Guest Post: CoronaControversies

by Steve Briault

Steve Briault is the Director of Development at Emerson College, where he is responsible for the College’s education programme as well as its capital assets and finances. He was previously an  organisation  consultant  with  25  years’  experience  of  advising companies,  government and voluntary organisations on management processes and structure. He is currently also Chair of Trustees at The Mount Camphill Community and has been trustee and/ or Chair of a range of other charities. His early career included co-founding and managing the Pennine Camphill Community, and restoring the financial stability of a Waldorf School in the role of Administrator. He taught at the Centre for Social Development at Emerson College in the 1980s and has been connected with the College since then. Steve is the author of two books: ‘Working It Out’, a handbook for violence prevention in working with young people, and ‘The Mystery of Meeting – relationships as a path of discovery’. He is also joint editor, with Martin Large, of ‘Free, Equal and Mutual – Rebalancing Society for the Common Good’, a collection of essays to mark the centenary of Rudolf Steiner’s social threefolding initiative.

Steve Briault

Like many people, I have continually been receiving messages, links, videos and documents containing different narratives about the source, severity, nature, meaning and indeed existence of COVID-19. Alternative theories are flying around the internet, some almost seeming to become viruses in themselves.  Many such materials are sent with an exhortation to “wake up” (i.e. believe their content) and/or to circulate them further.  In this infected and confusing landscape it can be hard to orientate oneself, to avoid paranoia or complacency and to make balanced judgements and decisions.  Having immersed oneself in anthroposophy, even over many years, does not, I observe, guarantee clear thinking, wise discernment or immunity from the temptation of assuming that one automatically knows better than others, particularly than the so-called mainstream view of events.

As part of my own efforts to orient myself in this toxic force-field, I have tried in this document to outline some principles which I believe are important in assessing and responding to diverse claims, and also to categorise and evaluate as far as I am able the different types of theory  which are circulating.  (I prefer to avoid the term “conspiracy theory” which is often used to dismiss controversial ideas.  Just because there is a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean there isn’t a conspiracy: equally, it doesn’t mean there is one…).

Principles I would hope to follow:

  1. Respect conventional science. Steiner repeatedly made clear that natural science is not wrong, but rather, incomplete; and requires spiritual science in addition to create a full picture of the human being and the universe. He also emphasised that the methods of modern science – sound logical thinking, observation and experiment – are the basis on which anthroposophy differs from other and earlier spiritual disciplines. I’m uncomfortable with the use of “materialist” as a term of abuse: materialism is one of twelve legitimate world-views, valid in its own terms though needing the other eleven to balance it.
  2. Enquire rather than asserting. Many of the materials, videos, texts etc. currently circulating which “question” the mainstream narrative do not actually question at all, but simply assert – often in aggressive, dogmatic or self-congratulatory tones – the certainties of the author/presenter.  If present at all in such messages, questions are mainly rhetorical or sarcastic. One of the most impressive aspects I experience from many “mainstream experts” is their frankness about what they don’t know or where they are uncertain – e.g. the origin of the virus, the accuracy of the tests, the predictions about and measurement of the rate of infection etc. Questioning, and the testing of hypotheses against evidence, are healthy scientific principles which we should also adopt. We should enquire open-mindedly, not jump to adopt extreme assertions which we have not ourselves independently verified.
  3. Avoid vilification of individuals or categories of people. Calling those who promote vaccination “mass murderers”, accusing people like Bill Gates of genocide and attempted world domination, or painting the BBC as an inveterate purveyor of disinformation, does no service to legitimate questioning of current practice and reporting.  I have worked with many people in the civil service, the BBC, production and service industries, and with hundreds of NHS doctors, nurses, researchers, statisticians and managers, and found them with very few exceptions to be men and women of intelligence, probity and good intention.  The idea that these and hundreds of thousands like them are either so stupid and naïve, or so corrupt, as to be part of a massive plot to deceive and harm the general population, seems to me completely incredible as well as highly disrespectful.
  4. Exercise modesty and responsibility in what we say and what we circulate. It is remarkable how many non-scientists – cultural workers like myself – now feel themselves able to speak with confidence about issues well outside their own competence, on the basis of having been convinced by something posted on YouTube.  Questioning the authority of conventional scientists should not lead to unquestioning acceptance of the authority of alternative, self-designated “experts”.   I think it’s unwise and irresponsible to propagate narratives that could create unnecessary alarm – as may or may not be the case with 5G – or indeed complacency where there should be alarm – as with climate change – unless one has checked the evidence and its source oneself.  Encouragingly, I have also been sent links recently in which people who had propagated a controversial view have retracted this and apologised in the light of what they subsequently discovered.
  5. Think for oneself. As anthroposophists, we should be mindful of Steiner’s repeated enjoinders to develop clear thinking and independent judgement. In assessing controversial claims, I think this would include asking oneself, and if possible researching, questions such as:
    • What is the background and qualification of the person making these statements?
    • Do their claims make sense in the context of other knowledge and experience I have?
    • Is it plausible that the alleged conspirators would behave as described? Why would it be in their interests to do so?
    • Where my own expertise is limited, whom would I trust to give me informed comment? In my own case, it has been very helpful to be able to consult two of my sons, both Waldorf-educated and scientifically trained – one an environmental engineer, the other a hospital anaesthetist currently treating coronavirus patients.

