness of the heart connived with the coldness of the 21st century intellect will only make the owner and head of the Souls on this and other planets, Our Lord the Christ, vomit us out of his mouth.

    This prayer is helpful, albeit slight, for you, if you practice it, if you reflect with the forces of your soul within and around it. But especially if you practice it, according to the simple previous guidelines that we already wrote down.

    The fear of the spiritual is a temptation that affects all of us, in different degrees and from different directions. I understand if the fear and strangeness of these truths creates certain additional doubts. I am willing to answer them if they are questions about prayer. I will not answer questions of logical content or of textual origin. The order for me, regarding these practices, consists of the following. If sharing a practice raises useless questions that will encourage, as always, useless talk, the sentence will be left for anyone interested to use. And nothing more.

    Skepticism is a sin that the occult does not forgive. But I dare to suggest that, at least out of “philosophical skepticism,” some anthroposophical friend will begin to try out occult practices as simple as this prayer to Logos Michael. What can they lose? There is much to gain. Believe me, if you want.


  5. Kevin Dann

    Dear Jeremy and Anthropopper Readers,

    Thank you so much Jeremy for so ably defending Judith von Halle!

    As a supplement to both Rudolf Steiner ‘s and Judith’s indications about Ahriman’s incarnation, I would recommend the spiritual scientific research of Dr. Robert Powell, whose publications over the last 25 years have often addressed this mystery. In addition, he has made available at this site:

    a series of talks given over the last year that address the Corona crisis as part of Ahriman’s assault on humanity. Robert’s work was consistently denigrated by Sergei Prokofieff in a highly inflammatory campaign of “guilt by association” that he waged against the life and work of Valentin Tomberg.

    Though superseded of course by the immense karmic challenges posed by the current crises facing humanity and the Earth, these “family troubles” need to be addressed, as they too have profound karmic consequences.

    One tragic result of anthroposophy’s preoccupation with internal antipathies has been its failure to serve as an aid to a much wider circle of humanity at this true turning point in Time. Both Valentin Tomberg and Robert Powell and Judith von Halle have done a great service in reaching out beyond anthroposophy to other communities who feel a connection to Christ and Sophia. Your blog is certainly an example of such outreach.

    I have for the last year been reporting my experiences from NYC:

    and have a new site devoted to building bridges to wider circles:

    Thanks again Jeremy for your work.

    Brooklyn, NY

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  6. Upspince

    Karma and the prayer to Logos Zachariel

    It should be communicated that without adequate preparation to assume our karmic debts, recent and old, it is not possible to advance, under any circumstances, in the initial awakening.

    The time is short and the harvest very little; thus, the Scriptures have warned us from ancient times regarding the situation of humanity at the end of a Root Race.

    The advice we can add here is that, for our sake, let others take care of the affairs of this world because, at this point in time, the world is beyond repair.

    When we ignore the Karma that we carry on our shoulders and take its study as a matter that falls only in cases beyond our control, it is not possible to create outbreaks of genuine remorse from within the soul.

    All of us, thanks to Aristotelianism and Anthroposophy, knew, within two historical stages, some instinctual faculties and, also, spiritual causes behind the instinctive or vegetative faculties of the soul. It is time to move from the summary of this historic achievement to its realization based on new impulses.

    Without a knowledge of the state of our debts with the Hierarchies of the Law, the human Soul will continue to crawl through the mud of error, for new millennia, without any Initiator taking pity on us —as the Christ with Mary Magdalene of the Gospels. Magdalene who cries, who adulterates with the passions and corruption of the cities and lies down in spiritual inactivity since she does not go beyond an “evolutionary” justification for the abandonment of her responsibilities, then Magdalena is the true symbol of the Soul Human, who suffers from not knowing -or forgetting- the reason.

    The fact of feeling hungry for impulses to self-discover, in ourselves, the darkness of ignorance and crime, to identify one by one each defect that binds our destiny to the suffering and coldness of Dante’s circles, is a clear indication of that we have reached certain conditions to begin to be enlightened, in the first stage of the neophyte, at least by the feeling of sincere remorse for our great and small sins.

    Remorse is a door that, when opened, can help to illuminate us correctly, because the remorse that is not feigned is nothing less than the suffering of Our own Inner Being, a precious and sporadic opportunity to recognize a little the suffering of Prometheus, the incarnate Spirit, whose belly is devoured while it remains tied to the rock of matter.

    The knowledge of Karma like all knowledge acquired by the Grace of the Spirit is not mere information. The spiritual knowledge about Karma was not introduced in our era to subsist in the mind as a simple theory or privileged information for a few recorded by a stenographer. There are many anthroposophic theories, books and lectures whose subsequent subsistence has remained by a supposed faith, an absurd set of beliefs that, to tell the truth, was intended to guarantee the permanence of words written symbols, nourished by the force emanating from the sentimental desire of their protectors.

    The Logos Zachariel is actually the Name of the Father of the Initiate known in the West with the esoteric denomination Christian Rosekcreutz. I am not going to refer to Him, but to the Father, the Ruler of the Sixth School or the Sixth Ray of Creation, the Avatar of the Sixth Root Race. The physical appearance of Him, as Avatar or director of the Race, will be determined after the imminent transit of the souls that have gained permission to reincarnate into the new humanity, after the passage to New Heavens and New Lands.

    The issues of human law and its juridical and legal systems; the entire political organization and plans for coexistence; diplomacy, intelligence imprinted on the interrelationships of human groups to settle and sanction their norms and laws; the small and great decisions in choosing those chosen for command and for obedience; the processes of trade and currency, everything concerning whether or not to go to war and when to end it … all this, the constellation of all this, is what we conceive, physically, as the most visible and dense of the manifestation of Archangel Zachariel, the ruler of Jupiter, and his children, those who unleash the accumulation of events whose color and circumstantial source really comes from the Initiates who have, as their spiritual and primordial material home, the planet Jupiter.

    I must speak as follows. Inwardly, in light of what the Higher Beings, Creators and sustainers of this world teach us for the good, not only mine but others, Zachariel, the Father and Ruler of the Planet Jupiter unfolds from himself, in the human being. We have, as Microcosm, and from this context, something of Jupiter’s sky as something of his hell.

    And we observe, in turn, the entire area or invisible aspect, and not because is invisible do we know, with perfect discernment, what we have worsened, with our errors, in the dark part of our Dantean circle, or what we have created in the part of the celestial orb of our own planet Jupiter.

    Just mentioning, without extending my contribution much more, that the Law has its own Temple, in the Causal World. We have, as karmic beings, a place in the body where each of our thoughts, feelings and actions is registered and weighed. That is the work, quite summarized of course, of the microcosmic aspect of Zachariel in the human being: Allowing access to the knowledge of Karma, of its clear study, and empowering ourselves in justice, in small and great things.

    Accessing the study of our karmic debts involves a lot of work. Due to the time, a first access was facilitated. Even if it is a small one, we must thank and rehearse, in our privacy, the prayer. With this prayer to Logos Zachariel, to the Cosmic Wisdom of the Master, access is less difficult. How many sufferings the Initiate who gave us this little prayer had to go through! Nothing is easy in the things of the Godhead.

    With Zachariel we must learn to be fair: What a request, right? With Michael we must learn the art of relating, everything, with the central heart of the human being and the Local Cosmos, full of humility. Well understood mystique, centered on the power of the calm heart, devotion without emotional projections, is of utmost importance when asking and pleading for Michael’s assistance.

    In any case, it is the turn of the prayer to Zachariel, and I clarify the following in case there is confusion. I do not bring an “initiation”; it is a prayer to attract the sacred and beneficent influences of the Sixth Archangel of the Apocalypse, to surround our aura and fill our unjust mind and our disordered person with the holy effluvia of him. This is tremendously necessary now more than ever. In today’s world, the physical aspect of Zachariel, emanates a particular density, apocalyptic, from which it is necessary to protect oneself too.

    The “property” of the person praying are not, in prayer, simply material goods.

    ¡Oh!, Divine Logos Zachariel. Sublime Master. I ask you, in the Name of God, Almighty; In the Name of God, Beloved Son; In the name of God, the very Wise Holy Spirit, may you free me from all my visible and invisible enemies and from all the astral influences that harm my person and my property.

    ¡Oh! Divine Logos Zachariel, I ask you with all my heart and through the merits of Our Lord El Cristo, that you guide me to justify the continuation of my life and, saturated with understanding, help me to resolve all adversities.

    Through the Inner Christ, who unites me to your virtues, stimulating my mind and clearing my senses for the glorious fulfillment of my soul, I promise to be more just every day in order to deserve your eternal company, which will free me from all bad influence allowing me to enjoy existence equitably. Amen. Amen. Amen.


    • Steve Hale

      I wanted to write again in order to keep this thread alive. Do you know of Samael Aun Weor? Ton had written this on February 19th, and likely based on an indication you gave on the same day. Astuteness observed, Ton.

      Sergei Prokofieff, Judith von Halle and the Representative of Humanity

      I will leave specifics to your own calling, but it is very interesting that SAW began his work in 1950, the year after the death of AAB. He was 33 years old, and would sustain the effort for another 27 years, and some 60 more books, until his death in 1977.

      Nearly all of the books by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan have been translated in a number of languages, including Portuguese. Is this your native language? At any rate, I am a big believer in continuation of the modern gnosis, and I hope that this can proceed. Steiner made it his calling in 1900, and it extended into some 400 volumes, which are still being translated. Maybe it means that we need to pay attention to all the great contributions coming out of the twentieth century. For example, Steiner’s centricity of Christ as the fulcrum of earth evolution could be matched with the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit, who also saw the Christ as the fulcrum. He was never allowed to publish anything while he lived.


  7. ininsoi

    Robert Powell’s audio series posted above by Kevin Dann is definitely worth a listen in my view. I found myself in agreement with everything presented.
    Bottom line for me is that we are all living in the time of the Ahrimanic endgame.

    BTW Kevin Dann could use some more sponsors for his upcoming puppet-driven freedom bicycle ride circumnavigating the city of New York.

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  8. For Powell (2011) and the prophesies of Andreev, Dixon, Sucher and von Halle on Mr. X., according to Steiner ‘a citizen in comfortable circumstances like any other’,
    see google 6zyL7klwfQYC and gFSWq2Obo8kC



  9. Upspince

    Regarding the institutional progress and the progress of the individual conscience of the members

    I allow myself to contribute once again, with a thorny issue, for the last time in this publication.

    The heads of the most prestigious spiritual institutions, as well as their members, have received little teaching on the linear and non-lasting development of the normativity that regulates and gives social status to human institutions.

    This teaching is available to spiritual organizations in their own history dramas. Does it really matter to spiritual associations to learn from the disastrous effects of their own history?

    The spiritual leaders of the most respectable worldly associations have not yet learned that the organizational responsibility they assume does not come from some unsolvable gibberish. You should only adapt with some intelligence the path of your grouping directly to the ground of the advance of time.

    The concentric development of human consciousness does not unfold its progress in the same way. Consciousness has an existence of its own, an origin that responds to the individuality from which it is projected and is directed to own objectives such that it is no longer advisable to understand it as just a by-product of what spiritual institutions do.

    Let us recognize that many spiritual institutions still hold that the attainment of individual consciousness of some famous personality is over-understood as the result of their affiliation, visible or invisible, with some spiritual association.

    To begin with, we will say that consciousness is perfectly adapted to the nature of the kingdoms of nature. In order not to expand this contribution too much, we could assume that it, upon reaching the human state, arises in a way that is not possible in the mineral and plant kingdoms.

    Consciousness can follow orders to develop that do not necessarily come from within. In a way, it needs to do so by making use of the intellectual instrument, and sometimes by deciding to follow or desist from the dispositions of other human consciences. This is a truth known and deepened by certain esoteric and religious institutions.

    Before we go any further, let’s keep things short.

    The provisions raised by the heads of an external normative organization, in the form of ordinances created to guarantee the presence of the spiritual group in any of the different areas of external society, are to be accepted or not by the person, not necessarily because of its free conscience. Its simple fulfillment may or may not, in turn, be sustained by esoteric or non-esoteric causes. It all depends on personal conscience. His reflection could be correct or not, but the regulations do not subject his freedom, but only regulate the external margin of the conduct of his external person.

    Let’s go to the natural motivations behind the creation of the organizational supports of a spiritual institution.

    Those in charge of giving regulations to a spiritual association have, for obvious reasons, a lot of space and are also free to issue regulations. This regulation establishes, as is normal, the conditions according to which the peripheral behavior of each personality nominally connected to the association must remember if she decides that she wants to be part of it. Remember, this is the type of regulation that channels, insofar as individual right allows, basic aspects of the peripheral conduct of the members.

    Let us think of the most private sphere of a spiritual association: the intimate space of the celebration of the rites. What I will tell continues to happen everywhere, but seeing that it always happens, with a lot of effort I understood human nature in a little more depth.

    As I myself participated in sacred rites for several years, I was surprised to note the truth regarding the very limited scope of institutional regulation and why, indeed, it is better for the limitation of regulation to stop there.

    For the celebration of these rituals the institutional regulations advise, in several of its guidelines, a body posture and a predefined vocal sound. The member who participates, following the recommendation, does so without complaining. The spaces to ask about the meaning of vowels and movements are different; the interrogation, if we can call it that, happens at other times and occasions, not in the sanctuary while the rites are being performed.

    Without going further, the regulation for body postures and vocalization does not contemplate a control of concentration by the participant, the degree of devotion and the discipline of thought: This is impossible! And, if he tried, the regulation would turn into a police chase by esotericists. Such bad esotericists exist and really they try to “help” to correct the indiscipline of certain members, they interfere in the will, to lead it towards a certain invisible “quality control”. You do not have to look outside, in other esoteric trainings: this happens in several organizations with bombastic names and that you can know not far from here.

    The care that we must take not to fall into temptations of all kinds is great. The same happens with the decisions of the members in their personal lives inside and outside their institutional participation. Even if someone is clairvoyant or is capable of investigating the lives of others using their Astral Body consciously, the decision would mean, for the clairvoyant intruder, a terrible crime and an unacceptable attack on the right to privacy in everyday life. and of the spiritual life. True esotericists are truly afraid at the very thought of attempting the occult investigation of the soul of a brother or sister in the congregation.

    What appears in the first historical regulations of corporate conduct in the most respectable spiritual organizations, is always —in the first instance, I mention it again— a flexible, reasonable, malleable body that ends up becoming, when the institution is overcome by the needs of the time, in a sticky amalgam, leavened and prepared precisely for the opposite, that is, to subject as far as possible the individual development of the consciousness of the members to the linear and non-lasting destiny of their organization.

    You, dear friend, do not need to see this injustice in action only in external religious institutions. Spiritual institutions, not religious especially, spend their institutional life committing an hurt like this.

    Let us once again emphasize, so as not to forget from now on, that due to the linear nature of any regulation the community must request its immediate mediation in the face of any attempt by the directive to force or enclose within institutional regulation the interests and decisions that belong to the individual conscience of any member.

    Allowing such action at the head of the organization is the complete opposite of what any respectable spiritual association ideally pursues. The normative decisions that are used to silence the decision of the individual conscience of a member, it does not matter if this member reaches an advance of degrees of the organization or not, is a setback that arises from the heads that defend concepts settled in the past under the mask that to serves the present but that only hides the protection of traditional beliefs.

    What the history of so many conflicts teaches us, which could be resolved by attending to the conscience of the heads and the members, is that the development and origin of the individual conscience must be respected even if we do not like it, as much as the personal freedom to disagree, in order to that consciousness, from both angles, fecundates in its own private dimension, outside of normative interests and, even, eternalist pretensions, originating from the excessive concerns of the heads.

    That the lack of learning in the lessons of history ends up turning certain members and certain heads into guardians of the past time, is not, at this time, an adequate justification to prolong their responsibilities much more within any nominal institution.

    It has been necessary in the institutions to study and attend to the needs of the soul over and above the material needs and the simple prestige of the institution.

    What is derived as personal consequences for the soul, such as positive or negative effects produced by the right to exercise their freedom, should not be taken as the axis to calculate the validity or invalidity of the opinions of institutional regulation, except when a tirade, or The steps taken by the directive seriously disregard the principles that the institution claims to uphold but whose conduct through the meddling only shows its disgrace and lack of solidarity with the signs of time.

    The work of the heads of an institution is to protect the security of the association’s progress —why not, also of its prestige. But not at the expense of the progress of its members, even if one or many of them decide to leave the association.

    In any case, the most prudent way to deal with a dissatisfaction of any of the members would be never to confront the conscientious decisions of any of the affiliates with the norms accepted by the members to regulate what represents only their peripheral behavior. There are unacceptable behaviors, of course, but there are concerns of conscience that the regulations are not called upon to resolve.

    All members have an obligation to honor temporary agreements with the spiritual association while they are members. Any dissatisfaction of a member follows, as usual, the regular order to record a disagreement. The honest thing, in the conduct of a disgruntled member, is that he exhausts the options to show the inconsistencies between the objections of his conscience and the wishes of any regulation to deprive him of his freedom to develop his point of view in the facts, outside or inside of the institution.

    When things do not seem to be resolved, a free and calm conscience will suggest to the disgruntled member to leave the institution and be forever grateful for the opportunity he received. Speaking ill of an organization is fine for the ignorant, but even the ignorant have the right to disagree. But attacking the ignorant from the head of an institution does the institution no favors.

    In cases such as those of severe conflict, subjectivity can mix the spontaneous concepts of consciousness and those of rationalism and logic typical of peripheral behavior. This is a true inconsistency as well as the one that protects the institutional heads to restrict the freedom of a member to leave quietly.

    To sum up.

    Almost no member of the board of directors or of the part of the members in conflict occurs, at times like these, to settle discontent by proposing the responsible use of freedom to decide to stay or leave, or when deciding, the board, expulsion of a member or to maintain its validity and its sense of belonging under certain conditions.

    Spiritual institutions are extremely important. Perhaps more important is an express knowledge about the free progress of the conscience of any of the members and what, in truth, allows the institution to remain like any desert mummy oblivious to the advances and needs of time.


  10. English mathematician and eurythmist Powell in his audio series utters paranoid speculations about ‘rigged elections’ (Trump) and the ‘toxicity’ of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Cowan).

    As to the precise beginning of the Christian era, Powell (1996) has pointed to the birth date of the Nathan child in December, 2 BC, based upon the lunar eclips in 33 AD and a 33 year period (Emmerich, Steiner). The same mathematical exactness does not hold for the birth date of the Solomon child, which Powell solely based upon Kepler’s deduction of a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in 6 BC as the supposed Star of Bethlehem, instead of pointing to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in June, 2 BC (wiki), a ‘few months’ earlier (Steiner).


    • Steve Hale

      Hi Ton,
      It is important to acknowledge all your issues involving Robert Powell. He would have each Jesus child born in the early BC era, with the Solomon child born in 7 BC with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, and the Nathan child born five years later with the Jupiter-Venus conjunction.

      Then, we have the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which actually came forth in 2002, as the predecessor to today’s Covid-19 pandemic. So, we need to consider again what Rudolf Steiner says here when he asks what constellation was the earth in when the pandemic of 1918 was in its benign form, ref. GA 185, lecture 3. We know that a precursor to the panflu epidemic of 1918 came out in Russia in 1898, and this becomes our line of demarcation in seeing Steiner’s prophecy.

      Now today, we have it in spades. SARS 2, first version in 2002, and now full Covid-19 in 2020-21. The man asked about it in 1918, and we can ask it again today. What constellation are we in today? Robert Powell, if you are listening, please help.


      • Kevin Dann

        Thanks Steve for taking these questions up so faithfully. Anyone who takes the time to listen to the series of Robert’s talks here:

        will find a great deal of helpful background and new discoveries centered on the current confrontation with Evil – especially as it is fundamentally rooted in Ahriman’s attack upon the Logos. Robert continues his research, and will continue to post the audio recordings at that site.


        • Steve Hale

          Hi Kevin, do you remember our talks from when you were at Plattsburgh? I have always appreciated your positive attitude, my friend.

          The issue with Robert Powell for many years now is his assessment of the births of the two Jesus children, which he separates by five years. Rudolf Steiner indicated in both the Luke and Matthew gospel courses that these two births were separated by only a few months. Yet, Powell insists his calculations are correct based on the astronomical indications seen in 7 BC and 2 BC, based on planetary conjunctions.

          In reality, this can all be resolved with Kepler’s trace of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 1623, which he traced back to 7 BC. Saturn and Jupiter align every 19.8 years, and the latest occurred on December 21, 2020, at the Winter Solstice. The event of the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter in 7 BC was seen by the three Magi of Persia as a “double star”, which indicated the birth of the Solomon Jesus child, behind whom is Zarathustra. The Gospel of Matthew is very clear on this.

          Yet, 7 BC also indicates the birth of the other Jesus child, who was born at the time of the Winter Solstice. Thus, the BC era ends at this point, and the AD era (Anno Domini) begins at 0. This solves all the issues involving Herod the Great, and when he ordered the massacre of the innocents when the Solomon Jesus child was two years old, and taken into Egypt for the period of time before Herod’s death.

          Thus, with the birth of the two Jesus boys in 7 BC, this era ends, and the “Day of the Lord” begins. Anno Domini. This makes the death of Herod around 3 AD, when the Solomon boy was in Egypt. As we know, the father took extra precautions by going to Nazareth to live, rather than returning to Bethlehem, because of the threat of Herod’s son as successor.

          I don’t know if Powell can be reached on this but it would be good if he heard it.


