Coronavirus and the indwelling divinity within each human being

During these challenging times, I have been reflecting on what an anthroposophical approach to this Covid-19 pandemic might be. There are so many theories, anthroposophical and otherwise, that we are being invited to take in and consider. Perhaps you, like me, receive links to more pandemic-related videos and websites than it is possible to view – that is, if you wish to have any time at all away from the screen and maintain some semblance of a normal life.

All I personally feel able to do is to watch and observe and try to reach some conclusions about what is going on. One of these conclusions is that nearly all of us, including most doctors, scientists, politicians, academics and pundits of all kinds, know next to nothing about Covid-19. All the information coming to us from official channels is confusing, constantly changing and often contradictory. This is a very disconcerting experience for those of us who would like something solid to hang onto. The writer Paul Kingsnorth has expressed this dilemma very well:

“I would like to say that I know what to do about all this, or what to learn. I would like to teach it to you so that you may learn too. I would like to be a prophet in a time when prophets are so sorely needed.

Unfortunately, I am not qualified for this role. I don’t know anything at all, and I am learning, painfully, that this was my lesson all along.

I don’t know anything at all.

My society does not know anything at all.

All the things I was brought up to label as learning: my A-levels, my Oxford University degrees, all the books I have read and written, all the arguments I learned how to formulate, all the ideas I learned how to frame, the concepts I learned how to enunciate. All this head-work, all these modern European ways of seeing, understanding, controlling, managing, directing the world:


None of that was it.”

So what has this pandemic got to teach our globalised Western civilisation? What can we learn from all of this?  Nothing, because we are not equipped to learn the actual lesson that is being taught. 

We cannot learn the lesson, because our head-centred, materialist culture does not believe in the existence of the realm from where it is coming, which is the non-material world.

During a previous piece about coronavirus, I gave quite a bit of emphasis to the positive sides of lockdown – the improvement in air quality, the reduced road and air traffic noise, the benefits for nature and wildlife, the enhanced sense of a community caring for its weaker members and a hope that, as there were so many of us who did not want to return to ‘normal’,  that governments might take notice and stop talking about economic growth as if nothing else mattered. These hopes have not endured, of course.

I also raised the possibility that I was being naïve and that all of us were being played by forces very far from benign towards human beings, citing the speed with which our civil liberties have been removed, the many restrictions being placed on social and family life and the damage being done to our economic circumstances. With each month that passes, it becomes clearer that this more pessimistic view is increasingly valid and that humanity has entered a very dark period.  

One answer to Paul Kingsnorth’s call for real knowledge about the virus is to be found in The Coronavirus Pandemic – Anthroposophical Perspectives by Judith von Halle. Translated from the German original by Frank Thomas Smith and published by Temple Lodge, this is one of the few commentaries from an anthroposophical point of view that I have found to be really useful. Despite von Halle’s disclaimer of scientific knowledge or her modest description of her writings as “motivating fragments for free consideration”, what she writes has, for me at least, a flavour of genuine anthroposophical spiritual research. She wrote this for an anthroposophical audience, in response to questions earlier this year from members of the Lazarus-John Branch of the Free Association for Anthroposophy, so at times it uses language and ideas with which general readers may not be familiar. I have tried therefore to include hyperlinks to sources of further information wherever this could be helpful, or else have provided short explanations in italics.

In such a brief post I cannot do justice to the full range of her insights but will only mention here what are for me some of the most important points she makes. Apart from all the human anguish and inconvenience triggered by coronavirus, the spiritual causes behind it are extremely disturbing. If the present pandemic is not to be the first in a series of catastrophes, humanity is called upon to make some big changes to the way we conduct our lives. Von Halle suggests that because Covid-19 is a pandemic, it means that we are in the grip of a situation where the karma of humanity as a whole applies – and this has happened in such a way that planned individual karma is thwarted. In such cases, she says, after the death of an affected person whose individual karmic threads have been severed by the karma of humanity, it is not easy for the hierarchies of angels to weave these threads back together again. This is therefore a full-frontal attack on the I-hood of the individual (the Self, the bearer of the Christ principle or the indwelling divinity in the human being, which we take with us from incarnation to incarnation) and from this she concludes that the spiritual power active in the pandemic is Sorat, the Anti-Christ, “the mightiest spiritual enemy which humanity must face on its path to development” and that the “virus is only a rippling wave compared to what humanity must still undergo in the near future”.

In connection with this last point, von Halle says that:

“Today we experience the attack – caused by us as the organism of humanity (ie humanity as a whole) – on the air-element and the physical organ associated with it, the lungs, through our corrupted, not life-giving thinking (this is a reference to the concept of ‘living thinking’, which you can read more about in Chapter 8 of Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom’). But if in the future, in the age of the consciousness soul, humanity has sunk so low that it is just as degenerate in its feeling as in its thinking, an attack on the heart will follow. Then it will be a case of absence of compassion, which is connected, among other things, with the suffering of animals.”

Von Halle also says that “it is not only the individual due to his personal biography, but also humanity as such that has developed a disposition for illness by this virus in that it has promoted and cherished materialism in its thinking for the past 150 years”. 

This is where human beings are called upon to transform their thinking:

“The greatest difficulty facing human beings is that they do not want to acknowledge the I, that is, the reality of their spiritual origin and purpose – the reality of their selves as a community of entities of purely spiritual nature, who at the present time have taken on materially physical sheaths. Only when this insight exists will life on earth for humanity – an existence that can truly be called life – be able to continue”.

Unless we can come to a clear awareness and understanding that the invisible spheres of life are as important as the physical in making us fully human, then the result will be estrangement from spiritual life, both on Earth and after death. The consequence of this estrangement and isolation is that an element which should remain in the spiritual life degenerates, is driven out and begins to manifest in the physical world as pathogens and illnesses which appear in a living organism and multiply parasitically within it. Von Halle then says:

“A different world, which is not included in the divine development plan for humanity, arises through this parasitical isolation. If human beings recognise their I and its importance, its tasks and possibilities, moral individualisation begins – the self-desired maturity from a creature to a new god (Von Halle is here referring to Rudolf Steiner’s statement that human beings are destined through their evolution over aeons to become the next order of angels, the Tenth Hierarchy). If human beings do not recognise their I and its importance, its tasks and possibilities, an amoral special existence begins, a self-degeneration from divine creature to a new – never before existing and also not in a higher sense envisaged – sub-sensory creature. Then human beings consummate this splitting from the whole and suck out all that they can of the living world that had been bestowed upon them, thus furthering their degeneration”.

This is a truly alarming insight: that humankind, through its thoughtless denial of its true nature and its embrace of atheistic materialism, is in danger of being driven by malign spiritual forces into a sub-human state of existence.

Judith von Halle also has some very interesting things to say about viruses:

“As viruses are not made up of cells and have no metabolism of their own, but only a blueprint of their reproduction, which they can actualise within the cell of a so-called ‘host’, they are not living beings like bacteria (many of which, by the way, play an indispensable role in the human digestion process, which is not the case with viruses). Moreover, viruses maintain themselves by the principle of errors that occur during their copying process and which often result in optimal situations – for them. Thereby they stand in diametric opposition to the basic divine order, namely the principles of truth, beauty and goodness, which are fundamental to humanity’s creative power. The cause of cell death in the human body is what optimises viral existence (Programmed cell death is an integral part of host defence against invading intracellular pathogens). This alone directs our attention to the spiritual nature of a virus. 

(…) An infection with the virus steers the I-slumbering person’s attention back to the purely material-physical processes, and it reaffirms his or her already biased materialistic worldview. It impacts a spiritual (sub-sensory-spiritual) impulse on the physical in the human soul. (…) The spiritual intention of viruses, as spirit bearers (or non-spirit bearers) (…) is to cause maximum harm in that they come into contact with the spirit of the human being at the level of devachan – albeit at its amoral mirror-image plane – but with the spirit not used by that person. (Here the author is referring to parts of the human spirit which are taken over by the Asuras and are thus not available to the individual human being.) Thus they are a plague of the consciousness soul age. Virus epidemics affect the karma of humanity insofar as the individual spirit is not brought to bear within an individual human being, and as a result, in what is meant to be the age of spiritual awakening, the person relapses into group-soul attitudes, which increase the physical potency of viruses.”

