Jeremy Smith
East Sussex

I’m currently the registered manager for Tablehurst Farm Cottage, a small residential care home for three adults with learning disabilities.The care home is an integral part of Tablehurst Farm, a community-owned biodynamic and organic farm in Forest Row, East Sussex, where I’m also an executive director. Earlier in life, I worked in various branches of education for around 30 years, in both employed and self-employed roles. Before that, I was the arts and entertainments officer for one of the London boroughs and before that I trained as an actor at the Mountview Theatre School. I’ve had an interest in the work of Rudolf Steiner for many years and spent several years as the education facilitator in a Steiner school. I’ve also been the trustee of another Steiner school, have worked as a member of the executive group of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and have been a lay inspector for Ofsted inspections of Steiner schools. Biodynamic agriculture, another of Steiner’s initiatives, is a huge interest of mine and I’m a shareholder of the Tablehurst & Plaw Hatch Farms Co-op. I’m also a trustee of two anthroposophical charities, the Hermes Trust and St Anthony’s Trust.

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  1. Great blog. I was interested in the Chinese yam as I’m growing it biodynamically in Devon. Velwellorchard.org


    • Hello Jeremy (another biodynamic Jeremy!)
      Thanks for your comment and I was pleased to hear that you are growing the Chinese yam in Devon. Ralf Roessner came to Emerson college (where I work) at the end of April to give a talk about the light root and while he was with us, he also brought some samples of the root, together with lots of bulbils for us to plant. There’s a short film showing these being planted (including voice over by yours truly) on the Emerson website:


      All the best,

      Jeremy (the anthropopper)


  2. Pam

    Hi Jeremy – thanks for your confirmation email. Is it OK to link your blogs in an Anthroposophical Facebook Group sometimes?


  3. Hello Pam,
    Yes, of course – thank you for asking!
    Best wishes,


  4. sarajohn4591

    Hello, I have just discovered your interesting blog after buying Ralf Roessner’s book ‘The Light Root’. I am interested in growing the light root and wonder where I may obtain some. I recently bought a large yam to eat but don’t know if it is the correct variety. All Dr. Steiner’s writings are of huge interest to me as I am living a Spiritually moved life. How wonderful to find others of like mind! I haven’t yet had time to read through all the posts and interactions on your blog but I will be reading. Thanks and very pleased.
    Good wishes, Sara.


  5. What a lovely surprise to stumble upon your thoughtful and far-flung musings, Jeremy.


  6. Dear Mr. Smith,

    I recently noticed your recommendation to another user on the discussion about “Britain and the European Union – should we stay or should we go?” to take a look at my paper regarding Brexit. Thank you very much indeed for doing so and I am very glad that you found my paper interesting.

    Very best wishes,

    Ben Clements


  7. Hello Jeremy, I want to make contact to introduce myself and also introduce my new Steiner-inspired book: Postformal Education: A Philosophy for Complex Futures. I am sure you will love it based on your own interests. To get a flavour of my writing and philosophy, please check out my blog Postformal Futures. https://jennifergidley.wordpress.com
    Cheers, Jennifer


  8. petef2016

    Brilliant work, thank you very much Jeremy & everyone.


  9. David

    Hello, can you expand on why you would “say no more” about Sorath?


  10. Magnus Falko

    Dear Jeremy.

    You and I don’t know each other (yet) but I am delighted to have found your website. We are interested in quite many of the same subjects and I’ll most likely return to you with questions and informations. I am a Dane and my english is not perfect.

    For now, I have two questions. In your bright article https://anthropopper.wordpress.com/2017/05/07/the-uks-brexit-and-anti-globalisation-general-election/ you write in the second last paragraph:

    “For the European level, Steiner looked forward to a common European economic life (which the EEC had started to provide), a common supranational European cultural life (which over the last fifty years has started to emerge in many ways) but to the maintenance of national values and traditions in the sphere of rights and law.”