          • Steve, a beginning of the Christian era in 7 BC would imply a lifetime of 40 years until the lunar eclips of April 3, 33 AD, which contradicts Luke. Powell’s chronology is dependent on the mystical indications of Emmerick on the arrival of the three kings. Powell skipped Steiner’s indication of an ‘interval of several months’ between the births. Cf. Smith’s summary (google 7b29o060a90C), p. 82 f.

            In the traditional Christian chronology of the church fathers, the relevant facts (births and deaths) are restricted to a period of several months in the years 2 BC and 1 BC, e.g.

            Birth of the Solomon child (December 25, 2 BC, Venus-Jupiter conjunction) – Circumcision and name giving (January 2, 1 BC, 8 days) – Adoration of the Magi (January 6, 1 BC, Matthew) – Death of Herod the Great (after January 10, 1 BC, Josephus, lunar eclips) – Birth of John the Baptist (June 24, 1 BC, Luke) – Birth of the Nathan child (December 25, 1 BC, Dionysius, 32 1/4 years or 33 years inclusive)


            • Steve Hale

              I am not committed to 7 BC as being the astronomical event witnessed by the Magi. Matthew does not describe it precisely as the conjunction of two planets. What is described in Matthew is how “the star” began at some point to move and drew the Magi toward the place where the child was. As such, they needed more precise directions, and that is how Herod got involved. Herod’s priests were able to sooth-say, and reveal that the child lived in Bethlehem.

              Here is a very curious remark that Steiner makes in lecture five of GA 114:

              “The births of the two Jesus children were separated by a period of a few months. But Jesus of the Gospel of St. Luke and John the Baptist were both born too late to have been victims of the so-called ‘massacre of the innocents’. Has the thought never struck you that those who read about the Bethlehem massacre must ask themselves: How could there have been a John? But the facts can be substantiated in all respects. The Jesus of St. Matthew’s Gospel was taken to Egypt by his parents, and John, supposedly, was born shortly before or about the same time. According to the usual view, John remained in Palestine, but in that case he would certainly have been a victim of Herod’s murderous deed. You see how necessary it is to devote serious thought to these things; for if all the children of two years old and younger were actually put to death at that time, John would have been one of them. But this riddle will become intelligible if, in the light of the facts disclosed by the Akashic Chronicle, you realize that the events related in the Gospels of St. Luke and St. Matthew did not take place at the same time. The Nathan Jesus was born after the Bethlehem massacre; so too was John. Although the interval was only a matter of months, it was long enough to make these facts possible.”
              GA 114, 19 September 1909.

              Now, I find difficulty with this because in Matthew it can clearly be shown that the three wise men of the east visited a child of two years of age in a house in Bethlehem. Only afterward did the father, Joseph, receive in a dream the call to take the child and mother to Egypt. Thus, it was not an infant that was taken to Egypt, but a two-year old boy. Steiner never corrected this mistake, and indicates it again in the Matthew lectures from September 1910, ref. GA 123.


              • As to the ‘two years of age’ of the Solomon child, the wording in Matthew 2:16 (‘of two years old or under … ascertained from the wise men’) could suggests the appearance of a returning planetary conjunction within two years, not an actual two years of age.

                In the preceding year, on August 12, 3 B.C., the Venus-Jupiter conjunction had been visible. The magi would have anticipated the appearance and movement of this planetary conjunction in June, 2 BC.

                Compare Rau (2019, google k92RDwAAQBAJ p.46) and Garrison (2019),


  11. kathyfinnegan

    The recommendation to read Powell’s interpretation of this point in history appears to be being ignored with our preoccupation with the ages of the Jesus births, etc. I’d like to take a vote. Does ANYONE have a problem with lumping together the mark of the beast, vaccines, the pandemic, the “stolen” election, Fauci, the evil behind the Biden administration, 5G, Ahriman and his aunt Tilly? Anyone? What a shameful swamp for Anthroposophy.

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    • Maverick

      Hi Kathy. I’m actually responding to your new comment, which must be still under moderation. Easy to see how frustrating you find the variety of subjects; I’ve noticed it also. I have deleted many of them as they come in – either from my lack of qualification to comment on them, or they’re on a subject that doesn’t interest me. It does show there’s plenty of anthroposophists seeking a forum in which they can participate. This is an area that Jeremy’ll have to weigh in on, since it’s his blog.


  12. Steve Hale

    I think that if one looks at how Matthew 2 expresses itself, it can be shown that what the Magi first saw in the sky took some time to verify. Just look at how it all comes forth here:

    Here are the particular verses that would seem to indicate that a small boy was visited, and not an infant:

    11 After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 12 And having been warned by God in a dream not to return to Herod, the magi left for their own country by another way.

    Now, with regard to a possible Venus-Jupiter conjunction occurring, it is better to look at the May 2000 planetary alignment which involved all five planets with the Sun from 5 May to 18 May 2000. On May 17th, indeed, the alignment of Venus and Jupiter occurred. Yet, because it all took place on the opposite side of the Sun, it was not visible to the naked eye.

    Two thousand years ago, it was entirely visible, and seen by the Magi, which sent them to the house where the child was. Today, the event was invisible to behold because it took place on the opposite side of the Sun. Only two years later, when this was all taking place in the nighttime sky in 2002, and governed by the Moon, did the experience occur. There are many references to the May 2000-2002 planetary alignment in the available online resources.


    • ‘A small boy’, Matthew says ‘paidion’: “In singular: universally, of an infant just born; of a (male) child recently born; of a more advanced child; …”

      Steiner (1909) argued for a Solomon child of 6 months of age, being the interval between the births of John the Baptist and the Nathan child, according to Luke 1:36. “Every single person is to be found sketched, as it were, in the Akashic Chronicle.” (GA093a/19051005)

      The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in 3/2 BC can be described as a star ‘rising in the east’, its westward ‘movement’ and its ‘stopping’ i.e. retrograde movement on December 25 (cf. Matt.2).


      • Steve Hale

        There is evidence that this Venus-Jupiter conjunction in 3/2 BC did occur again on 17 May 2000, when the close alignment of the planets on the opposite side of the Sun brought about the same arrangement in which Venus and Jupiter touched each other. So, I think this is what the three Magi found when they followed the ‘Star’ and came to the house where the small boy lived. It was Venus-Jupiter in alignment under the guiding star Regulus in Leo that caused the house to be illuminated like a kind of lantern. Thus, the Solomon Jesus was first recognized and gifted here, when he was two years old.

        Now, with December 25th, we are dealing with something entirely different. Here we have other factors that conveyed the birth of the Nathan Jesus. Buddha was the heavenly Host who drew forth the shepherds from the fields to the place in the manger where the child was born. The Gospel of Luke is very clear here that an infant has been born to parents who have come to Bethlehem from Nazareth for certain inconvenient reasons. The Solomon Jesus lives in a house by now, and about six months old. The Magi have yet to find him.

        As long as anthroposophy upholds two Jesus children, rather than just one, we are going to have these difficulties. Now, of course, the main issue is the disparity of Robert Powell’s distinction between the births of the two Jesus children, which he duly recognizes, but separates by five years rather than a mere five/six months. This is highly problematical, and why I have encouraged Robert Powell to write here and consider this thread.

        Ton, you have said before that Powell aligns with Emmerich, who was a saintly mystic, but she lived and died long before Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. As such, Robert Powell has no excuse for his similar assertions, because he is a contemporary with us. This means that he knows what Steiner said about the few months between births, but takes another position. Why does he do this? Does Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich have such a hold on him for some reason? I guess only he can tell.


  13. kathyfinnegan

    At the recommendation to listen to a series of talks by Powell, I became appalled and disheartened with his claims. He has managed to combine pieces of multiple paranoid fantasies, some of which have been circulating for years: mark of the beast, com-trails, electricity, Fauci, 5G, evil behind the Biden administration, epidemics, Ahriman and stolen elections. Paranoid fantasies are designed to avoid our own responsibility for where we find ourselves. Steiner does not advise us to blame the gods of electricity or materialism for what we do or fail to do. He makes it clear that we create demons and egregores when we fail to do our legitimate work: redeeming our Ahrimanic Double and developing our Consciousness Soul. Every day, in my work, I see people damaged by their refusal to take moral responsibility for their choices. It is painful to find some of their most damaging beliefs to be at the core of one of our most prominent Anthroposophists.

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    • Steve Hale

      Hi Kathy,

      Well, according to Kevin Dann, we need to be taking these Robert Powell truths to heart. I recommend:

      Sergei Prokofieff, Judith von Halle and the Representative of Humanity

      Thus, with your fine dissection it would appear that even with the new Biden administration, we are in a hopeless loss situation. This is worth talking about. Yes, right here. Robert Powell as a prominent anthroposophist is scary, isn’t it?

      Yet, you have been getting the other side of it for some years now, so admit it. It will help. Just look at the current discussion for an example of a problem that still exists, and will likely remain for some time. Two Jesus boys? What the hell is that about?

      We need to see the issues from the standpoint of spiritual science. I suspect that is what this post is about. Life moves forward, but understanding makes it much more possible, doesn’t it?


    • Maverick

      Thanks for pointing this out Kathy. I too am saddened to see so many distracted with all the factors you mentioned, and more that weren’t mentioned. I want to direct my thought energies to correcting the faults we all share that got us into this mess in the first place. For this reason, I appreciate Dr. Steiner, who almost 100 years ago, saw through all the distractions and pointed out the root causes of our problems, and yes – refusal to take moral responsibility for our choices is a big one.


    • Hello Kathy,

      Thank you so much for calling out the paranoid imagination of Robert Powell. However, if you don’t go to the source of his anthroposophical paranoia — which is Rudolf Steiner himself —you are really just scapegoating Powell. We know that since 1879, the Archangel Michael has been promoted to the Archai rank of Time-Spirit (Zeitgeist). One of the other designations for the Archai is Spirits of Personality. Rudolf Steiner once remarked that if he had been a contemporary of Goethe, he would have found Goethe’s personality so disgusting and repulsive that he [Steiner] could not have mustered the objectivity necessary to write his philosophical works about Goethe. (NOTE to Ton Majoor! Many months ago, you supplied the relevant quotation re: Steiner’s disgust for Goethe. Could you please repost it here?)

      As a radical American Anthroposophist of 45 years now, I apply that same criterion to Steiner. Why? Not to do so is to remain trapped in the dogmatic and Narcissistic “Personality Cult” of Rudolf Steiner that traffics exclusively in the forces of sympathy for Steiner’s personality and thus fails to appreciate the corresponding forces of antipathy necessary for the genuine forward evolution of anthroposophy in our age.

      Now I do not find him disgusting as he found Goethe, but I do find him pathetic in the way he played what we call today the “Victim Card.” Later in his life, that sense of victimhood blossomed into a full-blown PPD = Paranoid Personality Disorder. A year before the Goetheanum fire, he claimed that he was poisoned at the Eurythmy reception at the Goetheanum. And of course, he believed the Goetheanum fire was arson.

      So it is no surprise to me that great Anthroposophists like Robert Powell are expressing the same paranoid fantasies that Steiner himself expressed. Like father, like son? I guess the peach-blossom doesn’t fall far from the peach tree, does it?


      • Upspince

        Mr. Tom Mellet:

        Excuse my intervention. I did not want to respond to this comment with references to you, but you are not very generous in giving alternatives that do not mean a personal reply. I shouldn’t, but it is inevitable, and you know it, to answer your accusations in a more personal way. You look for them and here mine.

        I am intrigued by the kind of participation you maintain here and elsewhere. Possibly there is, in the personality that participates under his name, a more human value —too human— than those that can be found in his comments on the usual subjects: Steiner, Steiner and nothing more than Steiner´s person.

        Do you have something more serious that I can read? I ask him for his points of view, for his writings, reflections, recorded dialogues or some small literary or spoken initiative. With these small productions one could assess, if you allow me the expression, minimally what you think seriously and compare what you say with only one of the things delivered by Rudolf Steiner.

        Don’t be ashamed, list them here. You speak like someone prolific (in the insult and the generation of attacks). One would expect, as an anthroposophy apprentice, to integrate what little he knows with Tom Mellet’s lights. I say it respectfully. Because I was brought up to respect the speech of someone who is prolific in insult, mockery, and accusations. My parents used to tell me that one must be cautious with a generator of all this, because surely he must be someone minimally wise to respond when questioned, seriously, by the basis of his accusations and ridicule.

        I am not an anthroposophist, and it amazes me that by trusting to do compassionate work with you, the administrators allow Mr. Mellet to transfer the most lively resentment to his atmosphere wherever he wishes.

        I am not going to ask this question for you, Mr. Mellet. I ask those who comment here and seek in Mr. Mellet’s answers the clarity of which he is not yet capable, despite his years as a detractor of Anthroposophy.

        Is there in the world of dogmatists the possibility that a ex “something” persists in being what it is no longer? Mr. Mellet is an ex-anthroposophist. He uses the rage of his failure by forcing what is no longer to appear as if he, and his rage, maintain the existence of a current justification. He’s actually a dogmatist. He participates here and elsewhere as a former anthroposophist, right? As if the prefix “ex” meant something in it. Are there anthroposophists who are no longer anthroposophists but who by crowning themselves as ex-anthroposophers pretend to be something today?

        What is Mr. Mellet from the point of view of his participation? Better define it, for his peace of mind, don’t you think so? Mr. Mellet is an “ex.” That’s how it is.

        Mr. Mellet has made the good part of himself in the whole thing about what is and is not, for him, acceptably “dogmatic” in Anthroposophy. He has done a work of some importance in that matter, I admit it. However, so far Tom Mellet is unable to infer, in tidy words, why we should prefer to live with the flaws and fallibility of someone like him rather than with the flaws and fallibility of Rudolf Steiner. Doesn’t it seem to you, Tom, that, all things considered, the small part of humanity that listens to Anthroposophy for a hundred years is still capable of preferring Steiner’s tendency to human error rather than the human fallibility of seventy years by Tom Mellet? How far does your insight go to honestly answer this? You have done your part, as I say, empowering the enemies of the Spirit with dialectical weapons of an “ex” full of resentment, hiding between puns and verbal sequences the “individual” rationality of helplessness and resentment.

        But what other different things is it capable of giving us?

        What can you offer us, Tom, besides agile formulations with which you weave equally dogmatic accusations? (Steiner is “this”. Ergo: by showing Steiner’s dogmatism no one would bother to find out what Tom Mellet really is).

        What a mania yours with Steiner.

        You look like a child.


    • Kyle J

      Hi Kathy,

      While I fully agree everyone should take full and moral responsibility for their own actions, who is to say which is the moral action here? What is it based on? Science? It seems that your position in your line of work (healthcare I’m assuming), has to take the position of the authorities (Fauxci), no matter what. I can understand that predicament, however you clearly have demonstrated your sympathies and antipathies regarding this pandemic and you won’t even consider any angel to it and ride it off as paranoid fantasies, when in sounds more like you are in denial of something altogether. And to be quite frank, that’s entirely unfair to call it paranoid fantasies. You yourself don’t even know what a mass rollout of an experimental vaccine will do to the population. It goes beyond common sense why they would do that. If you read this article that I’m linking below, ask yourself, does this sound like someone with paranoid fantasies? The science is there, it’s not just conjecture.

      Again, I completely agree we cannot project everything on the external, we have to do the necessary inner work. Absolutely. But I see no benefit in being in self denial of what is happening on the external, absolutely zero benefit of it. Sure, people can agree to disagree, but also people have been stoned to death for speaking the truth. How is this different now?

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  14. ininsoi

    From my perspective Robert Powell is one of the few anthroposophists known to me personally who has taken the time to research esoterically and exoterically what is really going on in the world today. I’m fully in agreement with all he has expressed of late having done my own investigations over the last twenty plus years.


    • Steve Hale

      Hi Martin,

      I agree that we are living in very difficult and challenging times. Robert Powell has a platform in which to express his views. You, yourself, went to Peru (of all places) back in 2006 in order to escape the 1984 of George Orwell. Yet, what if it can be shown that this has all been predicted to occur in our time, and comes from the Book of Revelation, in which a certain test for humanity is expressed to take place?

      Message to Philadelphia
      7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write:

      He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens, says this:

      8 ‘I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name. 9 Behold, I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you. 10 Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. 11 I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, so that no one will take your crown. 12 He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he will not go out from it anymore; and I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God, and My new name. 13 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”.

      So, here we are in the time of testing, and I think it is very important that it comes when the Christ is so close to behold. Anthroposophy has prepared for this with the announcement of the Second Coming. Some now have heard this Voice and taken courage and consolation. It stands to increase over time with the testing itself. At least, I hope so.


      • ininsoi

        Hi Steve,

        Thanks for your comment.

        Yes testing is going on worldwide and I did not escape it by moving to Peru – it just has a different flavor here.

        Orwell looked to the ‘proles’ for some kind of salvation and return to reality. For myself I prefer to be around indigenous folks of which there are plenty in Peru.

        Interestingly Pablo Amaringo, an artist and former shaman with whom I conversed shortly before his death in 2009 put Christ at the center of the universe and had seen Him many times in his supersensible journeys.

        I think you are right – we are living in the time of the Second Coming and it is nothing like the way that the evangelicals expect. Once again Rudolf Steiner was spot-on.


    • kathyfinnegan

      Thank you, Maverick, for seeing through to the kernel of what I was attempting to convey. Ininsoi, I don’t regard conspiracy scenarios or the redesign of astrology into astrosophy (one man’s pet theory) as esoteric research. Tom, I don’t regard Steiner’s awareness he was an ongoing target of powerful people – both secular and sacred – as being paranoid. What I am saying is that indiscriminate reliance on, and broadcasting of, conspiracy scenarios is a way to hide from what we are harboring and perpetuating, in ourselves.

      In his writings about epidemics, S. writes that our embrace of materialism has shattered our nerves and precipitated future epidemics of insanity. These epidemics are underwritten by what we, ourselves, create: 1) Phantoms: through lying, slandering and hypocrisy. 2) Ghosts: through neglectful/inappropriate self-regulation. 3) Demons: giving/forcing defective advice and prejudices – inflicting our fanatical convictions on others (Munich June 14, 1908). These human traits/behaviors, and our fanatical intent to keep ourselves us ignorant about our own behaviors, underlay the deliberate broadcasting of conspiracy dramas. I’m not “scapegoating” Powell – I’m saying he’s not essentially different than the rest of us.

      I agree with you, Maverick, we got ourselves in this mess and Steiner gave us a heads up a hundred years ago.


      • OK Kathy, I accept that reasoning. But then that means you are scapegoating all the rest of us — except of course Rudolf Steiner. Why do you exempt Steiner? Was he not a fallible human being like all the rest of us?

        I know Steiner had many enemies. But he also believed that his enemies poisoned him and burned down the 1st Goetheanum. Those are paranoid beliefs unsupported by any objective evidence beyond “Herr Doktor hat gesagt.”

        And why do you dismiss Powell’s astrosophy as “one man’s pet theory?” Isn’t anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner’s “pet theory?”



          According to Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, he had a discussion with the person who administered the poison; that person explained that the intention was to prevent RS from doing certain important work rather than killing him and that they had therefore failed because Rs had suffered more than intended.I can check my source if folks want me to check these details; let me know here.


    • Hello ininsoi,

      Remember that agreement or disagreement is in no way relevant to taking the Anthroposophical journey through life. So Kathy’s disagreement with Powell is just as valid as your agreement with him. But noting that today is the 96th Death Day of Rudolf Steiner, I would like to give a retrospective of my first encounter with Robert Powell. I have never met Robert in person, but his work had a profound and positive influence on me. And for that, I am deeply grateful and feel that I belong in his karmic debt.

      I still have a vivid memory image of the moment when I was introduced to Robert Powell’s work. The year was 1980 and the place was a small house located very near the 3-Fold Farm Community in Spring Valley, New York. At the time I was a student enrolled in the Foundation Year Studies of Anthroposophy which qualified me to enter the Waldorf Teacher Training Program later that year at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California.

      I was visiting the home of Bud and Nina Remensperger, who both founded Candeur Manuscripts. Out of a printing press in their garage, they lovingly churned out the first English language editions of Valentin Tomberg’s work. Since I was a Roman Catholic becoming an Anthroposophist, I was deeply enthralled and moved by the work of this man, an Anthroposophist who had become a Roman Catholic.

      One day, Nina wanted to show me a new manuscript, one that they could not publish because of its vast size. It was this huge stack of paper, about 900 pages in all, and xeroxed on US legal paper (8.5 x 14 inches). It was the complete English text for the Meditations on the Major Arcana of the Tarot by that mysterious “Unknown Author.” Nina told me that it had been recently translated from the French by Robert Powell. She gave me this copy as a gift and over the next few years, I would devour its contents, reading through it entirely at least 3 times. I still have it in storage today.

      And I still have great admiration and respect for Robert Powell because of his magnificent literary/spiritual achievement with MoTT. Nonetheless, Kathy’s assessment still needs to be acknowledged and respected, especially if you disagree with it:

      Paranoid fantasies are designed to avoid our own responsibility for where we find ourselves. . . . Every day, in my work, I see people damaged by their refusal to take moral responsibility for their choices. It is painful to find some of their most damaging beliefs to be at the core of one of our most prominent Anthroposophists.


