Don’t be evil

I don’t suppose that Rudolf Steiner’s lectures incorporate the use of the word “fun” very often. The words “serious” and “earnest” are much more common. So I was struck by the following passage in which he did use that word – but not in a cheerful context (this is Steiner, after all). Here is the passage, from Lecture Three of the series entitled The Influences of Lucifer and Ahriman:

“The fact that — to use a colloquialism — people in the future are not going to get much fun out of developments on the physical plane will bring home to them that further evolution must proceed from spiritual forces.”

Steiner’s view was that the time when human progress was possible through purely physical means is now over. Human progress will be possible in the future but only through development on a higher level than that of the processes of the physical plane. Speaking just after the First World War, he went on to say: “This can be understood only by surveying a lengthy period of evolution and applying what is discovered to experiences that will become more and more general in the future. The trend of forces that will manifest in the well-nigh rhythmical onset of war and destruction — processes of which the present catastrophe (ie the First World War) is but the beginning — will become only too evident. It is childish to believe that anything connected with this war can bring about a permanent era of peace for humanity on the physical plane. That will not be so. What must come about on the earth is spiritual development…”

In the one hundred years since he spoke, Steiner has certainly been proved right about the impossibility of a permanent era of peace for humanity – this century has been the most terrible in the history of the world. What else did he foresee?

“Just as once in the East there was a Lucifer incarnation, and then, at the midpoint, as it were, of world evolution, the incarnation of Christ, so in the West there will be an incarnation of Ahriman. …This ahrimanic incarnation cannot be averted; it is inevitable, for humanity must confront Ahriman face to face. He will be the individuality by whom it will be made clear what indescribable cleverness can be developed if they call to their help all that earthly forces can do to enhance cleverness and ingenuity. In the catastrophes that will befall humanity in the near future, people will become extremely inventive… Humanity has no knowledge of these things as yet; but not only will they be striven for, they will be the inevitable outcome of catastrophes looming in the near future. And certain secret societies — where preparations are already in train — will apply these things in such a way that the necessary conditions can be established for an actual incarnation of Ahriman on the earth. This incarnation cannot be averted, for people must realise during the time of the earth’s existence just how much can proceed from purely material processes! We must learn to bring under our control those spiritual or unspiritual currents which are leading to Ahriman.”

YBA via antroposofie en apocalypse blog

Yeshayahu Ben Aharon (photo via antroposofy en apocalypse blog)

When is this incarmation likely to occur? Tempting though it is to point to many of today’s phenomena as indicators that the incarnation has already happened, my current sense is that things are going to get quite a bit worse yet before Ahriman himself appears in physical form. I recently read an article called Empty Hearts and Technological Singularity by Yeshayahu Ben Aharon (available for download to subscribers to the Academia website) in which he describes the coming merger of the human being with infinitely intelligent machines, as predicted by Ray Kurzweil, Google’s senior futurist.

“In esoteric terms, this means that the human’s free etheric body from the head to the heart will be totally taken over by ahrimanic, infinitely brilliant, wise and powerful intelligences. I would recommend Kurzweil’s book, The Singularity is Near, to every body interested in the coming future, as an introduction to open your mind and eyes to see where we are going from the ahrimanic point of view. I call this the building of the kindergarten of Ahriman, in preparation for his school that he will build in the 23rd century in America. He will build a school that will work with the etheric forces taken from the rest of the body as well: the head, the heart and the whole thing. This is Ahriman’s kindergarten, the forerunner of his mature school.

The singularity people promise a new kind of immortality. Human beings will be identified with Infinite Intelligence through super computers and so on, and they will experience a sort of immortality for their earthly consciousness, an indefinite life. Your whole soul life, including everything you were thinking and remembering, which you already invested externally in the infinite virtual reality, will be preserved forever. Even if you die physically, it will be preserved and it will continue to evolve and develop through Infinite Intelligence. The idea is that people will not die physically or at least live hundreds of years, since the new technology will overcome the illnesses that medicine could not conquer. But after long years, if they still die at all, all their life will remain as a virtual personality in a tech reality, continuing as it were, a second life. But this will really become the primary life, the life of this individuality as his avatar in virtual reality. If you don’t know this world very well, it will be hard for you to create a picture of it. Look into it; the children already know all about it, they are born into the Matrix, as their parents merge them with the internet immediately. This is the ahrimanic side, because everything is accomplished through Infinite Intelligence, working through virtual reality. In the future, a huge intelligent machine will have been merged into the human body, and humans and infinitely smart, powerful, and all-knowing and all entertaining AI (Artificial Intelligence) will become one and the same…”

It is worth reading the Wikipedia entry about Ray Kurzweil, including his transhumanism (ie the belief that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves through technology into different beings with abilities so greatly expanded from the natural condition as to merit the label of  “post-human beings”) and his predictions for the future. Along with Yuval Noah Harari, whom I wrote about here, it is clear that Kurzweil, this highly intelligent man, is nevertheless one of the Useful Idiots preparing the way for Ahriman.

Kurzweil wikipedia

Ray Kurzweil (photo via Wikipedia)

As part-evidence for my statement that Kurzweil is an idiot, it should be noted that he has joined the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a cryonics company. In the event of his declared death, Kurzweil plans to be perfused with cryoprotectants, vitrified in liquid nitrogen, and stored at an Alcor facility in the hope that future medical technology will be able to repair his tissues and revive him. I have written more about the absurd belief and practices of cryonics and Alcor here.

It should also be noted that Kurzweil was personally hired by Google co-founder Larry Page. “Don’t be evil” was the motto of Google’s corporate code of conduct, first introduced around 2000. In Google’s IPO (initial public offering of shares) in 2004, a letter from Google’s founders included the following: “Don’t be evil. We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served—as shareholders and in all other ways—by a company that does good things for the world even if we forgo some short term gains.”

However, surprise, surprise – following Google’s corporate restructuring in October 2015, the motto was dropped and replaced in the new corporate code of conduct by the phrase “Do the right thing”. So is AI the right thing for human beings? Is that the way we should be going?

Elon_Musk_2015 wikipedia

Elon Musk (photo via Wikipedia)

If the world won’t listen to Rudolf Steiner or to anthroposophists, perhaps they will pay more attention to a billionaire entrepreneur: Elon Musk has warned that AI is more dangerous than the threat posed by dictator Kim Jong-un’s regime in North Korea. Mr Musk, chief executive of Tesla and SpaceX, took to Twitter to say: “If you’re not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk than North Korea.”

He posted the comment along with an image of the anti-gambling addiction poster with the slogan: “In the end the machines will win.” Mr Musk added: “Nobody likes being regulated, but everything (cars, planes, food, drugs, etc) that’s a danger to the public is regulated. AI should be too.

Mr Musk has warned in the past that AI should be better regulated since it poses an “existential threat” to human civilisation. He has also compared developers creating AI to people summoning demons they cannot control. Exactly so.



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  1. Herb

    This Ben Aharon certainly seems to know a lot, right down to the date and place of Ahriman’s appearance and just what kind of a “school” he will have. But the fact is that we have no idea about this. Steiner said some things and anthroposophists have taken flight from that. Vladimir Soloviev, the Russian philosopher and mystic, had some ideas about this coming anti-Christ that may prove to be more accurate. After all, he predicted a United States of Europe, a new state of Israel, and an awakened Islam that would attack and greatly weaken the West as a precursor to this anti-Christ. He is doing pretty well in his predictions, isn’t he?

    I don’t quite know why Harari and Kurzweil are particularly evil while Musk, who works more than they do in the field of AI, gets the good person award. Yes, he has cautioned us about the dangers of AI, but he keeps on working unimpeded by much outside regulation and even less self-regulation. Curiously enough, every tech guy thinks he is doing good for humanity.

    There can be no doubt that AI is dangerous and will bring some very bad gifts to humanity, a real Pandora’s box full of goodies. I doubt that it can be stopped. The best that can be hoped for is that more and more people become aware of its dangers and resist it, perhaps forming islands of sanity that remain relatively free of the Ahrimanic. They would be like the people in Fahrenheit 451 who secretly memorize books to keep alive what that society has tried to burn.

    As for regulation, who will be the regulators? Whoever regulates gains power and that power will become more and more centralized. That is certainly the trend. Centralization of power has been occurring within most countries.The UN and the EU are examples of the transnational centralization of power, and there are many more. The transhumanists and the transnationalists will likely work together as partners, as they have a lot in common. That may be a greater danger than even AI, that centralization of power that even some useful idiots in the anthroposophical world seem to support.


    • Hello Herb,

      I don’t think I was giving Elon Musk “the good person award” (there is plenty to be wary of with him, particularly his plans for colonising Mars rather than sorting out the problems here on Earth). What I was suggesting is that, if most people today are not going to listen to Rudolf Steiner or will scoff at anthroposophical ideas (and I got a Tweet from someone who said “It’s always best to spread the word about the evils of Ahriman. Anthroposophists – the voice of reason when it comes to fearing technology”), then maybe they will pay attention instead to someone like Elon Musk. That was all.




  2. In our time of self-consciousness a third opposing force (asuric GA 107, soratic GA 346) has become manifest. Not only as ahrimanic forces in our intellectual life, but in our individual ‘sensuous impulses’ and ‘animal passions’ too. The consciousness soul is pouring itself into our senses and into our will, in fast food, fast drugs, fast cars etc.. Not only into artificial intelligence and new clean machines, but into addiction, terror and rage, as animal intelligence.
    See e.g. Nesfield-Cookson 1998, p.300 f. (google mQv4y_TNTUoC)


  3. Ottmar

    Thank you Jeremy for this post and the previous one.
    Many important ideas were expressed there and also in the comments to it.

    1 It is interesting or shocking if you like to see how mankind is lured into this „virtual“ world and that only very few people have a „simple, naive feeling“ that this is stripping us of our human nature. On the contrary, people are fascinated by this ahrimanic world. It will take only a few generations and for most of mankind a „sober, natural, non-improved“ life will be unknown, unimaginable. But it takes some time to get mankind there.
    An analogy: There is a natural barrier in us that prevents us to kill someone. This barrier is torn down for future killers of the mafia by forcing youths to kill, to shoot someone, so this barrier vanishes.
    The same with a „natural“ barrier against transhumanism: Most people today would reject the ideas of Kurzweil today but they successively become fascinated by it. (By the way Kurzweil means amusement, shorten time by amusement; Zuckerberg – a mount of sugar)

    2 Soloviev talked of the Anti-Christ, a spiritus rector, a guiding spirit who had a companion, a magician, someone who enchanted people.