Will the new Covid-19 vaccines help? 

“That vaccination cannot offer lasting protection is indicated by the impulse to mutate that was induced by vaccination. Spiritually considered, vaccination campaigns, however beneficial they may be at first, cannot remedy humanity’s karmic adjustment caused by a viral epidemic. At best, a postponement of humanity’s karmic adjustment takes place. If the spiritual causes of the plague are not remedied but instead comprehensive vaccinations are administered, a more drastic consequence or compensation must be reckoned with in future. This is not an appeal against vaccinations. It is only meant to indicate that vaccination campaigns alone are not a solution, but at most a stop-gap, because without the removal of the spiritual causes for the infectious illnesses, they contribute to the eruption of other more powerful epidemics.”

It’s now clear to me that Covid-19 is just one aspect of a multi-faceted attack on human beings and all life on Earth that we are living through. Climate change, war, the sixth great extinction of species, genocide, materialism, racism, human degradation, pollution, terrorism, the polarisation of society, the undermining of democracy, fake news and ‘post-truth’ – these are all facets of attacks from the same enemy. The aim of Sorat and his helpers, the Asuras, has always been to destroy the human I (the Self, the bearer of the Christ principle or the indwelling divinity in the human being) and to destroy the earth itself, which the I needs for the future development of the human soul. This is the true scale of the battle in which humanity is now engaged. 

Foreseeing all of this, Rudolf Steiner said: 

“Mankind will begin to recover when, through work in the life of the spirit, people come to know and to see in its true light the fact that the fifth post-Atlantean epoch (ie the age we are currently living in, which runs from 15th Century CE to 4th Millennium CE) is intended to create a materialistic state of being out of the general stream of human evolution. But all the more, then, must a spiritual state of being be set in opposition to this materialism. What people in our epoch must learn is the need to wage a fully conscious fight against the evil that is making its way into human evolution. Just as in the fourth epoch (ie the Graeco-Roman age) the struggle was to come to terms with birth and death, so now we have to come to terms with evil.” 

What help is available to us in this great struggle? Von Halle suggests several things:

  • “Reducing one’s exposure to news about the coronavirus pandemic to the minimum that is necessary to avoid ignorance of what is going on in the world. (Rudolf Steiner, alongside his spiritual research, always made sure that he was thoroughly informed about outer events and opinions.)”
  • “The consistent psychical-spiritual work of an individual, or of a few individuals, can have an enormous influence on the physical and spiritual conditions of the world! When someone asks: What can I as one person do to influence world events? – the answer is: everything! If people could only see with physical eyes the effect on the macrocosmic context that the decision and its implementation to consistently practise only one meditation by a single person, then probably no one would hesitate to undertake such an exercise themselves. For the possibilities are enormous! Allow me to give you this as the greatest consolation, as the strongest ray of hope in the present situation. The individual person holds the world’s fate in his hands. This is the gift of the Christ, who sees the individual I as a deity, who treats it as a deity. (…) Spiritual life must become a reality in our hearts and therefore in our higher consciousness. We must develop a feeling in our souls for the true, the beautiful and the good that resides in this spiritual life.”
  • Speaking the Foundation Stone verse in nature. “Speaking the truth, this truth of cosmic wisdom is today (one could say, unfortunately) a shattering relief – for oneself, for one’s fellow humans, the divine spiritual world and, above all, for the physical world.”

Von Halle also recommends the Michael verse ‘Victorious Spirit’, “which shows us the essence of the true spirit of our time and, through its character, not only makes us aware of our contemporary tasks in everyday practical life, but can also give us the necessary will to fulfil them.”

Victorious spirit

Flame away the impotence 

Of timid souls.

Burn up self-interest

Kindle compassion,

So that selflessness,

As the life-stream of humanity,

Reigns as source

Of spiritual rebirth.1

(1 From Rudolf Steiner, Mantric Sayings, Meditations 1903-25, GA 268)

After having read this book, I am left with several thoughts and questions. First, how can one not be totally overwhelmed and horrified by the scale of the assault on human beings, especially when most of us are completely unaware of what is going on and have not even the basic concepts to begin to understand what is happening? Does it matter that there are so many people who will greet with derision what is written here, or have no comprehension of and no interest in what has been described? I take comfort from what von Halle says above about the massive difference one or two people can make when they work with prayer or meditation. And I also take comfort from the fact that there are so many good people doing good things for one another at this time, all of which I believe will weigh in the balance on the side of humanity.

Second, what can one do against such apparently insuperable odds? All that I personally can do is to write my blog; to look after people with learning disabilities at the care home where I work; to care for those close to me; to cherish my garden as a meditative space; to be part of my local community – for as I’ve noted before, it is human solidarity and caring for one another that will bring us through this crisis. Sorat is beyond all comparison the greatest enemy that humanity has ever had; but it is also true that having an enemy helps one to define oneself (and indeed, one’s Self). And Sorat and the Asuras have no response, no possible counterattack, that can defeat the love of Christ as expressed through simple human caring and selflessness.

Third, why is this happening? Here, I believe, we touch upon a great mystery of human evolution, ie the role of evil in human development. I have written more about this elsewhere on this blog, in case anyone is interested to take a look.


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  1. Astrid Maclean

    Thank you for this, it is one of the best things I have read coming out of the Anthroposophical way of thinking. (I am an Anthroposophist).

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  2. Maverick

    Yes, thank you Jeremy for expanding my awareness to think on the bigger picture of what’s happening. I’m part of a study group in Canada that tends to downplay the virus, while simultaneously pointing to certain “conspiracy theories”. This may be the catalyst we need to start discussing the spiritual battle we’re involved in.


  3. jaromer

    Thank you again, Jeremy, for giving me a source for study and consideration. I have already looked back at your ‘evil’ essays, which deserve another thank you.
    I am also boiling with “Yes Buts”. I will give myself time to digest your ‘gift’ rather than dump my stuff on the page. Paul Kingsnorth is a good example.


    • Thank you – I hope you will share your “Yes Buts” in due course!


    • jaromer

      Yes But. While taking JvH thoughts very seriously and that Covid-19 could be symptom I am not sure how Covid -19 is more to do with Sorat than say the 1918- 1920 flu pandemic that killed 17 million, or possibly 100million , whereas Covid-19 has , so far, only managed slightly over one million deaths.
      OK so the Black Death that killed 200 million , a third of Europe’s population in mid 14th century does not count because Plague is a BACTERIAL, no a VIRAL disease.
      But what about the estimated 500million deaths from Smallpox (VIRAL) in the 20th Century? With the last natural case seen in 1977? Did Sorat go on holiday or were there more spiritually active individuals about? JvH suggests that vaccination is just a stop gap if there is no spiritual awareness.
      The flu pandemic of 1889-1890 caused a million deaths in a world population of 1.5 billion.
      So far Covid-19 has been linked to deaths of one million out of 7.8billion.
      OK , as Josef Stalin said : ‘a single death is a tragedy but a million deaths is a statistic’. And statistically Covid – 19 does not seem to pose a threat to the human race.
      20 minutes on Wikipaedia and other Pandemic websites also provides food for thought. Where did Sorat start his attack?
      Personally I was surprised to survive the first wave and still have a cupboard full of ‘quarantine emergency rations’.
      Just saying. I don’t KNOW nuffink.


      • jaromer
        This website gives instant view of pandemics.
        Oh and Where does Irish Famine in 19thC with up to 3 million victims fit in?