      • Powell as a mathematician is regarding himself as a Platonist (dualist, heretic), like Vreede and Tomberg:

        Click to access valentin-tomberg-platonic-soul.pdf

        Two decades ago, he compared Emmerich (the ‘blessed seer’) with Steiner (the ‘initiate’), “whose capacity of seership surpassed even that of the blessed seer”:
        Christian Hermetic Astrology (1998), google Mi9QKWLwdDoC


      • ininsoi

        Hello Tom,

        That is a fascinating account of how you came to appreciate the work of Robert Powell. For myself I first came accross him reading ‘Christ and the Mayan Calendar’ which he co-authored with Kevin Dann and which I read with a certain excitement as I had previously traveled to southern Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras to experience first hand the modern-day version of ancient Mayan cosmology by participating in various ceremonial gatherings there. The book helped me sort out an understanding by cutting through a whirlwind of competing narratives engendered by the approach of the year 2012.
        Later I read ‘Prophecy-Phenomena-Hope’, ‘Gautama Buddha’s Successor’, ‘The Mystery of Sophia’ and ‘Astrogeographia’ all of which I found inspiring and enjoyable. And of course I have my copy of MoTT.
        Having met him in person and conversed at length I consider him a very grounded individual and far from someone who would indulge in paranoid fantasies. In my view all his conclusions and assertions are based on solid research.


        • kathyfinnegan

          ininsoi, where is the “solid research” behind the claim of election fraud and that the majority of Americans really did elect Donald Trump? I reject, as sincere and evolved as he may be, that Powell “knows” this. However, I do think (like Tom) that his making the Meditations on the Tarot available to us was a remarkable feat. And I share, with you, that we are living in the time of the Second Coming and it is transcending our expectations. I also think it’s intricately woven into our compulsions to grasp onto conspiracy theories – platforms that we imagine can keep us afloat.

          Kyle, like you, I, too, think that we are pushing ahead with genetic engineering, mRNA-based vaccines, etc. without knowing what we could be unleashing – just as we did with nuclear power. But I’m not blaming Ahriman and reptilian beings from the twilight zone for our arrogance. Beginning with HIV/AIDS we are undergoing a series of pandemics mutating from the animal kingdom (HIV, Ebola, Zika, Avian Flu, Swine flu, Sars (Covid). I think the Earth Mama’s had enough. Regarding your assessment of me as someone who has to “take the position of authorities”: I am a 75yo psychologist, an extrovert by temperament, an Aires ram, and raised in a loud Italian family in New York – my positions are my own. Steiner is my teacher, not my God. As an aside: your confidence in your stance would be marginally more convincing if you weren’t compelled to call Fauci, “Fauxci”. This says to me you are still trying to convince yourself you’ve got the whole picture.

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          • ininsoi

            Hi Kathy,

            There are several documentaries regarding the stolen election. Here’s one:



          • I am a 75 yo psychologist, an extrovert by temperament, an Aires ram, and raised in a loud Italian family in New York

            No wonder I feel such a rapport with you, Kathy!

            I am a 72 yo retired teacher, an introvert by temperament, a Cancer crab, and raised in a quiet Irish family in New York.

            Our Cancer-Aries Square indicates independence (operating on 2 separate levels of reality) rather than Conjunction/Opposition (operating on the same level) so we rarely intersect, but when we do, it’s enlightening for both of us as it gives a higher-dimensional context.

            For example, our intersection re: Powell inspires me to widen your view of Anthros by applying to them the neo-psycho-therapeutic concept of “toxic independence” (aka “Hyper-Independence, Ultra-Independence)


          • Kyle J

            Hi Kathy,

            Fauci is concerned more about his career, it’s evident. He’s more of an administer than an expert in the medical field. If you want to hear a sound – and sober – assessment of him, you don’t need to take my word from it. Just hear what Kary B Mullis has to say about him (Nobel Laureate, creator of the PCR test). From an observational standpoint, you compare Mullis’ sound reasoning with flip-floppy adivice coming from Fauci – “masks help, no they don’t, wear two of them wear three, well that doesn’t matter actually” (as an example). It begs the question, why is someone so incompetent given so much authority?

            I admit, a lowbrow stab calling him Fauxci is unnecessary, although it doesn’t change the fact he’s incompetent and he shouldn’t be given all the the authority he has been given. He’s NOT an expert. My name calling doesn’t change any of the fact I mentioned before and anyone with honest enough investigation into this character would know that.

            Secondly, it’s hard to take your stance seriously when you make a sweeping generalisation about conspiracy theories. As psychologist, you should be well aware that ‘generalisation’ is a cognitive distortion. You claim lumping so called disparate issues as being unrelated, yet you throw them in the bag with lizard people from the twilight zone. And yet, you preach of arrogance.

            You already see the issues with the vaccines. Now, list those other issues you may have a hard time coming to terms with: “mark of the beast, vaccines, the pandemic, the “stolen” election, Fauci, the evil behind the Biden administration, 5G, Ahriman.”

            Mind you, your quote of “stolen” already shows you you have a preconceived notions in the matter. There is enough evidence and intent into why it would be a rigged election. The fact that supreme justices don’t even want to take it to court proves right away that the justice system is a facade. If there wasn’t a problem, they shouldn’t have any problem proving in court that it wasn’t stolen.

            Take each issue, painstakingly research them, and you will find the connections.

            Mark of the Beast:
            Revelation 13:16-17
            And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

            The motions are put into place, that people should not travel without vaccination, and also be limited to buying and selling, partaking in certain jobs, etc… total absolute control. 5G is an extension of this, as chip (just as phones), carry personal information and can be tracked – they already require tracking apps in China. Of course, this is all done for our own safety. A trojan horse. It’s signs of technocratic dictatorship. I think Terry Boardman’s article’s regarding the great reset and the New Normal is a good read related to this:


            Then take Ahriman. Deception, illusion, lies, technocratic control. Do we need more examples of Ahriman’s modern day manifestations?

            Stolen election and intent. There is a revealing book written called Unrestricted Warfare (Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui). The intent is there, and they understand this. China is at war with the West (or at least instrumental to it). The more traditional warfare of past is just that, it’s ‘past’ so as citizens we haven’t the faintest clue what to look for. But this quote further explains how and why a foreign entity would (and could) rig elections. It’s totally “fair” in terms of war:

            “The [necessary new] method is to create a complete military Machiavelli.
            Achieve objectives by fair means or foul, that is the most important spiritual legacy of this Italian political thinker of the Renaissance. In the Middle Ages, this represented a breakthrough against romantic chivalry and the declining tradition of knighthood. It meant using means, some possibly comprehensive, without restraint to achieve an objective; this holds for warfare also. Even though Machiavelli was not the earliest source of “an ideology of going beyond limits,” he was its clearest exponent.
            The existence of boundaries is a prerequisite for differentiating objects one from another. In a world where all things are interdependent, the significance of boundaries is merely relative. The expression “to exceed limits” means to go beyond things which are called or understood to be boundaries. It does not matter whether they fall into the category of physical, spiritual, or technical, or if they are called “limits,” “defined limits,” “constraints,” “borders,” “rules,” “laws,” “maximum limits,” or even “taboos.” Speaking in terms of war, this could mean the boundary between the battlefield and what is not the battlefield, between what is a weapon and what is not, between soldier and noncombatant, between state and non-state or supra-state. Possibly it might also include technical, scientific, theoretical, psychological, ethical, traditional, customary, and other sorts of boundaries. In summary, it means all boundaries which restrict warfare to within a specified range. The real meaning of the concept of exceeding limits which we propose is, first of all, to transcend ideology. Only secondarily does it mean, when taking action, to transcend limits and boundaries when necessary, when they can be transcended, and select the most appropriate means (including extreme means). It does not mean that extreme means must be selected always and everywhere. When speaking of military people in this technologically integrated era, there are actually more facets to consider now, an abundance of usable resources (meaning all material and non-material resources), so that no matter what limits military people face, there is always a means which can break through those limits, many more means than in the environment from whence Machiavelli came. Thus, the requirements for modern military people with regard to transcending their way of thinking also involve being more thorough.”

            Biden is beholden to China. Follow his money trail. There is plenty of evidence showing connections with voting systems linked with servers in China. Is it not obvious? The Chinese government buys out everything, and they have been buying out America as well. And no one else is to blame for that except the one’s accepting the money. All the technology used in China to spy and monitor it’s population? It came from the West. It’s strange that Russia is deemed the prime adversary, when they are actually the one’s who will probably uphold the western legacy (even though it was considered the East).

            But what is the real motivation? There are causes, and effects. It’s all cause and effect. It’s a dizzying amount to take in account. With an Anthroposophical lens, it’s hard not to see the Ahrimanic impulse behind all this. And this is said to be inevitable. And we are encouraged to meet this impulse head on “consciously.” And by meaning consciously, means you have to recognise it for what it is. Call a spade a spade. The caution, from what I gather from Steiner, is if one is unconscious to the methods and instruments employed by manifestations of Ahriman, your susceptible to fall for them. We can’t control events beyond our reach, and certainly cannot control world events. I feel this is the challenge, to stay sober, aware, and keep working on yourself without being swayed by these impulses that are permeating throughout our society. By this, hopefully, more people can evolve in a conscious manner, and make the right life decisions.

            I don’t hold Steiner as a God, but as a teacher as well. And if any of us follow him as an example, he was an avid reader and was very current with the world events of his time. I wouldn’t be surprised if his contemporaries called his view ludicrous and preposterous, yet, much of Anthroposphy deals with historic symptomology. Today, that is just what few are working to do: recognise the symptoms, knowing what cause is behind the effects.

            Lastly, I do relate with your sentiments that human beings have been abusing the Earth too much. While some viruses may be the direct cause of that, HIV and Covid are not proven to be of a natural origin. There really isn’t a debate about the anthropogenic effects on our environment, however the reaction and what to do about it is the issue. It’s a bit off topic, but the narrative of “humans=bad” just further serves as justification of a Malthusian worldview… we are overpopulated and the world would be a better place without humans. Sadly, we have eugenicists at the helm (why is a software engineer lecturing people about climate change and health? ‘Bill Gates’ it’s a bit condescending of him)… and that leads back to vaccine rollouts… it’s all connected. There’s much better ways for humans to coexist together in this world.


  15. kathyfinnegan

    Hi, Ininsoi,

    I watched/listened to the site you suggested. There is just no way I can regard a site characterizing itself as :”Biblical Answers from Above” as representative of “solid research”. Also, the “My Pillow” guy claims that, since he’s found “proof” that the Canadian Company rigged their voting machines, he’s getting calls from “world leaders” telling him that hIs research is their “only hope”. He’s going to have to expand his poster motto from CRACK-ADDICT-TO-CEO, to include, HOPE-OF-THE-WORLD. (I couldn’t resist – but he just sounds so Trumpian!)

    Hi, Tom:

    Some of my best friends are introverted, Irish crabs. Good to meet ya! The concept of “toxic independence” is only familiar to me as one criteria of passive aggression – which is a common trait among conspiracy theorists. It consists of pervasive negative attitudes combined with passive resistance to adequate social and/or occupational performance. Is that what you are referring to?


    • ininsoi

      Hi Kathy,

      Well fair enough on your comments on the Trumpian-ness of the dude, I myself am no huge fan of Trump or mainstream religiosity.

      But much more important: Do you conclude there was no cyber attack on election night voting machines and other chicanery?


  16. kathyfinnegan

    Hi, Kyle,

    The Supreme Court doesn’t take up a case simply to prove there’s no reason to take up a case!. There needs to be a reason to think there is a problem in the first place. They decided there was no reason. Bill Gates must have gotten to them, you think?


    • Kyle J

      There’s more than enough reasons to raise an eyebrow as to question the integrity of the 2020 elections. Ample enough reasons to take it to court. Mind you, there was a four year investigation into the Trump/Russia connection that was solely based on bar gossip between two people – despite the fact the Clinton foundation was spying during his campaign in 2016 (the investigation of which went nowhere). Just because you don’t like Trump (evident from your reply to Inisoi), doesn’t mean principles apply only when it’s convenient to one’s case. Well over half the country would have liked to see the case taken to court.

      You don’t have to make a mockery of my previous comment. You’re perfectly intelligent enough not to make a strawman argument. So why not give a sound example, reasoning, and sources as to why you disagree? I don’t claim to have all the answers, but a simple and honest engagement should be beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of the currents in our time. This is a perfect venue to do such a thing.

      I cannot agree more with your statement: “we create demons and egregores when we fail to do our legitimate work: redeeming our Ahrimanic Double and developing our Consciousness Soul.” It is, however, not a substitute for recognising the world currents as they are, and that entails seeing where and what evil is. Part of becoming conscious during our time, is to be able to recognise the environment in which we live in. Otherwise, our legitimate work has no relation to the outside world, no context. Ahrimanic forces are something we need to be able to recognise in all it’s permutations, and yes, that includes within ourselves. I’ll quote from one of Powell’s lectures from the cite provided by another:

      “1.“Evil is allowed in our time, because through the encounter with it, ‘
      the human being can penetrate through to spiritual life on the level of the consciousness soul’”
      2. By a strange paradox in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, humankind is led to a new experience of the Mystery of Golgotha through the forces of evil. Through the experience of evil, it will become possible for Christ to appear again [in an etheric form]”

      We are indeed being tested as to our resolve and trust in Christ’s appearance in the etheric. We need to earn it, and earn it fully awake, not asleep. This takes courage and blatant self honesty, and just because is difficult, does not make it any less worthwhile to pursue. Ignoring it would compromise one’s own development.

      Steiner is quite specific about this. I highly suggest to read the Karma of Vocation lecture series, especially lecture VII. His closing remarks I will include here summarises this quite clearly:

      “The reason for my concluding today’s lecture with these reflections was to admonish those who stand within our spiritual scientific movement to grasp the inner impulse of the soul and not belong among the somnolent, but among those who determine to strive for a vision of life as it is. To receive items of spiritual scientific knowledge and to believe them does not make one a spiritual scientist. Only that person is a spiritual scientist in the true sense whom the spiritual scientific truths have made into a clear-sighted human being, but also into one who possesses the will really to look in the right way at what is in his other environment, and at the right points, so as to be able to judge the situation in which one is placed in the world. If we wish to speak in a fruitful way about the karma of vocation, then this also belongs to the discussion.”

      “strive for a vision of life as it is”

      “will really to look in the right way at what is in his other environment, and at the right points, so as to be able to judge the situation in which on is placed in the world.”

      Again, I cannot recommend reading this lecture in it’s entirety. The subject matter is completely relevant to this discussion.

      So this is our challenge to today, as this type of striving for understanding is of the utmost importance on the spiritual level. It is part of our spiritual disposition of the times.

      “In earlier ages men could face life without understanding since they were guided by divine spiritual powers; today, however, as we develop toward the future, we must have understanding.” -(same lecture)


  17. Upspince

    Goethe and “COVID19”

    The book Conversations with Goethe contains many of the poet’s words. I rescue some referrals to contribute to the common thread of a matter that is being discussed here. It is a short phrase, which portrays Goethe’s attitude when he tried to extract, in a whole way, the events that made the world at that time. The moment Goethe assesses the general situation once again, he does so through the production of the younger artists. Discussing with an interlocutor the most immediate artistic production, he evaluates the poetry of authors who sometimes boasted of their new “moral task”. Goethe considered other difficulties and necessities in poetic practice and is convinced of the error of the public (and of other poets) if in the future they adopted poetry as a legitimate means of pointing out what is wrong in society, which is what, according to I remember, Goethe is going to criticize next. He draws Goethe’s attention to a few fragments in particular (I do not remember precisely the subject of poetry). After reading the fragments, Goethe maintains the regrettable of such a type of production and affirms something like this, it is not textual:

    “What do we gain by calling bad what we all know is bad? …”. Goethe uses fewer terms to encapsulate the idea.

    A little less than 200 years have passed since these words were said. This will sound repetitive; the moralists of our time say the same thing: “We are going through a time when values ​​have been lost.” I bet that Goethe, a Being used to putting his feet in the world to make it more sensible, would wonder about the kind of values ​​that we handle today. He himself would not know where to start! If there are doubts as to the psychosomatic response of a Goethe it is because, as ordinary students of Spiritual Science, many of us are not suitable or are not prepared to enter the science that, we suppose, should be our bread and butter’s day.

    When we gradually become aware of the truth of Karma and successive lives, we come to know that like none of us Goethe does not return to the crust of the world as ‘Goethe’. The difficulty in appreciating the truth about the return of the Soul to cellular life is tremendously difficult. We are not physically what we were, it is the truth. In an incarnation we will be a person; in the next we will be a totally different person, in the most important ways.

    Returning to Goethe’s phrase, it should not be forgotten that unlike Goethe’s time, today’s world is made in such a way that it is not easy for anyone — literally — to beat the current. The Scriptures have their words. Nor do I remember them by heart, but they are more or less the following: “There will come a time when even the chosen ones will be confused.”

    Now we will talk about something extremely unpleasant, because time asks us to show also, and above all, what has motivated us to stop talking about holy and true things to refer to diabolical things because they also reflect much of the truth of what we are going to comment.

    From the mother of all current confusion, difficulties never seen have arisen, and not really because those difficulties contain totally unsolvable enigmas. In the political discussions of the late nineteenth century it was fearfully asserted that a time would come when future representatives of social life would have to draw a sword just to defend ideas accepted without problem by humanity.

    They spoke of course of beliefs embedded in the human instinct, such as the protection and respect for life, the cultivation and defense of the truth, the condemnation of crimes, the need to set limits to power and everything that in various ways leads to facilitate the natural coexistence. Today there is much cackling about the rights of the individual. We could fuss like the whole corral of political chicken does; we would be encouraged to make attempts on poly-ethics, as long as society accepts that an individual is not the legal “creation” granted by a State or an international body. As students of Spiritual Science we cannot give up on our protection, not from changing values, but from realities of the holy expression that life needs to give life, and life in abundance.

    Defenders of abortion, for example, will tell you that there is no person before the State issues a birth certificate: For them, conception letters do not exist, and if they exist, those letters “would not grant more rights to a fetus than to the mother” (who murders him) since the State, in the saying of abortionists, “is not regulating anything inside the mother’s womb. ” This is how I have seen certain Anthroposophists, and a large part of our society speak.

    Imagine, in a translucent vision, to Goethe or Rudolf Steiner trying to obtain answers within a world where, now, not even natural life and human life are objects of play but of curse for humanity.

    I cannot write the name of the Initiate who owns these words: “Mass abortion is a problem that will affect us all, as humanity.” He mentioned other things, even more decisive than this. Looking for a time for an image with which we could “see” inside these statements and trying to portray it for others, this scene came with fragments that only with the passage of time enriched and tended towards a more complete picture.

    The remnants of the most horrifying Atlantean mysteries are now in our environment. They are no longer Atlantean mysteries in reality, but Aryans, because that is what our Fifth Root Race is called or will stop being called in a short time.

    I just want to give you the idea. With her in mind, if you wish, look within and ask the Inner Spirit for answers to what is happening now.

    Imagine a great stone city, with inner citadels separated by small pastures.

    It’s midnight. Wolves howl at intervals in the surrounding woods.

    Don’t ask for more details. You are free to create your own image; just do it with these brief prompts. Our intention is that you can glimpse part of the events connected to this scene. You will discover them on your own when you make requests to your soul, calmly and not closing your eyes to reality.

    Now beasts bigger than those wolves growl. These black beasts, similar to a combination of feline and hyena, make sounds while chewing bones and meat, while the others run and fight looking to receive prey.

    What I want to show you is the most important thing about the scene — as a scene. In truth, you need to make the connections with the facts on your own.

    You can transfer your imagination to what is happening in each stone citadel, separately if you want; the same scene will be repeated in any of those citadels.

    People, mostly married couples and many women, wait their turn almost surrounding the citadels. The houses that were stationed around the citadels have been overthrown so as not to impede the view of a small audience that stands, as if they were organizers, on the sides of the central scene. There is no wall to the sides of the central scene, only at the entrance, where the people waiting outside stand.

    The space has been occupied by a central altar, with three tiers. A few meters from the step closest to what was previously the walking place used by the inhabitants of the now overthrown houses, there are two columns of people. One of them is made up of couples; the other column for women, hundreds of women.

    Looking at the spectators, one feels the sensation that they receive something, coming out of the altar. Every time a couple or one of the women approaches the altar, the gaze is directed, as if taken out, towards the organizers who act as spectators at the same time. Our view was, at that moment, taken from the altar and directed towards the spectators to the left and right of the central altar. Then I assumed it was a product of fear, fear of seeing what was happening at the altar.

    What the beasts did came from their reaction to the objects that were thrown from the spectators’ seats. They were small hands, cords and heads, small parts that were quickly crushed in the jaws of those beasts, between felins and hyenas. The wolves howled louder when the crunching sounds, in the first bites, came out of the muzzle of the beasts.

    I’m not going to show anything else. What happened at the altar, however, did not have an easy explanation if it could not connect them with what was happening in the world, with senses that have no relation to the act of seeing spiritually.

    We had to intuit and discover in the world the meaning of the symbols represented by the people, the stone citadels, the night, the beasts.

    The answer, also after time had elapsed, was: the city of stone is the psychological country of the person least affected by the influences of the world. It is clear that I cannot say that all of us, without exception, have not been affected by the world. But not many are capable of transforming this affectation into values ​​that serve the awakening of the soul and the descent of the spirit. In a more earthly sense, the stone represented the numbing of the powers of the soul which is what ultimately led to humanity, especially the feminine element, becoming a love for the dense condition of hell. In men, this condition, allowed by the male sex, I say, caused women to remain, if we can say it this way, free from their natural mission, from their responsibility to protect life.

    The citadels are simply the most emblematic cities in their material and cultural development. The altar is that of 21st century medical science. Then I learned that the involuntary gaze deviation had a different reason: there were no priests or priestesses presiding over the ceremony. I was used to seeing priests on altars.