    3 Herb said: The best that can be hoped for is that more and more people become aware of its dangers and resist it, perhaps forming islands of sanity that remain relatively free of the Ahrimanic.
    Rudolf Steiner called this: forming cultural islands.

    4 According to Rudolf Steiner the first 4 cultural epochs followed each other in a strict timely order. This changed in 1413 when our 5th epoch began. RS said that from then on the 6th and 7th are already showing its presence.
    So forming cutural islands is really an anticipated work of the 6th epoch.
    The myth or model of the 5th epoch is Faust, the individual, who strives and has to encounter the evil and „enter heaven“ as an individual. The myth or model for the 6th epoch is the new community (of which communism was an ugly caricature), the city of Kitesh, where a whole city „enters heaven“. And we can even get a glimpse of the end of the 7th epoch today, when there is the fight of all against all, in suicide terrorism, drugs, and automated warfare by mini drones etc.

    Anthroposophists find it hard to form cultural islands or islands of sanity, because they are mostly highly individualized and not so much inclined to work together in friendship, to respect and value the work of others.

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    • Liliana

      Ottmar, you say: “Rudolf Steiner called this: forming cultural islands”. Would you have the lecture date or the GA for this? Speaking of cultural islands reminds me of the gated communities of the Essenes at the time of Christ.


      • Ottmar

        There is no such course or lecture on the necessity of cultural islands. What I found on my laptop is a 17 page article on the subject, unfortunately in German. If you are able to read it, I ll send it to you.

        In essence it is about the necessity of cultural islands or oases in the form of new „groups“, preferably on the basis of a farm, that forms a organism, so that a group soul, an angel can connect to it and they would also have the advantage, that a certain piece of land belongs to that „island“. A Camphill Village or a Waldorfschool would also be able to form such an islands. These „islands“ would have the force or light to influence the world around it, even to far distances. Johanna von Keyserlingk wrote about it in her important memories called „Koberwitz 1924“.

        I personally am convinced that there are certain prerequisites for such an island on this level and I wonder where in the anthro cosmos these high conditions are realized. The members of that group should consciously work in that direction, hold regular meetings, encounters where they work along the ideas of the reverse spiritual activity (I dont know the correct English term for: umgekehrter Kultus), where they speak with such respect for each other, without any form of hate, irony that „they can lift themselves under the angel“ as Rudolf Steiner put it in GA 257, Anthroposophical Community-Building.

        But I also think that on a much more modest level, eco-villages, farms, circles of friends and so on, are also helpful both for the members themselves and for the earth and society as a whole. There is this consolation: When we try to do something positive, in deeds, in thoughts and we cannot fully succeed the spiritual world will do the rest, fulfill it. Our intentions, our efforts are what matters. (Dont ask me for a precise quote, all I write here is from my memory only, I ve never written any books or anthro articles.)

        So I think the cultural islands should certainly not be gated communities for the rich, rich in cultre in this case and also not monastries but rather something like an autonomous, self-governed „villages“ in combination with the spiritual side of the monastries in the past; bringing these 2 aspects together. Sorry, Liliana, I cant do more for you here.


      • I think it can all be surmised in this lecture from GA186, in which Steiner sees how the individualistic ego sees its own little domain as a kind of island. Yet, we are not alone; no man is an island in the true sense of the word.


      • A conversation within a small circle (Koberwitz in 1924) is reported discussing the future of Germany: The enemies of Germany would not rest, until the last (industry) chimney would have fallen. Germany would sink to an agrarian country in which centres of anthroposophic work far away from each other would form especially educational “provinces” to which the western countries would send their children for bringing up. Role of Central Europe like that of the Greeks during the time of Rome’s dominion. Compare Keyserlingk p.78 (google IhKwMKcExV8C)

        Specifically, the concept “islands of culture” seems to stem from Ita Wegman (according to Bernard Lievegoed):
        She particularly loved curative education. She spoke about it being the task of curative education to build “islands of culture”, where therapeutic work with handicapped children goes hand-inhand with communities radiating the Sun forces, which can work into the cultural life to heal.

        Click to access Bernard-Lievegoed-Institutions-of-Spiritual-Life.pdf


      • Herb

        On the theme of cultural islands, there is an American conservative Christian who recently wrote a book about this called The Benedict Option. His view is that the West has become oppressively secularized, decadent, and openly antagonistic towards religion and religious people. New small communities will have to be organized in order to live a Christian life or a religious life of any kind. He compares the situation to the barbarian invasions during the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire.


  4. Very interesting article. Thank you.


  5. Two months later (in: GA 195) Steiner added one ‘all-important thing’ to his previous descriptions of the incarnation of Ahriman:
    “The all-important thing is that man shall not through sleeping miss the coming of Ahriman. … in the Ahrimanic age it is all-important that men should know that they have here to do only externally with J. W. Smith, that inwardly Ahriman is present …”

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  6. Ottmar

    Thank you, Ton, for this reference. There are even more important aspects of Ahriman s incarnation in that lecture, GA 195, Dec. 28, 1919.

    Soloviev s „Short story of the Antichrist“ is also a must read in this context. There the Antichrist says to the religious leaders of Moscow, Rome and Wittenberg: What is the most important, the dearest thing for you? I ll provide it.
    Today this sounds more trivial: AI, Artificial Intelligence promises to eliminate all illnesses, all poverty and a happy life of at least 140 years for everybody.


  7. This last lecture indicated these two aspects:
    “The incarnation of Ahriman, in a future not very far distant, can be helped on its way just as well by an obscured worship of the Gospels as by abstract thinking.” GA0195/19191228

    Ten years earlier, Steiner had explained the reason for this:
    “It was in this second soul-member, the intellectual soul — the transformed part of the ether-body — that Ahriman established his footing. From there he lures man to false conceptions and judgments of material things, leads him to error, to sin, to lying — to everything that originates in the intellectual or mind soul.” (GA0107/19090322)


  8. In GA 107 (Being of Man, 1909) Steiner described the Asuric forces of ‘theoretical materialism’ but also of ‘sensuous passions’ working in our consciousness soul, in the transformation of the physical body. In effect, these opposing forces attack the ego-organisation i.e. the form of the human body (Cf. Ben Aharon 2017, p.141, google nQEmDwAAQBAJ):

    “One will see people coming up to one and one will not be able to believe that they are really human beings. They will develop in a very strange way even outwardly. They will be intensive, strong natures outwardly with fierce features and a destructive rage in their emotions; they will have a face in which one will see a kind of a beast’s face outwardly.” (The Apocalypse 1924, lecture eight, GA 346).


    • “… the animalization of the bodies is coming up in a very strong measure. Just as the Americanization of the spirit represents a mechanization of spiritual life, so the Bolshevism which tends to spread out in the East represents an animalization of the bodies.” GA0193/19190912

      Jeremy illustrated this spreading animalisation of the body two years ago:


  9. Well, Jeremy, I don’t mean to spoil your fun about Steiner saying “fun”, but since he actually said the word “Freude,” then might you consider re-titling Beethoven’s 9th Symphony as “The Ode to Fun?”

    Ah, the fun and joy of reading Steiner in English translation — especially given the Shavian observation that the Brits and the Americans are the only two peoples separated by a common language.

    But take heart! The lady that translated Steiner’s “Freude” as “fun” here was Dorothy Sophia Osmond (1889-1978), my favorite among the early cadre of Steiner’s English translators, given Dorothy’s deep melancholia (she had an alcoholic father) that blessed her with an even deeper playful wit — so it’s no surprise to me that she would try to put fun into the otherwise dour and studiously funless Steiner.

    However, the issue here is not so much the right English word, but rather the gist of the whole passage, which ought to inspire you, Jeremy, to begin to lighten up about Ahriman’s “useful idiots” and have fun with them.

    Let me quote the passage in German, followed by Dorothy’s and then my translation:

    „Gerade der Umstand, daß die Menschen — wenn ich mich trivial ausdrücken soll — von der Entwickelung des physischen Planes in der Zukunft wenig Freude haben werden, wird sie veranlassen, immer mehr und mehr einzusehen, wie die Weiterentwickelungen von den geistigen Kräften kommen müssen.“

    Dorothy Osmond translation
    The fact that — to use a colloquialism — people in the future are not going to get much fun out of developments on the physical plane will bring home to them that further evolution must proceed from spiritual forces.

    Tom Mellett translation:
    If I may express myself trivially here — it is precisely the fact that, in the future, human beings will experience so little joy in the developments made on the physical plane that it will force them all the more to recognize how further developments can only derive from spiritual forces.

    And then, does it not follow from this “forcing the issue” that all Anthroposophists should be joyful and/or have fun with characters like Ray Kurzweil in order to restore the level of joy and/or fun that is missing from Ahriman’s machinations on the physical plane?

    After all, as Ottmar points out so godawful seriously, the word Kurzweil is a German noun meaning: “pastime, diversion, amusement.” So might Ray’s very name be a nudge to you that the Anthropopper ought to make a “pastime, diversion or amusement” out of Ahriman’s very activities here on the physical plane?

    I certainly delight in making the machinations of Ahriman fodder for my own tomfool amusement so why don’t you give us the British version, Jeremy?

    (After all, in 2008, the great Nation-State of Uribistan appointed me as lifetime Ambassador at Large for Lost Angeles, as can be attested to by Hermann Finkelsteen, the Uribistani government official who signed my very ambassadorship appointment papers. I’m sorry I don’t have the papers available for posting here, but at least I can give you this old link to my great joy at the event.)

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    • A very good point, Tom, and thank you for your help with the translation. In some respects, of course, Ray Kurzweil is a great comic figure, and laughing at monsters is always a good way of diminishing their impact. I can’t help but reflect, however, that Chaplin’s depiction of Hitler in The Great Dictator did nothing to dent his rise; and although Trump is a joke figure, that doesn’t seem to take away from the daily disaster of what he actually does. Nor can I think of any instance in which satire, say, has made the slightest difference to how such characters behave. So, yes, by all means let us laugh at Ahriman, while also pointing out the horror. I need to work at this, as I’m not good at lightening up.