    I have heard that very same essence on Rudolf Steiner’s social ideas from other anthroposophists as well, namely that the sphere of rights and law must (at least still for quite a long time in evolution) be rooted in the nations/peoples and must thus not be supranational. Of course, free international INSPIRATION in this sphere too is fine but nothing must be ENFORCED on a(nother) people. Steiner confirms that already in 1886(!): http://wn.rsarchive.org/GA/GA0002/English/AP1985/GA002_c18.html

    One told me that it is the “spirit” going through Steiner’s many works on threefolding but my question for you is:

    #1: Can you point out specific lectures or book chapters where Steiner claims the spirit/essence mentioned above (the maintenance of national values and traditions in the sphere of rights and law)?

    We must still be able and willing to extract essences/”spirits” ourselves over time – but in debates and conversations it does help a lot if we can point out specific works and not just refer to “the spirit of …”.

    #2: Has Steiner actually spoken/written in favour of a common or supranational economic + cultural sphere on EUROPEAN level … weren’t these two spheres rather to be on a GLOBAL level (or generally international level, if you will)?

    Just a well as EU is neither Europe nor the whole world, nor is the geographic Europe the whole world/humanity. 🙂

    I will be deeply thankful if you can help me on this, good Jeremy. Perhabs I can be at some help for you in return. For example, I have written these (in Danish, I’m sorry) on the EU:




    By the way, concerning GA 2: In his foreword http://wn.rsarchive.org/GA/GA0002/English/AP1985/GA002_pre1924.html from November 1923 for the preface to the New Edition of 1924, Steiner wrote: “If I were writing it today, I would state many things differently.” But that referred to the FORM, as I perceive the words. When it comes to the CONTENTS of his April 1886 book, he states in November 1923:

    “But I would not be able to present anything different as the essential being of knowledge. (…) What I sketched years ago in this little book as the epistemology implicit in the Goethean world view seems to me just as necessary to say today as it was forty years ago.”

    Thus, the contents of his 1886 words was neither immature nor outdated.

    – Best wishes

    Magnus Falko, Copenhagen, Denmark


    • Hello Magnus – thank you for your message. I will try to reply to your question within the next few days, once I’ve got past a very busy period in my life!
      Best wishes,


  11. Greetings Jeremy!
    I just signed up to follow your blog. I am a Software Engineer living in Boise, Idaho, USA and only recently came upon Steiner’s work(s) and have since been reading voraciously. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian convert (over 15 years ago) and have studied deeply the early Church Fathers. What fascinates me is how so much of Steiner’s work lines up with the Fathers and my own personal understanding of God (to put the entire subject of Spirituality in a “nutshell” of sorts).

    I will certainly be reading more of your blog. Thanks!


    • Greetings, Kenneth! You are very welcome and thank you for your kind words. I hope you will contribute comments to these blog postings whenever you feel moved to do so.

      Best wishes,



  12. HM

    Much of Steiner’s work seem to echo the Baha’i Faith’s teachings. I know Abdul’Baha gave lectures in Europe around the same time Steiner was forming his work. As Jiddo Krishnamurti was introduced to Abdul’Baha (know as “the master”) at these lectures (both in Europe and New York, USA), just before he wrote his first booklet, At The Feet of The Master, that shares these teachings. I think it might be likely that there is a cross over of knowledge from Baha’u’llah. There are some writings from a professor at Oxford (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Granville_Browne ) that met and wrote about his personal meeting with Baha’u’llah (so no translation needed). I believe that there are some unsuspecting answers to questions we have been trying to understand.


  13. Antoine Chahine

    Just to say thank you, I am another one to enjoy your blog.
    I am 66, Lebanese, living in Lebanon, married, 4 children, I manage a sports and leisure complex. Discovered Steiner in 1976, in Derby, England, where I was studying. Have been with him ever since.
    Now, over 45 years later I am still scratching at the surface of Anthroposophy, and yes, you are right, the name is quite unfortunate, and to be called An thro po so phists is quite unpalatable, but then Steiner often comforted us by saying that the name was not important 😊.
    May your blog touch people far and wide!


  14. Rose Croix

    Hello Jeremy, you may be interested in this,, Cyber Polygon July 9th 2021. The globalist are going to stage a Supply Chain Attack Simulation. Steiner says we must pay attention to the world forces at work.


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