    A bit of fear and horror, it is true, I directed my gaze towards the sides of the altar. It is that, each couple and solitary woman personally withdrawn the life of their offspring, separated their parts and threw them to the organizers of the ceremony. Macabre, but in the midst of my horror I understood: Humanity can no longer blame esotericism or religion for their decision to kill the opportunity to return to new human bodies!

    Why determine what is wrong if we know it is? Why does Spiritual Science have to determine, with its authority, what is white and what is dark when we knew?

    The Mexican Mysteries of more than two thousand years ago have paled before the public altars of death that our cities have become. Of course it will affect us all!

    Planet Earth is a gigantic exoteric sacrificial altar. Now, nothing has been hidden under the sun.

    We had to reach this moment, when the human values ​​of the Fifth Root Race vanish so that it is Spiritual Science, and not the UN or WHO, which defines and calls the most sacred aspects of life by name, because they are part of God or of the Spirit in us.

    The mother of confusion has given birth to sinister conceptual monsters and practices and, unlike Goethe, whose world no longer exists, we have the obligation to call things by her name. For this we need to stop justifying, with “evolution” and political treaties for the murder of everything that threatens life in all its manifestations, and to combat lies.

    Why should us sit down today to talk about facts available to everyone?

    An example:

    What is the biochemical evidence that empowered the WHO and other “multilateral” agencies to create your pandemic? None. The only answer available to everyone is this:

    His tests were comic videos recorded by presumably anti-establishment Chinese doctors. The communist government of China, which controls everything on the Internet, allowed its disclosure and only as late as 2021 issued a statement in which it claimed to have requested the presumed prison for its false anti-establishment doctors. Since when did Communist China’s medical system become reliable? Answer. Since organizations like the WHO gather all the prestige enough to use it against humanity. Nobody objects to anything about the WHO and the power that manages its bureaucracy from the shadows.

    The pandemic was not declared with the endorsement of any independent scientific body. If you consider that the WHO’s self-elected bureaucracy is all the endorsement they require to declare prison for 90% of humanity, you are a fool. Simple as that. If you also consider that scientist is the term that most identifies a doctor with a university degree, I don’t know, what do you think?

    What is scientific? Scientific is what a statement issued by a international bureaucracy signs it.

    The WHO bureaucracy did not present, because it does not have it, an isolated virus. The origin of the alleged virus is ideological. The creators of the gender ideology are behind the creation of an acrobatic virus like COVID19. Nobody knows him in the lab. What the virus is capable of doing changes from time to time and is informed to society through bureaucratic statements. Is it not?

    The virus was born asymptomatic, but it was proposed that thousands of symptom-trained doctors face the virus. A symptomatologist facing a virus that does not present him!

    However, the virus is airborne, but alcohol, in liquid, can prevent it. That’s what the “scientists” say! Again, remember that the scientists in question are simple physicians paid by the government of each country whose only “scientific” achievement is having received a graduation diploma!

    The COVID19 virus challenges, like the gender ideology, the limits of what is biologically plausible: A fall that causes the death of someone on these dates is determined, by the public servants who attend the lifting of the body, as a death due to COVID. A terminally ill cancer patient is underlined with “COVID-triggering symptoms.” I have seen it.

    The virus is chameleonic, like gender ideology. Both creations, COVID19 and Gender Ideology, are intended to challenge biology and physical laws as long as you accept the population control that already began, forty years ago, in a murderous way with the pre-born.

    Without a virus that proves the naivety of people can challenge the doctors, let alone the gender ideology, this ideology will challenge everyone, without a doubt.

    I am sorry if someone admires and finds in current writings reasons to consider the false COVID19 one more “test”, after which humanity goes to a certain spiritual paradise.


    • Kyle J

      “Learn from science that you must doubt the experts. As a matter of fact, I can also define science another way: Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.
      When someone says science teaches such and such, he is using the word incorrectly. Science doesn’t teach it; experience teaches it. If they say to you science has shown such and such, you might ask, “How does science show it – how did the scientists find out – how, what, where?” Not science has shown, but this experiment, this effect, has shown. And you have as much right as anyone else, upon hearing about the experiments (but we must listen to all the evidence), to judge whether a reusable conclusion has been arrived at.”
      -Richard Feynman

      We seem to live in a time, where science (and scientific research), doesn’t meet the criterion of what truly is scientific. It has become dogma, and the new priest class. One may try to point this out to others until one’s face turns blue, but because they automatically opt for the narratives being dished out, all other evidence is deemed unreliable or non credible sources. It puts a full stop to serious investigation.

      “Those who tell the stories rule society.”

      It’s obvious who is ruling society and directing these currents. Turn on any news channel, most are in lock to the same tune, they even express the same terminology, even same lines. It’s glaringly obvious, yet, you contradict it, you are deemed a conspiracy theorist – which now is such an emotionally charged term and is conflated with psychopathy (just read some comments in other posts here). Yet this, also, puts a full stop to any serious investigation and inquiry, which we see in the field of science.

      “It is also most important to examine carefully everything that appears today, often from the most dubious sources, in the form of mysticism or occultism. Those of you who take into account what I have so frequently presented will endeavor also to see these things correctly. The modern world stands in the midst of all sorts of other currents, raising the question as to whether or not individuals possess the will power to see clearly and distinctly.”
      -Steiner (GA172)

      Facebook, Twitter, Youtube: they silence any opposing views because they have deemed it ‘harmful.’ Yet, true scientific investigation proves otherwise, but that doesn’t seem to matter today. And the marginalisation, scapegoating, mockery, putting others to shame just for having a different view of what the consensus currently is, only keeps the masses in the dark and are told what to believe and what to think. Keeping us ignorant.

      “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses.”
      – (also) Plato

      “What do we gain by calling bad what we all know is bad?”
      I often wonder, Upspince, do we really ALL know what is bad? It seems quite necessary to to call out such things, as many seem to fail to recognise it even when it’s in plain sight! Covid is just one thing, one mechanism. With the lack of transparency, cooking of numbers, marking deaths as Covid related when in actuality have nothing to do with it, over counting cases (1 person tests multiple times = multiple cases.. yes it happens, I even know someone who received positive results without even having taken the test!). This does show something quite remarkable: that the majority of people are asleep, and they would rather stay asleep than see how much evil has permeated this world. Sounds dramatic, but it’s imperative. I don’t think that humanity will just leap into a spiritual paradise after all this Covid stuff passes. But this sure is a litmus test, of sorts, to see who chooses to ignore the obvious and remain ignorant, and who calls it out and see it for what it is.

      I see nothing of Steiner’s work which supports ignorance of one’s environment -and the world in which one lives in currently- as beneficial to any serious spiritual scientific practice. Ignorance is the absence clarity of sight, which any true seeker should have. Any talk of spiritual practice that is just feel good fluff and pomp and psychobabble nonsense means nothing if it has no grounding in the actuality of things. We may not know all the answers, but it should be apparent, at least, to see the lies and deception where it unfolds. Humanity has to help itself now, consciously. We can’t only rely on divine spiritual guidance to hold our hand the whole way, it’s our time to battle demons (inner and outer). This includes complete and utter self honesty to the point of scrutinizing oneself, holding ourselves accountable to the highest examples. That we have in our power. But the outer demons, the evil that permeates throughout the world, we have every right to call it out and say it by name. The best condition for Ahriman to work in is when no one even notices he is there. Hence the importance of why these seemingly difficult and unpleasant subjects are immensely important to discuss.


      • ininsoi

        Hi Kyle,

        I’m on board with the sentiments you have expressed above in various postings
        Here are a few musings about Trump and Biden – tell me what you think.
        Setting aside for a moment Trump’s obnoxious personality, vulgarity and many blunders, for me it was refreshing to hear him on the campaign trail prior to his election paying at least lip service to such taboo subjects as the autism/vaccine connection, child trafficking, satanic rituals attended by the high and mighty and questions about 9/11.

        Then during his presidency I derived real pleasure from watching the Establishment getting their collective knickers in a twist (UK) or panties in a bunch (USA). We also had an attempt at detente with Russia and relative peace when contrasted with Obama/Biden’s 7 wars in 6 years and 30,000 bombs dropped in the last year of their administration. They are both war criminals in my book.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not right wing at all, generally apolitical but if pushed am left of center with anarchic leanings…


      • Feynman emphasised: ” … (but we must listen to all the evidence), to judge whether a reusable conclusion has been arrived at.”. Scientific experts weigh all the evidence, where pseudo-experts or even emeriti can not and will not. They cherry-pick empirical facts.


        • Steve Hale

          Hermann Poppelbaum wrote an interesting essay, “Can Supersensible Facts Be Proven”? I remember reading it some years ago, but the gist is that all science comes forth largely out of sense-free thinking. This allows the Thought World to reveal itself, which was known to Aristotle, and in which he taught the young Alexander for three years. Thus, science strives to be objective, and does reach certain concrete findings, but only in relation to the mineral kingdom, which is largely where our consciousness exists. Yet, only the physical body of the mineral realm appears to us, and it evokes death. In ancient days, when our consciousness was more dream-like, and clairvoyant, we experienced the living earth as a burgeoning plant world. We even brought it into being. Today, this plant consciousness needs to be restored, and Rudolf Steiner’s first major work, “The Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”, c. 1886, was designed to begin to bring this about. This book is an entirely Rosicrucian work because it contains the riddle of the metamorphosis of life, which has become a newly established stage in modern initiation science. We start here, from this standpoint. Modern Science continues to leave out the central premise in all its findings, which is Man/Woman as an evolutionary being. That fact can also be proven concretely.


          • The essay displays an emphasis on thinking. Poppelbaum has omitted Steiner’s phenomenology course (CW 322, inspiration replaces thinking), and he has left out the preceding epistemic tearing apart of reality in two factors:

            “To explain a thing, to make it intelligible, means nothing else than to place it into the context from which it has been torn by the peculiar character of our organization … By thinking we fit together again into one piece all that we have taken apart through perceiving.” (GA004_c05)


            • Steve Hale

              Yes indeed, the essay displays an emphasis on thinking. That is the whole point in proving how supersensible facts can be known without the faculty of clairvoyance. That is why Steiner said that the starting point was to take in the results of spiritual-scientific investigation on a kind of theoretical/conceptual basis. He said that we need to build up our knowledge base before even starting the spiritual exercises in knowing higher worlds.

              Maverick has written an interesting piece below in which he talks about the Event of 1879, and how everything that exists today really goes back to this event. This is really true, and demonstrates how far he is learning. Yet, what if it can be shown that in the 21 years from 1879 to 1900, we can assuage the primal development of Rudolf Steiner toward meeting his Master, and then Michael?

              Now, in the summer of 1879, when RS was eighteen years old, his family moved to a suburb outside of Vienna, Austria, in order that he could attend the Technical College in Vienna, which was adjacent to the University of Vienna. Thus, this was a polytechnic institution because his father thought he would make a good railway engineer. The boy had no intention ever of becoming a railway engineer. And so, the story goes. I’ll leave out the details in order to only say that we have three very significant seven-year periods of development between 1879 and 1900:

              In the summer of 1879, after the family had moved near Vienna, Rudolf Steiner was encouraged by a mysterious source to sell his school books from the Real Schule days, and buy everything he could find written by J.G, Fichte. He describes this from an entirely external standpoint in chapter three of his autobiography. Yet, we know from a later lecture given in early February 1913, that this source was a very important being.

              So, here is where it starts; Summer of 1879. Now, let’s take the next three seven-year periods and see what happens:

              1) 1886 – Steiner writes his first homage to Goethe, “The Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception”.

              2) 1893 – Steiner publishes his philosophical magnum opus, “The Philosophy of Freedom”.

              3) 1900 – Steiner finds himself in Berlin and still wanting to prove the importance of PoF. He had visited the ailing Nietzsche in 1895, and written a very important book about this spirit.

              The rest is really the unfoldment of Rudolf Steiner’s greater spiritual mission until 1925. He had occasion to describe it very nicely in the 2nd lecture of GA 254. I would encourage reading this lecture very much in order to see how he went in a direction not expected. You see, in the Summer of 1900, two very important philosophers died within just 25 days of each other. Vladimir Soloviev on July 31st, and then Friedrich Nietzsche on August 25th.

              Steiner had the ability by this time to follow them both across the threshold and find out about their respective Folk Souls. So, he learned a lot by doing this. This is what led him to Theosophy. People were astounded that he had done such a thing. Even with his small reputation as a literary editor, Goethe scholar, and minor philosopher, this move was considered insane by the intelligentsia existing at the time.

              Yet, the beat goes on, and what does it tell us today?

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              • Steiner’s objectivity claim for his seership (cf. Emmerich, Blavatsky, Tomberg, von Halle)depended on the existence of the ‘Akashic Chronicle’. And a ‘sacrifice of the intellect’ is a precondition to read the Akashic Chronicle:

                “Whoever can bring himself to refrain from connecting his thoughts, reaches the reading of the Akashic Chronicle. But one thing is necessary: to have eliminated the personal ego to such an extent that it has no claim to connect the thoughts itself. … This is – occultly understood – what in the Middle Ages was called the ‘sacrifice of the intellect’. 07/25/1904 (not published)

                Autumn 1879 was often indicated by Steiner, and was based upon the calculations of Trithemius (1508) of the archangel periods (354 1/3 years), and upon the observations of Biela’s comet (period of 6.6 years), which dissolved in 1842 and disappeared in September 1879. Cf. Steiner CW 346.

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                • Steve Hale

                  In the preface to Cosmic Memory, Rudolf Steiner indicates how the akashic chronicle, previously known by earlier seers, but kept secret as the means of their insights, had now to be fully revealed in our time as the source of spiritual-scientific investigations.

                  So, yes, a ‘sacrifice of the intellect’ does need to take place. We must free it from the senses, which leads the Intellectual Soul to the Consciousness Soul. Entering the Pure Thought World is the goal, and the Reality of this method. This practiced inwardness leads to the akashic records. Rudolf Steiner’s autobiography is largely about how he achieved this ability over the time of his growing-up experiences. We could call it: the periods of Intensified Thinking.

                  It was in September 1924 that Rudolf Steiner spoke about Biela’s Comet, and its final disintegration in 1872. Between 1866 and 1872, while this comet’s fragments were descending to earth, much of the incentives for a German Empire were unfolding according to the ambitions of Wilhelm I and Bismarck. This is an example of historical symptoms, but equally conspiratorial. It is the Truth that matters.


                  • The more remarkable was not Steiner’s period of intensified thinking, but his period of intensified sense-perception at the age of 35 (the developing consciousness soul): the “objective absorption in pure, undisturbed sense-observation” (GA028_c22). This is a special quality of the consciousness soul: “First, a clear perception of the sense world is necessary.” (GA0171/19160917).


              • Maverick

                Okay Steve, you and Ton are giving us quite an education in your thread on thinking, and inspiration replacing intellect, and the 3 – 7-year periods from 1879 to 1900 (almost a mirroring of that in the period from 1900 to the opening of the Goetheanum?). Now this Parsifal has a question – how to piece together these great thoughts you’re both giving? Intuition is telling me there’s a great message for us between the two of you, but my mind is having a hard time piecing it all together; or, as Ton said, fitting together into one piece what’s been torn apart by our perceiving. The big question I have is – are Steiner’s great thoughts a result of sacrificing the intellect in the interest of the Akashic chronicle? Not to diminish his intellect, which I’m sure was instrumental in many of the thoughts he shared, but I’m referring to the really great thoughts that seem to appear as a gift from the spiritual world? You can probably sense that the writings of you both are inspiring me, but have also left me a tad confused. But I don’t want to leave it alone, as I feel there’s some great teaching in this that will help me/us.


                • Steve Hale

                  In today’s world, it is the questions that matter, Maverick/Parsifal. This thread has gone on way too long, and we need another foundation stone in order to carry on sufficiently. You mentioned you were reading, or listening to GA 79, and I went running for my lectures which are right next to it; The Fruits of Anthroposophy, GA 78. This was in 1921 that RS gave these two courses from late August to December of that year.

                  I wanted to indicate 1879 to 1900 for the important reason that it was during this period that RS was brought toward all the developing activity that would lead to his receiving the Michael Impulse at the turn into the 20th century. In chapter 26 of his autobiography, he reveals that it was around this time, 1899/1900, that he experienced a seminal moment in which he saw himself at the Cross on Golgotha. This is not to be missed because
                  he is indicating here an important matter of his esoteric biography.

                  Thus, the 21 years from 1879 to 1900 sets up the next 21 years, in which Rudolf Steiner unfolds the Science of the Spirit in three successive stages of seven years:
                  1) Rosicrucian Theosophy – 1900 to 1907
                  2) Anthroposophical Christology – 1907 to 1914
                  3) The Michael Impulse – 1914 to 1921

                  Then, in 1922, four years after the end of WWI, he goes again to Britain after a nearly nine year absence; ref. GA 152, 1 & 2 May 1913. In fact, he goes to Britain three times in 1922. April, August, and November. This impulse to go again to England is seen as subversive by certain elements of the occult movement, and the decision was made to effectively eliminate Rudolf Steiner. His developing relationship with D.N. Dunlop, and the World Power Association, was seen as the final straw in his going over to the West. In May 1922, after returning to Germany from the first trip, he was to be assassinated in Munich, but was able to be protected by the angels, and slipped away unharmed. By December, after the third trip, the decision was made by the occult forces to burn down the Goetheanum in order to help convince him that his time was through/over. Yet, he kept on keeping on.

                  So, a fourth phase actually begins here in 1922, but is terminated prematurely due to Rudolf Steiner’s early death in 1925. If we take it to its full term in 1929, it is expressed by the assassination of Carl Unger, who went to Nuremberg on January 4th in order to begin to give public lectures again. His first lecture was to be: “What Is Anthroposophy?” It actually exists now, unspoken, and is filled with the threefolding initiative.

                  I like your questions, Maverick, and asking them proves the fact that Parsifal has come into the modern age, but this preface was necessary. I hope you understand because now we can go straight forward into considering the mystery of the human intellect.

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      • Kyle J

        Hi, Ton Majoor, absolutely. Michael Chrichton wrote a great little piece that further elaborates on this theme: Aliens Cause Global Warming. Many quote worthy statements in this 12 page essay.

        Click to access Crichton2003.pdf

        Basically, consensus science is not science.


        Hi Inisoi, I also share your sentiments, too, regarding Trump. He certainly let the cat out of the bag. Did it do more harm than good? I don’t think so, I think it was necessary to bring up those taboo issues. How people respond to those issues, as individuals, that’s our responsibility – and I think that goes in alignment with Kathy’s point. But that is also the danger of it, when the masses start to figure out they’ve been “had” they want justice, and even revenge. A really slippery slope. It seems like a bad relationship where one finds out their spouse is cheating on them, first is denial, then anger, then depression (in some order I assume), but eventually there is acceptance and gaining some personal empowerment to move on and take responsibility for your own life. Maybe where we are now, perhaps we are still far from that point of taking on the responsibility ourselves as collective (more or less)? And that also means not letting people into power who abuse their positions (however possible that is!).

        Going back to Trump (I’m also not a right winger and more apolitical as well), you have to wonder why he is so hated on all fronts? I don’t think he should idolised the way he has been, but we also had a period without wars (except what happened in Yemen, which I’m not entirely sure what the deal with that was). The minute Biden steps in, it’s game time again, assuming the role Obama had before, the Media’s favourite president who did no wrong. Also, during Trump’s term, you had the Jeffrey Epstein case. If that went through, there is no telling how many people would have been exposed. If everyone is so against misogyny (and pedophilia and child trafficking – although that has been regarded as a myth), why let this trial lose attention? Why did Esther Salas (federal judge) who took on the Epstein case had a hitman sent after her, which ended up killing her son? We already see the intent to keep things under wrap, and you also have to wonder about the election fraud case as well, why the judges are so quick to even dismiss a trial. They’ll end up in a same fate similar to judge Salas! You have Biden saying, on the record, probably a mistake but seeing how he has these slips which is very telling:
        “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
        I think a man in his mental state can easily slip out the truth, he even says:
        “Make sure of two things. Be careful – microphones are always hot, and understand that in Washington, D.C., a gaffe is when you tell the truth. So, be careful.” Maybe he meant that a gaffe is just a gaffe, not a slip, who knows? If shouldn’t be a wonder why he doesn’t do press conferences.

        But yes, war criminals are at the helm, including Bill Gates, disregarding the Nuremberg Code. Even the Italians are fed up with it.


        • ininsoi

          Hi Kyle,

          Thanks for posting that link to the Italian politico expressing some rare truth at the parliamentary level. Way to go! More! More!

          Here’s a rant I recently sent to a well-meaning friend who wants me to get the ‘vaccine’ and passport:

          Yes I hear you, but for me the whole ‘pandemic’ is basically a worldwide coordinated psyop /scam concocted by New World Order globalists who want ever more control and quite likely have a depopulation agenda.


          Call me a conspiracy nut but I’ve seen something like this coming for the last 20 years – it’s no big surprise. In my view the WHO is a criminal organisation as are most governments and now the US is headed by Biden who was number 2 man to Obama who started 7 wars in 6 years and dropped 30,000 bombs in the last year of his administration. They are both war criminals in my book.

          According to Canadian human rights lawyer Rocco Galati it’s not even really a pandemic as the definition of pandemic is 7% mortality whereas this only has a .05% mortality which is more or less like any other flu historically and is nothing like the Spanish flu back in 1917-19 in which perhaps 40 million died.

          Anyway for me it’s largely baloney and I only play along minimally with the theater production, dutifully putting on my useless mask when necessary. Yesterday I was reading an article by a virologist who said masks don’t keep viruses out, you need something like a medical hazmat suit with oxygen tank to do that. The whole masking thing is absurd as is lockdown and social distancing. Problem is, any professional who speaks out gets censored, ridiculed, shut down and often fired.