  10. Kathy

    Ah!…How to lighten-up? How to keep from falling into despair as the world – this age – roils and turns on the spit? It’s so hard to grasp what I think is asked of me: that is, not to FIX it but to face it. All the efforts to “fix” seem to play right into Ahriman’s hands. I remember as a teen feeling overwhelmed and in despair when President Kennedy was assassinated. Then one day I heard a comedian (I think Mort Saul) say something like: “well, we had Jack Ruby in prison and we almost found out, but Ruby stood in a draft, caught cancer and died.” Somehow this satire made it all bearable. Sometimes when I’m mulling over that I don’t have to stop A., just not let what he’s up to go unnoticed – I remember the power of satire. Also, A’s power/influence is really us, isn’t it? He’s given us our mind (reason, logic, 2+2=4). Doesn’t his presence mean we have to use the mind he’s given us to transcend itself? “Know ye not it is written, ye are gods?”

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  11. bbballah

    Thank you for the article and the comments. At the moment I am studying the lecture Evil and the Future of Man, October 26, 1918, GA 185 the fifth lecture in the cycle From Symptom to Reality in Modern History. In it he points out how the forces of death long ago took hold of the physical body and how only now are they taking hold of the soul nature. We will continue to receive these forces for the remainder of earthly evolution. The proper task of these death forces is to endow humanity with the faculty of the consciousness soul. He pointedly says the faculty, not the consciousness soul itself. He also says these forces in the universe which bring death to man do so as only a collateral effect alongside the proper task just alluded to.
    The forces of evil for humankind will only be able to be absorbed like the forces of death are now in the Jupiter period. If we would seek out the evil in man at present it is in the inclinations not the actions. Since the beginning of the 5th post-Atlantean period evil inclinations are present in all humanity. He goes on to say we must receive into ourselves these inclinations of evil to, out of our own Spiritual Soul, receive from the universe the Spirit which must fertilize all cultural life, unless this to die away. He goes on to explain how an essential impulse during the age of the Spiritual Soul is the growth of interest between man and man during the remainder of earth evolution. He outlines four domains where this must grow. These appear to me like seeds for the future revealing of the reverse ritual in 1923-4.
    I have quoted liberally from the text of the lecture. I hope this adds to an ever-growing understanding of our common human future which I see this post and comments as urging us towards. Thank you again.


    • I love the fact that you gave a nice condensation of the lecture. Yes, the inclination toward evil is much different than actually doing evil, and we are all guilty of the former, while resisting the latter. Yet, we must even resist the former in order to find true peace. Thus, we must root out even the inclination.

      This means understanding what the spiritual soul is in our time, as well as how to conduct the spiritual life. The mysteries of death and evil both bring us to our present realization. What is it?

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      • Hello, I would like to add also that in consideration of the faculty of the consciousness soul vs. the consciousness soul itself, which is a work-in-process today, we should consider how the faculty of the intellectual soul is now possessed as the ground of the consciousness soul.

        In reading the lectures, “The East in the Light of the West”, GA113, this popped out from lecture VII, which caused me to re-read the lecture you cite from GA185. Please let me cite it because it entails a kind of complete reversal to what brought the intellectual soul into being. It talks of a gradual emergence of the contracted etheric body out of the will of the physical body, which recognizes its density to the mineral element that has brought forth individual ego consciousness in its rudimentary form. So, we possess both Intellect and Individuality at the present time, but here is what Steiner says is occurring as a natural metamorphosis today, and which some people [initiates] strive to achieve:

        “Mankind is entering a condition in which the etheric body is to a certain extent drawing itself out of the physical body again; but it must not be thought that it now receives spontaneously everything which in earlier times it possessed as an ancient heritage. If nothing else happened but its withdrawal, the etheric body of man would just leave the physical body and would retain in itself none of the forces which it formerly possessed. In the future it will be born from out of the human physical body. If the human physical body did not add something to it, this etheric body would be empty, barren. The future of human evolution will be that men will, as it were, allow their etheric body to leave their physical bodily nature, and they will eventually have the possibility of being able to send it out empty. What does that mean? The etheric body is the force-bearer, the energiser of all that takes place in the physical body. It must not only provide forces for the physical body when it is entirely concealed within it, but at all times; it must provide forces for the physical body even when it is again partly outside it. If the etheric body is left empty it cannot react upon the physical body, for it would then have no strength with which to react. The etheric body must, after it has passed through the physical body, have obtained its forces from within the physical body. The forces with which the etheric body can react again upon the physical body, must have been drawn from within the latter. The task of present-day humanity is to absorb into itself that which can only be acquired through activity in a physical body. That which is gained within the physical body accompanies evolution, and when man in future incarnations lives in organisms wherein the etheric body is to a certain extent released from the physical body, he will experience in his consciousness a kind of memory through the partially liberated physical body.” GA113, 29 August 1909.

        So, what this means is that any dynamical effort we make in all good consciousness from within the physical body parameter is working to regenerate and effect the emergence of the etheric body. Thus, its liberation from the former restraint seen as the present intellectual soul, which perceives a three-dimensional worldview and its natural science, as if it existed alone without any causal science of the spirit.

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  12. bbballah

    Thanks for this, it is a very practical spiritual scientific characterization of how for the remainder of Earth evolution we must receive the forces of death into our own being, and also of how we can begin to learn to receive the forces of evil in the Jupiter manifestation.
    One difficulty, among many, I find on my own path is to fully realize how I have within me the same inclinations as the most horrific acts of evil and that I must eventually receive them into my own being. I find it much more possible to receive the forces of death in this present incarnation. I realize to receive evil becomes a necessity only during the far distant Jupiter evolution, but to begin this journey as Dr. Steiner has revealed is imperative and I know starts now with the characterizations he has given. What a great gift he has given us, but also what a great responsibility.
    His referencing the essential impulse of the growth of interest between human and human during our time of the Spiritual Soul and the 4 domains of how this is to grow is a clear exposition of how to accomplish what we must by receiving the proper task of the forces in the Universe that bring us death; i.e. to be endowed with the faculty for the Spiritual Soul. (which I am only slowly in this incarnation beginning to grasp an understanding of)
    Thanks again. Much food for our souls here.


    • It is important to know that the forces of death exist to bring forth the power of thinking because every thought within the human organism is an act of destruction. Yet, we are only conscious today in our thinking, which is borne out of the death principle. The inclination to evil is much more of a feeling, which we must grasp by our intellect in order to root out. So, we have to recognize evil thoughts as they occur, and then ban them with a higher resolve.

      This resolve is what you already see as the empathy between people; the active interest of one to the other. Steiner spoke of it here in a lecture about the fundamental social issue of our time, which concerns the importance of overcoming certain inherent inclinations to being self-enclosed and alone in our present-day ego consciousness, and recognizing others. In my experience, this is the way to cancel out even the inclination to evil, which are thoughts borne out of the forces of death, and needing only the spirit of truth, which can be seen here in how to become a social being again:


  13. bbballah

    OK, thanks.


    • No; thank you 🙂

      You see, here we are dealing with the Mystical Christ, experienced as an inner soul event, and this has the power to begin to realize how the physical body must take responsibility for the regeneration of the etheric body. Steiner forecasted in late January 1910 that the Christ would reappear as an etheric body experience beginning in the second third of the twentieth century. And this has taken place, and can be verified. That is how it is possible to will the physical body to act on behalf of the totality of humankind, and achieve a kind of self-realization that good initiatives exist to be served, as well as deploring the aims of the evil powers so inherent in just about everything we read today.

      But, so much of that is the propaganda of the mainstream media, which is owned by the evil powers and their lust for money, control, and raping the earth of its resources, dignity, and the Holy Spirit. When the fact of Christ is felt as a real experience in the inner soul-life, then one knows the world is on the brink of how good must respond to evil.

      2017 is seventeen years into the third millennium of the Christian era. Steiner called it the renewed Abraham Epoch, in which modern exact clairvoyance would begin to become the new faculty of perception, born out of a Consciousness Soul with a faculty much like the existing Intellectual Soul, yet adducing much more from the sources of an inner light. Steiner drew the parameters of such a development, and thanks for that, and our own efforts for the cause.


  14. Kathy

    There is a double-bind in the interplay between thinking and feeling we are discussing: thinking is born out of the death principle – but our inclination to evil is more a feeling – which needs to be grasped in the intellect (thinking) to be rooted out. This is a contradiction – an impossibility. Identifying a third function, willing, becomes necessary and relates to the “growth of interest between human and human”…empathy. Did Steiner specifically discuss the three functions as they relate to thinking (Ahriman), feeling (Lucifer) and willing (Christ)?


    • When one considers that Michael conveys the cosmic intelligence through spiritual science today, then there is no contradiction at all. Feelings/emotions are swift and often impulsive, such as the outbursts that convey evil intentions; intentions only, but not the act, which requires the action of the will forces. Cosmic Intelligence is first and foremost a thought-process. Yet, normal intelligence within the domain of ahriman is destructive because death is continually taking place within us. That is why we sleep. We sleep to replace the day’s quota of ahrimanic thoughts with the reconstructive forces of spiritual communion. Yet, spiritual-scientific thinking is reconstructive/regenerative at all times, and especially during the day.

      And that is how thoughts of a higher order can arrest evil inclinations. Cosmic Intelligence wants to solve problems through proactive creativity, while normal thinking is utterly reactive, and even tries to justify the evil inclinations of negative emotions.

      This lecture is one of the greatest that Steiner ever gave. It concerns the Michael culture of the future, and the new Yoga of Will. When the Lemniscate that it depicts is seen as comprising an upper loop involving the objective self, which thinks, and the lower loop of the subjective self, that wills, then one sees how the feeling function that works between as the forces of rhythmic breathing involving heart and lungs, and the circulatory process serves to integrate these two rather polaric functions, i.e., thinking and willing. I find this lecture to express very well what you are asking. Much can be adduced from it as a working methodology on a daily basis.


  15. Russian President Vladimir Putin [the world disinformation leader] says that whoever reaches a breakthrough in developing artificial intelligence will come to dominate the world.
    Putin, speaking Friday at a meeting with students, said the development of AI raises “colossal opportunities and threats that are difficult to predict now.”
    He warned that “the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world.”


