Maintaining human values in the time of Covid-19

Several of my recent blog posts have tried to express what I feel about the net that is slowly but surely enmeshing us all as we proceed into the 21st century. The dominant themes are clear enough by now – the ongoing war on culture and shared values, climate breakdown, the lack of international solidarity, the subversion of truth and morality, the deliberate inculcation of fear and division, a pandemic which has prompted governments around the world to dismantle existing civil liberties, GMO and gene editing, artificial intelligence, the merging of humans and machines and – gradually emerging from the shadows – the ongoing project by the ‘Ruler of This World’ to build a hyper-real replacement for life itself. Whatever it is, we can see it rising, and we will see it closer and more clearly during these next few years, in all its malevolent manifestations.

The divisions caused by Covid-19 are making the arguments about Brexit seem like a vicarage tea party. The unvaccinated, for example, are fast becoming a global underclass, with a two-tier society opening up between what you might call the jabbed and the jabbed-nots. Let us also not forget the arrogance and greed of the elites, who as it appears from this article are plotting to leave the rest of us behind. 

I cannot fight this any longer – force majeure is in operation. I have to live in the world as it is and I have to share the karma of humanity. For example, this means that I have had to bow to government diktat and to have the first Covid jab, or lose my job. I will have the second jab before the government deadline of 11th November. I am trying to regard this as a sacrifice on the altar of the collective. But what I really feel is that this has been a bitter demonstration of my powerlessness in the face of manifest injustice. This is epitomised for me by the fact that, as a worker in a care home for adults with learning disabilities, I must get the consent of a resident or their family before I am able to administer a paracetamol for a headache; but I am not allowed any say and have no right to consent or refuse when the government demands that I take into my body an experimental vaccine that has not yet completed its trials. This absolute principle of consent, which must be applied with complete rigour not only to vulnerable people such as those with learning disabilities but anyone in the normal course of medical treatment, does not now apply to me or other care workers because in our case the government has changed the law. Our only choice is to have the jabs or lose our jobs. The health minister in England, Sajid Javid, is said to be now thinking seriously about sacking 106,000 staff in the NHS (including doctors) who are refusing the Covid vaccines. 

All this has shocked me out of my naïve assumption that those of us who live in the countries of the West are somehow freer than the populations of China or Russia. This is a lie, which is fed to us during our education and through all the media – but it is a lie, nonetheless. The objective reality is that wherever we live, we are subject to tyrannies of various kinds, and although the degrees of tyranny may vary, in our lives within physical bodies the fact remains that we are unfree. This can never apply, thank goodness, to the non-material aspects of our being.

But I feel that I have paid enough time and attention to these negative phenomena. If we focus too hard on Ahriman, he and his minions will focus on us. “No man can concentrate his attention upon evil, or even upon the idea of evil, and remain unaffected,” wrote Aldous Huxley in The Devils of Loudun. “To be more against the devil than for God is exceedingly dangerous. Every crusader is apt to go mad.” Wise counsel indeed, and I am trying to take it to heart. In that same book, Huxley also said: 

“Possession is more often secular than supernatural. Men are possessed by their thoughts of a hated person, a hated class, race or nation. At the present time the destinies of the world are in the hands of self-made demoniacs – of men who are possessed by, and who manifest, the evil they have chosen to see in others. They do not believe in devils; but they have tried their hardest to be possessed – have tried and been triumphantly successful.”

These possessed souls are eating us alive but it is surely not inevitable that all of us will become prey. What looks right now as though its triumph is a foregone conclusion may not be as strong and solid as it appears, because as we know from the past, despite many victories in battle along the way, in the end Ahriman always loses the war. He will lose this time as well because there is a resilience in human life and the natural world which, when allied with our knowledge of the absolute and total love of Christ for each one of us, gives certainty that truth and real human values will outlast and survive the worst that can be done to us, or that we can do to ourselves.

Rudolf Steiner had a deep confidence in humanity and human beings, a belief that some of us have from time to time struggled to share, given all the disappointments we are currently experiencing. Steiner knew, however, that freedom is fundamental to genuine human evolution as “willed by the gods” and this means that, in their free actions, human beings are going to make many grievous errors.

So in this post I want to look at ways of moving beyond our present situation: how to reclaim our humanity, redeem Ahriman, and begin to sow the seeds of some kind of human-scale world again. In particular, I want to focus on the initiatives that each of us can take in our daily lives, that when allied with countless other small initiatives across the world, will turn the tide in favour of humanity and real human values.

Here, I think, it is relevant to quote what Rudolf Steiner had to say in the Karmic Relations lecture given in Dornach on 4th August, 1924:

“All this makes it necessary for the anthroposophist to pay heed to one condition of his karma — a condition that is sure to be present in him to a high degree. Much can be said, — and we shall still have to say many things — about the reasons why one or another character or temperament is drawn to Anthroposophy (…). But all these impulses, which bring the individuals to Anthroposophy, have one counterpart, which the Spirit of the World has made more strong in them than in others. All the many possibilities that are there with respect to the most manifold things in life, demand initiative from the anthroposophist — inner initiative of soul. We must become aware of this. For the anthroposophist this proverb must hold good. He must say to himself: ‘Now that I have become an anthroposophist through my karma, the impulses which have been able to draw me to Anthroposophy require me to be attentive and alert. For somehow or somewhere, more or less deeply in my soul, there will emerge the necessity for me to find inner initiative, — initiative of soul which will enable me to undertake something or to make some judgment or decision out of my own inmost being.’ Verily, this is written in the karma of every single anthroposophist: ‘Be a person of initiative, and beware lest through hindrances of your own body, or hindrances that otherwise come in your way, you do not find the centre of your being, where is the source of your initiative. Observe that in your life all joy and sorrow, all happiness and pain will depend on the finding or not finding of your own individual initiative.’ This should stand written as though in golden letters, constantly before the soul of the anthroposophist. Initiative lies in his karma, and much of what meets him in this life will depend on the extent to which he can become willingly and actively conscious of it.”