A typology of controversialism:

These are some of the main categories of theory I have seen recently:

  • Minimalizing: this is the narrative that suggests that the virus, if there is one, is in itself relatively harmless, only dangerous for small sections of the population and essentially little different from many other viruses and coronaviruses that create colds, flu etc. The argument is that for whatever reason, with whatever motivation, the danger has been exaggerated and therefore the lockdown measures unnecessary. This account seems mainly to have come from a number of German doctors: in that country the infection and mortality rate has been far lower than elsewhere in Europe and the US – less than 10,000 deaths compared to c.40,000 in the UK – and it is quite likely that most of those fatalities were indeed people whose age or existing conditions made them particularly vulnerable.  Donald Trump started his erratic and politicised approach to the epidemic by denying, then minimising the threat; now in the face of more than 80,000 deaths he declares it “the worst ever attack” on the US.

 The clearest evidence seems to suggest that although harmless for many, COVID-19 can be deadly not only for the well-known high-risk groups, but also for some who are neither elderly nor otherwise unhealthy, and the reasons for this are still unknown.  My medical son has seen a previously healthy 52-year-old man with no pre-existing conditions die from the virus – “no matter how much oxygen we put into him, his body just couldn’t absorb it…one after another his organs just went down; and there was nothing we could do”.  Besides this unpredictable severity, the coronavirus does seem to be much more easily transferred than other viruses, meaning that without controlling the spread, and with no vaccine and no treatment, an indefinite and potentially very large number of individuals could die in this way.

  • Unlockdownism: the minimisation narrative naturally questions the necessity for the social isolation measures which have been imposed in the UK and elsewhere. There are undoubtedly severe, widespread and damaging unintended consequences to the lockdown – economic, social, psychological and indeed medical – and it is absolutely legitimate to question whether and for how long they should continue.  At the same time, it is also clear that those countries – especially ones with obedient populations – which reacted quickly, consistently and radically to the arrival of the virus, escaped much more lightly in terms of infection and mortality rates. South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and China are examples of this, but also Germany and Switzerland.  Mask-wearing, contact tracing, testing and full social distancing were effective in controlling the spread; the initial policy of the UK government, which relied on the gradual acquisition of “herd immunity”, failed and had to be replaced by the current controls, which may as a consequence have to be in place for much longer than elsewhere.

If the authorities are clear that a “second peak” must be avoided to protect the NHS, the policy of maintaining restrictions to keep the “R” number less than 1 makes sense.  Whether we agree with this policy or not, it’s also clear that to succeed it needs all or most of us to adhere to it; and it is therefore understandable that the government avoids dwelling on the disadvantages in order not to undermine the primary message.  In Germany the infection rate is now (10thMay) rising again as a result of easing the lockdown.

A 70-year old friend who is unhappy about the lockdown wrote to me that she would embrace her own death (from the virus) if that would serve the freedom of her children and grandchildren. I would want to respond: that is indeed very noble, but it’s not about you and your choices, it’s about those people whom the restrictions are designed to protect, and who might prefer not to die prematurely even in the notional cause of freedom.