        • Thank you very much for this fascinating link! It’s interesting that we’ve moved from assuming that spirits and gods are punishing erring humans to assuming that this is an unscientific and ridiculous approach. I suppose that what JvH is saying is that humans have indeed erred and through their mistakes over many years have now brought about the karma to re-balance the situation.


          • jaromer

            I want to state that I am and have been concerned about Sorat and the Asuras. I am not rejecting that, I just try not to panic.
            The way that World Karma disturbs Personal Karma is important but as already mentioned SO FAR Covid has disturbed statistically few individual Karmas. Far less than HIV/AIDS in recent decades. Never mind WW2 +Holocaust, famines, WW1 and Spanish Flu. Say 100+ million broken Individual Karmas in the past 100 years.
            The angels who have to sort out all the karmic threads have one advantage in that they operate in Eternity and not in Time. They probably manage better than UK ‘Track and Trace’.

            A Steiner Hearsay , without chapter and verse. In answer to question about the disrupted karma of all the young people being killed in WW 1. R.S suggested that they would have to be rapidly reborn to pick up threads. This is apocryphal and I do not know when or where I came by the story.
            However, (OK so it is my hobby horse) if all karma disrupted individuals popped back down quickly they would still be only a tiny fraction of the increased world population.

            If Covid-19 killed off 5 billion in the next couple of years there would still be more people alive than there were when Steiner died.
            A bit Ahrimanic to keep counting and counting but there it is.

            Jeremy, this contribution of yours has stirred me out of apathy and opened whole ‘ new world’. Not just Judith von Halle ( multiple aspects) but also to Frank T. Smith and Southern Cross Review. They will keep me busy for a few days.
            And thank your for the ‘Victorious Spirit’ .


            • jaromer

              Having read again and further I am starting to get the picture.
              Thanks again to Frank Thomas Smith
              JvH suggests that Sorat attacks occurred at 666, 1332 and 1998. Looking at the ‘Infographic’ linked above, those dates could connect with the Plague of Justinian, The Black Death (Bacterial ???) and the HIV/AIDS pandemics.
              But that does not fit with Smallpox, the 19th C. Plague or the Spanish flu.
              Is Sorat getting help in between.
              I think I had better shut up and cool off.


            • In connection to your comment about the people who died being rapidly reborn, JvH says that this is happening. I won’t quote the whole passage from pages 51-52 of the book, but just the beginning: “Due to the ahrimanic acceleration of all earthly-sensory processes – which with a powerful impulse of will, forces the earthly-sensory elements and thereby the world’s development ever more quickly into rigid degeneration (…) – the time between incarnations has dramatically shortened.”


              • jaromer

                Thank you for reference to shortening reincarnation period. That fits , at least partly, with population question and of course the question? How many human soul/spirits are there?? Are we ALL here?
                The interrupted Karma thoughts seems to be marginal with Covid. The response to confirmed infection varies for asymptomatic to death. This is very selective so could well be Karmic. Unlike, say, an atom bomb or a plane crash, Covid picks and chooses. In some cases it seems that ‘the devil looks after his own’ whereas in others victims are a loss to society.
                AS with all such considerations one can observe but not necessarily understand the supersensible background.


  4. Frank Thomas Smith

    Hi Jeremy,
    I’d like to re-print this in the next issue of with your permission. OK?
    Warm regards,


  5. Thank you Jeremy. I have been waiting for just such an article from you. My wife and I try to educate others (who know nothing of Anthroposophy) on the falseness of this pandemic in several corners of the world. It is not an easy task to continue day in and day out. It leaves one with the struggle to stop. But we value the Truth over seemingly little success in helping others to simply THINK for themselves. It has from time to time left us exhausted and wondering if it is worth continuing. This post is both encouraging and energizing in it’s clarity on what is going on above as so below. I believe I have read somewhere in Steiner’s lectures that one person striving in Spiritual Science is stronger than a multitude of the opposition. Thanks again.


  6. Sandrine

    Thank you, this is helping me to pull quite a few threads together!


  7. Extremely valuable blog. JVH should be listened to. Her words obviously spoke to you as they did to me, via yourself. Thank you Jeremy.


  8. Tom

    Thanks for these thoughts Jeremy. Receiving the publish notification I found very useful. I just read the first half of your post before getting distracted 🙂 but it got me far enough to order von Halle’s book which is going to be a treat I think. I’ll make sure I finish the post too. Thanks again.


  9. Antonio Riccelli

    You words and thoughts are a great relief and help to me today, thank you.


  10. Janet Cameron

    Thank you Jeremy this gives me inner peace at a time when my life is surrounded by utter turmoil…..Love and Peace to all X…………………..P/S May l be bold enough to say that Rudolph Steiner was the Greatest Prophet whoever walked this earth..💖l humbly say it was my privilege to have been a classroom assistant in Kindergarten at Kings Langley School…


  11. Jeremy, thank you for such an important article at such a relevant time.

    I experience the tone of your article as an example of a weapon at our disposal that often eludes humanity (and, sadly, too many anthroposophsts).

    It is a weapon but it is also a kind of medicine and it sits within the realm of Love.

    It also exists within the quality of warmth.

    And we all have it available to us in every moment.

    Those forces attacking fundamental humanity do not deal with it very well or easily.

    It is of course gentleness.


  12. Sally Jenkinson

    Thank you very much, Jeremy. I appreciated your sincere message regarding the need for human strength and courage against the powerful adversarial forces at work at this time.

    With all good wishes, Sally

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  13. Bevan Ballah

    The power of the individual doing good work, spiritual work, such as working with the developmentally challenged, fructified by inner work leads to an understanding of the evil that lives within. When we come to terms with this in our meditative life through the Christ our perspective on these attacks becomes clear and the means of dealing with them becomes part of our being. Not an easy path but a sure way to come to grips and be a part of the solution to this epoch defining moment. Thank you for this stimulating post.


  14. HelIo Jeremy, indeed, in an anthroposophical sense, the pandemic seems to be a viral attack on the middle (lungs, blood and circulation), an attack on the ‘I’. It disturbs the labile human equilibrium. The virus effects our whole body and our whole immune system. The necessary social measures threaten our spiritual freedom and self-determination. So, the pandemic sets up a joined material and spiritual test. It equally stirs our fear and our pride: ‘Throw yourself down from here’ (Luke 4). A balanced reaction should address this double assault.

    Apropos, von Halle also “states that her book is not based on strict spiritual-scientific research, but rather in response to informal questions” (

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    • Hello Ton,
      Thanks for your comments. I’m not sure I quite agree that there is no “strict spiritual-scientific research” in JvH’s book. She is very modest about her contribution but in the book itself, which I recommend everyone to read, there is a great deal of information which seems to come out real spiritual-scientific research.


  15. Ottmar

    I very much appreciated this article of yours, dear Jeremy.
    I agree on many points that Judith von Halle brings forth, that Corona is a serious matter indeed and not a hoax, just another flu, a hysteria created by the fake media etc. Believe it or not, 99% of all anthroposophical oriented persons I know personally or on the net are in one way or another Corona skeptics. The medical section of the Goetheanum advises enough sleep and walks in the fresh air as a means to prevent to catch covid. Michaela Glöckler refuses to endorse masks as a practical means in certain situations. Read what Peter Selg and other „big names“ in Dornach and Stuttgart say about fake news etc. This arrogance of pretending to know better makes me sick and does a horrible blow to the reputation anthroposophical initiatives had gained in decades.
    Judith von Halle is very cautious in her approach to the matter and I give her great credit for it.

    There are some points however where I cant agree with her although I must admit that it is not from first hand occult knowledge. Yes, Corona is a worldwide pandemic and it is not (only) a matter of personal or group karma but of mankind. And yes, thus the individual karma is thwarted, but this happened as well in WWI and WWII. I cant see that it is an attack of Sorath, but rather of Ahriman. Sorath devours the „I“, Ahriman draws the „I“ into his own cosmos.
    Corona is a reaction to the materialistic way of thinking and way of life, like a warning sign saying: Don t continue that path. As far as I can see, the largest part of mankind (>90%?) only wants to „come back to the old normal“, with no change of mind. Some even get deeper into ahriman s hands by hardening their etheric body, making it more mineralized, letting more electricity and electronic ways into their lives without a balance which must come from meditation and other ways of spiritual strengthening the „I“. For some, however, it is the chance to reach out to the etheric Christ which has become much easier this year, as some have experienced.