This is a wonderful lecture and there is so much in it that is well worth reading. I am struck by the emphasis Steiner gives to the additional difficulty that anthroposophists have in finding their way in the world; and also to the pain they feel when trying to connect with others who have no access to anything other than the material realm. All my experience cries ‘Yes’ to these words. So given the dire state of the world and given the additional hindrances that anthroposophists face, what can we do to find the centres of our being, the sources of initiative which are key to making life worth living?

Each person must of course answer this for themselves. My own answer includes concentrating on those areas of life where one can make a difference, rather than wasting time and emotion on problems which are way beyond my capacity to influence. Is there something in one’s life which holds a promise for a better future, a seed which has been planted for worthwhile human developments and which can support real human needs? As one small example, long-time readers may recall this article in which I wrote about Pixton Third Age, an initiative to provide a co-housing scheme for older people at Emerson College. After years of hard work and effort, this project has at last received planning consent and by the end of March 2022 we should know whether we have enough people interested to make it a success. If all goes according to plan, the building conversion work will begin in Autumn 2022 and the first residents will be able to move in at Spring 2024.

Each of us is now being called upon to do all that we can to help in the evolution and progress of human life. In the face of the current massive onslaught which is seeking to re-define what it means to be a human being, any project which concentrates on true human needs and values is a worthwhile antidote to the poison of our times. People are trying to help in their own myriad ways: artists through their creative work, teachers and parents through educating and bringing up children, activists through changing policies and laws, and any of us through our encounters in daily life. If we can be people of initiative, rather than passive sponges soaking up whatever is done to us, humanity will survive the incarnation of Ahriman.


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  1. anthonykmdouglass

    Jeremy: You were one of the first influences in my becoming an Anthroposophist. I have been following you for many years now and am always grateful for your sincere perspective – on all things. My wife and my situation in our grave (interesting word to use here) times is this: In Autumn of last year we saw the writing on the wall, so to speak. We saw our beautiful home and the mortgage attached to it as a chain, which of course it was as any debt always is, so we sold our home with the intent of moving about the country (U.S.) for a year, travelling around to see not only “sights” but primarily family which is spread far and wide. As one cannot really predict the future (though it is increasingly becoming easier with the evil all about us as I believe evil must inform us of its intentions and we need only be paying attention), we were caught off guard (perhaps caught in our own naivety) and have been living with a relative (in their basement) for the past year.

    My point in sharing my story is this. I believe we are in a time of sacrifice – of that there is no doubt. But since day one, we have refused to comply with any mandate. I was in a job which was barely sustaining our mortgage and the medical tyranny requiring me to wear a mask (I am challenged with acute sinusitis, have been all of my adult life and for which there is no cure as I have come to terms with) and that was the deciding factor for our decision.

    We have family members who have chosen to get this jab to keep their jobs. In fact the majority of our family and friends are doing so or have done so – some willingly out of ignorance. There is mounting evidence that these jabs are not vaccines. They are most certainly the final nail in the coffin of humanity’s connection to the Spirit – Steiner has written much about this reality that has manifested in our time. I have no doubt that our decision will one day lead to terrible challenges for my wife and I. But we will not, cannot, willingly submit to Ahriman in this way.

    It is with a very heavy heart that you are willing to take a second jab. I am not sure you fully understand what you are doing by submitting to Ahriman and, worse, the Asuras. I have prayed for you along with so many others I have come to “know” across the globe who are Anthroposophists. I will continue to do so even more fervently now.

    You shared Steiner’s thoughts on initiative. I thank you for that. When I am done writing this, I will read the lecture in full. Your decided focus on and for the Pixton Third Age is of course admirable. However. It is not slated to manifest until 2024. I fear if you get this second jab you put your involvement in such an initiative at high risk. If you acquiesce and submit to this tyranny you also put at risk all you do here on this blog. The jab is a death warrant, plain and simple – for all who submit. If Ahriman is to be defeated, though he take many down with him in the process, is it not our responsibility to be part of the effort toward his defeat and not toward his success?

    So many said in the beginning of this clamp down on humanity that the “mask mandates” were not the hill on which to fight against this flood of tyranny. They were wrong. The momentum is now virtually unstoppable, yes. But if humanity would, for only one day, one week, in only one area, cease and desist it’s relentless fear of “not having” a job, a sports game, television, the internet, the phone, anything! the tide may not magically turn, but it would have an effect. But it is sadly clear that this is not what humanity wants. Our collective karma has indeed brought this tragedy, this failure to take hold of the Michael and Christ impulse and fight back, but that is certainly no reason to give in – that is not the purpose of karma, collective or individual.

    If you read the Bhagavad Gita it is made clear that in life we are faced with unpleasant circumstances outside our control but which we must stand up to and confront nonetheless. Whether doing so elicits violence and bloodshed i.e. great sacrifice, if it is the honorable thing to do, then do so we must. We must become bound to a higher calling than our own personal desires. We must overcome the fear of losing a job and what that means if we refuse to give in.

