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BT – Beyond Terrible


The anthropopper’s blogging has been sadly curtailed in recent weeks ever since a house move in September and BT Openreach’s spectacular failure to provide a phone line and hence broadband access to the new address. This is despite increasingly desperate calls via the mobile to my service provider (since BT, which has the monopoly on installing phone lines in this country, will only speak to the service provider rather than the phone user) who can only say that they, like you and I, are in the hands of BT.   I had of course heard of BT’s reputational issues but couldn’t believe that anything like we have experienced was possible in a situation as simple as a change of occupancy; after all, the previous owners had had a phone line and surely it was just a question of us taking over the line?

I won’t bore you with the rest of the story but will simply say that if I had suggested it to Franz Kafka as a plotline for one of his novels he would have rejected it as implausible. However, today I’ve discovered from a report in The Guardian that there are some people who have had even worse experiences with BT Openreach than us – and these are not people living in the back of beyond but a group of Londoners in a block of flats less than six miles from BT’s headquarters.

Enough. Rant over. Normal blogging service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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