    By the way, Steiner had a very practical approach to vaccination. He advised that the children and the kindergarden nurses should be vaccinated and he himself got vaccinated at that time in WWI.
    „You just have to vaccinate. Nothing else remains to be done. Because the fanatical stand against these things is the one thing I would not recommend at all, not for medical reasons but for general anthroposophical reasons […] It is completely absurd to proceed fanatically in this way in detail.“ For the context read GA 314, April 22, 1924

    (Hi Jeremy, here is the complete text on vaccination and Rudolf Steiner in English. If you think that s too long you can shorten it or give the link down at the end. I dont think that these memoires have been published in English before.)

    Can vaccination opponents refer to Rudolf Steiner?
    With addendum to Hedda Hummel (at the end)
    wgv-tdz. – Many vaccination refusers refer to Rudolf Steiner, who predicted the development of a vaccine for a distant future in order to drive out people’s inclination towards the spiritual. They refer this statement to childhood diseases, to the current vaccination obligation and to possible vaccinations of the population in view of pandemics. As is often the case with quotes from Steiner, however, these statements are sometimes taken out of context and then serve fanatical esotericists as an “argument” against vaccinations. Thus anthroposophists unintentionally maneuver themselves into the corner of the so-called conspiracy theorists. They could know better. After all, Rudolf Steiner never thought much of fanaticism, but was rather a pragmatist. So it is little known that in certain cases he even ordered vaccinations and had himself vaccinated.

    In 1924 Steiner was asked by practicing physicians what anthroposophy had to say about vaccination. Steiner reports, among other things, how, during his time as a tutor, he was not infected by the black smallpox that infected the mother of his students. One could minimize the risk of infection through psychological attitude (fearlessness). In areas where the population is afraid of infection, however, such “educational measures” would be pointless:

    Hedda Hummel, one of Steiner’s most important stenographers, tells us:
    “As is well known, the [Anthroposophical] Society had set up a day nursery at that time. In Berlin smallpox had broken out on one corner. As far as I remember, children were vaccinated in the schools and day nurseries.
    Dr. Steiner ordered that the children in our nursery should also be vaccinated, as well as the people who went in and out of the nursery. Dr. Steiner himself was also vaccinated, as was Dr. Steiner and all or almost all of us who went in and out of the house. Dr. Steiner himself got a bad arm, the smallpox hit, as they say. The joke went around at that time that Dr. Steiner joined the women’s movement – which consisted of all of us, mostly women, rubbing our sick arm a lot”.

    Addendum: Vaccination / Day care center Berlin
    The memory of Hedda Hummel refers to the First World War. Marie Steiner reports: “The World War brought changes to this company as well. The large art room in Motzstrasse with its adjoining rooms was converted into a day nursery, in which Miss Samweber [Anna Samweber, 1884-1969], who had fled Bolshevik Russia, developed a dedicated activity, supported by the ladies of the Anthroposophical Society in the donation-based provision of food and care for children. They had light, air and joy in the beautiful rooms of the front building; Dr. Steiner was content with the much more modest rooms of the back building. This is secondary, but symptomatic for him. [3]
    See It s in German, deepL will help you to translate this short text


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    • Hello Ottmar,
      Many thanks for the fascinating information about Rudolf Steiner and vaccinations!
      It is not easy to distinguish between the attacks of Ahriman and the assaults of Sorat and the Asuras. All one can say is that they are working together at this time, which is in preparation for the incarnation of Ahriman. These incarnations are prepared for centuries in advance and the effects of Ahriman’s future coming are already all around us. But my view is that the sheer intensity and multiplicity of what has faced humanity from the beginning of the 20th century, the range of horrors visited on us over the last 120 years, is evidence of the involvement of Sorat as well as Ahriman.


    • jaromer

      Wise, informed and helpful. Ottmar DOES know something.


  16. Ottmar

    There are 2 groups or institutes in Germany (that I know of) that focus on Rudolf Steiner s idea of social threefolding, The Institut für Soziale Dreigliederung and Initiative Netzwerk Dreigliederung or . The first is very much into conspiracy theories when it comes to corona, denouncing the press etc. The second group is the only anthroposophical institution, that I know of, which is clearly against all these ideas of denouncing the German state as a corona dictatorship, corona just a flu, a pretext for the government, for Bill Gates to gain unlimited power etc. See this English article .
    Here s a short chapter from it:

    „The Institute says it was approached by corona sceptics to act for them in an advisory capacity, including in a “constitutional convention”, but “in view of the current situation” had sharply rejected any such requests. Some corona sceptics have called into question the legality of the German constitution and government. The Institute considers such a proposal to have “no legitimacy”. And further down in the article:
    „Wishful thinking
    The Institute für soziale Gegenwartsfragen currently sees “wishful thinking” at work within the anthroposophical movement. Participation in the corona protests neither supported social renewal in the sense of threefolding nor did it help anthroposophy gain public recognition. On the contrary, the opposite would be the case.
    If the Institute were to become involved in the corona protests, there would be a risk that “the entire approach to social renewal associated with Rudolf Steiner’s life’s work would be increasingly associated in the public perception with right-wing esoteric ideas”. That would be an “extremely heavy burden for this important impulse of renewal to take into the future”, Bleicher, Hermannstorfer, Padberg and Strawe said in the statement.“
    They applied social hygiene and did not name the names that wanted to harness the institute for their ideas. But for those who know the anthroposophical biotop in Germany can guess who it was.

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  17. Kristin Ramsden

    Thank you so much, Jeremy! This is the most real, thoroughly honest and true article I’ve read – ever! – about our current situation; thank you, also, for giving us permission to share it! I also appreciate the insightful comments and your responses. Would you ever consider traveling to California to give a talk? If so, please let me know! Best to you! Kristin


    • Thank you for your very kind remarks, Kristin! As for coming to California to give a talk, although I would love to visit, I’m afraid I would be a sore disappointment to your audience – just like Paul Kingsnorth and Socrates, “I know one thing – that I know nothing”.


  18. ininsoi

    An excellent article Jeremy!

    Too bad Judith von Halle’s book is not available on Kindle as it is the only way I can get books in rural Peru at the moment.


  19. ininsoi

    Thanks Jeremy, I do look forward to reading it.

    BTW I completely understand the stance of knowing nothing – much of the time I feel that way myself. But on further reflection you do in fact know a lot. Understanding that Sorath, Ahriman and dark angels are finally behind the pandemic and that the cultivation of love in the human heart is the antidote as is a connection to the cosmic Christ and all benificent beings is a huge stride beyond ignorance.

    Don’t be bashful. Own your level! (I’m talking to myself).


    • That is really kind of you, Martin. When I say that I know nothing, I’ve two thoughts in mind. The first is remembering that Socrates said the realisation that you know nothing is the beginning of wisdom! The second is that, although I read a lot of Steiner and can usually find an appropriate quotation, I don’t “know” in the sense that he and Judith von Halle know, because I haven’t managed to develop the organs of perception that allow for true spiritual research. I use a good deal of intuition in sensing what to write about in these blog posts, which is as far as I’ve got in this lifetime…


  20. Laura

    Thank you Jeremy, a thought provoking article as usual. From my understanding, the COVID pandemic is also a distraction from the Etheric Christ event .


  21. Steve Hale

    Hi Jeremy,

    I see a lot of the name-faces appearing again on this blog post. Having been diverted for certain reasons from considering it until now I can say that we as a world culture are in the grip of a phenomenal appearance designed to see if we can withstand forces which would bring us to a new world low in subscribing to a voluntary solution to a very suspicious occurrence.