    • Ton,
      I think that what we are looking at is how AI differs from the rather simple ahrimanic influences that have occurred for two thousand years. Thus, AI wants to exploit the new techno mankind, which is considered even above the spiritual hierarchies, while simple ahriman sees that materialism needs to be exposed, much like Lucifer, who is already working toward the good.

      So, as previously given, we need to consider this being which is purely of the man-god, the homo deus, which would make itself into the new human being.
      Steiner called it the ahasuerus, and why a certain emphasis was given to this being. He saw it was real, and would come into being in our age.


  16. Demetrios Peroulas

    Mr. Putin also warned that “it would be strongly undesirable if someone wins a monopolist position”… And we all know who is working for a monopolist world: USA and it’s vassals, the cradle of Ahriman.
    That’s why the biographies of anthroposophers in the West are so exclusive and important for the coming into being of the Michaelic Culture.
    Thank all of You for this special Blog!


    • In this connection Steiner used to say the reverse: ‘European civilisation and its American off-shoot’ (GA0191/19191101). European Russia (the same degree of longitude as Jerusalem) is part of this western world (in comparison to China, Asia). The Asuric forces (dark Archai, Hel, Sorat) incorporate (physical body, consciousness soul, economic life) in the western Anglo-American world (GA 107, 121, 194).


  17. He also is said to have “promised that Russia would be ready to share its know-how in artificial intelligence with other nations.” Russia has already shared Buk missiles (plane MH-17) and liquid-propellant engines (North-Korean missiles). The ‘other nations’ will be the nationalities of an alternative world with their authoritarian leaders.

    Putin aspires to be the ruler of this ‘multipolar’ world. The Gerasimov Doctrine prescribes a hybrid war with ‘military means of a concealed character, including carrying out actions of informational conflict and the actions of special-operations forces.’


  18. Ottmar

    I ve never given long quotes here, but this seems relevant to our self-reflection

    Cruelty as a preliminary stage of black magic Criticism in ordinary man

    It comes from cruelty, a quite definite characteristic that is widespread in the thought system of the present and is rooted in the subconscious. Since people lack the courage to practice this cruelty outwardly, they are cruel in their concepts and ideas. In many works of the present time we observe this cruelty in descriptions and representations. We observe it in much that is done and said, and it is far more common at the bottom of the soul than is ordinarily supposed. I have told you that in some schools of black magic the custom exists of acquiring the means for performing black magic by having the novitiate cut into the flesh of living animals. Certain characteristics are thus developed in the soul. Not everyone can do that at present, but many people gratify the same lust through their system of concepts; this does not lead to black magic, of course, but to our present civilization. Much today is permeated by this characteristic; of this we must be entirely clear. We arrive at an unprejudiced grasp of the world only by paying attention to such things; it is achieved in no other way. GA172, Nov 18, 1916


    • Ottmar gives a prime example here of how cruelty has come into the world scene. Yet, could it exist without black magic? So, where does it come from, and why do we acknowledge its existence?

      Could it be that we are all forced to subscribe to governmental laws today, when it was once supposed to be an orderly advance in the science of the spirit. Then, someone pursed our balloon, and here we are, Much of childhood takes place this way. Then it finds its way. This is what I got from it. Latter-day Steiner two years into the first world war. Good stuff


  19. Demetrios Peroulas

    USA has been hijacked by an intolerant, evil neoglobalist terror cult that is leveraging on her great power to export violence towards establishing a worldwide hegemony. It is a pity to watch anthroposophers to fall prey to the paranoid propaganda & black magic of the USA’s Establishment in order to demonize Russia and Putin in particular. Russians are largely misunderstood by people in the West. That’s why I beg you to look at some books that serve as a rational antidote to the current anti-Russia rhetoric. Books that show the bigger picture to what popular media and myth would have us believe:

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    • Putin and Russia aren’t able to become evil or cruel (apartment bombings, MH-17, murders on opponents)? Russia isn’t an imperialistic power (Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, Moldova)? Putin hasn’t been head of the KGB before he became acting president? Russia hasn’t become a kleptocracy with a small circle of nouveaux riches? Putin isn’t an autocratic leader and doesn’t lie? Russia isn’t interested in AI, technology and disinformation warfare?

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    • Steiner gave a great deal of rhetoric about the future destiny of the Russian Folk Soul. They have a particularly important relationship to the Sixth Cultural Epoch. In fact, he told them so in two very private lectures that took place in Helsinki, Finland in 1912 and 1913. In 1912, he reveals to them that Soloviev was the exemplar of the Russian Folk Soul in the fifth cultural epoch, and the reason that he knows it is that he followed Soloviev across the threshold when he died on July 31, 1900. This is when Steiner first learned about the destiny of the Russian Folk Soul. A year later, he would tell the Russian members about the warning of the newly elected POTUS, Woodrow Wilson, whose idea of freedom was “a useful cow giving milk and butter”. Steiner tells them that a conflict of wills between these two nations would infuse the 20th century, and continue through the 1980’s, and that the United States would win in order to gain a short rise into brilliance, followed by its falling “like a house of cards”.

      So, today I think we are seeing this with the notion of a world hegemony of american democracy, which nobody buys as anything but corrupt merchandise. And that is why a pure capitalist without any political experience has taken the power position in U.S. government; commander-in-chief even of the military, while he himself gained cordial deferments from military service for a bad heel. The proverbial Achilles Heel.

      What is most important, though, is to follow this diagram which traces the east to west migration of Sorath, the Anti-Christ, across Africa, and then over the Rock of Gibraltar into Southern Europe in order to attempt to makes its conquest as a cultural influence over all of Europe Charlemagne fought its influence in this quest, and so it was confined to the territory of Spain. But, then individualities began to be born with the aim of advancing this kind of arabism throughout Europe, and even into the western world. The 17th century is particularly noteworthy because this is when the European colonization of middle America began, and we certainly know its history by now.


    • Steiner in his time, from 1917 onwards, didn’t hesitate to criticise the tyranny of the Russian leadership at that time (Lenin, Trotzky, Lunacharsky), which was connected with an ‘animalisation of the body’ (GA0193/19190912), with ahrimanic Satyrs and Fauns, ‘half bear-, half goat-like in form’ (GA0225/19230715).

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      • Yes, but he also acknowledged the destiny of the Russian Folk Soul, which is a young folk soul, for the future time of Philadelphia [sixth cultural epoch]. Thus, in a very significant passage here from 1917, he characterizes what has come forth out of the Russian destiny that will soon see the scourge of the Bolshevik Revolution, set to occur in October:

        “What is so remarkable about the Russian character is that as it evolves something will emerge which is different from what has emerged in the rest of Europe where mysticism and intellectuality exist, as it were, apart. In Russia a mysticism will appear which is intellectual in character and an intellectuality which is based on mysticism. Thus it will be something quite new, intellectual mysticism, mystical intellectuality and, if I may put it so, quite equal to its task. This is something that is not understood at all. It is there nevertheless, though hidden within the chaos of Eastern Europe, and will emerge expressing the characteristics I have briefly indicated.”
        Aspects of Human Evolution, GA176, 19 June 1917.

        So, you see, Steiner knew as early as 1912 that the Russians would have to play their part in the service of the Consciousness Soul era, as it played out, and long before the Sixth Cultural Epoch, c. 3573 AD. And, it can be shown that a certain group was compelled to leave their precious Russia in 1917, due to the censorship and oppression. This group migrated from the east to the west for some thirty years, and culminated in America in 1947. But its centre was in France, where its founder found his second home amongst the French Folk Soul, and started the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man.


  20. Kathy

    I keep coming back to Hollywood’s words: “Anthroposophists should be joyful and/or have fun with characters like Kurzweil in order to restore the level of joy/fun that is missing from Ahriman’s machinations on the physical plane. There is a sense of rightness in this approach – a relief from heaviness and a kind of re-empowerment. Also, a sense of using the intellect to escape the intellect – which I so need. Thank you, H.


    • Come on, Kathy. It isn’t about the difference between “not fun”, and “no joy”, is it? Here is what the intellectual acumen has to say about it:

      “This lecture is one of the greatest that Steiner ever gave. It concerns the Michael culture of the future, and the new Yoga of Will. When the Lemniscate that it depicts is seen as comprising an upper loop involving the objective self, which thinks, and the lower loop of the subjective self, that wills, then one sees how the feeling function that works between as the forces of rhythmic breathing involving heart and lungs, and the circulatory process serves to integrate these two rather polaric functions, i.e., thinking and willing. I find this lecture to express very well what you are asking. Much can be adduced from it as a working methodology on a daily basis.”

      So, did it, or rather, would you waste your time? You have to take it on its course every day, and experience these three elements working together. Thinking, Feeling, Willing, can all be apprehended at the same time, and entirely within nature. Then, we have to express it as best we can.

      I tried to show how it can occur. Thinking first awakes in the morning, even before feeling. Then, willing is the last to come along, And then we make our arrangements throughout the day.


      • Kathy

        “Come on”, Steve, another word for “intellectual acumen” is abstraction. It’s easy to expostulate on the Lemniscate Loops, but it’s another to be genuinely riding them. None of this unfolds (for me) in the neat package you present.


      • It will if you try it. I never expect words on paper to convince one of anything, but you did ask if there was a place where these activities of thinking, feeling, and willing come together, and I felt this was a good place. I share Steiner’s intellectual acumen only because he expressed himself with it, and it furthers the cause of presenting a very unique activity involving the lemniscate as both a mental and physical exercise. It will unfold for you if you try it, but first you have to understand it with the intellect. Reading the lecture would be a good place to start, and then you will know my good intentions.


    • wooffles

      I read your links.

      Fitts says some good things. She says some highly questionable things as well. A better informed interviewer would have never let her get away with her claim that Trump spoke for the American people, since the majority of voters voted for Clinton. That better informed interviewer would have also challenged her on her simplistic version of why people voted for Trump. It was good that Meyer asked Fitts a tough question about Steve Bannon, bad that Meyer didn’t probe her evasive answer.