    I apologize for seeming like I disrespect your decision(s). That is not, I assure you, the case. I am bound by love to respect anyone their own decisions for their own lives. Mine is simply a plea for someone I care about – all those I care about. Indeed, it is a plea for all of humanity.

    I am a retired software engineer – retiring a might early after the company I worked for was acquired. Since then I have written a historical novel based on my grandfather’s life (not yet published) and I continue to write. Your encouragement has helped me see that this is my initiative – to continue to write, as my writing seeks to share and demonstrate Anthroposophical principles. Thank you for that.

    You are in my prayers. I pray we all live long enough to see the other side of these times, that there are enough untainted human beings left to rebuild and prepare for the next era.

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    • Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes, Anthony. I don’t agree with your statement that I am unwittingly submitting to Ahriman and the Asuras by having the two jabs or that ‘The jab is a death warrant, plain and simple – for all who submit.’ This is an assertion that is often made but the evidence for a WEF conspiracy to depopulate the world, or as Mike Yeadon puts it, ‘deliberate execution potentially of billions of people’ strikes me as unreasonably paranoid. Time will of course tell…


      • Jim

        The anti-vaxers are overwhelmingly trumpie conspiracy nut jobs.
        The US is going thru grave danger due to these folks.
        In North Carolina private training camps cater to these folks and teach them military skills to use on their neighbors. You have no idea how dangerous the situation is here, Jeremy. Not sure your anti-vax position is helpful. The “Big Lie” is a maliginancy eating the soul of our country.


        • Rose Croix

          JIm, the majority of the un-vaxed are people of color. Especially the black community which are primarily Democrats. The next are the Hispanic/Democrats community with Asians towards the end of the mix. Whites are the most vaccinated group which is certainly a mix of Dems and Reps with sprinkles of Independents, Libs and Greens an others. “Overwhelmingly’ is incorrect. Yes there are always the crazies in any situation, like the insanity going on in Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington and San Francisco etc etc etc…..
          By the way I live in the USA.


  2. Thank you for this sobering and warm writing. The scenario is similar here upstate New York with medical and health personnel compelled to get the jab or lose their income. A significant 15-20% percent have opted out of the mandate, finding new ways to use their abilities and dedication to help others. It won’t be easy. A few physicians are attempting to establish their own private health alliance, meaning that the corporate medical complex won’t be dictating the entirety of health protocol. In addition, many parents are forming cooperative home schooling groups this last year since in NYC vaccines are becoming mandatory. A number of other “regular folk” are preparing for, as you mentioned, a two-tier society. This includes mutual help with food, transportation, home care, etc; these are integral to building the kind of community that’s founded on freedom and responsibility, eschewing the extreme political ideologies rampant most everywhere now. Of note, when those of us Anthroposophists recast the sensibility for Ahriman in a way that Huxley describes, it makes utter sense to those critical of the so-called Great Reset, at times instilling a greater curiosity for what Rudolf Steiner’s ideas. A silver lining indeed.
    At any rate, given the need to survive in this time of illness management technocracy and the formation of a blockchain meta-verse, your sacrifice and dedication are appreciated in way perhaps only fellow anthropops can deeply know. We send you our best along with our daily saying of the Michael Verse.

    Dr. Andrew Franck


    • Thank you, Andrew. The regular folk you mention who are preparing for a two-tier society may be on to something, as the prospect of societal breakdown seems increasingly likely. It’s not just climate change – it’s also biodiversity loss, soil loss, and will inevitably include more pandemics, mass migration, fuel and energy shortages, food shortages, resource wars, droughts, famines, extreme weather events, forest fires – but on a scale that’s never been seen before. I think many people understand this but are fatalistic about the chances of avoiding it. What might make a difference to their sense of other possibilities being available is whether they are able through crisis to come to a living relationship to the spiritual world – and of course I think that anthroposophy has a role to play in this.


    • Jim

      I’m assuming you are in Stefanik’s district. Do you believe that Biden is our president?
      Are you vaxinated for small pox, diptheria, polio, measles and mumps?