    You offer a look-back to prior posts on the element of evil working in the world which you have written, and indeed, this is the element that is working in the world today. Sorath is indeed the agent of evil, and you once swore you would not invoke the name of the ‘sun demon’, as if it was an anthroposophical epipthet. Indeed, this fact is so, and therefore if such a renowned figure as Judith von Halle proclaims that coronavirus equates to Sorath’s working in the world since 1998, then she is likely correct. You see, the distance between 1998 and 2020 is just a mere 22 years. We, as a world culture, can easily see what has transpired since then.

    Yet, Anthroposophy generally makes a weak response to everything on the horizon, and this has become rather symptomatic of its general condition since the death of Rudolf Steiner. In other words, there has been no true leadership of the GAS since the death of its founder. And yet, there is no good reason for that except collusion coming from the occult movement that was fundamentally opposed to spiritual science from the beginning of its inception. In other words, there is an occult movement that Steiner carefully revealed its aims in a course from October 1915, ref. GA 254.

    So, leaving that aside for now because we have our pressing issues of today, let’s look at this latest offering from the Goetheanum in the November issue wherein they see only the oppressing Covid-19 pandemic, and how communications will still have to mandate the current situation of close quarters.

    And yet, what if it can be shown that this whole pandemic is a fraud? We all have received input of this kind, and yet the Goetheanum is subscribing to the pandemic as if it were real. This is very suspicious, and especially when JVH writes a book in which she correlates the pandemic to Sorath.

    She takes a next step forward from her previous book on dementia, and its causes, which we discussed here in April 2018. Very well worth looking at this case because it garnered an appropriate commentary. Hopefully, we can do the same with this because Sorath has been the intermediary working in earth evolution for a long time. 666-1332-1998. Those are the parameters of the ascent of evil into the world. In just 22 years, look at what turmoil has been wrought on the world.

    Indeed, Anthroposophy has a mission, and yet who will listen to its causes? It has no leader today. It is merely a corporation, like any other. So, go figure what this whole exercise means. It means hope, of course, but what then next?


    • Thank you, Steve, for your comment and also for raising the topic of the underwhelming response from the Goetheanum to the pandemic. I do not personally believe that the pandemic is a fraud, although the way in which governments have instituted lockdowns does not seem to me to be a rational response. I much prefer the approach suggested by Dr Sunetra Gupta and her colleagues:

      I think what JvH has shown is that there are very few anthroposophists capable of true spiritual-scientific research – or else the leadership at the Goetheanum is extremely wary of coming out with such results, or calling for the recognition of the Christ, in case it makes anthroposophy even more of a laughing stock than it is already in the eyes of the media.


      • Steve Hale

        Okay, Jeremy, I called the pandemic a fraud, which you took objection to for obvious reasons. The reasons are that a viral contagion has entered the world and needs to be combatted, which means taking all precautionary measures to diminish and defeat. Yet, there is evidence that the so-called virus is not contagious, and we are wearing masks for nothing. In other words, when someone now has a cold, the flu, sniffles, or a fever, and goes and gets tested, it is called covid-19 positive. Before, it was called “seasonal ailments”. Now, today, it becomes a part of the covid register. So, you see how in the multitude of counting what was not previously counted because it was of the order of ordinary illness has created this pandemic. The fraud is really the existence of normal illness, as usual, with instructions to get rest, take two aspirins, or an antibiotic for infection. There is no actual Covid-19 virus working in the world with life-threatening consequences. It is merely the human being human, which makes us all vulnerable to disease, which is largely a karmic consequence. Thus, Covid-19 is a fraud in the making, and largely because it wants us to take a nasty vaccine in the arm. Early indications coming from the USA are that it will be ready soon for injection. The downside is that it will have negative side effects.



        • ‘Fraid I can’t agree with you on this, Steve. The virus is contagious and for some people can be very much more serious than “seasonal ailments”. Yes, some people may be dying from other causes and also have Covid-19 and that may be what appears on the death certificate; but there is no doubt that Covid-19 can be deadly for some people and is not “ordinary illness.” Big Pharma will seek to make a profit from it, but then that’s what Big Pharma always does – as JvH has pointed out elsewhere, “Humanity’s way of thinking has become so corrupt that it can no longer even realise how absurd it is that production of medicines is subject to financial interests.”


          • Steve Hale

            I understand, but there is this book by Dr. Thomas Cowan, who we have heard from lately, and his colleague, Sally Fallon Morell, which looks at viruses and the evidence of contagion.



            • Thank you, yes, I know Dr Cowan’s work and have been impressed by what he has written on heart disease. He has been inspired by aspects of anthroposophy. But on Covid-19, I think that, like many anthroposophists, he’s barking up the wrong tree. It’s in a situation like the pandemic where the spiritual-scientific research of someone like JvH is so valuable, because there are so few other people who are capable of really doing this work.


              • Steve Hale

                Yet, let us consider this angle in relation to what you have just previously said about taking the course of so-called “herd immunity”. Your article would have it be a much less severe pandemic if it was simply allowed to take place within the milieu of life. I refer:

                Now, let us consider this response from a theoretical epidemiologist, wherein theory is the upholding card. Can we actually take this kind of risk, which obviously has not taken place? No, what has taken place instead is the fear of covid infection, and why we wear masks and practice social distancing and other protocols. As such, we wait for a vaccine to solve the dilemma.

                Yet, what if the vaccination is just a lot of junk stuck into the arm and goes into the blood stream and makes us miserable and confused? Personally, I like the idea of just seeing how ‘herd immunity’ evolves in seeing what takes place next. Having been diagnosed with covid-19, helps make one confident that we simply need to allow it to run its course. I think you said you had this experience. We are all subject to it, like any disease. And so it goes.


  22. Judith Miller

    Dear Jeremy, a most wonderful, uplifting but equally heart -breaking article. It is wonderful that you have ‘brought’ the work of Judith V.H. to those of us who have never heard of her. Most beautiful, a model of hope for us all. I am a believer in the work St. Pio, so it is very wonderful to hear of a stigmatic in the anthroposophical society. During these times of isoIation from public life I continue my reading of Steiner daily, especially the ‘Michael and St. John lectures’ they are so empowering. Steiner warned us of the ‘spiritual revenge’ we can expect if we refuse to recognise our spiritual destiny, and not work to develop it, I suppose Covid is one of the physical manifestations of this, as equally, a warning. I am so grateful to Rudolph Steiner and the fact that I came across his work, and it has changed my life since. I am grateful for your work Jeremy as I am living abroad and I painfully realized how unwelcome Steiner’s work is here, where I live. But I have not given up in my heart and try to find in-roads where I can connect with Steiner’s anthroposophical community. Thank you so much for your moving, humble and very practical posts. Best wishes to you and your family and all in your care.


    • Thank you very much, Judith! How to bring the insights of Rudolf Steiner and JvH into the wider consciousness of the world is a living question for me, when as we know many people will be hostile and scathing when the spiritual aspect of the pandemic is mentioned. Is it necessary for large numbers of people to have access to this kind of awareness, or is there a kind of homeopathic effect from just a few individuals who can connect with it?


  23. Judith Miller

    This is indeed a difficult question, some people are ready to receive Steiner’s message and they then begin to search the answers they seek as the knowledge is available for those serious enough to search. Making that knowledge available and active is vital. Steiner knew the risks but did it anyway, he accepted the suffering for the greater good. And we are all truly grateful to him, but it can’t end there. If one is invited to talk out through trusted associations then by all means do this, make it available on line for those unable to attend to view etc. I really believe there is a defintite thirst for truth but of course deniers, sceptics, hostile enemies will also be part of the action. But does that mean that one should not go ahead? I also think there are a lot of people unable to receive the message, I have experienced both types, some simply don’t feel it. They have no real desire to know these ideas or read Steiner’s work. Can this be changed or is it a matter of personal destiny and karma? We should not force them of course, but I think the doorway in should always be available. I am ignited with fervour and amazement every time I read a lecture of Steiner’s, it’s all so vivid and vital and so when I then meet someone who prefers to engage in materialism I am equally amazed that they don’t wish to learn more. Are they really satisfied with the materialistic answers availble these days? Steiner has given us all the answers and exercises that we need for the present, but how many wish to truly engage? I think an active (on-line or otherwise) community is really helpful and I look forward to following your future activities and posts. Thank you once again Jeremy for all your hard work and effort.