      As for the Oliver Stone posting, the sanctions on Russia that Congress’s vote reaffirmed came about because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This isn’t the place to debate the rights and wrongs of that invasion, but a lot of people who aren’t usually considered neocons opposed that invasion and supported the sanctions. So Stone is using “neocon” to mean “someone I disagree with about Ukraine,” which is highly misleading. As for Russian interference in the American election (which is the other reason for the sanctions), recent revelations coming from the Trump organization (after their earlier denials and only when they had no choice) and from Facebook mean that anyone who still thinks that this is nothing more than anti-Russian propaganda coming from the “deep state” is in deep denial.

      I, and probably a lot of other people, would like to be able to endorse the sentiments of Fitt’s anniversary prayer. The problem was that a bit of googling set off from one rather strangely worded line revealed that Fitts is a 9/11 truther.

      I appreciate Ton’s helping to explain how anthropsophists like Meyer could work themselves into such deep denial about Putin.


  21. Yes, I looked at them, and I like the idea of a “popsicle index” rather than the Dow-Jones. Also, planting a vegetable garden in Montana as a venture-capital endeavor is one of those aims that hopes for the communal life as a self-supporting system that thrives and lives on its own merits.

    Yet, was it a successful venture? You see, anyone can live by their own merits in a totally self-governing system that thrives, and abolishes materialism at the same time. What Steiner wanted to convey is how much the continued slavery to materialism would beget catastrophe upon catastrophe, and which is a serious concern here in the west, as we speak; a clear and present danger.

    “In the course of the evolution of mankind moments must needs come when human beings are in a sense pulled down, brought below a certain level, in order that they may later by their own efforts lift themselves up again. And it would really be of no help to mankind at all if by some divine decree or the like it could be protected from having to undergo these low levels of existence. In order for human beings to attain to full use of their powers of freedom, it is absolutely necessary that they descend to the low levels in their world conception as well as in their life. The danger does not lie in the fact that something like this appears at the proper time, and for theoretical materialism this was the middle of the nineteenth century. The danger consists in the fact that if something like this has happened in the course of normal evolution, people then continue to adhere to it, so that an experience that was necessary for one particular point in time is carried over into later times. If it is correct to say that in the middle of the nineteenth century materialism was in a certain sense a test mankind had to undergo, it is equally correct to say that the persistent adherence to materialism is bound to work terrible harm now, and that all the catastrophes befalling the world and humanity that we have to experience are due to the fact that a great majority of people still tries to cling to materialism.”

    Materialism and the Task of Anthroposophy, GA204, 2 April 1921


  22. Demetrios, it seems Stone’s series and Meyer’s editorials in ‘The Present Age’ (and Boardman and Ganser articles too) are in fact a kind of Russian propaganda warfare. Steiner: “One relates to people under authority things which are not true, and one does this systematically. Thereby one subdues their consciousness to the dim state of the dream consciousness. Thereby one succeeds in undermining what since the middle of the Fifteenth Century has been seeking to emerge as individual consciousness in the souls of men.” (GA0198/19200606).

    In the past, Meyer has been critical of Bolshevism and the Soviet Union, but not in the least of the present Russian government (“Should the Europeans just leave NATO, which has become a machine preparing for war and threatening Russia and the rest of the world?”, “It is to be hoped that the attempt to bring the free alternative media to heel will fail, and that the mendacious Anglo-American media war against Putin and Russia Today does not become the prologue to a real war against Russia …”, “How differently things sound today from the East!”).

    The reason for Meyer’s blind spot seems to be the future spiritual role of the Slavonic peoples, Steiner’s sixth epoch of civilization (e.g. GA 13 and 121), and the hegemony of the hidden Anglo-American establishment (cf. Steiner’s Memoranda of 1917, in: Social and Political Science, g3TKkw2LxPUC). As a consequence of his blindness, Meyer ignores the present Russian abyss of lies (“If this first branch of civilization is pursued only one-sidedly, then this stream empties into lies.” Etc., GA0194/19191215).

    While democratic Eastern European countries have invited NATO within their borders, Russia has occupied parts of Georgia (Abkhazia) and Ukraine (Donbass and Crimea) with ‘little green men’, and has aggressively interfered in Moldova and Macedonia. The coming week a new deceptive (maskirovka) Russian war game (Zapad 2017) will start in autocratic Belarus.
    “Today, Russia’s military robots and drones are remotely operated, but in the future Russia plans to field “intelligent robotic complexes,” meaning robotic military units powered by AI systems that can fight and kill without need for a human operator.” (


  23. Demetrios Peroulas

    Russia’s mission has been already started. Dr. Steiner said (3/11/1918, GA 185) “to the Russian people as such has been assigned the mission of developing the essential nature of the Grail as a religious system up to the time of the sixth post-Atlantean epoch, so that it may then become a cultural ferment for the whole of the Earth.”
    What does this mean? Here we need Orthodox Christianity. The main endeavor of the Orthodox Christian is to build a society that is based on the axiom “not I but You”, which means a society based on altruism and not egoism, on empathy between individuals. This is the Grail. This is Russia’s mission, it has already been started and until the sixth epoch must succeed in making the Grail Mood into a social system. But as is the case with the seed that must die so that the plant will emerge, so must happen also with Orthodox Christianity, it must “die” so that deep Russia will emerge.
    That’s why we must be friendly and not hostile towards Russia. That’s why Mr. Putin cannot let Russia to be corrupted and destroyed by Americanism & Westernism, as happened with Greece or worse with Ukraine.
    Some books that may be helpful to our considerations:


  24. ‘That’s why we must be friendly and not hostile towards Russia.’
    But critical of the western corrupted, FSB-controlled Russian government and its sophisticated (even automated) information warfare against its own people and abroad…

    In the linked article: “Off the battlefield, Russia [here: the Russian government, not the Russian people] hopes to use AI to supercharge its espionage and propaganda. Russian intelligence agencies already employ thousands of staff who work day and night to create fake news articles and social media posts. Tens of millions of “bots” pretending to be real people on social media push these propaganda posts in Russia and abroad. … In the hands of Putin’s intelligence services, AI technology could unleash a flood of propaganda and strategic deception more effective than any in the history of the world.”


    • I would encourage that we take a moment and breathe. Let us not forget that if the present-day ‘PTB’s’ hold sway as final deciders of how things are going to be, then we are all ‘bleeped’, although I would love to use the real word!

      In my experience, it is real people that are doing the work, and suffering, and striving to make the world a viable place to live and evolve, and I know that this can be shown in earlier times, for example, when the German Folk Soul finally arose out of its peasant and faith-based origins of a Christ, and suddenly began to proclaim a kind of scholarly knowledge of Aristotle in the thirteenth century. This was because Thomas Aquinas arose in order to effect a kind of redemption of Aristotle out of the clutches of Averroes, the prime arabist philosopher as the holdover of the Academy of Gondishapur.

      Yet, with Aquinas, whose incarnation was prepared in the previous century, and especially out of the School of Chartres, and owing to the especial work of Alanus ab Insulus, we have come to see how the 12th member of the Collegiate was formed for the reincarnation of Lazarus as Christian Rosenkreutz. This was to be the true role of Thomas Aquinas. He even experienced beatification in later life, due to this being of Christian Rosenkreutz. He felt that whatever he had written was “so much straw”. This is because Lazarus, in his rebirth, eventually illuminated the 12. And Thomas proves that it was true, and really happened.

      Now, jumping forth a few years, we can see the same aim with the Russian Folk Soul, which is known for its being suppressed by the same ‘PTB’s’, and especially with regard to Vladimir Soloviev, who only wanted to establish a kind of universal church in the world. This was his big aim, until being suppressed by Alexander III, the czar. Alexander said: “I knew your father, and it is sad that he was assassinated. He was the greatest historian that Russia will ever know, but you will be censored from now on”. This is what Soloviev received from the Czar. Yet, V. Soloviev was eventually compelled to “let it all hang out”, and then he died suddenly in the summer of 1900, at 47 years of age.

      This death was obviously due to suppression, but I only acknowledge it in order to offer what Rudolf Steiner felt for this Russian Folk Soul in how it is being carefully nurtured for the upcoming epoch of Philadelphia. As such…, well let’s just hear it from the source, because it really relates to what is going on today. In truth, those who aim for the success of the Consciousness Soul age, had better support the Russians. No, not necessarily the leaders, like Putin, but the Russian people, who are just like us.


    • wooffles

      I understand what you mean by “western corrupted,” but autocratic governments have always been the rule, not the exception, in Russia. So I’m not sure that western corruption is an entirely sufficient explanation for the Putin regime.


  25. Though autocracy is not an inborn Russian error. Khodorkovsky: “I reject the fallacy that Russians are somehow incapable of building democratic institutions.”

    Magnitsky, Browder, Ulyukaev, Navalny (in his video’s) and Pikkety have demonstrated the rise of a western kleptocracy and the associated corruption of the three powers in Russia:

    Piketty and Zucman have studied rising income and wealth inequality all over the world, and what makes Russia unique is how much cash is held offshore. They estimate that nearly $1 trillion in Russian assets is held outside the country, likely by a handful of oligarchs, most of which doesn’t show up in official statistics. Etc.


    • wooffles

      Do any of the anthroposophists who see Putin as a shield between Russia and the corruption of “Americanism” ever really grapple with the sort of evidence that you present in its enormity, Meyer, for example?


    • No, e.g. again and again they discuss 9/11 as an ‘inside job’, but not its two years earlier counterpart, the Russian apartment bombings.

      In the conclusion of the linked article by Allen: “Putin knows that his country is unlikely to become the ruler of the world by pioneering AI’s technological progress, so Russia will simply have to lead in the ruthlessness of its application.”

      Putin already demonstrated such ruthlessness in 1999, when as a FSB director he became prime minister and the FSB initiated the Russian apartment bombings, “a series of explosions that hit four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk in September 1999, killing 293 and injuring more than 1000 people and spreading a wave of fear across the country. The apartment bombings, together with the Dagestan War, led the country into the Second Chechen War.” (wiki/Russian_apartment_bombings).


    • They do not allow the right of free speech, free elections and a free press to the Russian people, only their new spirituality and religious impulses (cf. The New Spirituality, CW 200, p.37 f., google Fu5VCKsPLpwC).

      Following their platonic-dualistic world view, they ignore the possible existence of a powerful secret brotherhood in Russia (e.g. Cheka, Siloviki), like Quigley’s hidden ‘Anglo-American establishment’. Cf. Steiner on Eastern brotherhoods and lodges in CW 178.