  • Corporate conspiracy: there is a school of thought which suggests that the “plandemic” was deliberately created or fabricated in order to serve commercial interests, which are variously suggested as profiting from vaccination products, bail-outs from governments, or the development of testing or tracking technology. I am as suspicious as anyone of the influence and motivation of large corporations and the owners of capital who control them, and appalled that the impact of coronavirus is disproportionately affecting those who are already disadvantaged.  Nevertheless, the idea that the epidemic was somehow designed to serve corporate interests overall does not bear scrutiny. The impact on share prices, financial institutions and government debt has been enormous and highly disadvantageous to global capital.  This is why Trump and his neo-con supporters, who desperately need a strong US economy to facilitate DT’s re-election, initially denied and minimised the problem.  Of course, some people and businesses will always find ways of profiting from human suffering, and the pharmaceutical industry in particular has a lot to answer for in this respect;  but it will rightly come under great pressure to make products than can prevent or treat COVID-19 as widely and affordably available as possible.
  • World domination: another source of anxiety is the prospect of some kind of “world government” being created, using (or perhaps manufacturing) the pandemic as an excuse to subject us all to centralised authority. (The same accusation has been made in relation to climate change.) This is a genuine concern and dilemma: on the one hand, the dangers of global governance and its potential for oppression, corruption, and loss of diversity and liberty, are obvious; on the other hand, the lack of international coordination and cooperation has clearly inhibited a coherent and effective response to a global threat – as indeed has been the case, tragically, in relation to climate change.

One fruitful approach to this dilemma is clearly the principle of social threefolding, whereby equality in the sphere of rights – e.g. legal restrictions on the right to pollute, to destroy eco-systems, or to put others at risk of disease – is balanced by liberty in the purely cultural realm where one person’s freedom does not impinge on another’s, and mutuality in an economy which genuinely serves the needs of all consumers.  Another is the principle of subsidiarity, which suggests that only those issues which cannot be resolved at “lower”, more local levels should be devolved “upwards” to more general bodies.

International and supra-national bodies such as the EU, the WHO, the UN and the IPCC, for all their imperfections, are necessary in order for humanity to research and agree how to address global challenges.  The alternative is a nationalistic or individualistic free-for-all in which social Darwinism is the ruling force, and global catastrophe the likeliest outcome.

  • 5G: many people were of course concerned about this next step in electromagnetic technology long before “coronavirus” entered our everyday language. Some have sought to associate the roll-out of 5G with the incidence and severity of the epidemic – whether through a suspected weakening of the immune system, or the allegation that the wave radiation somehow directly creates viruses.  Such polemicists often use flawed “post hoc” arguments, suggesting that geographical correlation between 5G implementation and infection or death rates demonstrates a causal connection.  This is the equivalent of saying that because most possessors of facial hair wear trousers and very few wear dresses, it is clear that trousers cause beards and dresses prevent them.  In any case, there is no such geographical correlation, and plenty of counter-evidence: South Korea and Hong Kong are saturated with 5G yet have very low coronavirus rates; Iran has no 5G but has suffered a serious epidemic.

Moreover, there are extremely wide differences in susceptibility between individuals,within populations which can be assumed to have been exposed to similar levels of 5G or other radiation.  Any argument for causal influence would need to show that individuals who became ill or died had been “irradiated” more than their neighbours who had only mild or zero symptoms.  As far as I know, no such evidence exists.

On the question of 5G more generally, I personally have an open mind about the risks, but feel there are far more serious and urgent concerns, connected with the environment, human rights and inequality, that deserve higher priority.  My limited technical knowledge understands that the radiation emitted through 5G technology is, like radio and mobile phone waves, non-ionising and therefore unlikely to cause damage to humans.

I remember considerable paranoia in the 1990’s about the alleged dangers of mobile phone technology, yet I and most people I know have been using this daily since then, with no discernible impact on our physical well-being.

There are of course people who are sensitive to EMR, and at Emerson College we restrict wifi to certain areas and buildings out of respect for these individuals, who are perhaps more common among our students and visitors than in the general population, in the same way that we provide gluten-free meals for those with allergies. This does not imply that wheat – or wifi – are in themselves necessarily harmful.

  • Vaccination: I worked with vaccine-damaged children in Camphill in the 1970’s, so am well aware that some individuals react negatively, in some cases disastrously, to immunisation procedures. I remember Dr Thomas Weihs remarking that the approach was comparable to ancient religious practices in which an individual was sacrificed in order to save the larger tribe or community.

However, since then (it is claimed that) the safety of current vaccinations has improved, and I have had vigorous debates with my medic son in which he quotes alarming statistics about e.g. child deaths from measles in countries where vaccination is not available, as well as the fatal diseases that have been eliminated by vaccines.