    Thank you Jeremy, yet again another fascinating read, and I am so grateful to always get another picture from you to many situations which we are grappling with in these times. The comments section is equally fascinating. All your blogs I find challenging, give food for thought and contemplation, and I have to say, all are somewhat uplifting and enlightening too. I appreciate you, and thank you.


    • Dear Janni, I have known you for many years now and very much appreciate who you are and your wonderful work for Early Years children on behalf of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship – so these comments coming from you mean a very great deal to me! Thank you.


  25. Kathy Finnegan

    Thank you all for your deep dive into COVID among us. And thank you, Jeremy for your excellent article. There are probably many reasons that so many are running from/denying this pandemic among us, but one thing that profoundly strikes me is the mask as a metaphor. I see it unconsciously perceived as a forced admission that most of us mask ourselves from one another and ourselves most of the time. How else can we function as individuals in Oneness, unique waves in the cosmic ocean? How do we reconcile our uniqueness with the fact that there is not one drop in the wave that is not ocean? I regard the Lesser Guardian as our instructor in mask removal.


  26. Steve Hale

    Hi Jeremy,

    I think it is important for the folks here reading to know or remember that you had two comprehensive postings on Coronavirus earlier this year which garnered much attention. I refer to their respective threads:

    Now, with the present consideration of Judith von Halle’s slim volume on the corona pandemic from an anthroposophical perspective, I feel and think it is necessary to take a certain issue with what you encapsulate here:

    “Von Halle suggests that because Covid-19 is a pandemic, it means that we are in the grip of a situation where the karma of humanity as a whole applies – and this has happened in such a way that planned individual karma is thwarted. In such cases, she says, after the death of an affected person whose individual karmic threads have been severed by the karma of humanity, it is not easy for the hierarchies of angels to weave these threads back together again. This is therefore a full-frontal attack on the I-hood of the individual (the Self, the bearer of the Christ principle or the indwelling divinity in the human being, which we take with us from incarnation to incarnation) and from this she concludes that the spiritual power active in the pandemic is Sorat, the Anti-Christ, “the mightiest spiritual enemy which humanity must face on its path to development” and that the “virus is only a rippling wave compared to what humanity must still undergo in the near future”.”

    Now, for my money, and I don’t mean to offend or disappoint anyone, Judith von Halle is what you could term, “an anthroposophical mystic”, based on factors associated with her quick reincarnation a second time in the 20th century. As such, and as her stigmata experience seems to prove, c. 2004, she experiences certain floods of mystical insight which she proclaims without possessing the exact thinking skills which leads eventually to exact clairvoyance.

    For example, her other book from two years ago on dementia came way short of portraying what is the real situation in cases of senile dementia, and especially the evidence of Alois Alzheimer concerning brain atrophy. This was discussed in the second part of “Old Age and Anthroposophy” here in April 2018.

    I find her particular assessment that is contained in your quotation more a matter of “mystical eccentricity” than spiritual-scientific insight, and it reminds me more of her tussles with Sergei Prokofieff, who also had his questionable insights while they dueled for dominant favor with the anthroposophical audience in recent years.

    It will prove important to inquire further into her assessment of the response of the Hierarchical Spirits who she seems to imply are dismayed at what is now taking place with the unfounded deaths owing to Covid-19. I am reminded of a saying somewhere, “God will not be mocked”, and I think it applies here.

    I humbly make these comments and look for more. We do live in dire times, and that has never been doubted. Is it the time of test and tribulation we knew was coming? Some of us are very old, and considered emergency cases needing the first injection of the approved covid vaccination for our safety. I expect a letter of invitation any day now.



    • jaromer

      ‘Some of us are very old—–‘ I fall into that category of ’emergency case’ with pre- existing condition. I am smiling as I type. In recent days I have felt slightly guilty about enjoying retirement when a man just 6 months younger is about to take on an extremely tough job as POTUS.
      I have followed some of Dr. Tom Cowan’s contributions, though I have not read the recent book. My feeling, and it is based on limited precise knowledge, is that T-C. is stuck in a groove as he tries to discredit virologists. He may of course be right, but he loses on the democratic vote of the majority. An interesting consideration just now.
      In an earlier contribution you mention Herd Immunity- but that would only be an option if the virus was REAL and hence antigenic, whereas an exosome might not be. And if an exosome is not contagious it cannot spread and lead to herd immunity.
      So I reserve judgement. I see the reports from Sweden where they did not do Lockdown but where infections (if they are infections) are increasing as are deaths of positive tested persons.
      In the USA The DEATHS are increasing in parallel with ‘apparent infections’.
      China seems to have less infections /cases after draconian lockdowns. And the situation in India is pretty bad despite efforts to reduce contacts.
      I fail to see a connection between illness in India with US determination to rule the world.
      The 1918-20 flu pandemic killed many millions, of a much smaller world population , and then ceased to be a massive threat. At the time viruses had not been invented (?discovered?) and there was no vaccine.
      If I live long enough I will be interested to observe whether Covid-19 fades away or is reduced by the vaccines, which work in mysterious ways far beyond my 50 years out of date knowledge.
      I reserve judgement and wait for “The Recount”.
      In the meantime I will follow some of your links to the RS lectures. Your knowledge of ‘chapter and verse’ , the fruit of faithful study, is very much appreciated.


  27. Steve Hale

    One other thing I like is where you sum up your experience of the JvH book on Corona in the light of Anthroposophy. Your thirdly says:

    “Third, why is this happening? Here, I believe, we touch upon a great mystery of human evolution, i.e., the role of evil in human development. I have written more about this elsewhere on this blog, in case anyone is interested to take a look.”

    Yes, this installment of your blog was an excellent indictment of the existence of evil working in the world, and why it is that it has to exist. I refer to:

    Now, here is what makes me wonder. What if JvH was presented with this essay of yours given some four years before her book on Coronavirus? What would she say, and especially in consideration of the 65 comments that stood in honor of it? I think she would say that a very astute student of spiritual science is offering thoughts and concerns from the heart, and allowing a loving space for commentary. In looking at the commentary, she would likely acknowledge that it was the work of a school of spiritual science. And this would be the right interpretation. And yet, what is a school of spiritual science doing in a blog? I suspect that she would also wonder about that. Personally, Jeremy, I think and feel that we take a lot forward in our efforts, and why we can also feel disappointed in the present aims of the GAS, which Judith in her way seemingly must subscribe to. Yet, she gets to say her say, and get a certain published following. Hopefully, she appreciates those in the outer periphery.



  28. ininsoi

    Dr Tom Cowan comes across as a sincere guy with something important to communicate but try as I might I just can’t get my head around his position.

    I’d be grateful if someone could shine some more light on this with a really clear explanation.


    • Steve Hale

      I like Kathy’s explanation very much, and it is worth exploring further because it is largely the aged and infirm that are dying today because their defense mechanisms are simply not up for one more assault. Dr. Cowan’s theory, which is advocated further by Jon Rappoport’s investigations over time, is that science has yet to isolate the virus in order to learn its properties and behavior. Even the CDC admitted to this back in June. Thus, we can’t even trust a test for Covid-19 because of this lack of precise identity. It leads to the potential for the “false positive” diagnosis, which is why the case counts are so high. So, in the attempt to be objective, looking at Cowan’s book, and also the work of Jon Rappoport came my way by accident almost, or maybe it was karma. I thought to pass it along.