      • It is certainly possible that the rigid autocracy applied in Russia came out of the western power structure. At least, this seems to be what you imply here. Yet, anthroposophy could hardly be at fault. Here is how Steiner characterizes the Russian spirit on page 37, CW 200. It is just the first paragraph of an in-depth description:

        “The East had once a grand and lofty life of spirit. All spirituality – with the exception of what is striven for in Anthroposophy – and is trying to give itself new form, all spirituality of the civilized world is, in actual fact, a legacy of the East. But the real glory of this religious-spiritual life was present in the East only in ancient times. And today the Eastern human being, even in Russia , finds himself in a strange disharmony because on the one hand he still lives in the ancient spiritual element of his heritage and, on the other, there is also working in him that which comes out of the present epoch of human development; namely the training towards becoming an individuality.”

        Now, when we consider how the anti-Christ, Sorath, arose in 666 AD, and began to make the east-to-west march that eventually led into Europe, and ultimately found its way into the colonization of America, under the auspices of Francis Bacon and James I, then we have the means to locate Sorath in America, even since the 17th century. This is what Steiner is attempting to describe in the pages of CW 200.


      • Steve, isn’t the present Russia a rigid autocracy of its own, with its roots in the East itself, ‘with all the fervour of a religious impulse’ (CW 200), with ‘initiation knowledge’ (CW 197) and ‘brotherhoods’ (CW 178) of its own? Not exclusively ‘a foreign import’ or a social ‘experiment’ conducted by an almighty Anglo-American brotherhood.


      • Ton wrote:

        “Steve, isn’t the present Russia a rigid autocracy of its own, with its roots in the East itself, ‘with all the fervour of a religious impulse’ (CW 200), with ‘initiation knowledge’ (CW 197) and ‘brotherhoods’ (CW 178) of its own? Not exclusively ‘a foreign import’ or a social ‘experiment’ conducted by an almighty Anglo-American brotherhood.”

        No. It is entirely the product of the western corruption that you have indicated. Steiner outlined this as happening as early as 1913, when Wilson first became POTUS. He further describes its mesmerizing powers in CW 200, page 37, and it demonstrates just how much ruthlessness exists in the domain of America to effect a kind of false molding of the autocracy that you suggest.

        Thus, the world had two superpowers throughout much of the 20th century, and this was seen as both a balance, and a threat. In the west, the cold war with the Soviet Union was seen as the threat; and this is why the hydrogen bomb was developed in order to deal with this “bigger threat”. Eventually, it came about through diplomacy of a very high order that a Russian president was installed who felt aligned with “western blue-jean” imperialism, and so felt the need to dissolve the Soviet Union [USSR] into the individual countries that came into the hands of Yeltsin, and eventually, Putin. He worked closely with the Reagan administration, and especially with George Bush, Vice President, who, during Reagan’s second term in office [1985-1988], effected the very beginnings of the dissolution of soviet power. This is why Bush stole the presidential election of 1988 from Michael Dukakis, in the first documented instance of a vote-scam. It was because Bush had to finish up this dissolving of the Soviet Union, which wasn’t completed until December 1991, when Mikhail Gorbachev, having completed his task, defected to the west.

        So, today, it is all in the hands of the reactionaries. Putin has no other basis. His real power as president was taken from him, as well as the Russian people, by the puppet who was easily found by the western powers in the guise of Mikhail Gorbachev. He even wore the sign of betrayal on his forehead.


  26. wooffles

    These anthroposophists are marching arm in arm with the global Christian right wing– coincidental? hidden structural similarities? a warning example of how you can lose your moral bearings once you start minimizing the importance of free speech, free elections, and a free press? I think of the discussions that have occasionally happened under Jeremy’s last two posts about the ways that evil can disguise itself.

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    • I am left wondering if Wooffles and Ton are really communicating with each other because statements like “these anthroposophists” on the heels of Ton’s ‘they’ and ‘their’, really stand to obfuscate the matter. I have taken the middle position which states that the west has the ability to rule the world under the guise of democracy, and this is the biggest evil in the world. To implicate anthroposophy in this mess, when it can be shown in innumerable ways how knowledge exists to tell the story of how corruption now leads from west to east, is the best indicator in the world.

      So, for example, if 9/11 was an “inside job”, and the Russian apartment bombings was an “inside job”, then they mean the same thing, right? So, why try to obfuscate some kind of difference? Steiner foretold of this battle between Russia and America in 1913; the year after he told the Russian anthroposophists about their exemplar, Vladimir Soloviev.

      Now, that is a truly tragic and sad story. Soloviev, forbidden to speak or write by the autocracy of Alexander III, went ahead anyway, and especially because he saw the anti-Christ on the horizon as he returned to Russia from his second sojourn in the desert outside of Cairo, Egypt. It was 1898.


      • bbballah

        Hi Steve, you seem to have a balanced approach. While anthroposophy is all humanity, from the most unimaginablely deprived to the most saintly, those who call themselves anthroposophists are at this very early Michaelic stage often not able, even though we are aware of it and ideally do try to struggle with it, egotistical in our views. I certainly know this to be true in my life. The opportunity is there through Dr. Steiner to at least try to be conscious though we do know it is a necessity to struggle with this dilemma in this age. Not easy but surely an exciting endeavour I would say.


      • bbballah

        Sorry, just wanted to add…..this is not a communication medium, it is an information one.


    • To me the expression ‘under the guise of democracy’ seems more appropriate to describe Russia’s ‘guided democracy’ (without free speech, free elections, a free press or freedom of religion).

      For the record, I think it’s absurd to argue that 9/11 was a false flag operation or ‘inside job’ (see Stone, Ganser and anthroposophists like Meyer, Bracher and Boardman in The Present Age), while I can accept the 1999 apartment-house bombings in Russia as maskirovka (cf. Satter: “All available evidence points to Putin’s complicity in the 1999 apartment-building bombings in Russia. Those who have tried to investigate have been killed off, one by one.”)

      (Steiner (CW 185a, 1918) has given the example of the ‘staged unrest’ in 1878, preceding the occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary.)


      • Ton, it is important to assess what you write here:

        “For the record, I think it’s absurd to argue that 9/11 was a false flag operation or ‘inside job’ (see Stone, Ganser and anthroposophists like Meyer, Bracher and Boardman in The Present Age),”

        Well, let me tell you that I had recent occasion to talk to Daniele Ganser about his assertions concerning 9/11, and his problem concerns the destruction of WTC 7, which fell to the ground on the late afternoon of 9/11, several hours after the twin towers plummeted to the ground, His problem concerns how that could have happened. In 2007, the U.S. government gave a very specious report of how it occurred. So, he remained unconvinced of its story.

        Does that help you in understanding how the biggest ‘false flag’ in history also becomes the unacknowledged third world war; the quiet war, as we speak.


      • Steve, Cold War 2.0, information warfare, is taking place today, and Ganser’s WTC7-story is part of the Russian disinformation warfare. It’s a Russian strategy of flat denial and of sowing confusion with as many different theories as possible:

        E.g. compare Putin’s denial of Russian involvement with the outcome of the 2015 investigation on the MH17 Crash (


      • Steve Hale

        “Ganser’s WTC7-story is part of the Russian disinformation warfare”.

        WTC7 was imploded on the afternoon of 9/11/01. Ganser questions the official government technical report, which basically states that although no airplane struck this 42 story building; the 7th in the WTC complex, collateral damage from the twin towers [WTC 1 & 2] was sufficient to cause this building to collapse under its own weight in the same manner.

        Modern-day superstructures are designed to withstand airplane impact; even commercial airliners traveling at a high speed. Yet, this building came down without being touched. Ganser merely questions the findings of the official report, which is a lie that anybody can see with their own eyes. All the official report had to say in order to be honest was that the lease-holder of WTC 7, Larry Silverstein, asked for his building to be destroyed due to interior damage. This statement of fact would be honest, but the government chose to lie about the causes, and this puts the whole matter of what occurred that day under extreme scrutiny. And the evidence is mounting steadily.

        It has nothing to do with Russian disinformation, but only your disinformation.


      • Ganser is not the neutral Swiss scholar he seems to be. He rather has become a pro-Russian and anti-American would-be scientist with his own institute.
        Collateral damage was not the official key reason for the collapse of WTC7. “The fires, which were fueled by office contents and burned for 7 hours, along with the lack of water, were the key reasons for the collapse.” (wiki/ 7_World_Trade_Center). Thermite (Jones, Ganser) or a secret high energy weapon (Wood) are speculative causes, which cast doubt upon the official investigations for political reasons. Another objection is that these secret causes should have been known to hundreds of people and were kept a secret during fifteen years.


      • Steve Hale

        “The fires, which were fueled by office contents and burned for 7 hours, along with the lack of water, were the key reasons for the collapse.” (wiki/ 7_World_Trade_Center).

        It is interesting that Grenfell Tower, which is 23 stories high, burned for hours, and did not collapse. WTC 7 fires were all interior, and never seen by outside observation. Certainly, extreme heat would have broken windows, but the building never showed that it had been burning for 7 hours. All indications by the experts was that Building 7 was a true implosion. Andreas von Bulow claimed that it housed the command/control center for the whole operation.


      • Expressed in apocalyptic terms, Ganser in his 9/11-lecture was rejoicing about the fall of Babylon (“Plane, plane, building, building”,, 37:25)

        Steiner (1924):“The Ahrimanic element is present in what falls here, as for instance when Babylon falls, and it is opposed to the Luciferic element. What kind of an image must the Apocalypticer use when he sees this? The image of jubilating Luciferic, angelic sentiments. … It’s a big mistake to look upon the worst world conceptions as the best ones, as for instance the idea about the evil principle being down below and the good principle being in everything which comes to meet it from above.” GA0346/19240915


      • In their narratives, the 9/11-critics like Ganser again and again mention one natural cause, and leave other causes out. It is: collateral damage, and lack of water, and uncontrolled fires. They believe the collapses were so unbelievable that they can only have been caused deliberately, by an enormous evil power. In their despair, they even believe only a kind of Bolshevist revolution (or Russian hack) can reveal this one truth.

        (Ganser on his website now links to a video of Steiner lectures on the Karma of Untruthfulness.)