Some anti-vaccine campaigners suggest that viruses do not actually spread diseases: however this seems to fly in the face of e.g. the historical fact that vast numbers of indigenous people in the Americas were wiped out by the introduction of viral illnesses brought by European invaders, long before any “electrical events”.  Smallpox and polio were both viral illnesses, clearly spread by inter-human infection.

I have never taken up the flu vaccine, relying on my generally very robust constitution.  I wouldn’t bother with a COVID vaccine either, unless I were convinced that by having it I would significantly reduce the likelihood of putting others at risk.  I had all the “normal” vaccinations as a child, and they didn’t prejudice my immune system or make me into a materialist: nor have I ever met anyone of my generation who claims to have been damaged by vaccination. Nevertheless I did not vaccinate my own children as infants, with the result that two of my sons went through a very painful episode of mumps in adolescence: whether this strengthened or weakened their later resilience I can’t judge…

  • Sinophobia: when reality contradicted Trump’s initial minimisation tactics, he quickly moved to blaming China in the attempt to make himself and his handling of the crisis – and foreign relations – defensible. Some of his more extreme right-wing, nationalistic supporters have suggested that the virus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan and was created and/or released as a biological weapon.  A milder variation is that the virus accidentally “escaped” from this virology research facility.

It does seem to be the case that the Chinese authorities originally tried to deal with the outbreak in secret, and were late in admitting and communicating the existence and nature of the disease. Once they did so, however, they seem to have done everything possible to warn other countries of the risks, share their own knowledge and indeed offer professional and practical help to affected populations.  From my visits to China I know that those people and their leaders are keen to be perceived as cooperative and responsible in their international relations.  The reality – in terms of the political and military powers – may in some cases be very different: however, if they actually wished to use a coronavirus to damage rival economies, they would certainly have found a better method than inflicting it on their own population first, shutting down their own industries and incurring huge economic losses before it affected other countries.  The Sinophobic hypothesis is simply not plausible.

  • Ecosophy: a virus, like every earthly organism, is a spiritual as well as a physical being: “Spirit never without matter; matter never without spirit”. It arises from and is integrally connected with a particular ecosystem within the overall biosphere.  Viruses are integral inhabitants of undamaged natural environments. When humans inflict damage, distortion, exploitation and cruelty on to other organisms, destructive forces are released which sooner or later also affect human populations.  The most credible “mainstream” hypothesis – scientists accept it is still unproven – is that COVID-19 “jumped species” from a wild-caught bat sold for food in the market in Wuhan.  This video expresses most coherently and accessibly, if a little sentimentally, the ecological narrative which I find the most compelling and credible.

To move from “ecology” to “Ecosophy” – “wisdom of the household (of nature)”, as “Anthroposophy” enhances “anthropology” – one can consider, for example, how Steiner speaks about the way in which suffering inflicted on the group souls of animals can create beings which inflict necessary consequences, in the form of diseases, on humans.  This perspective is the most convincing for me, and calls on the responsibility of us all to work towards our own health in harmony with the healing regeneration of our earthly environment.

I will conclude with a passage by Georg Soldner, joint leader of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, who writes: 

“For veterinarians, corona viruses are part of daily life, but now the corona virus SARS-CoV 2 has crossed the barrier to humans…. Where do these apparently novel viruses come from and why did they develop? Interestingly enough, many of the viruses come from animals. The corona virus probably comes from the Javanese bat. So why do viruses from the animal kingdom become dangerous for humans? We are currently inflicting untold suffering on animals: Mass slaughter and experimentation on laboratory animals causes pain that the animal kingdom is    helpless to bear. Can this suffering lead to consequences that alter viruses that are native to the animal organism? We are used to only looking at the physical and to seeing it as mostly separate from the mind and emotions. Research on intestinal flora, on the microbiome, which includes not only bacteria but also viruses, proves the opposite. This raises not only the microbiological question of the origin of the virus, but also the moral question of how to deal with the animal world. Rudolf Steiner pointed out these connections more than 100 years ago. Today it is up to us to investigate these relationships and to ask deeper questions in addition to scientific analysis”.



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122 responses to “Guest Post: CoronaControversies

  1. Ewout Van-Manen

    Thank you so much Steve! Although I may not agree with absolutely all of your views I do with most of them as it is a very calm, balanced and helpful article. It is therapy for the many confusing and overly passionate and less discerning views that we are bombarded with.