      If it provokes a discussion, well that is good. Just look at what Jeremy had to say in response. Here in America, something called “The Great Barrington Declaration” was signed by a number of prominent scientists in October. I think it aligns with Jeremy’s similar idea, as he indicates, that the virus should simply be unleashed on society because through viral infections we build our immune system. Of course, the elderly suffer, as has been shown in so many heart-breaking incidents because of the lack of defenses within the aged body. Kathy, who I see as a front-line worker here, knows what it means to see the suffering, and the choice. I found that very memorable.


  29. Kathy Finnegan

    Ininsoi, as I understanding Cowan’s position, he grounds his thinking in Steiner’s concept that cells secrete viruses as a defense against poisons/assaults in the environment. Climatologists are connecting man’s assaults on the environment with the movement of viruses from animals to man, which started with HIV, then Ebola, Swine flu, Avian flu, now Corona/Covid. In the field of psychology/psychiatry it is well-accepted that it is not the many assaults (often horrific) against the psyche that cause our most debilitating symptoms – but our defenses against those assaults. It is our defense mechanisms that debilitate and kill.


    • ‘Steiner’s concept that cells secrete viruses as a defense against poisons/assaults in the environment’.

      Kathy, that is Cowan’s own theory of exosomes (cf. Engelbert and Köhnlein, Virus Mania 2007).

      According to Steiner (1920), the environment triggered the flu via cosmic constellations (e.g. sun spots, not 5G or pollution):
      “… a winter season, in which there is a powerful influence on the solar activity — and note please, not the operation of light, but the solar action — through the outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn” GA0312/19200407


    • tonmajoor

      So, influenza is supposed to be connected with ‘cosmic rhytms’ and ‘the periodic appearance of sun spots’ (GA0185/19181020) especially via the circadian rhythm of the pineal gland (GA0351/19231031).

      By the way: “Seven different ‘disease forms’ identified in mild COVID-19”


  30. Kathy Finnegan

    Ton, I don’t think the cosmic form of the teaching conflicts with the lived/behavioral form – nor with the karmic. Whether it is a bacterial infection, a virus or a neurochemical imbalance leading to behavioral extremes, we are likely experiencing a variety of responses (with similar properties) to a central “stressor”. Steiner said what we “dump” into the astral shows up as tomorrow’s affliction. He refers to the “karma of materialism”. A hundred years ago he said that materialism would be sending us into a a profound darkness. And I think he was saying it would be darker still than the middle ages when masses of people were tortured and killed and a plague wiped out a third of Europe. We’re right on the brink of the Artificial Intelligence Age now. Mankind may be just getting a glimpse of how superfluous to this (material) world we really are. I think it is expressing itself in the “epidemic diseases of the nervous system” he wrote about – as evidenced in suicidality, violence, conspiracy contagion. We have overwhelmed ourselves with materiality, and COVID kills by clotting! And could it be related to the cosmic rhythms you mentioned? We have a Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction for the first time in – how many hundreds of years?


    • Steve Hale

      Hi Kathy,

      I like very much your style of seeing the present predicament as a matter of the overwhelming materialism that afflicts the world. Steiner warned in GA 204, lecture 14, that the Gods were getting pretty fed up with their efforts to come down into the earthly domain in order to effect spiritual communion, and yet we humans were ignoring them. They do not want to be ignored, and yet, it persists to this very day. Ton is an extraordinary researcher, and he seems to be able to extract important references like this one from GA 185, lecture 3, in which Steiner ponders on a very important matter. You will like this:

      “Just as modern history fails to penetrate to spiritual realities, so modern medicine, modern hygiene and medical health services fail to penetrate to the symptoms which are of cosmic provenance. I have often emphasized the fact that the individual cannot help his neighbour, however deep his insight into current problems, because today they are in the hands of those who are looking for the wrong solution. They must become the responsibility of those who are moving in the right direction. Clearly, just as the external facts are true that the outward aspect of James I was such and such, as I pointed out earlier, so, from the external point of view it is also true that a certain kind of bacillus is connected with the present influenza epidemic. But if it is true, for example, that rats are carriers of the bubonic plague, one cannot say that rats are responsible for the plague. People have always imagined that the bubonic plague was spread by rats. But bacilli, as such, are of course in no way connected with disease. In phenomena of this kind we must realize that just as behind the symptoms of history we are dealing with psychic and spiritual experiences, so too behind somatic symptoms we are dealing with experiences of a cosmological order. In other cases the situation of course will be different! What is especially important here is the rhythmic course of cosmic events, and it is this that we must study. We must ask ourselves: In what constellation were we living when, in the nineties, the present influenza epidemic appeared in its benign form? In what cosmic constellation are we living at the present time? By virtue of what cosmic rhythm does the influenza epidemic of the nineties appear in a more acute form today? Just as we must look for a rhythm behind a series of historical symptoms, so we must look for a rhythm behind the appearance of certain epidemics.”


    • ‘COVID kills by clotting’. And related: “Oral melatonin reduces blood coagulation activity” (Wirtz 2008).

      Compare this with the ‘asuric’ activity: “Asuras are spirits of the very greatest egoism who remained behind during Saturn evolution. They want to condense matter and compress it ever more so that it can’t be spiritualized and brought back to its original condition. Etc.” GA0266/19070129

      For Steiner (1924) the ‘asuric’ powers (evil Archai, Saturn) seem to be represented by ‘Satan’ (Apoc. 20:7), the ‘ahrimanic’ powers by ‘Sorat’ (the Sun demon, the two-horned beast, the false prophet, Apoc. 13:11 and 19:20). See GA0346/19240915 and 19240912

      Cf. Nesfield-Cookson (1998, p.299 ff., google mQv4y_TNTUoC)


      • Kathy Finnegan

        Wow! It never stops amazing me how metaphor plays into what we experience as physical reality. Question: does matter actually exist outside of illusion? If it can be spiritualized and brought back to its “original condition”, what is matter outside of both spirit and matter as we know it in the illusory world?


      • Steve Hale

        Hi Ton,

        Here is something I found about blot clotting which would seem to indicate that covid-19 has a vast array of symptoms from simple to complex.

        Now, in further consideration of what was said before about the blood being the agent of the Christ, it only follows that blood clotting must be the agent of the anti-Christ. Maybe that is what Jeremy wanted to hear. Is that what you wanted to hear, Jeremy? I liked my first remark, which I felt made it more plain. Anyway, hoping you will post this. It is merely a remark from what was said before with a lot more conviction. We need to consider what the incarnation of Christ really means, and what the blood flowing from the wounds into the cup really means. It was a blood-letting, and not a blood clotting. So, we should see the difference. Does that make sense?


  31. Steve Hale

    Hi Kathy,
    I know your dilemma. You see metaphor playing into physical reality, and yet Steiner’s quote is only a little snippet of a much larger concern. Now, take my much larger excerpt from just before, when Steiner wonders what constellation we were in when the pandemic of 1918 was in its benign form? How are we to make anything from that?

    Nor did he ever explain the real source of the pandemic of 1918. In 1920, when the pandemic of 1918 had finally come into control, he gave the lectures on “Spiritual Science and Medicine”.

    Yet, nowhere will you find any reference to the pandemic of 1918, and its solution. There is a reason for this, and it is much for the same reason as today in 2020. The virus has supersensible connotations.

    In other words, the pandemic of 1918 stands in relation to America entering the War in 1917, and the pandemic of 2020 is owing to the further threat of same in its quest to rule the world. Yet, the Trump regime of the last four years has been defeated, which should have the effect of staving off the Covid-19 virus. Let’s see if it happens. I know Europe is raising the banner, if that makes any difference.

    Yet, I agree with you. This virus is very strange, and because it has not been isolated into a definite form in order to determine its properties and length of life, it stands as an anomalous virus which can threaten any organism of the human body. The goal, of course as we speak, is for a universal vaccine in order to combat its effects.