  3. Rose Croix

    from the little book, How Do I Find the Christ, beginning page 32
    “Today we are in a quite different position from the contemporaries of Christ, or those who lived up until the 7th century. We are now in the twentieth century, well into the fifth post Atlantean epoch. That means that we bring with us into birth, when we descend from super sensible into sense realms, experiences we have had centuries before in the spiritual world. The contemporaries of Christ, of the Mystery of Golgotha, only gained understanding of this Mystery several centuries afterwards; and we experience a kind of mirror-image, a reflection of it, hundreds of years before we come to birth. This is only true of people who are born today; it something new. People being born today bring with them into the physical world a ‘cloud of glory’ from the Mystery of Golgotha, a reflection of what they have experienced in the spiritual world centuries after that event.
    Those who do not have supersensible perception cannot of course have direct vision of this impulse, but they can experience its effect within themselves. And when they experience it they discover an answer to the question: How do I find the Christ?
    For this to happen, the following experiences are needed. First, of undertaking to strive for self-knowledge to the extent allowed by one’s very individual, personal human capacities. Everyone who is honest in this striving will have to concede that he cannot attain what he seeks, that his powers are insufficient, that he feels weak and powerless to achieve his aims. This is a very important experience, one which every person must have who genuinely seeks self-knowledge. The feeling of incapacity and powerlessness is healthy, for it is nothing other than a sense of the illness and ailment afflicting us, which is first step on the path to recovery–for those who suffer from an illness and do not even know they are ill are in the worst state of all. The feeling that we are powerless to elevate ourselves to the divine is an expression of this illness I spoke of that has been implanted in us. Experiencing this illness within ourselves gives us a sense of the soul as burdened by the body’s mortality–that it too would have to die. If we experience this feeling of powerlessness strongly enough then we can suddenly turn the corner, receive the opposite experience: the feeling that if we refrain from immersing ourselves in what our physical powers alone can provide, if we immerse ourselves instead in the gifts of the spirit, then we can overcome this inner soul–death. We can find our soul again and unite with the the spirit. We can sense the emptiness of existence on the one hand and its glorification through ourselves on the other, once we step beyond our feelings of powerlessness. We can sense our illness and incapacity through our powerlessness; but we can also sense the Saviour, the healing power, by plumbing the depths of this powerlessness and acquainting our souls with death. When we sense the Healer we feel that we bear something in our soul that can at any moment resurrect from death within our own inner experience. These two experiences belong together. When we seek both of them we can find Christ within our own soul.
    This is an experience which humanity is progressing towards. Angelus Silesius expressed it in these significant words:
    The Cross of Golgotha cannot set us free
    From evil, if not raised in you and me.
    We can raise it in ourselves by sensing the two poles of powerlessness through our body, and resurrection through our spirit.”
    Ahriman was taken by surprise by the resurrection. He and his hordes, along with Sorath, can also be taken by surprise by Christ in the ether in our blood, nullifying the evil of the vaccine or what ever comes our way. Yes we have a struggle now and in all the future to come and I only know one way to combat it.
    Love Peace and Health to all


  4. Tom

    This is a very inspiring post Jeremy — especially for my own endeavors which align with the Michaelitic duty which I have taken up in my own way but which repeatedly runs the risk of discouragement — so thank you for this shot in the arm. I feel like we should find kindred souls to group up and support each other.
    I’m in the middle of reading the lecture you have provided the link for. I may come back with some questions. 🙏🏻 Tom


  5. Franklin S.

    I really don’t know if you’ve seen my messages before since you didn’t moderate them into the queue of comments, but I will repeat: the climate change (warming) situation is demonstrably false. Brilliant Tony Heller is a very approachable educational source that completely obliterates the topic and helps set anyone concerned back onto the path of sanity so that we can focus on the much more important issues that are destroying our world (societally the luciferians truly working to dismantle and destroy everything). See RealClimateScience dot com. See his tweets. See his videos (YouTube deletes some, but there are some there and on other syndication services). This is important to put to bed so it is not a topic of debate – since it really isn’t. The science is indeed settled contra this topic and it needs to go away vs being a distraction.


    • I didn’t know who Tony Heller is but have now googled him and I have to say I’m not impressed. If climate change is a government plot, then just take a look at the totally unprecedented weather we are getting in the UK right now. However malign world governments may be, I doubt that they have the power to control the weather to that extent. Try examining your own inner conflicts that might be driving you to believe this stuff…


      • Franklin S.

        I’m exceptionally surprised by your reply. With such a quick reply (only 43 minute differential) I can authoritatively and unequivocally say that you have not consumed even a slight fraction of what you would need to review in order to obtain your resultant un-impression of him and his work. I can 100% assure you that he is correct after having followed his work and research for several years. You definitely are not making a correct judgement and I can assure you by Truth that you will find my internal biases are not at all part of this equation.

        As Truth is my witness, I have no inner conflict in this regard and I know that which I say and ask you to much more sincerely study is right and true.


  6. Gerard

    Thank you for your thoughts Jeremy, you have been going through much inwardly. Bless you.
    I wish to bring to our attention two talks by dr John Campbell on YouTube. I am sure you have seen/heard him before. The first one is called: “Inadvertent Intravenous injections”, the other “Aspiration, more information”.
    Both about the importance of HOW the jab is delivered. Each about 20 min.


    • Thank you, Gerard. I didn’t know the work of Dr Campbell and so I was interested to learn how important it is to ‘aspirate’ when giving the injection, so as to avoid intravenous injections. I will certainly ask for this to be done when I have my second jab.


  7. Duncan W. Alderson

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for this thoughtful blog. I am a retired Waldorf teacher who now lives in Lancaster County, PA. Responding to pressure from my wife, who was afraid she would make me sick, I decided to get the first Pfizer shot at the end of August. Ten days later, I was hit with a bad case of vertigo and feeling of being sick. Everyone tried to tell me it was not the shot, but I knew it was. Finally, my family doctor diagnosed it as a hyper-inflammatory response to the vaccine. Then, my metabolic doctor went even further. He said that the cytokines in the vaccines can go rogue in such an inflammatory response and attack various parts of the body, heart, joints, stomach, brain etc. I had had vertigo before, so that was my weak point. He is having me do a cytokine panel (blood test) to see which cytokines are causing my problem. There are specific drugs to “reset” the different cytokines. He recommends this for anyone having a problem after getting the jab. I am hoping this will help to clear up the vertigo and my condition. My temperature is up and I feel like I’m in a constant fight or flight state. I’m even having trouble meditating. Just wanted to pass on this information in case anyone else needs it. Best, Duncan W. Alderson


    • Hello Duncan and welcome to the blog! I’m sorry indeed to hear about your experience of the Pfizer jab and the after-effects and hope that your doctors may be able to help you overcome these. I think it is true to say that if any other vaccines prior to these Covid-19 ones had resulted in the same number of adverse events, then there is no question that they would not have got past the trial stage and would have been banned for future use. These vaccines are of course still in their trial stage but can anyone doubt that they will not receive approval? We live in strange times, indeed.