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  2. jaromer

    Sane, sensible and an important reminder to avoid the ‘fun’ of wild speculation. A big thankyou to Steve Briault.
    Here in Germany lockdown has produced demonstrations where the anti-vaxxers, the anti Bill Gatesers, The Anti -Semites, The Climate Activists, Neo Nazis, Left wing anarchists, Defenders of Constutional Right to Assembly, etc. Are all milling together without Social Distancing. That IS Frightening.
    Let us hope that thoughtful Anthroposophists manage to avoid attempts to undermine the rule of law.

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    • Linda

      Climate activists should be more responsible or their integrity will be questioned… rightly.


      • Steve Hale

        Hi Linda,

        Indeed this is true. Climate activists have a responsibility here. Yet, in keeping with the trend of this thread, it is important to draw the line wherein the elementary world is drawn, and now has the power to invoke destructive powers. Steiner said in several place here in GA 177 that it was just next door to the physical world. Thus, as indicated, it forces a kind of “iron necessity” in terms of human behavior and endurance. Thus, Michael becomes the watchful dog and encourager in this present state, wherein we are told on a daily basis to rise up and confront the evil powers lurking in our midst.

        Now, for example, who got the grand idea to intrude upon the ionosphere of the earth’s own higher atmospheric layer? And who got the idea to dig down some 17 miles in order to plant high-energy particle accelerators?

        Only modern-day nature science is the answer here, folks, but it does really acquaint with Rudolf Steiner’s words about the elementary spirits of birth and death. Birth comes from above, and death from below. Or, in other words, when the mountain-climber is asked why he/she climbs mountains, what is the proverbial response? Because it is there. The same goes for science in its itch to traverse the four corners of our existential experience. The difference is that a mountain climber is pure and innocent, although highly egocentric, and science feels the need to tap into what is destructive on its quest for the highest science.

        This lecture will give some further indication of what it means to pass through the powers of destruction after death, which is the elemental world just on the other side of the physical; a slim margin, indeed.


      • Mageda

        Have you read Terry Boardman’s article on his website “Corona virus cosmology events” ? Rudolf Steiner expressed himself in Boardman’s article.


  3. Thank you Steve. Sensationalism is on the rise. It seems to give one a Luciferic high when passing on to others the reasonably-argued sizzle. The glow in the reflection seems to be most satisfying. But we are actually not thinking when we do so. We abdicate our thinking’s freedom when we subscribe to these theories and pass them on to others. Your article is a Michaelic call to Freedom in Thinking. Thank you.


  4. Betty Staley

    It was a pleasure to read your thoughts. I have been deeply concerned with the polarization in society and also within the Anthroposophical movement. Every Waldorf school is having to deal with this in the parent body as well as divisions within study groups and branches.


  5. ininsoi

    I really appreciate this well thought out and clearly expressed response to the present world wide health crisis. I’m someone with a tendency to be a foaming-at-the-mouth tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy nut so having this article to read several times whenever I’m tempted to agree with the ravings of some fellow crackpot will likely corral me into a more measured and balanced perspective.

    Thanks for the guest post Steve!



    Thank you Steve for such a non-judgmental article. I am not so gentle in my approach but in the main am open, I worked for a few years in China and met wonderful people, working to establish anthroposophical initiatives, living under a harsh regime. Years ago (1985-6) I met, learned and worked with you at Centre for Social Development. Have often wondered how your journey went, now I get a glimpse


    • Steve Briault

      Thank you Isobel – lovely to hear from you after so many years! I would love to hear more about your work in China – I have been running Emerson courses there in recent years. You can contact me via the College.
      Warm greetings, Steve


  7. Steve Hale

    What I found interesting is Steve Briault’s rather pointed remarks about the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Here is where he shows concern about what is going on. Otherwise, he advocates being reserved and conservative in all these speculations, and yet, with a supposed pandemic this size, how can we not see what is materializing right before our eyes? As I wrote to Hans, who has an earshot for what is going on, this latest move really should worry us all. Friday the 15th:


  8. Ton Majoor

    In the fine summing up of paranoia, dogmatism, extreme assertions, controversial views and anxiety, I only missed the geopolitically motivated, confusing, mainly pro-Kremlin disinformation about the virus. The danger for the conventional scientific view seems to be ‘super-skepticism’ and ‘hypercriticism’ (Steiner, GA0322/19201002)