          Bottom line: if authorities had just treated this like any other flu and just let things run their course as in Sweden, Japan, Florida and South Dakota yes, there would have been some regrettable deaths but nothing like the worldwide economic meltdown and suffering we now witness.

          This was a planned event going back years and evidence points to the likelihood that the virus was deliberately seeded. All to facilitate the Great Reset and a fascist agenda by the Davos Crowd and their masters. God help us…

          Anyway that’s my perspective and I won’t be lining up to get my vaccine passport.


          • Kyle J

            Hi Ininsoi,
            It sure is refreshing to hear some people speak out in a high position such as the Italian in the video, at least having a weigh in to what’s going on right now. What it amounts to, or if any benefit comes from it, one can only hope for the best!

            It sure is a strange time right now. In the past, there was more overt control, usually done by military might. Everyone knew who the kings, queens, and emperors were. But the emergence of unions, organisations, committees that are beholden to no one, and which are assumed to be created for the best interest for humanity, take on an authoritative roles in a much different way than royalty of old. Still the same dynamic, just a different label for it: bankers, billionaires, CEO’s, directors, etc… no one elects them. I think it’s safe to say that the general population really has no say in the matter. Perhaps what keeps things somewhat glued together at this point, is the collective belief that this theatre is actually the real thing. A full disclosure of what actually happens behind the curtain could possibly cause massive social unrest, and perhaps that would be more damaging than helpful? I really don’t know. But it still doesn’t change the fact that someone like yourself, who took the time to look into events, understood where this would go decades before it actually happened!

            And yes, I play my part in the theatre myself. Inconveniences are not enough to make a fuss about. My only issue is when the choice is taken away. I’d be more comfortable in taking a vaccine that has had many years of careful testing, from multiple independent researchers, than an experimental one being forced. The red flags for me is when any thing is being pushed as “for your own good” or “trust the experts,” and also to the point of banning material on the internet, when the science behind it just doesn’t add up.

            I live in Thailand, but I was working in China when this whole thing started. Chinese make up the largest number of tourists in Thailand, and the virus had already spread throughout the country during the busiest travel time in China, the Chinese New Year! People were coming in droves from China to Thailand, eventually myself included. Everyone feared the worst, and given the population density especially in a place like Bangkok, the expectation was nothing short of devastating. But nothing happened, some cases, yes, but the virus didn’t spread like a pandemic would. It wasn’t even as infectious as its being made out to be. I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t exist, but it just seems all to convenient of a reason to push this Great Reset agenda on everyone.


            • ininsoi

              Hi Kyle,
              Yes it certainly exists – I had a mild case a couple months ago and now my brother (the Waldorf alumnus ex-BBC puppeteer – anyone remember Rosie and Jim?) is in hospital in North Carolina recovering from a bout with covid in which oxygen was required for some time, not sure how long.
              But that said, is it really a pandemic and have the authorities been honest with the general public over the last year? I think not. The hype has been driven by a pre-planned agenda in my view with dishonesty, brain-washing and censorship keeping the false narrative front and center in the collective mind. All to achieve what? Presumably the Great Reset and ‘vaccination’ (more like experimental gene alteration). Bottom line: more power and control for the capstone cabal.
              Kyle, we share a Waldorf education history and a decision to live out of the western industrial world – me in Peru and you in Thailand. I’ve heard the Thai people are very kind and happy on average, especially out in the countryside, so it sounds as though you are in a good place since there has not been an excessive amount of covid reported.


              • luke

                Rosie & Jim were wonderful !


                • ininsoi

                  Thanks for that Luke, I’ll let Robin know.

                  He took a certain amount of flak for going into children’s television from certain anthroposophists, but he felt that TV was an a priori existing phenomenon so why not do some really high quality work that catered to the imagination of youngsters who were otherwise going to watch the usual drivel?

                  Tots TV was his other good one.


              • Kyle J

                Hi Ininsoi,
                Forgive my late reply, this comment seemed to have slipped passed my awareness!

                I have also been to Peru, and honestly, I miss being there very much at times. It was, and still is, a land/culture I consider a place of ‘power’ for me. I’m sure that is a huge reason why you are living there! I initially went there with an address of a Shaman living just outside Pucallpa along the Ucayali (this was in 2010), I had his address, but I ended up just making to some town just east of Tarma, in the alto selva, can’t remember the name. But as life turns out to work in mysterious/synchronistic ways, just this last fall, Peru had come to ‘me’ more so in a pharmacological sense. I just happened to meet a group of self proclaimed ‘shamans’ here in Thailand, who happened to have Ayahuasca (I know, the dangers of not having a REAL shaman), but I partook anyway as it wasn’t something I was seeking, although I felt ready. The atmosphere was safe, the people were lovely, so it felt right. By that time, I had already participated in several Rapé ceremonies. So, it was interesting that the plants ‘found’ me, in a sense. I separated ways from these ‘shamans’ after a few months (I found the time with these particular shamans became luciferic (too fanciful, no grounding even though they were so lovely, but maybe that comes from my anthroposphical frame of mind). However, I did develop quite a connection with plants and the plant kingdom on a supersensible level, and even reaffirmed my sense of Christ, too, in some instances. Hard to explain in words, but I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

                A side note, I hope you are well there! Yes, the virus does exist. I’m pretty sure I had it when I was living in China. The symptoms were exactly as what my friend had experienced in the US – a nasty cold that at it’s height lasted for a couple days, and then the feelings of weakness for about a week. I had become ill just before the lockdowns in China began (just after Chinese New Year), and I was in the state next to Hubei (a 45 minute speed train from Wuhan, to be precise). So I’m sure I had it. But, I did the quarantine stuff by the books even when it wasn’t reinforced, and came to Thailand as soon as I could, even did the quarantine here as well (also not enforced), because people still didn’t understand much about what was happening at that time (I would argue most still don’t!). I even went to the main facility for infectious diseases in Bangkok, but they said if you are fine, no symptoms, there’s nothing to worry about, no need to get tested and just be careful. This was January/February 2020. People around me never fell ill. Bangkok/Thailand never experience a first wave. So, perhaps I did the right thing and just took the side of caution. But now, it’s a different story. Thailand apparently has more cases than it ever had previously. So, who knows what’s to happen.


                • ininsoi

                  Hi Kyle,

                  I relate to all you have written above. For me Peru is a special place. I have participated in many ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies down the years, all totally legal here, in fact both sacred plants are endorsed by government statutes. In and around Pucallpa is where I have attended the majority of ayahuasca gatherings but I live in a different part of the Amazon basin near Tarapoto.
                  If you are interested in my autobiographical yarn of how I came to Peru for the first time in 2004, then in 2006 met my anthroposophical Waldorf teacher wife Lourdes and much more including going back to my Waldorf education, it is available on Amazon (logically enough!). Search for ‘Long Road to Chavin’ by Martin Stevens. Available in Kindle and paperback versions and also in Spanish – ‘Largo Camino a Chavin’.

                  Yes I know it’s a real virus – I had it myself back in Febuary of this year. Fortunately the symptoms were quite mild but I felt exhausted for 2 weeks with a sore throat.

                  best wishes



                  • Kyle J

                    Hi Martin,
                    I found your book, and will definitely give it a read! Thank you for sharing it. I can’t help but have the feeling I’m somehow following your footsteps in some sort of a way, or a partial way at least – a kind of synchronistic bibliomancy moment after reading your book description on Amazon. If it’s of any interest to note, it was a book of similar nature to yours that gave me enough drive to head to Latin America, although the author – Martin Prechtel, book title is Secrets of the Talking Jaguar – was detailing his journey to Guatemala and ended up being trained a shaman there. Peru, more as a gut feeling I suppose, called me instead of Guatemala. So, I’m looking forward to reading your story and thank you again for sharing!


                    • ininsoi

                      Hi Kyle,

                      Thanks for tracking down the book. Do send along any feedback.

                      I spent a fair amount of time in Guatemala, southern Mexico and Honduras in the early 90’s and the Maya culture is indeed fascinating. To me however Peru goes up an octave so your intuitive sense was correct.

                      I have to ask regarding your life as a professional musician, what kind of music do you play, stand up bass, electric? My son before becoming a cider maker played both those instruments professionally and I have been a guitarist, harmonica player and singer who has worked semi-professionally in the past, so some resonance also on that front.


                  • Kyle J

                    Hi Martin, I will definitely send feedback, looking forward to the read!

                    I studied jazz, and for awhile that was predominately what I played during college and my 20’s – in Chicago (upright mostly, and also electric) – so, jazz, latin jazz, salsa, ‘new’ music contemporary stuff, etc (many styles!)… but later when I had to pay bills and was in debt, more Vegas style showband repertoire (on cruise ships), pop, rnb, rock, soul, funk, disco… which I spent the greater part of the last eight years (in Asia) doing – with a few breaks in between contracts.


                    • ininsoi

                      Hi Kyle, Thanks for filling me in on your musical background and work. If you are ever back in Peru let’s jam!


                  • Kyle J

                    I truly hope I can come to Peru at some point, Martin. I would definitely love to have a jam. Cheers!


  18. Jeremy,

    I apologize for impulsively leaping into the Steiner mud-wrestling pit you so patiently tolerate here without first updating you on my health status. After all, you were nice enough to notify the Anthropopper community of my colon surgery on Feb 10 and my upbeat update on Feb 12 and in this very same comment section.

    Now 7 weeks after surgery I am feeling better than ever. The oncologist pronounced the best possible verdict that my Stage 2 cancer was completely contained in the ascending colon that was excised and therefore I avoided the sentence of chemotherapy.

    I was so ecstatic that I burst into an upgraded version of Martin Luther’s stirring hymn! Here is the 1st (and only) verse so far.

    “A Mighty Fortress is my Colon!
    A Bulwark never failing.
    My helper it amid the flood
    of cancer cells prevailing!”

    OK, enough merriment for now. Allow me to stay poetical but get serious. I dedicate this sonnet to you, Jeremy Smith, because of your diligence and patience in shepherding the Anthropopper blog. (I add the adjective “long-suffering” because of me.)

    Since today is Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, I’d like to post a sonnet I wrote for this day 34 years ago. I believe — noting now its 33-year anthroposophical cycle-fulfillment — that the couplet expresses something of our situation today.


    When Jesus Christ was in Gethsemane,
    awaiting love’s most fateful human kiss,
    He wondered if a greater enemy
    would tempt him into everlasting bliss.

    The scorpions of every desert rock
    began to dance with claustrophobic grace.
    Forlorn, a sheep had wandered from its flock.
    Its shepherd disappeared without a trace.

    The moment of the emptiness of time
    approached, and spread its bat-like wings
    across the earth, to celebrate the crime.
    In secret, Judas loved this King of Kings.

    Without a word, the Old gave way to New.
    Without the false, the Word could not be true.

    from “Post-Existential Sonnets,” Folio I
    by Tom Mellett, Austin, Texas, 1987


    • kathyfinnegan

      Tom, I am so happy to hear your news. And, please, we need more “merriment”!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tom Mellett

        Thank you, Kathy! As for merriment, this one’s especially for you.

        I managed to condense my 45 years of anthroposophy into a Gilbert and Sullivan parody of their own parody of a “Modern Major General” from their operetta “The Pirates of Penzance.”

        Mine is called “I am the Very Model of a Modern Anthroposophist”

        It will delight you to know that the Broadway debut of “The Pirates of Penzance” took place in 1879, the year that the Archangel Michael was promoted to the rank of Zeitgeist.

        The whole libretto is here:

        I am the very model of a modern Anthroposophist,
        I’ve information mineral, etheric, astral, egoist.
        Atlantis and Lemuria, the Mystery of Golgotha,
        With Ahriman and Lucifer, the science of the spiritual. . . . .



        • kathyfinnegan

          You made my morning, Tom! I’ll surely be listening to myself in the coming months: ” I am the very model of an Anthropopper elder blogger”… And I can just see the Winney the Pooh gang singing the temperaments parts:
          “I am the donkey, Eeyore, and they say I am phlegmatico
          and Winney is my bestest friend because he is sympatico”…

          Thank you, Thank you!


  19. kathyfinnegan

    Hello, Kyle:
    I’ll restrain from engaging in mockery and respond to some of your requests and concerns candidly. I cannot give you “sources” to underwrite why I reject the scenarios under discussion. I can only point out that what I have encountered both in my work and my private life leads me to conclude that conspiracy theories are a form of obsessive-compulsive behaviors designed to give a (false) sense of protection from the unknown – both what we don’t know and what we don’t want to know. During my career I have witnessed suffering and, in some cases death, resulting from embracing self-selected theories over waking up and taking action before everything hits the fan. Today, increasingly, many of these theories are selected and exacerbated for us to serve the powerful and greedy. Here is where another whole topic – AI – comes in to confound us more deeply.

    I find that as we spin these conspiracy theories to comfort ourselves with the belief that our problems – world problems, etc. – are not our fault, we dis-empower ourselves. These theories assure us, not only of our innocence, but of our essential powerlessness to bring about positive change. Most often, when these theories do inspire action, they are of the suicide, war or mass-murder type.

    The crux of the disagreement between us, I think, may be in how we assign responsibility for our predicament. Did the devil make me do it? Or is it purely due to my own choices and actions. Is it my fault I find myself in this suffering world where everything appears to be getting worse every moment? Or is something else to blame? Kyle, you wrote that you agree with me that we create our own demons and our job is to redeem our Ahrimanic Double, but go on to say we have to recognize what and where evil is. I don’t read Steiner to be saying we should focus on the evil outside – the devil who made me do it. I think evil operates more like gravity: a necessary feature of a material world we push against to develop the muscles to participate fully, eventually, in the spiritual world. As we push against evil we develop the Consciousness Soul. I urge you to see that If there’s one feature that characterizes conspiracy theories, the evil is always located outside. Someone or something else is always to blame: I don’t have the inner wherewithal to achieve my own salvation. I am dependent on outside powers or authority. Perhaps this was signed, sealed and delivered back in the 5th Century when the Catholic Church declared that the human being was no longer to be understood as a three-part entity consisting of body, soul and spirit, but only as a body and a soul – both of which can perish.

    Why do we make Ahriman responsible for the horrors we’ve perpetrated on this planet- for instance – by taking the carbon-route to producing electricity? This was a human choice – made because we refused to look deeper. If we had found courage, we could have developed solar and wind modalities many decades ago. And we’re doing it with nuclear power and chemical poisons and with messing with the genome. WE made the evil gods with our impatience and greed. We didn’t get greed from the Gods – maybe we made the Gods with our greed??? And WE need to redeem them. But we can’t do it with conspiracy theories that are designed to relieve us of responsibility. Look at the content of those theories. Largely, they are filled with fixations on (and PERMISSION for) prejudice, violence, misogyny and pedophilia. They are a self-serving trap.

    What I’m saying, Kyle, is – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. .


    • Steve Hale

      Hi Kathy and Kyle,
      This is awesome stuff between you two. I am so glad that Jeremy has allowed this thread to continue because this kind of dynamic is priceless. I once characterized Kyle as a young Parsifal, and he is doing it because he is asking the necessary questions, rather than refraining from asking anything. Thus, he is giving the resistance against the immovable object, which seems to be the Kathy position. FYI, Kathy. It was in the 9th century that the Ecumenical Council of the Catholic church ruled that ‘Spirit’ was no longer held as viable on earth. And, it seems, you came from an Italian family steeped in the Catholic church. Well, that is okay because at some point you left home in order to pursue your own initiatives, which seems to have led you to anthroposophy. All is good.

      Yet, why the denouement, “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it”? Who do you think you are? That’s a real question for you, Kathy. Arrogance has been charged against you, and this is your opportunity to relent, or not.

      Just chiming in here because this has been seen before in so many posts over the last three years. Kathy is awesome. Kyle is awesome.

      So, where do we go from here? Anecdotes are a waste of time, Kathy. Sorry for that, but biography only proves itself in ascension of the cause. Where does that leave us in this day and age? I am listening to these intriguing conversations between members, but let us remember that we are members, and working toward the higher cause. We need to align, because that is so important. How about it?


      • kathyfinnegan

        Got it, Steve: Kyle is a young Parsifal and I’m the immovable object, charged with arrogance, inaccurate historical dating, alignment resistance and (horrors!) the USE OF ANECDOTES! And not one word of praise for staying on the straight and narrow for four solid paragraphs. A girl just can’t do enough for you, can she? I’ll just have to stop trying so hard.


        • Steve Hale

          Hi Kathy, I didn’t mean to piss you off. That was the last thing I wanted in a discussion that I thought was going toward futility. I only wanted to say that we need to stay together as a team. As such, Kyle is vulnerable now, and I know the position from past experience. He is asking the questions needed to hear, and this is good. Parsifal in the post-modern age, you bet. Now, my characterization of you as the immovable object is only because that is how you express yourself. I fully agree with the straight and narrow path, but you place conspiracy theories right in front of anthroposophists as if they know nothing more than the superficial notions that the common folk entertain. You need to discriminate better with your listening audience. They have as many subjective anecdotes as you do, and yet only the truly objective is really worth discussing. So, here is the key for you. Behind every conspiracy theory that comes out of the mishmash of daily life are the symptoms that underlie it. This is what Rudolf Steiner undertook as an objective in bringing forth spiritual science. Thus, behind conspiracy thinking are the real symptoms which have resulted out of historical time.

          As such, we have three very important lecture-courses which speak to the various symptomatologies of our time. And they are in sequence, which is very interesting. GA 184, 185, and 186.

          Kathy, you know that I like all that you do, but your work needs to recognize that you are in a special field when you acknowledge spiritual science. You would have everybody responsible, we and us, for every predicament that exists today, and that is simply not true. Why? Because a few people speak out on behalf of the Science of the Spirit. This is what you need to recognize more fully.


    • Kyle J

      Hi Kathy,
      First of all, thank you for your reply, and so eloquently put. A cannot add more to what you said, and believe it or not, I do agree with you. This still doesn’t quell my contention, however, and I believe there is only one. Like Steve said, we are all working towards a higher cause, and part of me bringing up this issue is exactly for that reason and also to clear up my understanding of it as well.

      This may be one the difficulties in understanding Steiner’s spiritual scientific research, because the subject matter is so vast. But his methodology always comes back to developing that intuition and higher knowledge, and the ability to think. Much of what he discusses is a result of his own inner work. (If I’m leaving out important details or have an inaccurate assessment, by all means I am open to correction!). So he perfectly lays out in detail how we can work on ourselves. These are all things we have full control over – which includes how we react to this physical world – this is no doubt, and If I may say, it’s essentially the standpoint where you are coming from. No one else is to blame, and by doing so, we disempower ourselves. I have no contention on this matter.

      But as I’ve listed already, Steiner seems to be quite explicit with his description and manifestations of “currents” of any period of time. I do not see this as an indication to seek blame, but urging others to see how things are the way they really are. Looking back in history, those who have indeed shown immense courage, have stood up – even outnumbered – to point out evil where they see it. I do not see this as a merely projecting their problems outwardly. Mind you, we know that people have been burned at the stake, stoned to death, crucified for calling out the powers that be, because their existence, what they stood for, and what they said threatens the powers that control the masses. Waking people up, bringing them out of slumber and ignorance, is probably the most dangerous thing that could happen to those who wish to keep people in the dark. This is where the conspiracy theories come in. In Karma of Vocation Lecture VII, Steiner speaks of occult brotherhoods which do not wish for large groups of people to understand the wisdom and knowledge contained in spiritual science.

      For those of us here, we are very fortunate to have these resources at our disposal. We are fortunate enough to be aware of them. But this is not the case in the world at large. Why is that? Do people lack the courage to do their own inner work? How to blame the masses if they lack the resources to dig themselves out of a hole?

      I wouldn’t so much neglect the harm that conspiracy theories can and DO cause. Many are misleading theories, akin to throwing sand in one’s eyes, but it doesn’t do justice to turn a blind eye to narratives that contradict the status quo. People ought to have options, and have the ability to discern truth with sound, sober and clear judgement. So why is there so much power and resources going towards the suppression of ideas, to the point of silencing others and even incarceration, and death? Are the convicted at fault for their own demise?

      Here’s an example. Let’s take what happened in Cambodia during the 70’s. If we look at the cause and effect why the Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge came to power, you can see it was supported from the outside. You CAN put blame on others for that. And you ought to. And as a result, millions were put to death and all of this could have been avoided if people were aware of real outside danger. Nobody had the faintest clue that the Khmer Rouge would do what they did. Of course, on the outside, no one was in a place to be able to do anything about it. But those the Cambodian’s that had to face this horrific nightmare, had they understood what was happening prior to the point it’s too late, they would have acted upon it. This is just one example. My point is, is that ignorance, nescience, naivety, they allow these things to come about. Just in the same way as you said, about our continuing use of carbon and chemicals while there is better alternatives. But all this comes down to knowledge and awareness, doesn’t it? Does it all come down to courage? Yes, a big part of it. But why is there so much resistance? We already had a Tesla, a Walter Russel. Brilliant minds and leaders in all fields have come out. The problem is that we never hold those accountable who are at the source of suppression of brilliant ideas for the betterment of humanity. You have the same administrations that control what is taught in schools, and also controls the military to bomb other countries (usually for reasons we are not told, and in reality are not justified). This is not the behaviour of beings with a clear conscious. Much what is considered normal in our world today is actually quite insane.

      Pointing out a problem is not the issue. How we handle it, now that is our issue. I think a good analogy for this is an expert navigator knows how to navigate in stormy weathers. If you steered that ship as though the seas were calm, you’ll be in a wreck in a no time.