      Dr John Campbell, mentioned above by Gerard, whose videos can be found on YouTube, has spelt out the importance of giving the vaccines in the correct way so as to avoid injecting them into veins, which can cause all kinds of problems, including myocarditis and pericarditis, of which there have been many reports.

      For myself, I’m having the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine, which of the four most commonly available (the others being Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen) seems to me to be the only one not created out of a spirit of capitalistic greed but instead out of a genuine desire to find a solution to benefit public health. I would not have had any of them if it had not been for coercion by the state.


  8. Gian Paolo Forni

    For Jeremy

    I’m sorry you had to give in to the most hateful of blackmail, forced vaccination which, equating us with animals, has taken away all dignity. No one in my family has so far succumbed to blackmail and plans to give in in the future. In order to work, my daughter undergoes two expensive “tampons” every week and in all likelihood she will refuse to continue with this vile antic at the price of staying home without a salary. My son works in an environment where they are satisfied with a “buffer” a week paid by the studio where he works. What leaves me stunned by reading some comments is that there are self-styled Anthroposophists who ridicule those who do not want to be vaccinated. People like this, in addition to having understood nothing of the spirit of true Anthroposophy, do not even suspect that they have understood nothing of life in general.


    • Apis carnica

      Thanks for this blog sir, I have found good info on Dr.Steiner work here. Im a bit confused, i dont know if Steiner stated this way..but if Karma makes inner reason for us to get ill or pass away, we are – with taking a jab – cheating Karma?
      Im sure I will not take medicine,take a jab in my life; but im still quite young (15.11.1982) so Ahriman will have to starve a bit.
      Kind regards from Ljubljana!


  9. lazure painter

    It’s with a heavy heart that I read your post Jeremy… Rudolf Steiner made it very clear what the intentions of those behind the vaccination agenda are. As with Gian Paolo Forni, I too was bewildered by some comments from anthroposophists… anyway, I hope you reconsider having the second jab and wish you the best.


  10. Jim

    All the Anthroposophists in my circle are vaxxed. Not surprised to see this organization just as divided as all other sectors of society. Rudolph Steiner says in An Esoteric Cosmology “A lie in the physical world becomes an agent of destruction in the astral world. A lie is a murder in the astral world. This phenomenon is the origin of black magic. The earthly commandment, Thou shalt not kill, may therefore be translated into Thou shalt not lie, in reference to the astral world. The lie is nothing but a word, an illusion. It may do untold harm, but nothing is actually destroyed. In the astral world, every feeling, every idea is a visible form, a living force. The astral lie brings about an impact between the false and true forms, resulting in death.” So who is lying now? The doctors advising the vaxcine? All of them? Around the world? We have an entire political party promoting the “Big Lie”. Who knows the truth?


  11. Rose Croix

    Some of you may familiar with the Tyla and Douglas Gabriel here in the US. They have a site called Neoanthroposophy. I personally appreciate Douglas’s research and concise explanations on many topics concerning us today.
    Here is the link to one, to consider listening too or reading.


    • I would be wary of this, if I were you… Why ‘neoanthroposophy’? What’s wrong with anthroposophy? Anyone who bills himself on his website as ‘master teacher’ does not inspire confidence in me.


      • Rose Croix

        Jeremy I do understand what you mean about the Neo. However he is a learned person, Waldorf teacher and other professions, who devotes a lot of time to putting out the word albeit with a touch of ego behind it…. I read and listen to all with caution and hope that my angel guides me correctly. We know that Spiritual Science will evolve also as will Christianity. Some have taken offence to the Anthropopper name too. I try to get beyond such as names and look at the content. I appreciate your time on this site and those that take the time to post so we can all learn and see the signs of the times.


    • Ton Majoor

      The article contains a link to a long interview with Soldner in 2019 and a differentiated statement on vaccinations by anthroposophic doctors, also 2019: “Vaccines, together with health education, hygiene and adequate nutrition, are essential tools for preventing infectious diseases.”

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  12. Rose Croix

    Jeremy, every instance has to be reasoned. And you have decided what is best for you and your family. It is a great deed to help those who are in need and cannot do for themselves. I recall, but do not remember where that our messenger of the times said, Deed is higher than life itself. Not I but Christ in me………


  13. Jim

    “Anthroposophic medicine fully appreciates the contribution of vaccines to global health and firmly supports vaccination as an important measure to prevent life-threatening diseases. Anthroposophic Medicine is not anti-vaccine and does not support anti-vaccine movements.”
    “Taking into account ongoing research, local infectious disease patterns and socioeconomic risk factors, individual anthroposophic physicians engage at times in the scientific discussion on specific vaccines and appropriate vaccination schedules. Anthroposophic Medicine is pro-science and continued scientific debate is more important than ever in today’s polarized discourse on vaccination.” Georg Soldner 29 May 2019

    “Then you simply have to vaccinate. There’s no other choice. I would be absolutely against opposing these things in a fanatical way, not for medical but for generally anthroposophical reasons. […] I have always seen this as something I had to combat when with medical friends such as Dr Asch, for instance, who absolutely did not vaccinate. I would always fight against this. For if he does not vaccinate, someone else will. It is utterly absurd to be fanatical in particular situations.”
    Source: Rudolf Steiner, Physiology and Healing. Treatment, Therapy and Hygiene, Forest Row 2013, tr. A. Meuss, p. 239


    • lazure painter

      The Steiner quote is out of context and the technology of the Covid vaccines is hugely different from those previous…
      And this “Anthroposophic Medicine is pro-science and continued scientific debate is more important than ever in today’s polarized discourse on vaccination.” Georg Soldner 29 May 2019, is total nonsense, there is no debate whatsoever.