    Yet, what if Judith von Halle has finally made her mark? What if this is the warning sign of Rudolf Steiner’s own previous prediction from 1918. Yet, JvH is much more forthright than our own very dear doctor was from a century ago. She demonstrates the courage that he wanted. Yet, many others have done it over the years without a book; just a care.

    Now, we need to consider the vaccine, and what it means. It is nearly here as a world resolve. Does that mean anything in this day and age?


    • Kathy Finnegan

      Steve I don’t see metaphor as just “playing into” physical reality. I think of physical reality, itself, as an illusion – a metaphor of spiritual reality – providing us with the images to guide us in developing ourselves into God Individualized. Further, I see this virus, especially in ts global reach, as an opportunity to wake up – collectively? – to what’s going on behind stage. We’re not sleep-walking actors trapped in our roles. We’re the script writers, the directors, the lighting and music men and all the other stage hands. And like the waves in the ocean, there’s not one drop of us that’s not BIG PRODUCER, too…”heirs to the kingdom”…but we’re nowhere near ready to take over yet!

      The puzzle I was referring to is there seems o be a third component along with illusion and reality. I’m starting to think this is one of those God-the-Father, God-the-Son and God-the-Holy-Spirit things. You think? .


      • Maverick

        Hi Kathy. Your mention of the third component intrigues me. From my limited understanding, I wonder if the third component is a result of two methods of seeing the illusion? The first component being reality, or could be termed first cause. Receiving the illusion could happen in two ways, hence making it seem like two components – one, seeing the illusion for what it is exactly, as an illusion, or shadow. The other possibility is misunderstanding the illusion, being deceived into believing the illusion to be reality. In that case, humanity “thinks” the illusion is a result of his own forces, and is under the delusion that he/she can control it themselves, without going to the source, the reality?


      • Steve Hale

        I’d say that the third component is Evil itself, which has an important part in human spiritual evolution. The goal, it seems, is to experience evil in its increasing manifestations in order to transform it for the greater good that becomes our true freedom over all obstacles. Rudolf Steiner treats of the necessity of evil working in the world here, and wherein the final victory will be won.


        • Maverick

          I’d agree with you Steve, though I think of the misunderstanding of the illusion as Evil, which needs to be set aright through the example of those who see the illusion for what it is. Don’t know about experiencing evil – I wish I never had. It’s taken many years to overcome/transform the “evil” that I was taught was the norm for humanity. Having overcome MOST of my own evil ways, my prayers and service go out to those still struggling through the deception.


  32. Steve Hale

    The goal is to understand why illusion has been factored into earth evolution; the fourth sphere. Saturn, Sun, and Moon spheres proceeded from beginning to end without any kind of illusory value of any kind. Even Earth was originally conceived as taking place from beginning to end as an entirely spiritual enterprise with no separation from divinity. Yet, apparency at some point was deemed necessary for the achievements of all that has been required to take place here on earth. The key word here is making reality into an apparent entity, or phenomenal presentation.

    Rudolf Steiner gave a very important lecture of singular value in describing just this occurrence and why. We went from being the Lord of the Earth, according to God the Father, ref. Genesis 1:26-31, to something more complex, beginning with Genesis 2: 4, “in the day that the Lord God made earth and heaven.” You see, nothing had actually been made, in terms of a material manifestation, until Jahve came on the scene. When Jahve (the Lord God) forms man from the dust of the ground and breathes life into his nostrils in order to making him a living soul, then we know that the earth has been first transformed from an etheric sphere into a mineral world. All the rules change from this inception point.


  33. ‘… from this she concludes that the spiritual power active in the pandemic is Sorat, the Anti-Christ, “the mightiest spiritual enemy which humanity must face on its path to development”’

    Von Halle already discussed the three adversary forces in her book ‘Descent Into the Depths of the Earth’ (2011, google Vhx4bj9wb0EC), but she seems to confuse ‘Sorath’ (sun demon,) with ‘Satan’ (evil Archai, Asuras) as ‘this darkest of all beings’ (p.90) and ‘I-destroyer’, cf. Steiner (GA0102/19080420 and GA0346/19240915).

    Revelation 13:12-18 (on ‘Sorat’, the sun demon) sums up all the advance preparations for the expected ahrimanic incarnation in the third millennium (GA 191, 193 and 195). Also, according to Steiner (GA 346), ‘Sorat’ (the two-horned beast or false prophet in Rev.13) would be part of the future second ‘fall’ (the fall of the beast and his companion the false prophet, Rev. 19) not of the final third stage in Rev. 20 (Asuras/Archai/’Satan’).


    • Steve Hale

      I think what JvH might not have recognized in the distinction between Sorat and Ahriman is that Sorat is a sixfold Asuras in the same way that Christ is a sixfold Elohim. Christ is from the Sun whilst Sorat dwells in the lowest region of the sub-earth. Steiner’s lecture on “The Mission of the Earth”
      is indispensable here.

      “We have said that the human being was destined for self-conscious love upon the earth. He must, therefore, have a leader, a teacher, during his clear day-consciousness, a leader who stands before him so that he can be perceived by him. Now it was only during the night, in dim consciousness, that love could be implanted within the human being. But little by little something happened, something happened in full actuality which made it possible for him to see outwardly, physically, the Being of Love itself. But how could that occur? It could only take place, because the Being of Divine Love, the Being of the Logos, became a man of flesh, whom men by means of their physical senses could perceive upon the earth. It was because mankind had developed to a condition of perceiving by means of outer senses that God, the Logos, had Himself to become a sense-being. He had to appear in a physical body. This was fulfilled in Christ-Jesus, and the historical appearance of Christ Jesus means that the forces of the six Elohim, or of the Logos, were incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth at the beginning of our Christian era and were actually present in Him in the visible world. That is the important thing. The inner force of the sun, the force of the Logos-Love assumed a physical human form in the body of Jesus of Nazareth. For, like an external object, like an outer being, God had to appear to the earthly, human sense-consciousness in a bodily form.”

      This excerpt explains why we live in illusion as a necessary consequence of gaining sense perception of the outer-external world. Originally, it was to be entirely different; divine perception-cognition from beginning to end.


  34. Kathy Finnegan

    Hi, Maverick: I think you’re really on to something in defining the threefold field: the “real”, the “illusion-as-illusion”, and “illusion-as-falsely-interpreted”. And it strikes me we are in an age where we are reaping the consequence of hiding so thoroughly from the possibility of distinguishing the “real” from genuine illusion, that we actors on this stage are increasingly unable to work from the same script. We’re making it up as we go along. Is this madness what Steiner called “the war of all against all”?


    • Maverick

      Exactly Kathy. We’re facing quite a challenge. My use of the phrase “misunderstanding the illusion”, I realize now, was being overly gracious, as there are those who are downright rebellious in promoting the deception. This may be attributable to the forces for destruction that Steve mentioned regarding Saturn (Satan?). There’s more than a simple misunderstanding taking place; there’s a deception being orchestrated by an evil force. Part of that strategy is to confuse those you refer to as “actors” on the stage, by sending into their midst false teachers and prophets. This strategy isn’t new;
      just another form of attack from within the ranks. We’re in a spiritual battle in which only the courageous should lead. By courageous I mean those willing to risk it all, even their reputation. Individually, our obligation is to ensure we have “ears to hear, and eyes that see”, so that we’re not “captured” and returned to an intermingling with those being deceived. Steve also mentioned Sun and Moon, and I’m wondering if the Biblical admonition of the end times that the Sun would be darkened and the Moon turn to blood is a manifestation of what’s occurring on a deeper level, that is mentally and spiritually, where our collective karma is becoming darkened. As to the question about “the war of all against all”, this is a topic deserving some consideration.


    • Maverick

      Regarding this war of “all against all”, I’d like to ask of someone who has done some study of this, to please fill me in, since I’m presently fully occupied with a couple of other studies, so don’t have time to do the research. Is it all of the forces for good against all the forces of evil?


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