      A bit long winded display, thank you for bearing with me. So how to rectify the issues at hand? How to tell people who deep down, they know that something isn’t right in this world. Is it more of the issue at hand that many lack the resources, guidance, and proper education (learning how to think, not WHAT to think) to be able to navigate through this mess? It’s quite the predicament. What seems to be something that we all can attain: work on one’s self, work with your family and friends, work on the community. These are absolutely attainable. Having the distractions: divisive and slandering media, propaganda, leaders who sell “hope,” control over what we learn, eat, how we live, what we say… this is not a problem? It makes those other things: work on self, family, community, rather a challenge!

      Steve, if you are reading this, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. How do you weight in on this matter? And for anyone else on Steiner’s words about understanding the world in it’s current time and ‘seeing how things are the way the truly are.’ Is there something I’m missing from this?

      Thanks Kathy, and Steve for entertaining this discussion!


      • kathyfinnegan

        Hi, Kyle,

        Thank you for your response to my post. I like your metaphor of navigating in stormy weather – very much – and can feel myself gearing up to use it in future therapy sessions.

        You asked why people tend not to use the resources available to us and if it relates to lack of courage. I think that is probably most often the reason – and also why so few are drawn to works like those of Steiner. We hide from ourselves in our subconsciousness mind. I remember reading, as a college freshmen, Plato’s allegory of the cave and Maslow’s theory of “peak experiences”. I cried. It was the first time I could remember not feeling alone in the universe. At 4 or 5 yo I learned that my mother wasn’t aware of the world I had begun to “see”. It frightened me and left me feeling there had been some terrible mistake – I was so alone – and in the wrong place with the wrong family. Maslow said we likely all have such experiences but most of us hide them in our subconscious minds because the feeling of estrangement from family – and the 3-D world – is so painful. I think Steiner calls such experiences “atavistic clairvoyance”. But I remembered mine (probably because I’m such a stubborn cuss), so I was primed for Steiner and motivated to work the stages of initiation. I’ve elevated myself to the stage of carping about having to be indifferent to sympathies and antipathies alike.

        One of Steiner’s predictions relates to the concerns I have with conspiracy theories. He said the day would come when we would think we have all knowledge at our fingertips, and we would come to believe we could have knowledge without understanding. And this would lead to everyone believing, relying on, something different. I guess this would precipitate the war of all against all. I see this clearly where I live in rural Ohio: Poverty, heavy metal poisoning and the highest suicide rate in the State. Some of the folks here belong to a survivalist hate group being monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center. And some of them believe that Covid19 was invented to keep us indoors so we won’t see “them” changing the “batteries in the birds” (invented by Bill Gates to spy on us). A friend was accosted by a young man in the parking lot of her Vet’s office who asked her why she was wearing a mask – was she a member of ANTIFA? Covid was developed by Satan to keep us out of church and away from Jesus.
        And on and on.

        I’d better stop or I’ll go on through Easter! Thank you, again, Kyle, for taking the time to hear me…Kathy

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        • Maverick

          Hi Kathy. Am amazed, in reading the memory of your childhood experience, of the awareness that you were in the wrong place with the wrong family. That same awareness came to me, but not until I was 24, and had just been “sweetly broken” by the Master, the Christ (I didn’t see it as “sweetly broken” until much later – at the time it seemed painful). It came to me through reading of Abraham’s experiences as a stranger, a pilgrim, wandering through a land his descendants would later possess. That’s when I too saw myself as being in the wrong place and in the wrong family.

          Realized this Easter morning that something else fell to Earth – Christ was present to see Satan fall to Earth (Luke 10:18), after being defeated by Michael. But Christ’s GLORY also fell to Earth, albeit not until 1879, at the dawn of the Michaelic age. And it fell in two streams – one in the East, through Steiner, and one in the West, through Cayce, or the streams of the Magi and the Shepherds. It’s a privileged age we’re living in – we’ve been given the choice to know this Christ being, the Way to the Tree of Life, but it’s also a very dark time in terms of spirituality, with many false Christs (antiChrists) showing up, who will deceive those who aren’t the “predestined souls” Steiner spoke of (GA 221, Feb. 18, 1923, Knowledge Pervaded with the Experience of Love). There are so many who haven’t yet appreciated what’s been given to them since 1879; many whose hearts have “burned within us” as we’ve walked in His presence, like the two on the road to Emmaus, but who haven’t asked Him to abide, to dwell, with them. It was after He was asked to abide, and through the breaking of bread, that their eyes were opened, and they “knew Him”. So many who walk with Him today, but still don’t know Him (Luke 24:16); may they come to know Him, and come to see His glory, this Easter Sunday (Luke 24:31). May their eyes and ears, their spiritual organs of perception, be opened. It’s the only way out of the chaos we’re experiencing on Earth.

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          • Steve Hale

            I, too, have this experience of being born into the wrong family. It has plagued me since I was six years old, and had my first initiatic experience in my own backyard. I felt I was torn out of the family unit (the group soul) of my kin that day. Earlier anecdotes from three years ago told of my experience because Kathy was begging for these, and I felt also that it would be good. So, what does it mean to live in a family of strangers? I often wonder why this occurred? Do we “rest in Abraham’s bosom”, ref. Luke 16, like Lazarus did, and then get tossed into the mix again with a typical family just to get us back on Earth? RS indicated that his disciples/initiates would be reincarnating by the end of the 20th century in order to take up the work again because he was going to be betrayed. So, here we are.

            Maverick, it is exceedingly opportune and important that you mention the experience of the two who communed with Jesus on the road to Emmaus that Easter Sunday two thousand years ago. One of the two is identified as Cleophas, who was the husband of Mary, who had gone with Mary Magdalene to the empty tomb that morning. She was the stepmother of Jesus, and mother of the Solomon Jesus child who had sacrificed his life at the age of twelve in order to incorporate into Jesus as the great Zarathustra Ego for some 18 years until the Christ descended at age 30.

            This experience is very telling in its way, and really needs to be compared with John, chapter 20, when Mary Magdalene experiences the two Jesus men in supersensible form at the empty grave. In Luke 24, it is the Etheric Jesus that appears to these two on the road to Emmaus.



        • Kyle J

          Hi Kathy, and a Happy Easter to you!

          I can completely relate to your feelings of estrangement, as I see other members here feel the same. For myself, I had been almost convinced I was an alien and my parents somehow adopted me. I’m thankful they had a sense to send me to a Waldorf school, which is ultimately why I delved into Steiner’s works (which wasn’t until years after when I was in college). Anyway, It’s a relief to know that we are not alone in that respect, but also having the experience of witnessing, feeling, the presence of Christ is also a reminder we are not alone. Especially when you hear accounts, and also see in art, of visionary experiences that share a same thread.

          In relation to what we’ve been discussing, I gave some thought on the whole conspiracy stuff. It seems ultimately what we are all driving at is finding truth, but not relative, solipsistic truth. With that in mind, I think that was my main issue with accepting the ‘mainstream’ narrative – for lack of a better term for it. When there are many other explanations, and even solutions to issues in some cases, why all the effort to silence opposing views? In an ideal world, I think it would be nice to see more transparency, and more options, and more opinions to choose from. Just like going to the doctor, “I’d like a second opinion, please!” Now, it doesn’t mean that any conspiracy theory is true, far from it. But this brought attention to another dynamic, something Steiner pointed out between a dualistic battle between good and evil. I don’t have a quote for it, just from memory, he mentioned John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Essentially he described more of a battle between Lucifer “Good,” Ahriman, “Bad.” When authority, law, order, and control is in a state of imbalance, in the case one would argue that it is perhaps too much of those things.. you’ll get the Luciferic reaction of rebellion, chaos, activism, freedom, even violence, and so on. To be fair, one might call some of these conspiracy theories (and conspiracy theorists) Luciferic in nature. They are all reactionary. So, this vary dynamic in the world at large seems to illustrate in imbalance of Ahrimanic forces with the risk of a Luciferic backlash.

          While these conspiracy theories may point out problems, make blames on such and such, many don’t offer solutions and that may be where the danger is. So much attention is on tearing down the system, but it’s fair to have a solution. Isn’t that where Christ comes in, the middle way? And it’s difficult to seek Christ and not align with truth, and in so doing, one put’s a cap on Ahrimanic and Luciferic tendencies, because they are part of our nature anyway. It really blows my mind to think that all language, art, mysticism is the direct result of Lucifer’s incarnation. So, if we meet this Ahrimanic impulse fully conscious, with a Christ center, it’s almost beyond our imagination how important Ahriman’s incarnation is for humanity. But in the present time this incoming impulse is akin to something like Future Shock, where technology is advancing too fast for us to be able to adapt to it, and of course the danger of a hive mind Transhumanist future is a worry as well. And this leads to what Steiner has said about a humanity actually splitting into two different groups, (like a real manifestation of good and evil)… where the former doesn’t reincarnate on earth anymore, moves on while the latter is stuck in a cycle for thousands of years subject to this kind of being incarnated in bodies that are more or less automata – because if the projection of transhumanism reaches full fruition, like the singularity, then wouldn’t it be near impossible to be able to consciously think your way out of it (consciously evolve) in a body in which you don’t have independence or control of your own thinking (hive mind). He mentioned this in the Gateway of Spiritual Science (I don’t remember the GA#), or perhaps I read it wrong. But anyway, that’s mind blowing to think of as well!

          A bit of a tangent there.

          I guess this is all predicted and part of the plan, so to speak. I just wonder what would be a more effective way for a larger part of humanity to find that “middle way,” as opposed to a reactionary way (understandably so, but with risks) and no solution. Kind of like a Hegelian dialectic situation, isn’t it?

          Thank you for giving much food for thought, Kathy. I really do appreciate these exchanges!

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          • Steve Hale

            Well, of course, I do see that these exchanges are important in the saying. Steiner gave a very important lecture here amongst others on the theme of the mystery of death. As such, he tells very much about the dynamic of Lucifer and Ahriman as a historical symptom. Also, why he had to visualize the Representative of Humanity some two years before he could actually begin to sculpt it . Please read this. I didn’t know that you went to a Waldorf School, Kyle, but it is still all good, even if you did. Kathy was a big supporter, so that should help you in your regard of her. I also bear these sympathies. We live in an active dynamic today, and I hope we can keep it together between us.



            • Kyle J

              Thank you, Steve. I’ll definitely read this! I also wanted to check with your other suggested reading: GA 184, 185, and 186. Which lectures were those? I came across several (at least for GA184), and wasn’t sure which one’s you meant to check out.

              I only went to Waldorf until I was twelve, through the 6th grade. I honestly cannot say that it gives me any advantage in understanding Steiner’s works, for if that were the case, many of my family members (and peers during that time) would have taken to Steiner’s teachings but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. It wasn’t until I had a long conversation with an instructor of mine during my college years, who considered himself an Anthroposophist, that I took more initiative to understand the works of Steiner, the person who was responsible for my childhood education – in an indirect way, assuming my teachers at Waldorf were adhering to Steiner’s methods! I suppose that’s an entirely different subject in itself.

              Again, really appreciate these discussions. I’d like to take more time and read more related to what you are discussing with Maverick and Ton Majoor. Knowing how Steiner developed his methodology, seems pivotal in understanding what he meant and how he came about what he knew.


  20. Steve Hale

    Hi Kathy and Kyle,

    Let me try again and maybe I can do a better performance. Kyle, you asked:

    “Steve, if you are reading this, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. How do you weight in on this matter? And for anyone else on Steiner’s words about understanding the world in it’s current time and ‘seeing how things are the way the truly are.’ Is there something I’m missing from this? Thanks Kathy, and Steve for entertaining this discussion!”

    No, I think you guys are really hitting the high notes of our dilemma in this day and age. Maybe a little more on the so-called, “Internet of Things”, but that involves the technocracy that Steiner warned about in his very last leading thought. Yes, he wrote about bewaring the technological field here which would have us descend into the sub-earthly realm.


  21. kathyfinnegan

    I disagree, Steve. Intellectualizing on the Science of the Spirit is a major roadblock thrown up in the face of moving through the stages of initiation. You need Heart, as well – and a galvanized Will You claim to know the danger of speaking out of lived-experience but you neglect the dangers of tome-talk. You are as responsible for this struggle as all the rest of us.

    In addition, the exchange between Kyle and I was going nowhere near “futility”. You are unconscious to the fact that is YOUR projected fear. This is Easter Sunday, Steve. The living Christ is back. He has spoken to me twice. Both times he said the same thing to me I say to you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


    • Steve Hale

      Happy Easter everybody! Rather than intellectualizing on spiritual science, which by the way, some people do appreciate, I simply want to point in the direction where some useful information exists. It’s not all about you, Kathy. A blog is a very poor place in which to judge someone’s heart and will, don’t you think?

      I experienced the Living Christ some 40 years ago during the eruption of Mount Saint Helen here in Washington. A Voice spoke these words to me one afternoon in early May: “You are so worthy, and you always have been”. It took me fourteen years to learn that It was Christ who had spoken to me, but my life was changed by hearing these words from the Comforter. So, finding my way to Anthroposophy was in my destiny, and I have tried to uphold it as best I can. We all have something important to offer, I believe
      I like the various personalities that write here, and you are one of them.


    • Maverick

      I haven’t read the whole thread yet – later – but just listened to CW 79, Lecture 6, Jesus or Christ. Towards the end, Steiner speaks about how Christianity is becoming rationalized, is becoming head knowledge only, and an adherent is distinguished by being either Right or Wrong. In the lecture, Steiner speaks of the need to move from head knowledge to experience, which would be centered in the Heart chakra, as you refer to. In other words, he says, to where Right becomes the experience of Healthy, and Wrong becomes the experience of Illness. Something to think about in our current situation. I have to wonder if this is what turns me off of so much of present Anthroposophy – that it’s so rational, so logical, so much head knowledge, and isn’t moving to the Heart, isn’t bringing about the health that naturally comes with the Life Forces that produce miracles everyday, resurrections everyday.

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      • Steve Hale

        Here is the fourth stanza to Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone Meditation. What is founded from the Heart is directed from the Head. For anthroposophy to be fully successful, we have to take the four-cornered concepts and put them through a process of rounding them off. This is what leads to Understanding. You remember the Quiet Zone of sense-free thinking, don’t you?

        At the turning point of time
        Cosmic Spirit Light descended
        Into the earthly stream of being.
        Had ended;
        Day-clear Light
        Poured into the human soul:
        That gave warmth
        To humble shepherds’ hearts,
        That enlightened
        The wise heads of Kings.
        O Light Divine!
        Christ, Sun!
        May Thy warmth fill our hearts,
        Enlighten our heads,
        That good may become
        What we from our hearts would found,
        From our heads direct
        With single purpose.


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  22. kathyfinnegan

    I’ve read Anthroposophy for 50+ years. At times the challenges are painful, yet it has always spoken to me. But there’s only a very few people I could talk to about these thoughts – and, fewer yet were Anthroposophists. Maverick, the way you speak from the heart shows how you integrate head knowledge with genuine experience and is a balm to my soul. And Kyle, thank you so much for your “food-for-thought” as well – and for drawing connections I keep missing – like the Lucifer-Ahriman dynamics in regard to the proliferation of conspiracies – and connecting it all to seeking the “Middle Way”.

    My sister once pointed me to part of an interview with the Dalai Lama she thought I needed to hear. The interviewer asked him how was it he felt such compassion and cared so deeply about the pain in this world – yet he could radiate such happiness? And the Dalai Lama said: “I care, but I do not mind.” It brought me smack back to Steiner saying the stages of initiation have to begin with becoming indifferent to both our sympathies and our antipathies. Most of my life that injunction has always felt so unfair and impossible. Now, with your help – your genuineness – I’m beginning to glimpse that that tricky continuum only exists here, in the world of illusion – unlike US. Thank you. .


  23. Steve Hale

    Hi All,

    I am wondering if anyone has come into contact with this book, which tells of an Americanist conspiracy going back to 1898, and tells of the various foreign interventions occurring from the time of the Spanish-American War right until now. Martin seems to have knowledge of its semblance, as well as Kyle J. Personally, I would rather leave this matter alone, but since it can’t, here it is:

    Click to access 130AEF1531746AAD6AC03EF59F91E1A1_Killing_Hope_Blum_William.pdf

    Hi Kathy; conspiracies have an underlying value. They seek to obtain the
    best effort in undermining the human quest for perfection. Why it is this way, I don’t know. All I know is that I am striving to do the better kind of thing. like you with your sister and the Dalai Lama comment. I see it as a weak representative in our day and age. Why? Because to care is to also mind. I do. Empathy is the great resolver, Kathy, with no judgment. Try using it in order to see your best effort. Thanks, Steve


    • Kyle J

      Hi Steve,

      I haven’t read it, but will get around to it! The topic reminds me of what Terry Boardman had mentioned, regarding the Kaspar Hauser material, the figure of WT Stead. Stead’s book, ‘The Americanization of the World’ came out in 1902. Interesting note by Boardman, is Stead had confessed he had communications with entities on “the other side.” I’m only going off memory on this one, as I heard in one of Boardman’s lectures.

      The relation to the Spanish American War? Propaganda. I personally don’t know much about that war, but from my little understanding of it, it’s when journalism first took a more aggressive approach in shaping public opinion, rather than just reporting what they see.

      Another book that covers something similar is by John Coleman, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. It’s quite a lengthy account of widespread conspiracy which the author points to a time pre World War I.

      I’m stringing a few things together here, so I’m struggling to be coherent, but it’s interesting to take into account what Coleman talks about in his book and comparing it with a quote from Steiner (which was part of Boardman’s Kasper Hauser presentation):

      “The Anglo-American element may well achieve world domination, but without the threefolding of society, this dominion will flood the world with the death of culture and the sickness of culture.”
      -GA194 (15/12/1919)

      Coleman made no mention of Steiner, but I feel the aim of his book encapsulates to show a kind of degradation of society at all levels (done deliberately). So yes, it’s quite the conspiracy.

      Click to access Shaping_The_Decline_Of_USA-Coleman_John.pdf


      • Steve Hale

        Hi Kyle,

        I have talked with TB about this quote, as it is aligned with this diagram from the lecture:
        “The Anglo-American element may well achieve world domination, but without the threefolding of society, this dominion will flood the world with the death of culture and the sickness of culture.”
        -GA194 (15/12/1919)

        As well, Antony Sutton was a recent and credible author of books that implicate the western agenda. He even worked at the Hoover Institute, Stanford University until his book on the American technological support for Stalin’s Regime even before WWII began, got him fired. FDR’s ‘Mission to Moscow’ c. 1936, conducted by Joseph Davies, made Stalin “an offer he could not refuse.” Have you ever wondered why Stalin executed so many of his own generals? Operation Barbarossa. “Mission to Moscow” was even made into movie.


        • Kyle J

          Hi Steve,

          I have quite the reading list at the moment, and definitely interested in reading some of Sutton’s works. So, thank you for that!

          Speaking of Boardman, he just posted a new article on his website. It’s as though he’s been reading this thread here:

          In addition to what has been discussed, seeing what is happening now in the context of the threefold society, makes so much sense. As he points out, we are heading into a ‘onefold’ society, as the characteristics of what is happening indicate that. It’s a compelling case. But in terms of us attaining that consciousness soul, we ought to be going towards a threefold society. Because it isn’t happening, doesn’t mean that what is happening now ‘has to’ happen.

          I felt so much resonance with his closing thoughts in his article. I’m sure you’re aware of his position about Ahriman’s incarnation in 2030, and this time is a similar pattern as 1920-1940’s. Which means, much of these ‘trying’ times will be around up until the 2040’s. What’s at stake here is the consciousness soul – “the autonomous, spiritually aware, human individual.” Much of what is happening now goes against that. Now, I don’t want to mix up ‘going against’ and ‘fighting evil.’ I’m not saying that. But rather, just the act of maintaining that state, or acquiring that, is countercurrent to what is going on in society at large. If I can personally make it to 2040, I’ll be 58 years old by then. That realisation alone, is almost like approaching a giant wave and having to stand your ground. And another aspect to it, it places a certain amount of responsibility to help other attain that ‘spiritual awareness, autonomy, and individuality.’ You know, when things will get truly rocky, people will look for guidance or some type of salvation. Who will be around for that? Boardman makes a good case, and I think it might be safe to say, that whatever Ahrimanic may manifest it will come in some form of salvation for the masses. Without the guidance of Christ, it’s easy to take a bargain for a few minor creature comforts.

          So we see how many people are lining up for this vaccine. It didn’t take much to make that happen. Imagine a scenario where things could get more extreme. The rate of compliance, and willingness to just ‘do what one is told to do’ will skyrocket. Only a small handful of the population will actually not be swayed by this. Is that going against anything? I suppose so. But it’s more of an act of retaining your autonomy. It isn’t ought right picking a fight. You can’t have a threefold society with blind obedience to a high priest class. That’s exactly what the current situation is, and everything that is being implemented worldwide is a demand for blind obedience… that’s the ‘onefoldness.’


          • Steve Hale

            Hi Kyle,

            I know you have much to study, and I am piling it on over the last few days. Yet, it is your own tendencies that bring it forth. Terry Boardman wrote to this blog a couple of years ago, and this is how he and I began to discuss the matters that were important in his world. Unfortunately, he was treated very rudely by a current member of this blog, who felt the need to “toss him off” as a mere intellectual, and so we lost him. I do hope he still looks in on this place because my input still might appeal to him. Yes, his current post just might appeal to all of us. There will never be any substitution for school work in the true sense. So, where does that leave us?