  14. Moonsphere

    What a terrible situation Jeremy.

    The obvious question arises though – would you also take a 3rd and 4th jab if mandated, despite your obvious antipathy towards this diabolical coercion?

    Some say there will be 7 jabs in total. One every 6 months over the 3½ year period/reign.

    For myself, the character of evil that now overshadows our leaders both global and local is unmistakeable.

    After many years of passionate study of Rudolf Steiner, I now am drawn to Christian apocalyptists, visionaries and signs in the heavens.


  15. Pierrette

    Hello jeremy,
    I’d heard about the CO2 being a false agenda for many years from a few friends and really thought it absurd. The whole “coronatranspiration” has certainly been quite a revelation to me at the onset as it has for many others. I do tire of quoting Edgar Cayce, but regarding these times he said the following about the present weather changes: “ there will appear open waters in the northern portions of Greenland. Where there have been those of a frigid or semitropical it will become more tropical, and moss and fern will grow.” He related all this to a magnetiic poleshift which has occured and said that these changes would occur “because of man, in spite of man”.
    There are a few videos that have altered my position.
    One is a talk by Tim Ball who has written a book called: the deliberate corruption of climate science. His talk from 2014 which is well worth
    seeing and can be found at ClimateScience (duration 2 hrs 04 mns), is a treat to hear, he has worked in the field for 40 yrs and in the second half of the talk you’ll be surprised how well it all fits in with the ongoing agenda.
    His point of view is being seconded by quite a lot of researchers: princetons William Happer rebuts the myth of carbon polution ( says we are at 400ppm CO2, and plants thrive at 1000ppm which we should alm for), and DR Patrick Moore, both on you tube.
    Lately a ukrainian sunspotresearcher Elena Zarkhova – living and working in England – claims along with other coworkers, that 2030 to 2040 Will be cold yrs with nearly no summer, recalling the 15th century. This comes in cycles. Her research (published during the coronacrisis) has been completely suppressed.
    “GRandemic return”: Hildegard of Bingen in her scivias prophecy of the end times : Scivias 11th vision of the third part, sees the beast on top of a mountain wherefrom an immense stench issues when it falls to the ground and people seeing this exclaim “Alas, alas what is this that we have seen…….who Will free us! for we do not know how we have been deceived……..for ach, ach, ach we have been bitterly deceived.”
    Other “end time ” prophecies (the new dawn), f.inst. north American Indian also claim oncoming cold.
    It seems the prophecies of old converge at this very moment, I’ll just quote one by the mormon bishop Charles Evans; “These are the chains with which certain sons of the republic, who have tasted the tree of liberty, desire to bind their fellows………Know thou my son, that their object is filthy lucre. They plot to take away human Rights, and to destroy the freedom of the soul, to possess the Homes of the industrious without fee or reward. Their souls shall be in derision, and the heavens will laugh at their folly…..(ca 1850).
    Many American presidents have warned about the marriage between the State and corporations….

    Also I urge anyone to see Robert Kennedy jrs videospot about his oncoming book at: (30mns) it would be a shame to miss it, he is eloquent, clear, concise and in this video totally unshakeable. Anyone fighting for the freedom of our children should support this man………
    ……..and this is only a minor chord being played…..

    …….Also, Steiner seems to have been a bit of a prophet too , although not mentioned as such anywhere outside the Steiner movement as far as I Can see….