    • Steve Hale

      Here is the thing in America, Ton. Nobody is going to kow-tow to any notion of government surveillance in which homes can be invaded in order to do corona virus testing. This is actually being proposed now in my state of Washington. The House of Representatives has proposed HR 6666 in which it will be made law to do so. Of course, the Senate, which is armed with a Republican majority will refuse, and so here in America we are safe. Yet, how many will voluntarily take the covid-19 vaccination when it comes out on the market? I feel many more than we might think with our anthroposophical perspective. Many more due to the climate of public opinion, fear, and other erstwhile ignorance. It can’t be helped in our day and age, and so many will succumb to the shot. Steiner told of how it would be the next step to soul annihilation. Many have felt this already, isn’t that true?


  9. Astrid Maclean

    THANK YOU so much for this article! The approach of so many fellow Anthroposophist and other friends to the theme has been driving me nuts. Here finally is a view I can say a deep-felt total YES to. Steve has
    expressed so lucidly, calm and considered all the things I have thought and felt when reading things that go around social media or even such publications like New View. Like Steve I have adult children who work in main stream science, like his children they have gone through Waldorf Education, and I have had similar conversations with them. I wish some of the well meaning “alternative thinkers”/Anthroposophists that come up with the many theories Steve mentions hear, would realise how much damage they potentially do to the movement….

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    • Steve Hale

      Personally, I think Steve Briault’s comments were overly conservative, and especially in consideration of the previous thread in which much blood was drained in order to comment on Jeremy’s original notion of what the Corona Impulse meant in today’s environment, c. March 2020. I still think it holds the high-water mark, even if we want to make mere comments from another simple perspective. No matter. It will gain the appropriate momentum of the former input. Yet, wasting time is what I see in this charade. Why waste it on a new essay with a commentator from Emerson College, as if that is supposed to mean something important. Here we are, and tomorrow is another day.

      Damage is only in the eye of the beholder, and I would hope that anthro’s see through this dilemma, considering that knowledge is power. Weakness is ignorance, and the difference is the line of demarcation which finds so much anxiety, anger, and frustration today. Well, why not, when so little is really understood. Does that make sense?


  10. raginald7 Mars

    As a German Biochemist Ph D – it is the Protection of the Health Care System – NOT any person at all! No Politician even cares about the Voter bringing him/ her to power. The terrible long lasting effect is scaring the sheeple and conditioning a generalized fear and hate. We see that polarization already in everyday life encounters. 200 years of Social progress annihilated. It is not any Virus – it is the irrational way we deal with it. Any person I talk to – living a natural , healthy way by conviction – are not scared and are genuinely optimistic. Those not caring – will suffer – and blame others for their misery. A paradox we can not solve. With the vast economic disasters for a long time – we may enter the fall of the West- the way of our ignorant lifestyles and assuming, technology can solve any problem… We create and breed those Problems ourselves…


    • Daniel Perez

      Fear is the counter to the consciousness soul development. Fear of a tiny virus is now consuming all our economic activity, the activity that is meant to prepare us for the 7th epoch. I appreciate how you phrased your statement here, with great insight.


      • raginald7 Mars

        I studied Biology and Biochemistry as Deep as I possibly can – every waking second. In Study we gain Respect and Awe for the Miracles of Nature. The strangest Aspects of Viruses are the Precision, how they attach to Cells and how they express their Genes. Most carriers of infectious agents, toxins – are NOT affected. So it appears, those are like “weapons” as last defense. Nature is regulating itself – to be balanced. In our infantile way, we assume, we are in charge and control. The tiny virus demonstrates – are we…?
        As a German Scientist I follow the paths of Steiner – and strangely, where I am, I encounter everyday his traces and tracks. We are blocked by Thresholds of experience and Insights – which throw us back Centuries. We fall back 200 years -before “Aufklärung – Enlightenment” and will become aggressive and violent against each others – blaming others for our self created miseries… It will be a global Extinction event… The next hit will be a Solar Corona Mass Ejection – to shut down all our global Electric networks… another Corona… The Gathering Storms – Churchill…


  11. Kathy

    Thank you all for further developing this thread. I am asking myself: what is the relationship of our encounter with the virus and entering into/struggling in the era of the Consciousness Soul? In my field, multiple experiments have demonstrated that humans make their decisions a measurable amount of time before being aware they have done so. Our “explanations” of our engagement in a conscious reasoning process all occur after the fact. Our “thinking” is largely a retroactive justification for remaining unconscious to what we know and what we are really doing with what we know. And this goes for all of us, not just the “sheeple” (in my field we refer to the “walking wounded”). It also goes for those who project optimism and mastery, or dominance, over their unconscious processes.