              • Steve Hale

                Thanks, Ton. Yes, we had Terry Boardman for a moment back then. Now, I know how he comes across to many with his withering intellectual analysis, and that is why I wanted to bring the esoteric core to his recognition. I think it worked to good effect, and then he got abused. Well, if he still looks in on this site, I am pleased. His trilogy on Kaspar Hauser is a classic, and especially the esoteric significance of this being.


                • tonmajoor

                  The problem with Kaspar Hauser and his mission is the alleged falsification of Polzer-Hoditz notes, discovered by the CC priest J.E. Zeylmans in 1992.
                  In German:

                  Click to access ludwig_polzer.pdf


                  • Steve Hale

                    Yes, according to oral communications in his final days, RS indicates that Kaspar Hauser had no prior earth incarnations. Thus, his short life was an angelic life designed to replicate the birth of Christian Rosenkreutz for an important reason. He was to be the forerunner in the lead-up to the re-enactment of the Mystery of Golgotha in the Etheric World. This event is what has made it possible to experience the Second Coming of Christ in the etheric body today.


              • Kyle J

                Thank You, Ton Majoor, for sharing the link. I really had no idea this group had such an interaction with Boardman before. I only skimmed through the conversations, and can see where the contentions were, and that gin and tonics were needed to read through some of the posts! Needless to say, I do appreciate his analysis. And coming from my perspective, in a position where I’m still gathering and disseminating information into knowledge (and receiving wisdom from a wonderful group of people, also!), I do like to hear many different points of views on these matters.


                • Steve Hale

                  Hi Kyle,

                  In reviewing my notes, yes indeed, a discourse with Terry Boardman did take place briefly here, as Ton has referred back to. So, yes, it was December 2018, and in the comments to the article, “Unworthy of Life”, which had some resounding notes to consider. Yet, the larger focus went back to April 2018, when Jeremy posted his second essay on: Old Age and Anthroposophy, which began a certain discussion on similar lines.

                  So, indeed, now I am remembering it. I had not exactly remembered that TB ended the calendar year of 2018 with his comments, but I am thankful they came then because of what had preceded in April. It is all good, but drinking too many gin and tonics just to get at the gist of it at 39, that I suspect is not so good. When I was 39 in 1989, I was in the wilderness; no competition whatsoever. What did I have to drink about? Now, today, with the Internet and the global communications network, the stress is put upon us, but it is a good thing.


                  Old Age & Anthroposophy – Part 2

                  Kyle J, you obviously have a great story to tell. Waldorf middle school, and then China to Thailand recently. Hans has gone there himself. I like that you characterize yourself as a “doer”. This is big for me because I was once one of these. We were known as: Agents of Beneficial Change. We tried, and still do. That was when we were making money 🙂

                  Now, we do it for free, and more specifically because of the “niche” nature of our science. It is still all about Knowledge and Being, and that kind of synthesis.


                  • Kyle J

                    Hi Steve,

                    I’ll have to read through the article/comments from 2018 more throroughly. I may have worded it wrongly, but my reference to the gin and tonics was from a member who replied regarding T Boardman’s posts, for I haven’t drank for sometime! I quite like his detailed investigations, personally. Perhaps that has something to do with my own congnitive/spiritual disposition. To be honest, even after reading Human and Cosmic Thought, I’m still unsure where exactly I fall in (Idealism? Phenomenalism? Logicism? not to mention which mood as well).

                    Very interesting about the similarities between our timing during this age of 39. I, too, am more or less in the wilderness (countryside/farmland – but only minutes away from the jungle). I guess I have to credit the pandemic for giving me the ultimate push – no turning back – being that my former career was just not possible with strict lockdowns and travel restrictions.

                    I’ll give the article a read! It should be worth while to see how these discussions have progressed over the years on this site. It seems to be, in some way, a kind of informal school here, a socratic method of sorts. Yes, a “beneficial agent of change!” I quite like that. I still wonder as to “how” that can be attained. Open dialogue and discussions seem to be a huge part of it, to say the least. But for all the people who I’ve mentioned Steiner to and spiritual science, it seems to be not much more than a curiosity.


          • Steve Hale

            Hi Kyle,

            If I make it to 2040, I will be 90! So, you can imagine how the waves come in and crash on me these days. I am also someone who deeply feels Kathy Finnegan’s angst, and yet, patience must prevail. Especially between us, on this list, we need to get organized. The world will, indeed, fall for “onefoldness” as long as staying ignorant is acceptable. The dichotomy of: “I know what I know and I know what I don’t know”, simply has got to be overcome by the third value, which is, ‘Knowledge is Power’, and ignorance is weakness.

            Nobody wants spiritual science as a solution to the world’s problems, except maybe us. Why? Because it involves will and effort, and a greater intensity of effort. That means school! Everybody thinks they know everything they need to know out of that failed education system that prevails today. Yet, who was the patriarch of the modern system of pedagogy? John Amos Comenius. Now, there’s a symptom for you. Even Rudolf Steiner was in a position to more than imply, Arabism, in relation to the limits of the modern education system. Waldorf was a definite step in the improvement.

            Did you know that Steiner called for a so-called “World Fellowship of Free Schools for Spiritual Science” in October 1920, ref. GA 200. Yet, he also knew that it would be opposed even by those in his own camp, who suffer the resistances of our age. Now, one hundred years later, and not even an inch closer to it. This is why Kathy issues her primal scream. Yet, how does one educate the unwashed, who love their mud, dirt, and filth?

            So, Kyle, it sounds like you are around 39 years of age. Stay there. Make the mental resolve right now to stay where you are because your forces today are what will *and can* make the future. I remember being 39 in 1989, and it was a very pivotal year in my life. A spiritual helper came into my life that year. His goal was to prepare me for the age 40 initiation, which is when it becomes possible to speak out on spiritual matters with the intellect. Of course, feelings are the substrata for this possibility. They go back to birth. Now, today, thirty years later, which is a Saturn Revolution, I feel confident to speak out further. Steiner indicates that it is also when we can know something about a past life at age 70. Ref. GA 112, lecture 1.


            • Kyle J

              Hi Steve,
              Yes, to think about the future and our age can be quite a daunting realisation! But I truly wish the best health for everyone, indeed.

              You really hit the nail on the mark, that spiritual science does take quite alot of effort and will to understand. Even within the Waldorf community, based on my own experience, many families are completely unaware of Steiner’s philosophies. I cannot comment on higher Waldorf education, for I only attended in the earlier grades. But going back to your comment, you said:

              “Nobody wants spiritual science as a solution to the world’s problems, except maybe us. Why? Because it involves will and effort, and a greater intensity of effort. That means school!”

              I would like to believe that there are more people out there waiting for something to study, like spiritual science. So I was curious about something and wanted to see just how many people actually view the pages on the archive. It’s free, after all! So let’s take KoHW and see how many times the pages have been accessed:
              Chapter 1: it was accessed 23,468 times.
              Chapter 2: 10,487 times.
              Chapter 3: 2,231
              Chapter 4: 1,911
              Chapter 5: 2,132
              Chapter 6: 1,386
              Chapter 7: 1,461
              Chatper 8: 1,439
              Chapter 9: 1,365
              And lastly, Chapter 10: accessed 1,359 times

              This is one of Steiner’s seminal works! I wouldn’t call myself a statistician, by any means, but this might be a good indicator that 1) Steiner’s works are not meant to be an ‘easy’ read. 2) You have to have the drive and “effort” as you said, to want to grasp what he is conveying 3) In addition to the “effort” and the will, I strongly have the feeling that it takes a certain ‘kind of reading’, which I read on another site (something Sophia in the title?) is something they attributed to a Novalis saying, a kind of ‘reading with intuition, or right brain hermetic’ kind of thing – I would love to see that quote again but couldn’t find it. And you can see, out of 23,000+ accesses to the site, many of those probably didn’t read the whole chapter, 8000 might have given it a shot and went to chapter 2 realising it’s not for them, and only 1.5 thousand actually read the entire book. With a number that small, you can imagine that whoever reads it has a karmic tie with this material (I even read a post somewhere about KoHW actually having a karmic significance with those who read it – and I think everyone here would have that feeling, too). That’s an extremely low number, even if you count all of the books in circulation (would be curious if there is a number for that), and even the books collecting dust in the side bookshelves of the Waldorf schools (which hardly anyone seems to pick up). I think I’ve heard someone make the comment once, “Steiner? Oh yeah, deep stuff… waaaayy over my head though, it’s so dizzying!”

              So when it comes to spiritual science and sharing this knowledge, one might say “it takes a village,” because that’s literally what we have!

              And thank you for those words of encouragement! I’ll be 39 by the end of July this year. And from what you told me, of yourself at this age, it seems that is the challenge of transiting Pluto squaring natal Pluto, anywhere between the ages 38-43 I think, which comes after Saturn return, as you mentioned (a time of deep transformation). This pandemic stuff happened in January 20th around the Chinese New Year, and I just so happened to be in China at that time. February 20th is when Pluto went into 24 degrees Capricorn where it first squared my natal Pluto in 24 degrees Libra! It’ll be until November this year when it finally passes to 25 degrees and keeps moving. It’s interesting to relate to your story, because many spiritual teachers have came into my life since then (in person and via internet), this group seems to be a collective ‘teacher’ in itself. But to add to your insight, “Make the mental resolve right now to stay where you are because your forces today are what will *and can* make the future,” it’s a great reminder, because I do feel that is what my ‘job’ right now is to do. You know, it’s already been 15 years since I started reading Steiner’s works more deeply (off and on at times), and it’s always been there. But since things have heated up, so to speak, in the world stage, the ideas are less abstract and more palatable… as in, it seems easier to ‘see it’ – that is, influence of the super-sensible on the sense perceptible world.


  24. ininsoi

    The problem with the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is that there are real conspiracies out there. Defined along the lines of two or more persons getting together to deceive the general public.

    It takes real discernment and research to evaluate which are indeed true conspiracies and separate them from disinformation, paranoid fantasies and general wackiness of which the internet has plenty.

    It comes down to a wheat from chaff type of situation. Dismissing any opinion that diverges from the mainstream ‘official’ narrative as a ‘conspiracy theory’ and therefore bogus is hardly helpful or rational but too often is used by the increasingly un-independent mass-media to push corporate-controlled false stories.


  25. kathyfinnegan

    Steve, you misunderstand what the Dalai Lama is teaching. He echos the first and most difficult practice Steiner teaches – from his earliest works – that in order to genuinely experience the spiritual worlds (move through the stages of initiation) we have to become indifferent to both our sympathies and antipathies – that we have to get beyond caring whether things in this world are pleasant and pleasurable or unpleasant and painful to us. Yes, I can see your confusion. Many times, this has felt to me to be a betrayal of, or abandonment of, those who suffer (people, flora and fauna).

    From childhood, I have always struggled with how am I supposed to detach from suffering and be willing to relinquish the life and the beauty that surrounds me? I have known since 5yo that to retain my awareness of my own spiritual experiences, I had to give up thinking I belonged here, that my Mother could see what I saw. I lost my earthly family when I became aware of a “something else”. I grew up learning that polar bears drown, the Earth is dying – all the life on this planet is being exploited and suffering because I/we tolerate monsters to manage our world with their conspiracies and hidden power agendas so we can have jobs and lights and air-conditioning. We let them play with nuclear power and mess with the genome. Both Steiner and the Dalai Lama teach we need to detach from the world of illusions – the “good” and the “bad” – in order to participate in the spiritual worlds. I think that ruminating over conspiracy theories – as well as ruminating on whether the mail has arrived yet – is the very opposite of detachment. And removes us from responsibility for seeing through all this.

    Ininsoi, I agree that there are “real conspiracies” out there – to whatever degree this 3D, illusory world can be regarded as “real” – but it’s likely we need to detach ourselves from the very one(s) we most prefer.

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    • ininsoi

      Yes Kathy, very likely so…


      • Steve Hale

        Steiner gave a “one of a kind” lecture here about the cause of the so-called, 3D, Illusory World, and its relation to reality. As such, illusion is related to the need for a phenomenalistic world representation, based on the creation of specters, ghosts, pixels, in order to be a front from the real world. Apparently, our evolution requires this front, but it is also possible to get behind it. Methods exist for doing this, even as some scream against the machine. This is what I find here so quaint. But, we must keep going. The fighters against the big lie are very reputable figures, and they never knew a word about spiritual science. Stead, Coleman, Sutton, Blum, represent an honest configuration of outspoken agents in the quest for the real facts. Then, there is Steiner here in this lecture. Even today’s anthro’s don’t get it by any means, but here goes. What can be made of this? Of course, the answer is rhetorical.


    • Maverick

      Wow Kathy, what a synchronistic post I’m reading from you. Just this morning I heard a pastor speaking about Joshua, just before he led the people into the land. He met a Man, a special Man with a sword. Joshua asks whose side he is on? He said neither side, but was there as God’s representative. This is in Joshua 5:13-15 if you want to read it. Right away I saw my current situation, as I negotiate between two sides, and I realized I’m not on either side, but I’m there to represent what God is doing. Then I read from you how we need to distance ourselves from taking sides, from our antipathies and sympathies. I believe you’re right – that some of us are called to represent a higher agenda. Jesus said that He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword, and we too wield a sword, but it’s not a weapon of war. Rather, it cuts to the most inward parts of a person’s being, and it’s the sword of truth, and because many people are carrying differing amounts of truth and error, our thoughts and words hopefully represent truth, and will cut away error. I was reminded recently that the pen is mightier than the sword, and the words you wrote reminded me of that truth. And hopefully this thought will inspire others in their higher agenda, to stand with and for truth, which is, I believe, what RS represented.

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      • Steve Hale

        These three lectures on “The Balance of Power in the World Between Lucifer and Ahriman” describe what it means to put Christ in the equipoise as a center of gravity. Then, sides are seen for their legitimate, yet imperfect value and position. Always starting from the neutral standpoint, which in the Indian system of three Gunas is the Sattva condition, which Christ brought to earth, and is achievable through the New Yoga Will of the Michael culture today, we can draw the sword and enter courageously into either side in order to find the error of flawed thinking and being. Christ becomes our magnetic center. We can mind and care as much as it takes.


    • Steve Hale

      My position is that one can care and mind at the same time by enlightened thinking out of spiritual science. By establishing center of gravity between the polarizing opposites of sympathy/antipathy, we are free to move dynamically in whatever direction is required. The goal is not to be personally identified with any issue, as this is weakness, and impairs the strength need to “stick one’s neck out” and tell the truth, come what may. This is why Rudolf Steiner made the decision in 1914, at the outbreak of WWI, to embrace Michael for the cause of Truth, and begin to speak about the driving forces and causes of the war, and its European karma. He did this for four years and more. Some people think he made a mistake by doing this, when all he had to do was maintain the Esoteric School, and keep his nose out of politics and ulterior motives. Yes, this would have been easier, and the ES would have expanded accordingly, but would real responsibility have been served? I think not. Steiner never flinched about taking on difficult matters in the quest for the highest principle, i.e., “Knowing the truth that sets us free”, John 8:32.


  26. ininsoi

    I’ll jump in and stick my neck out.

    Here are my nutshell versions of the two sides being represented to us:

    A) A nasty illness from a bat has infected the world. Beneficent and philanthropic heroes such as Fauchi, Gates and Schwab are doing their level best to get us back to normal. We should all get vaccinated and passported.

    B) A bioweapon was deliberately released over a year ago after years of planning with the aim of enslaving/ reducing the population and cutting off the survivors from their spiritual source. It’s an ahrimanic endgame.

    Given Rudolf Steiner’s forthrightness regarding the causes of WW1, which of these scenarios would he be propounding were he here today?


    • Steve Hale

      Probably neither. Please remember the pandemic of 1918. He never explained its cause in detail, but he could have. He chose instead to be enigmatic about its source as a cosmic event in relation to a certain constellation, ref. GA 185, lecture 3. As well, in his lectures on Spiritual Science and Medicine, GA 312, certain clues about the bacilli associated with the pandemic and its remedy are given, which would imply that it was real enough. Of course, it killed at least 40 million people worldwide. Alfred Crosby wrote a book back in 1976, reminding people of “America’s Forgotten Pandemic”, which had been popularized as the “Spanish Flu” over the years since 1918. The truth is that it started in America as a result of the troop build-up for the European invasion by America to end WW I. General Pershing demanded one million trained soldiers for his American Expeditionary Forces. The virus proliferated exponentially once it was sent to Europe.

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      • Maverick

        Sounds eerily similar Steve – wasn’t there some kind of military exercises in the Wuhan vicinity in which U.S. troops took part? Perfect opportunity to send a virus made in a U.S. lab to China as a propaganda item, to be blamed on the Chinese, which was an attempt made by the Trump administration. But, as the proverb states, “he who digs a pit will fall into it”. The attempt backfired and led to the slump of the U.S. economy, and to Trump losing an election he could have won.


        • Steve Hale

          A year ago, we were discussing the seemingly larger implications of the Corona outbreak right here on this blog! Maybe now, the further implications are seen in a higher relief. It is always good to question and observe.

          Coronavirus: what is its significance for humanity at this time?

          “Manes is that exalted individuality, who is repeatedly incarnated on the earth, who is the guiding spirit of those whose task it is to transform evil. When we speak of the great leaders of mankind we must also think of this individuality who has set himself this task. Although at the present day this principle of Manes has had to step very much into the background because there is little understanding for spiritual work, this wonderful and lofty Manichaean principle will win more and more pupils the nearer we approach the understanding of spiritual life.”


    • Ottmar

      The “Corona Battles” and Christ
      What approaches us in the astral and ethereal slowly comes into the visible world.
      It is a triple!
      Ahriman lies with scientific facts (in science, which is however consistent in itself, Christ is not present).
      Lucifer gives us arrogance, the feeling of uniqueness, hybris and the illusion, above all illusion of freedom.
      So here you have vulnerability of scientists and esotericists!

      Turning to Christ, standing in His sphere, taking in His “substance”: this is an embarrassment, a deepest shaking for man; there is no struggle, certainly no struggle against, rather a struggling for and longing for.
      Christ gives new life and THE love is the touchstone whether we are in illusion or not. 1st Corinthians 13 is the touchstone whether Lucifer is with us or not.

      Christ does not oppose anything, does not fight against, has no contempt for those outside my circle, always tries to link up with positive possibilities. It was absurd to try to claim Christ for Germany and against France in WW1 (or vice versa), likewise Christ is not for or against Brexit, for Biden or against Trump (or vice versa), and likewise Christ cannot be claimed for or against the Corona skeptics. What tragic, Luciferian confusion and aberration!
      I ve just posted this on a German site, translated for the anthropopper

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      • Steve Hale

        Hi Ottmar,

        I would only make comment to say that Lucifer and Ahriman are here in order to advance our freedom. In their original positions, they are polar opposites of each other and guided by Christ in the middle. Read the Balance of Power lectures, c. November 1914, GA 158. Thus, they are not inimical to the human condition, but supportive. Only when the anti-Christ comes in and resurrects them to his aims do they become problematical.

        Rudolf Steiner sculpted the Representative of Man with this idea in mind. Christ lovingly brings down Lucifer and Ahriman for all the great work they have done in order to make us truly free. It is Sorath that would reverse all of this and force L & A to do his bidding, which is no good.


        • Again, Peter the Great’s fourteen points were already described the 19th century in the Russian panslavic imperialism (Steiner CW 173, 337a and 337b).

          Sorath is the kabbalistic name of Ahriman-Mephistopheles in Revelation 13 and in Steiner’s early lectures (CW 96, 104, 104a); not the fourth evil force made up by Prokofieff, Tradowsky, Bondarev and von Halle (‘Sorat is beyond all comparison the greatest enemy that humanity has ever had’, ‘the most malign of all beings’).


          • Steve Hale

            From GA 104 and 346, we have these similar descriptions:


            And now we will read it. We read it in this way, from right to left.

            We have then to supply the vowels and it reads: Sorath, Sorath is the name of the Sun-Demon.

            “The Apocalypticer uses the special kind of reading which was customary at his time. He writes the number 666 = 400, 200, 60, 6. He writes it with the Hebraic letters: ת taw, ד daleth, ר resh, ס samekh. He writes these letters with their numerical values and one reads them from right to left. After one adds the corresponding vowels to the consonants they give the name of the demon who has this sign, the sun demon: S o r a d t. At that time Soradt was the name of the sun demon, and he describes this sign and we know it very well. The Apocalypticer looks upon everything which works against Christianity in the way that Arabism does as an emanation from those spiritual forces which are represented by Soradt the sun demon.”



            • Indeed, and in that same lecture (CW 346) they are called Ahrimanic powers (“… Ahrimanic, demonic powers to enter. One of the greatest of these is Soradt.”). In the early lectures on apocalyptic themes (CW 101, 104, 104a), Steiner mentioned both names as powers or demons opposed to the light or the Sun god: “The Persian considered the earth ruled in its material character by evil, by a power opposed to the good, by the god Ahriman.” In contrast, von Halle and many others have stated: ‘Sorat is beyond all comparison the greatest enemy that humanity has ever had’.


            • tonmajoor

              In his magical 6×6 square, Agrippa connected the numbers 4(00), 2(00) and 6 (also 60), i.e the letters dalet (and taw), beth (and resh) and waw (and samech): Sorat and his sign. This kabbalistic construction could also explain the alternative spelling Soradt in Steiner’s notebook. See Swart (google 1DlkBgAAQBAJ) p. 147 and 149.