      • Wiki says 1993: “After the World Trade Center bombings of February 26, 1993, New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani decided to situate the emergency command center and associated fuel tanks at 7 World Trade Center.”

        Former German government minister and 9/11-author Andreas von Bülow is a pro-Russian politician. He already visited cold war Russia in 1987:
        “Our main contact with the Russians came in February of ’87 at the big “nuclear forum” in Moscow.”(Spencer, The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy, 2012).


  27. Demetrios Peroulas

    Sorry but I am obliged to tell (for the last time) that we (as anthroposophers) have to handle Russia with pragmatism and care. So I join my voice with that of Henry Kissinger’s and highly recommend a book that “is a welcome antidote to the one-dimensional views of Russia & President Putin that prevail in Western commentary”:


  28. Luke

    In all of these apparent opposing forces, are they not rather working together – via their outward antagonisms ? (Clinton/Trump, the intimate relationship between the US and shifting instances of Taliban/Al Quaida/Isil, the western-directed ‘socialist experiment’ of Eurasia drawn on a map in the 1890s, etc?) Every healthy impulse to sustain what is valuable through these operations has a killing, petrifying, embalming effect, and every impulse towards healthy tranformation and growth becomes mutation, perversion and multipled corruption. Is it really possible to treat any aspect of current situations as if they weren’t entangled in this way, and if not surely it follows that defaulting to one or other ‘side’ or giving a positive bias to any particular nation or individual is mistaken ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Liliana

      Luke, I couldn’t agree with you more.
      Here is David Icke with a nice summary of the current evil. He’s hopeless when he gets into the esoteric, but he shows that he’s done his work when it comes to describing what is happening on the world stage.


      • Herb

        David Icke is a sick, deranged person, and anthroposophy is in big trouble if it has anything to do with him. This video should come with a warning as if it were a piece of pornography. The fact that he is a Holocaust denier and an endorser of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion should be enough to tell you what you are in for with Icke. It is shocking to see it here.


      • Well, Liliana recommends it, so what is your problem? In truth, it is true that David Icke is a jerk. He is also British, which could have the effect of a certain allegiance, even without real powers of esotericism, which Liliana duly acknowledges. Of course, his persona, which struts the stage, and wants to tell everyone that the world is in for a ‘world of hurt’, but that is because we as the human race still refuse to become conscious, and so it is his task to reveal the evil course of the imminent future.

        David Icke is known largely for his book, Alice In Wonderland, from 2002, in which he gives a detailed analysis of the events of 9/11/2001, and attributes the whole affair to the planned failure of the U.S government, and its military forces, to watch the skies around New York on the morning of September 11th, and therefore these airplanes from Logan struck the two towers.

        So, the one thing on behalf of David Icke is that he blames it on the right people. Herein, there can be no doubt. America owns it own travesty, and that is why the world is what it is today.

        Does that help you, Herb?


        • Herb

          Yes, Steve, you help me to understand that there are anthroposophists who knowingly or unknowingly align themselves with dangerous, sick people and who think that lies are the truth. They can even be arrogant about it. It also helps me understand that there are anthropsophists who have no problem with Nazi ideas like those that Icke has. Thanks.


      • wooffles

        “one thing on behalf of David Icke is that he blames it on the right people”

        Well, ultimately, he blames it on lizards. 9/11 truthers keep some pretty strange, not to say repulsive company.


      • wooffles

        The Icke defense is that he can’t possibly be an anti-semite because whenever he uses standard anti-semitic tropes, magnified to infinity, when talking about the Rothschilds, he isn’t talking about real Jews, he’s talking about lizards.


      • I don’t know of any anthroposophists who align with the ideas of Icke, although critics are more than ready to impute some kind of relationship. What I see in Icke is a slick con man, peddling misinformation/disinformation to his eager audience, and attaching his name to books that appear to be written by others, such as “Alice in Wonderland”. That book contains details about 9/11 that could only come from a high level of national security intelligence.

        Now, when one becomes familiar with the workings of the occult movement, as described in GA254, “The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century”, then it becomes clear that David Icke is the occult huckster for the 21st century.


        • Herb

          To my criticism of Liliana recommending the abominable David Icke, Steve writes:
          “Well, Liliana recommends it, so what is your problem…
          David Icke is known largely for his book, Alice In Wonderland, from 2002, in which he gives a detailed analysis of the events of 9/11/2001, and attributes the whole affair to the planned failure of the U.S government, and its military forces, to watch the skies around New York on the morning of September 11th, and therefore these airplanes from Logan struck the two towers.
          So, the one thing on behalf of David Icke is that he blames it on the right people. Herein, there can be no doubt. America owns it own travesty, and that is why the world is what it is today.
          Does that help you, Herb?”

          In response to Steve’s brilliant sarcasm and 9/11 trutherism, I wrote that it was an awful thing to see anthroposophists recommending anything from the likes of David Icke, telling readers here the sort of hateful, bizarre lies and bigotry that Ickes propagates, Steve replied:
          “I don’t know of any anthroposophists who align with the ideas of Icke…”

          You might try reading your own words, Steve, not to mention what you yourself refer to approvingly as Liliana’s recommendation. Does that help you, Steve?


      • Besides being a Holocaust denier, Icke has also ,‘since way, way back’, opposed the ‘systematic demonisation of Russia’.(video: Demonising Russia And Where It Is Planned To Lead), i.e. Russian disinformation warfare with alternative facts.

        “Why do we play a part in suppressing alternative information to the official line of the Second World War? How is it right that while this fierce suppression goes on, free copies of the Spielberg film, Schindler’s List, are given to schools to indoctrinate children with the unchallenged version of events. And why do we, who say we oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history.” (And the Truth Shall Set You Free, 1995)


      • wooffles

        The “slick con man, peddling misinformation/disinformation to his eager audience” succeeded in persuading Steve that he had “details about 9/11 that could only come from a high level of national security intelligence.”


      • Steve Hale

        As an anthroposophist who quotes Steiner not because he is a god but because the quotes are applicable and pertinent to the discussion, it is also a responsibility issue to say a few words about David Icke, who represents the occult movement in the 21st century. Since misinformation, and disinformation, fake news, and false flags, alt-truth, etc., are relevant to this topic of “Don’t Be Evil”, so are a few words about Icke, who has information provided from some source, which he then becomes the propaganda-man in asserting on stage.

        Now, I know that certain posters seem to see contradictions in what I write, and why they quote my words back to me, but I am utterly unpersuaded by anything that Icke says, and as Liliana says, Icke has no true esoteric skills whatsoever. He is a kind of whistle-blower for the conspiratorial theory of history, and a great deal of non-anthroposophical rubbish. His book on 9/11 is only indicative of a detailed plot written by someone who has no true knowledge of what he is providing; thus, misinformation and lies. In thumbing through this book years ago, I was impressed only by how much was being declared in detail about the plot in 2002, just one year after the event. So, my question was: who could know that much so soon, and how could it ever be David Icke?


      • wooffles

        Ickes provides footnotes, so you can see for yourself where his claims come from. The first “it’s the Bush administration” conspiracy theory came out about six months before Icke’s book did (in French), so Icke wasn’t breaking new ground, as far as that goes. He had already been writing about the “New World Order.”

        If you are interested in working your own way through 9/11, you should concentrate on less fringe figures like Icke. He is so obviously a lunatic or con man that no one bothers trying to critically engage with him, as far as I know. Someone like David Ray Griffin is relatively more sober, and it is much easier to find people critically assessing what he writes, rather than uncritically swallowing it. That variety of perspectives gives you some foundation for making an independent judgment. I went through all that when 9/11 truthism first started circulating among anthroposophists I know, and I felt I had to learn something about it.


      • Steve Hale

        Wooffles, I don’t concentrate on fringe figures, like Icke, nor am I persuaded by him, which you seem to assimilate in your critical analysis. Yes, the footnotes are worthy, much like all footnotes to books. In other words, I get it, but you seem to present yourself at the forefront of “9/11 truthism”, whatever that means.

        For me, it is all about truth. Recently, I contacted Catherine Austin Fitts in order to ask her about her 9/11 anniversary prayer, and if she really feels remorse for the victims and families of that tragedy, since she is a “9/11 Truther”. You seemed to indicate that was unjustified, as if those seeking the truth don’t mourn for the losses.

        You might want to review your logic on that. As well, while having never read anything of David Ray Griffin, you might want to review the evidence of Judy Wood, who examined in detail the total scope of the event of 9/11 as a targeted attack, which the forces of Osama bin Laden could never have been a part of.

        So, you tell me about David Ray Griffin, and I’ll tell you about Judy Wood. I was also present when people, including anthroposophists, were convinced that the twin towers were imploded, and this goes back to 2005. Thus, it doesn’t require anthroposophists to believe what people see with their own eyes, and a discriminating faculty of thought.

        Since 2012, there is a whole new viewpoint concerning the destruction of the twin towers. WTC 7 was an implosion, even though the U.S. government lied about it in its official report of 2007. They said the building came down due to collateral damage caused by WTC 1 & 2 {the twin towers], but this can be shown to be patently false; thus, the first big “false flag” about the whole incident.

        Now, with regard to the twin towers, which stood some 110 stories above the ground, implosion was impossible, and so another device was used. It caused the complete molecular decomposition of the two buildings to occur over the course of about one hour from the original explosions, and so the buildings fell from top to bottom. Most of the residue had turned to dust, and drifted to the east with the winds.

        This fact proves to be the biggest aspect of the documentary evidence. The buildings essentially landed in their very own footprint, with minimal structural damage due to the fact that they were decomposed, or ‘dustified’. Another term could be ‘liquidated’, which has the same effect.


      • wooffles

        You asked “who could know that much so soon, and how could it ever be David Icke?” I suggested that his footnotes might answer that question. You replied that his footnotes are “worthy.” I have no idea what overall point you are making.

        I also have no idea how you could have read in anything I wrote that I believed that Fitts indicated that she felt no remorse for the victims and families of 9/11. All I said was that she was a 9/11 truther.

        Judy Wood and her top, top secret “directed high energy weapon” is controversial even among 9/11 truthers. I’ll let you guys sort that one out.