  16. lazure painter

    The following is courtesy of Farmer Nick…

    The driving force behind the pandemic and “The Great Reset” is actually the rollout of a CARBON CREDIT ECONOMY, happening right now, under your nose.
    While the media has everyone arguing and worried about the virus, members of the WEF and UN have been working hard, behind the scenes, installing their plan for a brand new global economic system. Everyone took their eyes off the ball, and under the cover of Covid, the climate-change architects and profiteers decided to go full steam ahead with their plans for an upgraded, very high-tech, cap-and-trade system. A system that places a cost for every breath you take, every action you perform, every item you purchase, every plan you make. For the rest of your and your family’s life!
    In this system, what you buy, consume, perform, etc., will be decided by your carbon footprint. You’ll be given a maximum allowance of carbon credits on your carbon credit crypto wallet. Each time you perform any action that has a carbon trace, carbon credits will be deducted from your carbon crypto account on the blockchain. What you can buy and do is decided by crypto/blockchain smart contracts, also known as programmble money.
    So what does this mean to you?
    What do the globalist ruling class have in mind for you?
    Under their plan, a UBI (universal basic income) type social and carbon credit blockchain based system, if you reach your maximum carbon allowance, your account is shut off and you can no longer purchase or do anything. Of course, not unless you’re rich and you “purchase” tokenized carbon credits, either out of your wallet, or in planting some trees. If you’re fortunate to plant a tree (which almost no one can do), you will then have to register that tree on a blockchain as an NFT (non-fungible token). Both satellites and drones will attest and authenticate its existence (using GPS and machine learning vision), in order to make sure there is no double-spending (blockchain transaction) on any of those individual trees. All done with AI and blockchain.
    Now, if you can’t plant a tree, have no fear! Billionaires around the world such as Bill Gates, Rockefeller, etc., have you covered and have done all the hard work for you. They have either purchased millions of acres of land or placed them in trusts (conservations) so that you can buy their carbon credits, generated by natural breathing trees. And who says money does not grow from trees!
    We are talking about global rationing based on your carbon footprint! … forever!
    In order for this to work, you will be required to register (passport ID) on the blockchain, and you will then be tracked and traced. You will need to lose your present income, your small brick-and-mortar businesses, be kept in lockdown, forced to connect to the digital supply and commerce chains. Your money will be programmable money (smart contracts). With this new CBDC (central bank digital currency) and other crypto coins with added smart contract layers (ie; Bitcoin’s Taproot and Ethereum). The food supply chain will have to collapse and be replaced with one that is more “green”. The products and materials you have been accustomed to will have to be removed and replaced by carbon-friendly products. You’ll be required to “share” more, using blockchain based NFTs (if you have carbon credits). You’ll be forced by governments, businesses and other issuers into buy only what they deem is good for you and the earth. Even down to your children’s pocket money. All monitored and rationed programmatically using blockchain, AI and surveillance.
    Are you getting the picture yet?
    Your benefits payments, insurance, private property purchases, pensions, etc. will all be based on compliance with these new measures. All businesses will be forced to upgrade their ESG score (Environment, Sustainability, Governance) or face the threat of not recieving loans nor future investments. All in accordance with the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
    Your activities must all be monitored so as to measure and quantify your carbon footprint. You’ll need to become a token on a carbon transaction network, up for trade on a carbon exchange. If you do not comply, you are ostracized and left on your own, disconnected from this new draconian “green” society. This is the plans of the globalist ruling class.
    The global carbon exchanges are in place and making billions. The 197 nations have all agreed to it. The infrastructure is all in place. The technology (4th Industrial Revolution) is advanced enough to take place. The billionaires have made their massive land purchases in order to become offset providers. The blockchains are all ready to implement tokenization of carbon units. The satellites are in space are ready to do attestation and authentication, using NFT tech and blockchain. The drones are ready to validate all life activities on earth. The 5G and 6G networks are all in place for high speed real-time data throughput.
    With the UK hosting as president of the 26th UN C


    • Jim

      Good luck, Jeremy!
      This thread has degenerated into an Alec Jones, QANON, trumpie whacko conspiracy fest. How sad.


      • rosecroix8

        Jim, much of Lazure’s post is easy to search and not hidden in a ‘fest.’ Technocracy is a new world government and will be a religion of power and money. Described in 1919, “the rule of the people made effective through the agency of their servants, the scientist and the engineers”. Steiner mentions how in the future humans will be used and equated to energy. I will find that info if you want me too. I think it is the book, The Incarnation of Lucifer and Ahriman. The survival of the fittest, communism, socialism and all freedoms denied. The movie The Matrix, is science fiction, but has a skimming of the truth. One thing for sure is, Father Time will tell the tale.


  17. Pierrette

    Sorry to drop by again, it was not Elena Zarkhova, but Valentina Zarkhova.
    There is a lot of gloom and doom in the resistance to this reset, also in Elena Freelands site…makes me wonder how constructive this is right now. Information is good but we need hope also. With all the information gathered, it seems to me the positions of those who know about vaccines are different to a certain extent, but they all Seem to urge us to strengthen our immune system if we’ve had the jab. To my knowledge, the astra zeneca and j&j vaccines will be fought and nullified in time by your own body. Such is not the case with the. mRna vaccines.
    Peter mc cullough and Judy mikovyts seem quite positive if you take your precautions, the first hours are the most critical, then the first days, then the first weeks etc, and they go in threes….
    I do not know what RS’s take is on the count of st Germaint or Master M. But according to theosophists, they said that the third World war would be happening in the health industry, so says also Dannion Brinkley. What Dannion further says on a note of hope, is that man only has to realise, that he does not need to have fear, but discover that he is a mighty spiritual being. When he does that, the rest will follow…..
    What fear the Dark forces? Light & truth…!
    As a child I had a great aunt who went to church in her little village in france, I loved her so much that I went with her once in a while. When I Got older, after my Saturn crisis, I began yoga and meditating..searching…I now could feel how good it was to sit beside her, benevolent, nice…one day we talked about prayer, she exclaimed: “ but you pray for others!” ,as did all the women from that village. She then told me that during the second World war she along with all the other women of the village stood in front of the church with a german machine gun pointen at them her firstborn daughter in her arms, the men had been gathered in a barn…. and the soldiers were waiting for the commander….he never came, but was shot in the preceding village…the order was never given….no wonder the women from the area prayed every Day..
    While meditating, praying you lift your conscience and energy, your mind and you feel strong…..
    That is one of the strengths needed to counter the darkness I believe.
    Writing this reminds me of the marian apparition in ezquioga before the spanish civil war in the pays basques in spain. She stood with a bloody sword in one hand and the rosary in the other – which will You chose? We all know what happened….there were more than 20 in rapture -mostly children- and 800000 participants….this apparition is very little known…..