  27. ininsoi

    Fair enough Steve. I probably should have finished my comment above with





    • Steve Hale

      Well, maybe you should have. Yet, the salient point was given. What do you think that was? WWI could have ended exceedingly earlier with the sinking of the Lusitania, 7 May 1915, and yet the United States waited two more years for its decisive moment to enter the war. Woodrow Wilson. Steiner often commented about Wilson’s fourteen points, and his idea of freedom as “a useful cow giving milk and butter”. Not long after Wilson died, Steiner felt the need to quickly inform his listening audience, that Wilson was the reincarnation of Muyaviah I, who had been the fourth Caliph after Mohammed, and ruled in 666 AD.

      So, I suppose that today we can say whatever we want. It makes little difference now. It only gives us perspective, and that is good.


  28. ininsoi

    Thing is, I experience a certain amount of cognative dissonance because although my personal perspective is mostly that of B) (above) I feel tremendous empathy with real people in my life who are locked into the A) view of the current situation.

    I have a step-daughter in Lima, Peru who is head nurse of a large clinic and my son is founder and head cider maker of a mid-sized apple beverage company in Asheville, North Carolina. Both have received the vaccination. When I ‘walk a mile in their moccasins’ I completely understand that for them it was entirely reasonable to bow to social and media pressure and accept the jab.

    I’m left feeling much compassion for the many who are in similar situations and I’m praying to archangel Michael and Christ for all available help in these difficult times. Having absorbed all those fairy tales during my years of Waldorf education I have to have confidence that the good always triumphs however much it appears that evil is winning.


    • kathyfinnegan

      Morning, Ininsoi:

      I have a version “C”: The string of epidemics mutating from the animal kingdom are the result of exploiting, poisoning and killing the Earth. They are the opportunity to resolve our collective karma. They offer us the option to morally inventory ourselves, recognize the double binds we’ve put ourselves in, and make amends. The issue of playing God continues on into the dangers of messing with the genome, just as it has with nuclear energy.

      I don’t think “evil is winning” – I think it’s that we can be so lazy and narcissistic – and we want the privileges of being adults but the protections of remaining children. When I think of the sacrifices I see some of us make – in such a range of ways – I know we are so much better than we are behaving. I don’t want to believe we can run out of time for the redemption of all this, though Steiner says epochs/ages end, and fewer and fewer will move forward. I think a Father God can say that – not a Mother.


  29. ininsoi

    Hi Kathy,

    I have nothing against your version ‘C’ and others may have D,E and F etc. I certainly don’t claim to have any definitvely conclusive perspective and as the old saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining – in this present situation meaning that however powerful become L&A in this time, the light of Christ shines ever brighter and the closer to us comes His etheric Second Coming.

    Perhaps the Rose of the World is just around the corner..

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  30. Midnight Rambler

    In case people haven’t spotted it, here is a thought-provoking article on Steiner’s approach to vaccination taken from elsewhere on the Anthropopper site.

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    • Kyle J

      Hi Midnight Rambler,

      Thank you for the post. However, I have to disagree with the author of this article. The point that Steiner takes on Anthroposophical medicine should be built on conventional medicine, does not imply that one should willingly partake in ‘today’s’ vaccine programs. The reason is not a simplistic form of ‘pro-vaxx’ or ‘anti-vaxx,’ it’s more about sound science versus the pseudo science. What we are dealing with here is an experimental vaccine, with different types yielding different results, and not enough ‘scientifically backed up reasons’ for mass mandatory vaccinations.

      The issue is this: science is not based on consensus. It never should be, and if it is, it’s not science. There are many experts in the medical and scientific community who oppose the kind of vaccination going on, and for very sound natural scientific reasons. It’s actually quite reckless they are making it mandatory without proper testing. And to note, those views and expert opinions – mind you – are being silenced. There is not even the option for a roundtable discussion on the matter. The author of the article fails to acknowledge the reality of the scenario we are dealing with here. Being against this particular vaccine doesn’t imply being against ALL vaccines. That’s a huge difference.


      • Steve Hale

        Huge difference, indeed. Here in America just now, the Johnson & Johnson version of the Covid-19 vaccination has been suspended due to a few cases of blood clots in the nose region, which could lead to aneurysm. As well, the side effects already warned about. Pfizer, which told about what to expect with aches, pains, and flu-like symptoms is true. Someone I know has been out of her job for five days now due to these symptoms. She is one of those seeking to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

        Experimental vaccine?! Indeed, so.


        • Kyle J

          And there is also the factor that when Steiner agreed to the vaccine of his time, there had already been a century of development and research towards it. Granted, now may require less time, but when there are mixed results reported and given that it usually takes at least up to a decade of testing and trials before ‘unleashing’ one for the masses, that alone is a sound reason not to take it…. especially if you are not in a high risk group of a virus that has an extremely high rate of recovery.


    • Steve Hale

      Yes, I remember this from our earlier discussion here, thanks to Ottmar. This article seems to confuse some dates. It was in 1917 that Steiner first warned about the effects of vaccination in this lecture:

      In it, he indicates that we have arrived in our epoch at the same point as the previous Atlanteans were when the creative powers of
      construction/destruction were given over to us by the divine powers who monitor earth evolution. We know of the demise of Atlantis, and how our own post-atlantean period will end with the so-called “War of All Against All”. Thus, vaccination is a step in the direction of inoculating certain elementary spirits of birth and death into the human organism; ahriman’s messengers is how Steiner characterizes these beings. I can personally attest to this fact of what it means to get jabbed with Ahriman as a little boy of about two years of age, but we can leave that aside.

      It was in April 1924 that Rudolf Steiner was inoculated for smallpox, and he suffered the same affliction for it with a weakened right arm. Is that correct? This is because his etheric body was diminishing by this time toward his final illness, which stopped all progress in September of that year.


  31. kathyfinnegan

    Ininsoi, long ago I had an experience I will never forget involving a statue of the Virgin Mary, a miraculous red rose bush and the presence of what I can only think of as the Living Christ. What does the “Rose of the World” mean?


  32. Steve Hale

    Ton, we have had this discussion recently on this or an earlier thread about the exact nature and being of Sorath/Soradt. Again now, you say:

    “Sorath is the kabbalistic name of Ahriman-Mephistopheles in Revelation 13 and in Steiner’s early lectures (CW 96, 104, 104a); not the fourth evil force made up by Prokofieff, Tradowsky, Bondarev and von Halle (‘Sorat is beyond all comparison the greatest enemy that humanity has ever had’, ‘the most malign of all beings’).”

    In my estimation, “the fourth evil force” is an accurate depiction, when we consider the levels of the sub-earthy beings that Steiner gives in the diagram from GA 130, 1 October 1911.

    Reflected as sub-physical world:
    Astral World the province of Lucifer
    Lower Devachan the province of Ahriman
    Higher Devachan the province of the Asuras

    Not shown, but needing to be adduced for the full equation, is Sorath as pleroma similar to Christ as the sixfold Elohim of the Sun. Thus, sixfold Asuras as the antithesis to Christ from out of the sub-earthly. Pure destructive power; negative trinity.


    • ‘Not shown, but needing to be adduced for the full equation …’
      Ahriman/Sorat opposes the six Amshaspands with ‘six evil spirits’ (CW 101, not translated). The Asuras would oppose the Father principle, though. Von Halle and many others have characterized Sorat as ‘I-destroyer’, but Steiner described this quality as asuric (CW 107). In my view, this leaves no room for the fourth evil force made up by Prokofieff, von Halle and others.


  33. kathyfinnegan

    Now that we have the blackboard rendition of the SUB-PHYSICAL HIGHER DEVACHAN; TERRIBLE FORCES OF DESTRUCTION lecture, coupled with Dornach Oct. 6, 1917, the question is – HOW DO WE LIVE WITH IT? This intellectualizing is the life-blood of the trap – it’s a weapon we use against each other. It enrages then enervates us. The BOG is sucking us in. Now that we have described the workings of evil so intimately, let us move on to TIPS FOR SURVIVAL OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS SOUL. How do we keep from suffocating? How do we finish the job? How do we meet the denouement of this 5th post-Atlantean nightmare?


    • Steve Hale

      Knowledge is Power, and when it aligns with the Spirit, it becomes Life-Spirit. Please don’t assume that everyone knows of these reference points. Ignorance is the biggest problem in the world, and its weakest link. I only encourage discussion with pointers that could lead to solutions over mere reactions. Spiritual Science possesses an inner alchemy when applied. It builds strength and courage in the face of devastating conditions. Here, in this discipline, attitude is everything. We can get the Word out, to begin with.


    • The three pandemic scenario’s A, B and C are driven by three different adversarial powers. Our survival depends on hygienic, genetic and mechanical strategies, the three occultisms. Our sentient, intellectual and consciousness soul will have to develop their positive missions: anger, truth and reverence (CW 58).


      • Steve Hale

        Ton, this is very good; perceptive in both an intellectual and feeling way. I would like to introduce the term, Veridical Perception, in order to acquaint the parameters of such. It would also align with how we can get beyond reactionary effects. For example, the comment:

        “This intellectualizing is the life-blood of the trap – it’s a weapon we use against each other. It enrages then enervates us. The BOG is sucking us in.”

        Is that true, or possibly a kind of ‘primal scream’, or “rage against the
        machine”. Either way, this blog needs its own supporters. Otherwise, we can look ridiculous for the needless fighting. And, why would that be anyway? Time wasted is time wasted.


  34. Steve Hale

    Rudolf Steiner had indicated to Walter Johannes Stein, when they were together in England in April 1922, that in eighty years time he would be reincarnated in the United States. Thus, according to this calculation, in 2002 Rudolf Steiner was living in America. I find that so interesting because Terry Boardman has written recently that he believes that Ahriman incarnated in the flesh in the year 2000. Read this:

    “I have argued elsewhere that Ahriman incarnated in the year 2000, and that since May 2020, he has therefore been in his 21st year of life as a human being. According to Rudolf Steiner, his incarnation comes as the third of the three great incarnations of mighty spiritual beings that have shaped or framed human development since the end of the 4th millennium BC. The two previous incarnations were those of the being traditionally known as Lucifer (not Satan) in a priest in China c.3000 BC, and that of the solar Logos (Christ) in Jesus 2000 years ago in Israel. Ahriman will thus be manifesting as a human adult – and Steiner emphasised that the incarnation would be, like the previous two, in fleshly human form i.e. not in some mechanical form or in the form of the Internet etc – 2000 years after the Incarnation, ministry, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

    The year 2030 comes up here, as well. If Ahriman has incarnated in 2000, then a Saturn Revolution [thirty years] predicts the demise that awaits. Now, if Steiner has reincarnated, then he obviously knows of these implications, and is vigorously fighting against them. How is he doing it, though?

    I would love to see Terry Boardman write to this blog about these questions. His latest essay is sobering to the extreme. Yet, there are solutions to the potential dilemma of “onefoldness”. This blog emphasises certain psychological implications of caving into the machine. It would see the signs of needing to wake up, and become strong for self and the world. This is the only way.


    • Clearly, Boardman mixed up the meaning of the concept ‘incarnation’: the birth of ‘a citizen in comfortable circumstances like any other’ or ‘John William Smith’ (CW 195) and the incarnation of Ahriman/Sorat in an adult human form in his thirties or forties, ‘before even a part of the 3rd millennium of the Christian era will have run its course’ (CW 191).


    • Kyle J

      Relating to the original post, and my first comment, I had asked about the nature of reincarnation regarding von Halle, and answered that souls “speed up” their frequency the more “aware” they become (I’m paraphrasing). It seems to me that Steiner didn’t exactly complete his intended mission, so I would imagine his soul would want to come back at a time like right about now.

      Which leads to another speculation, about the few people now who actually take spiritual science seriously. What’s our part in this? There is a bit of bibliomancy when it comes to reading Steiner’s works, meaning, it’s not something that anyone just picks up, and even if you do, you have to have some personal connection to read through it. Just as I illustrated on a comment earlier, only about 1.5 thousand people actually read the entire Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, and it’s not as though his books are easily accessible – you have to search for them.

      So the Karmic implications here seem to be a given. That there was a movement that essentially failed to take root, wouldn’t those souls involved have a deep yearning to try again? Isn’t that how Karma works, that you essentially can’t have unfinished business? That may indicate that it’s not just Steiner alone, but think of the others that took spiritual science to heart!


      • Steve Hale

        Good point! Nobody really digs into and studies spiritual science just to be an intellectual. It is driven by a higher karmic source. Steiner’s Karmic Relationships, volumes 3 & 4, are all about how people come to form the anthroposophical movement in our time. He also tells here about the quick return incarnations to be expected by the end of the twentieth century, including his own. So, there must be something to this thirst for a certain kind of knowledge. Is it Living?


    • Maverick

      It’d be interesting to see where the Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy, set for 2038, fits in to this incarnation of Ahriman you mention, and what role the incarnation of Steiner would play. For those who haven’t heard, John van Auken, an expert on all things Egyptian, has been speaking on 2038 since at least 2012, probably in response to those who thought the world might end in 2012, with the ending (as some said) of the Mayan calendar.
      Here’s a link to a YouTube video where John speaks about 2038 – advance to about 3:30 to avoid all the introductory stuff
      Steve, did Steiner mention anything regarding the Egyptian timeline?


      • Steve Hale

        Steiner indicated the Egyptian timeline as 2907 – 747 BC, and followed by the Greek epoch. The Sun moves from Taurus to Aries during this period of Egypt. The important factor for our present European timeline is that the 3rd cultural epoch is recapitulating now in our 5th cultural epoch. Thus, the materialism that first arose in Egypt is being re-enacted now on a higher level, with all the sub-earthly, technological consequences.

        As well, due to this serious situation, our 5th epoch is also beginning to forecast the future 7th epoch, and its apocalyptic timeline. You can see and feel it more everyday.


  35. Steve Hale

    Kyle wrote:
    “Yes, a “beneficial agent of change!” I quite like that. I still wonder as to “how” that can be attained. Open dialogue and discussions seem to be a huge part of it, to say the least. But for all the people who I’ve mentioned Steiner to and spiritual science, it seems to be not much more than a curiosity.”

    I have had the same experience over many years in observing and listening for the possible “Parsifal questions”. People are wondering today more than ever about what this world all means. It’s easy to ‘talk shop’ with other anthro’s, but then we tend to get on each others nerves. When I was 39, it was all about listening and observing, and trying to hear people’s thoughts and needs, and then adding my light to their light, and the sum of light. The difficulty of spiritual science is that it is a true technical science. To talk to anybody back in 1989 about it was a near impossibility. That was my wilderness period in which spiritual science afforded new solutions to old problems. So, it can be attained. One can be an “Agent of Beneficial Change” at any time, and moment, even. By 1999, just a decade later, the Internet opened the whole vast wide world of opportunities to connect and effectuate change. Thus, it has been an exponential growth and still growing. You seem to be involved in something important at a critical time in the world situation. May I please ask about what it is?


    • Kyle J

      Hi Steve,
      This would be a great conversation to have over tea or coffee!

      You said:”I have had the same experience over many years in observing and listening for the possible “Parsifal questions”. People are wondering today more than ever about what this world all means. It’s easy to ‘talk shop’ with other anthro’s, but then we tend to get on each others nerves.”

      Now this is a great observation. What actually passes as authentic “Parisfal questions?” I’m very much grateful you even brought that to my attention; it’s very clear and summarises that ‘mood’ that does seem crucial in a time, especially now. The Parsifal attitude is very much like a radar, or water dowsing in a way, but it very much shows a willingness to get at the core of things, the truth. I suppose that is what searching for the Grail is, and ultimately leads to witnessing Christ. I feel that all the anxiety, and troubles, one experiences in this physical plane is a result from a lost feeling or separation from Christ. Hence, the distraction of popular ‘currents.’ Our ‘salvation’ isn’t a material one.

      But these discussions, even among anthros, seem quite vital. Even with the in bickering that can go on, and even complete division with prominent voices, most seem sincere enough to keep trudging on and whacking weeds away to get at some core truth to it all. Perhaps it’s a happenstance, or I just happen to now be more aware of it, but essential anthroposphical principles are being used by peripheral movements. People who consider themselves Mormons, Catholics, Romantic Christians, even new agey types… many use Steiner’s terms, even reads some of his works. This should probably be a good thing, right? Of course, there is the issue when too much infighting happens, but it shows that there is a very strong impulse to ‘search’ and discover something vital, and not only that, share it with others. Perhaps that is the difference here. It’s not about becoming an ascetic, achieving your own enlightenment, because it’s not just about a single individual… it’s about humanity. That’s the imperative, and I feel that more and more people feel this urgency. Speaking of ‘urgency,’ my upright bass instructor in college (I’m a majored as a jazz bassist), had said to me something like, “If you wanna get really good at anything, you have to have a sense of urgency.” I suppose when there is a clock ticking, and one realises there’s no time to waste, then no time shall be wasted! I think it’s safe to say that’s why we are all here, and sharing our thoughts.. hopefully contributing to something.

      you said:”You seem to be involved in something important at a critical time in the world situation. May I please ask about what it is?”

      I would like to know that myself! To give you an idea, I’ve been a professional musician my whole life until the pandemic happened. However, when I’ve taken ‘breaks’ from touring, I would head to the wilderness, get my hands in the soil in some Permaculture community where I can find, and learn about self sustaining lifestyles. Now, the self-sustaining life seems to be more of an imperative these days. I definitely have some role regarding Permacultre/Biodynamics. Now, people are more isolated, but perhaps more like minded folks will come together and build a working model of a sustainable community. Well, that’s my idea at this juncture in time… things do change, and as for what an individual can contribute, I believe everyone is capable of being more than just a specialist (like I was before). I mean, look at Steiner.. perfect example. Or daVinci. We can artists, musicians, farmers, architects, etc…. I hope that, living examples, will be of some importance. I suppose that is part of our duty to humanity, to be these kinds of beneficial agents of a positive cultural impulse… moving forward.

      On another note, I’m curious what you have to say about past lives. I feel that does give some insight as to what you wanted or were working towards in a previous incarnation. I’ve had the feeling my whole life I had unfinished business, and there were many things I didn’t get done in a previous life. So I suppose I have some karmic ties to all this stuff somehow, just as I would assume many on this blog does as well.


      • Steve Hale

        This is an awesome response, Kyle. Consider it a chord on a bass viola. I hear it now. It is the strum I keep hearing. I am so thankful that you are being honest about yourself. Being a musician was utterly unexpected, and this makes it so much more compelling. You were once in Peru, where Martin is, and now having gone from China to Thailand, where Hans is. Isn’t that interesting? Maverick is the other acolyte on this blog, and he deserves equal recognition. He also shines forth.

        So, please keep writing here, Kyle. Jeremy’s blog is a good place, and I thank you.


        • Steve Hale

          I had a coworker once, who was a musician. He played guitar. I saw in him someone very receptive to spiritual science, and so I gave him the lectures that Steiner gave in Hamburg, GA 103, on the Gospel of St. John. This course, if you haven’t seen it, is really the fundamental description of Steiner’s evolutionary theory, all given within the motif of this gospel. Then, he asked for more, and I gave him Steiner’s opus, Outline of Occult Science. I thought that the John course would be a better introduction, and it was. But, guess what? He quit his job and now has my book! I knew he wouldn’t last, being a musician 🙂 Nice guy, though. Made me feel I was worth something in the larger dimension. You do too.


  36. robinjeff33

    What if Ahriman is not actually coming in the ‘flesh’ per se but has ‘tricked’ us by entering humanity’s RNA through the proliferating vaccine. He now has exquisite control over Earth’s population. A ghastly, undetectable plan to disrupt karma and create his ‘Heaven on Earth.’ Not that far-fetched really!


  37. ininsoi

    Hi Kathy,

    Sorry I only just discovered your query above about the Rose of the World. It refers to the prophetic book by russian writer Daniel Andreev who foresaw a more harmonious time up ahead for humanity which he called the Rose of the World.

    The book is worth reading but I found it hard work as he uses his own lexicon to describe spiritual beings and different dimensions etc.


  38. Steve Hale

    Hi Kathy, here is the difference between you and me. I see the need for harmony taking place all around us in the form of truth being told. This is spiritual science. You see everything going askew, but it is not. Rather, please consider a great crescendo is taking place, as we speak.

    Now, I know my comment came in concerning the three sub-earthly levels, but it wasn’t designed to obscure your very relevant comment to Ininsoi about the “rosary of the world”. I am so glad that you asked about it now.

    In reference to Rudolf Steiner, he spoke about such an occasion of the Rosy Cross here in GA 113, when Manes held the supersensible council in the 4th century. This had the effect of beginning the Rosicrucian schools, which were secret, and lasted for some 1500 years, until the decision was made to bring it to earth at the outset of the 20th century. Steiner’s mission is all about this.


  39. Rose Croix

    Jealousy is one of the very worst emotions of mans lower nature. Even dogs and other animals can be jealous. Perhaps some ‘in the circle’ are jealous of Judith. We are still just humans after all, with flaws. I am not anywhere near the center of Anthroposophy nor can I attend group meetings at this time. I do identify with the loneliness described by Prokofiev.
    I was interested in the Covid 19 situation from the view of Spiritual Science so searched for information to read. Read Steiner’s, On Epidemics and The Coronavirus Pandemic by Judith von Halle. I knew nothing about her. Saw some info in search which was brief. What really struck me was, she was familiar to me. As if I had read something she said before. So familiar that I contemplated it for some days. What does it mean? I do not know, but I have been studying Spiritual Science since 1978 so I am not new to the revelations brought by the messenger.


  40. Ludwig Sevcek

    Did you actually read what Judith wrote because Sergei actually miss quotes Rudolf Steiner many times.
    Maof it what you will but I always like the truth


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