    • Look here. Running throughout all of these apparently disparate arguments is the force of truth. It has no entanglements, and expresses itself in plain truth. This truth is the substance of spiritual science, and whatever opinion anyone wants to beheld and uphold, so be it. But, there is a line of communication going on here which is based on the science of the spirit. Anyone can advance an opinion which makes a mockery of it all, but that line of thinking will always exist to help explain it all. Many examples exist, even as we speak.

      One of these lines of thinking has recently been explained here:

      Oh, maybe it hasn’t been published yet, but it will.


  29. Herb

    This dialogue shows only one thing very clearly: anthroposophists have quite different views of the world. It may show a second thing: some anthroposophists read too much Steiner and quote him as if they were quoting God. Of course, you can find just about anything in Steiner that will support whatever idea anyone might want to present.

    Perhaps the wackiest and most worrisome idea I have read is that there are anthroposophists who seem to be 9/11 truthers, who believe that the US government did it. This is so bizarre as to leave a normal, sane person speechless. I won’t even bother to say why…because I am left speechless.
    There seems to be an overlap between 9/11 truthers, anti-Americans, and defenders of Putin’s Russia. That is quite a concoction, a Molotov cocktail of paranoia and delusion that some think is supported by Steiner’s suggestions related to occult Anglo-American conspiracies and Russia’s future. We are better off ignoring Steiner an merely looking at the situation.

    Putin has been aggressive against those eastern European states that want to be free from the Russian yoke, for he sees Russia has having justifiable rights to control those areas to Russia’s east because he views Russia as a great power, not merely a regional one. Anything that will weaken the West and/or strengthen Russia is on his agenda. That is why he has allied Russia with the mullahs of Iran and with the butcher Assad. It is distressing to see anthroposophists defending this. Why? Because Steiner said Russian would lead the next epoch so many years in the future? How bizarre.

    The situation is a dangerous one. It is not only America that is worried about Russia (Trump less than most) but also most of Europe. Eastern Europeans are probably more concerned than anyone, even those who are fellow Slavs. In my opinion, the West will have to come to some accommodation with Russia in order to avoid bloodshed. There are certainly areas of common interest. I doubt that Russia has been very enthusiastic about forming alliances with the worst Islamic dictators (how strange that this very aggressive, expansionist and violent Islam is so little in the anthroposophical conversation) in the Middle East because Russia itself has to be concerned about all the Muslims both within the state and around their periphery. Russia is not really a great power, and Putin must know that, but Russia’s weakness makes it more dangerous rather than less dangerous, something the West’s elites will have to take into consideration. Unfortunately, Western leaders are mostly idiots.

    I know quite a few Russians who at some point in their lives left Russia for America, the country some anthroposophists seem to consider the epitome of evil. (Personally, my family left Russia a little over a century ago and made it to the US. For that I am forever grateful.)
    There is not one of my Russian friends who thinks that Russia can be anything other than autocratic and aggressive. They believe it is part of the Russian soul and history, and there is plenty of evidence to back them up. Not only is Putin popular in Russia, but so is Stalin. Russians still considers the man who murdered millions of his own people, who sent millions more to the gulags, to be Russia’s greatest, most heroic figure.
    Considering the Islamic craziness throughout the Middle East and the Islamic terrorism we have seen in American and in Western Europe (or are all these inside jobs?), it would be nice to see the conversation turn to that as a serious topic and threat to civilization.


  30. Ottmar

    Waldorf in Greece
    I have a question for the friends in Athens, Greece. I ve read about the first Waldorf School in Athens that was opened Sept. 4 (is that correct?), glad to hear that. In the report it was mentioned that there were a number of difficult obstacles to get the permission from the state for the school.
    Can you tell us about the specific obstacles here? Was it more the far left government, the Greek orthodox church, or… and can you give specific details about the difficulties to found that school?


  31. Demetrios Peroulas

    1. Yes, the Waldorf School in Athens was opened, but I am not in position to give specific details. I can only tell that the obstacles came from the State and its Laws.
    2. As far as Alexander Dugin, Russia and the West are concerned, please study carefully his very interesting interview that follows:
    Love, Demetrios (Dmitri).


    • Dugin discusses scottish liberalism (Steven Pincus), but not the status of civil rights, free speech, free elections, a free press or freedom of religion in Russia:
      “That is, the hermeneutic, the interpretation of these or those terms – freedom, politics, people, justice, law, power, will, independence, state power – are a product of the milieu in which they are proclaimed and of the time at which we are looking at them. They change their semantics. They don’t have any universal meaning in Russian history.”

      Besides ‘a Russian thinker, nothing more’ he has always been a political advisor:
      “In the 90s Eurasianism, when I first wrote that text, was considered pure nonsense. Then Putin proclaimed the Eurasian Union. We began to move forward a little; we pushed back a bit. Crimea is ours. Donetsk is ours. South Ossetia is ours. Abkhazia is ours. Soon, still more will be ours.”


  32. Steve Hale

    I would like to encourage this blog to move on to other domains, but it is worth considering how much this essay, and its comments, has stirred a great deal of matter into the soul-life. From the admonishment, “don’t be evil”, we have heard about how evil inclinations are something rather endemic in human nature, and yet we all strive to not act on the incentive. This is very important because we all bear moral inclinations. And this inclination comes from a source.

    Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture which can be carried around in one’s side pocket, and it concerns the matter of all that is going on today, and why simple words from the soul about it mean next to nothing in the understanding. You see, once words are carefully crafted on paper and then sent, the whole incentive is lost on the recipient. For example, when the issue is how we are rather powerless and helpless in the face of evil, Steiner speaks about its reasons here:

    “There is undoubtedly in the depths of men’s souls a tendency towards truth and, consequently, the urge to speak the truth. But it is just when we are most determined to speak the truth, and then reflect upon how to do it, that we begin to realise the powerlessness of the human body in face of Divine Truth. The moment you practise self-examination in respect of speaking, you will discover a very remarkable fact. The poet felt it when he wrote the words: ‘When the soul speaks, alas, the soul no longer speaks.’ On the way to the point where what we experience in our inmost soul as truth becomes articulate language, truth is already blunted. It is not yet completely killed in spoken language, but it is already blunted. Anyone who understands what language is, knows that proper nouns alone, which relate exclusively to one particular thing, are true designations of that thing. As soon as we use generalised expressions, be they substantives, verbs or adjectives, we are no longer giving utterance to the full truth.”

    How Do I Find The Christ?

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Steve,

    I must commend you for your acknowledgement of the literal “ground-breaking” research of Dr. Judy Wood, whose hypothesis of “dustification” for the disappearance of the WTC buildings is far more plausible than the quite mundane “controlled demolition” conjectures.

    But I exhort you now to go much further, not only to bring this forum back on its topic of understanding evil, but also to place the research of Judy Wood into its proper anthroposophical context as only you can. Of course, I refer to your own dauntless research into the Urphänomen of Evil in the present epoch, namely, the 8th Sphere.

    Might you then understand the “dustification” force responsible for obliterating the buildings as kind of Umstülpung or inversion of the fundamental material/physical force of the 8th Sphere as described by Rudolf Steiner — namely the super-hardening and desiccating forces that created the present moon in the first place? (Counter-etheric forces that suck life and water out of physical matter.)

    As a point of departure, I would like to quote you in your prescient posting 12 years ago on the Anthroposophy_Tomorrow Yahoo group forum where you were being mercilessly mocked by Frank Thomas Smith and others for daring to declare that the moon landings were hoaxes fabricated here on earth. I place in bold your trenchant relevant statements about the etheric forces and the moon.

    . . . give some consideration to the fact that the moon is now a super-hardened, vulcanized sphere that exists for the purpose of providing a necessary counterweight for earth evolution. Sun and Moon are the electromagnetic poles for the earth, which lies in the shadow zone;  life in the valley of the shadow.

    Thus, the moon is effectively sealed off and impenetrable since the mineral kingdom was passed over to the earth during the Lemurian Epoch, about fifty thousand years ago. It was turned into a burnt-out husk when the mineral element was poured over to the earth, and the earth, in turn, passed its fine etheric constitution to the moon. What was to be the original Eden condition of earth evolution now exists on the moon.

    Lucifer and Ahriman were instrumental in conducting the passing over of the mineral kingdom to earth, but also wanted to withhold a portion for themselves. When they couldn’t put it back on the sphere 
    in which they evolved as Archai spirits of the Old Moon evolution, they stuck it in the moon’s etheric body, and created the Eighth Sphere.


    Thus I ask you, Steve, if you believe that the same hardening forces of the 8th Sphere that preclude human beings from ever visiting the present moon are the same forces responsible for Judy Wood’s discovery that the WTC buildings were obliterated by “dustification?”

    “Ashes to ashes” and Genesis 3:19:
    In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.


    • Steve Hale

      No. Judy Wood discovered another principle working in the dustification of the Twin Towers. As a Rensselaer Poly student (RPI) back in the late 60’s, you will appreciate this video. It is the presentation she gave at the Breakthrough Energy Conference in Holland in 2012. She describes a direct free energy weapon of mass destruction [WMD] that completely decomposed the buildings in an hour’s time.

      I surmise some version of Higgs Boson was achieved and set off in the buildings. Tevetron II had begun its second run in April 2001, and claiming to have an anti-proton of enormous potential.

      The Eighth Sphere only creates this outer world of maya in which evil can be conducted right before our eyes. Thus, the ES surrounds the earth with the stuff of phenomena, i.e., appearances capable of being sensed, and thought about. As such, evil can only exist in appearance [Maya], and not in Reality.


  34. Is Artificial Intelligence Related to Deep State?

    According to this article, Hillary Clinton thinks we are totally unprepared for the rise of AI as the governing influence in our lives. Well, I for one, know what it means to be part of the old-generation, which loves everything to be simple and natural, with as few “bells and whistles” as possible in the equation of understanding the deep mysteries of life. Yet, I also see what she is concerned about coming on the horizon. Enslavement to technology is here, and regrettably, I can’t warn anyone younger than me about it. They have not the eyes or ears to hear about it.

    This article makes it all the more pertinent what RS said in his final leading thoughts about the rise of technical science, and the real threat of “going under”.


  35. Lila Schwair

    Very interesting article, Jeremy, thank you!
    You probably already know about this (see link below):
    Soon the chips will be implemented into the brains…
    All the best!


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