    May the Force be with You


  18. Pierrette

    Hello jeremy,
    I do not know how otherwise to contact you.
    My latest post in “ my failures as an anthroposophist”, is not necssarily for publication, but is rather for you personally.
    I am no anthroposophist, but have worked in a Steiner kindergarden some yrs ago. I have friends who are also very much Steiner, had their children in both kindergarden and schools. I have friends from many walks of life but they are all spiritual. Our Common denominator is that we are all in a sense, or maybe rather feel like outcasts….
    At the moment I read Steiners: gospel of John and how do you get experience of the higher worlds (do not know the english title) because of this blog. It is always good to see these things from many perspectives.

    I translated Gopi Krishnas Living with Kundalini and published it in 2005, have all of his books, and the pandemic has given his works a revival in my life, as he writes primarily about consciousness (he himself says that he is writing for the future generations).
    Alice Bailey ( or rather Dwaj Khul), in that enormous and diffocult to penetrate work, says that in the next 2000 yrs psychology will be the “Big thing”, and what we see now seems to underscore that path. We are getting major insights into how we as humans behave collectively right at this very moment.
    I have read the full text of the Lawrence Dunegan tapes refered to in this blog several times, and am horrified at how well these People’s agenda have come true in many aspects of modern life. We have really been had.
    Writing on your blog, has made me feel a bit like the Troll mentioned by RoseCroix, the good thing about that, is that it teaches one/me to communicate in a gentler way (hopefully) the next time, and the next…..

    Here is a short video as told by chief Red Crow 5 mns

    Sincerely yours


  19. Rose Croix

    Pierrette, there have been many messengers over the eons. Steiner is one of them and is a high initiate who has passed over the threshold. You may not know this, but according to those who can ‘see’, two of Steiner’s incarnations are, Aristotle, and Thomas Aquinas. Humans are at crossroad and America is where races go to die. The race of the Red Man is a dying race, they are being integrated into all others. The so called ‘melting pot’ of the USA is doing just that, melding the races to where eventually only the race of good and evil will be seen a few thousands years from now. Humans have gone through many changes in our history with the Earth. So changes will come. Some will be ready, some will not. For instance, after the end of this Michael era, the era of the archangel Oriphiel will be our guide. This archangel is called the angry archangel and the last era of it’s reign was just before Christ and Rome along with much of the world was in complete decadence. The job of Oriphiel will be to take us to task and demand a spiritual outlook or ELSE.
    I do not consider anyone searching for the truth a ‘troll’! Troll’s on blogs are usually bored and unhappy folks who want to be contrary with nothing to say.
    I watched the video, good.


  20. Pierrette

    Thank you Rose for your comment
    The corona pandemic, and this blog with links, my accumulated knowledge and analyses from all the spheres of my life has led me to this conclusion (at this moment);
    It’s all about words, and did he not say that only the Word Will remain…?
    Chief Red Crow says:”we are 95 % water”, most other people would say; 70%, 75%, 78%, 68%, 80% etc….
    This intellectual game now shows itself to be a blind alley, the blind leading the blind?
    They say…we are being told….”it is human nature”…to do this, to react like that…etc….Strife, competition and all the words associated with that is human nature, Darwinism…..
    In truth it is animalism and we are not animals, but humans….or striving to be and according to my understanding initiation rites for boys – f.inst. the vision quest of the native americans – are supposed to humanise them (I have been on one in Arizona for 3 consecutive nights, no water, nothing. I did not find the purpose of my life, but got rid of my snake phobia which gave me back my connection with nature). Women give birth, as far as I have been told and that initiation is sufficient (pardon if I tread on somebody’s feelings with my ignorance..!)
    Having read the transcript of Lawrence Dunegans tapes mentioned above, I clearly see that: it is not human nature, it is conditioning…! And we have been massively conditioned…..and this is now – hopefully – about to be revealed..
    I was in the US for I year in ninth grade in Philadelphia. Even though I felt extremely lonely, had no friends etc, it remains the best year of my 13 schoolyears because of the inclusiveness I felt, there seems to be a Big Heart in the States. Europe, to me, seems far more exclusive,….especially in Scandinavia where Trolls abound.
    It is said: “evolution moves westward”. So Cauldron it is, with all the Black and whites included…
    Rabbi Stephen Robbins has had 8 nde’s. He was stillborn, but the doctor had the urge to breathe life into him – that was his first nde – the latest nde he had was in nov. 2020 and he was told that we now have passed a nasty corner.
    Ken Leth is another nde’er who saw the near future of the United States around the time of JFK’s murder and is now slowly recollecting what he was told. He saw a civil war there as Edgar Cayce also has predicted…. But ken Leth also saw an Urn “bringing much wisdom and knowledge “, vision to which he prays….
    Prophecies are supposed to warn mankind so we can change the course of events and as the Marian appearances have told: “War can be averted, the Chastisement is certain”.
    My personal belief is that war was averted between 1994 and 1998, and we are now Living the Chastisement….
    …..and interestingly the experts like Peter mc Cullough and many many others who stick out their necks with their truths have, over the last 18 mths, become more and more clear in their utterances and far less emotional….
    That to me shows the progress of the light….



  21. Rose Croix

    FYI, I do not know how many will read this post, but here you are;
    A book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and The Global War on Democracy and Public Health. He is head of the Childrens Heath Defense. At this time the book is sold out just in 10 days’ time on Amazon. Available on the Kindle for $2.99. The hardback is only $20.00. For a 450-page book that is inexpensive in today’s world.


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