    What a gift we have received from the animal kingdom we have tortured – and the environment we have poisoned. What an timely existential dilemma for a wake-up call.

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  12. Daniel Perez

    Dear Steve Briault,
    I strongly agree with your 5 points that you so elegantly list in your opening. I have been speaking and writing about this type of moderation for the last few years, after witnessing incredible divisiveness in American society and in the American political structure. I have also just completed a paper to be published next month about Hegel, who through his philosophy worked diligently to forge a middle path between extremes of left and right forces. I hope to share this paper with you and see if you find it of interest, given your topic in this posting.

    While I agree with your principles, given here in the beginning, I differ on the application of the principles in some places. Mainly it is where there are facts that are not in general dispute, but where they are not deemed important. When you write, “A milder variation is that the virus accidentally ‘escaped’ from this virology research facility [in Wuhan]” I am left wondering what conclusion you wish to be drawn, and where are the facts that further the nature of the concern? For me, the 5 principles listed at the start could be better represented in this later sentence. It is possible I missed the point being made, but just so you are aware, it reads as though you are saying, it is *absurd* there is the ‘accidentally’ escaped version of the story. You thus appear to be making fun of people with this position? Is this not opposite principle #3?

    The issue is that we know a lot about the Wuhan lab, as the West helped fund it so as to help avoid a leak, and it was built to collect the very worst pathogens from around the world. This is not in dispute. The horror is that it is also not in dispute that most developed countries do the same! This concern is in no way Sinophobia, but rational thought. It is similarly rational that without any other known source for the virus, the lab that housed bat viruses among other pathogens, is at least a candidate for concern for an unintentional leak. The horrific human rights abuses in China similarly extended to the removal of all medical professionals who expressed concern about the lab in public, having their identities wiped out of all media sources, and apparently their lives. Certainly they have disappeared from society and their whereabouts are unknown. I believe there is confusion here between expressing love and appreciation for the Chinese people, vs being critical of their iron fisted leadership. I am quite certain you recognize the history of human rights abuses in China, particularly against the ethnic minority communities and religious minorities of Falun Dafa.

    If we are going to progress towards peaceful debate and civil discourse, this does not mean being untrue to reality, but becoming stronger in our rational understanding for what is real. As Hegel says, “The real is the rational and the rational is the real.” He developed a living thinking, balancing polarities to bring logic into the heart region of our being. It will be the 250th anniversary of his birth this coming August! It is a struggle and a path we are all striving to attain, and we need each other on this evolutionary progression, so I wanted to take the time to share my perspective with you.

    Warm regards and thanks for sharing your ideals in this posting!
    Daniel Perez


    • Steve Briault has had difficulty in replying to some comments (thank you, Word Press!) so has asked me to post his reply to Daniel here:

      “Thank you Daniel. I should clarify that I certainly did not intend to dismiss the “accidental escape” theory, and I’m sorry if it came across like that. I have no special knowledge about the lab in Wuhan: I have been told – but cannot verify – that because that area was already a hot-spot for viruses it made sense to study them there. My main point about Sinophobia is that the allegation of an intentional biological attack does not seem credible: accidental release would be evidence of incompetence but not malice. I would be surprised at such incompetence but guess it can’t be ruled out. Trump seems to have variously suggested it is the one or the other, which does make me sceptical because of his routine dishonesty and constant quest for blame-shifting.
      Good to hear of your work on Hegel, and I would very much like to see your paper when it is ready.
      Warm regards, Steve”

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      • Daniel Perez

        Hi Steve,
        Thank you for your thoughtful reply, it was very helpful and encouraging! I agree completely that an intentional attack is not credible. And I appreciate that you recognize that these issues are complex and require many points of view. I also hope that we constantly view these complex topics with open minds and not condemnation of views that differ from our own, while also engaging to move closer towards the reality. I am not sure how I can contact you to share the paper, when finalized, but perhaps Jeremy can be a help here?


    • jaromer

      The ‘Accidental Escape’ suggestion is possible but unlikely because modern ‘hot’ laboratories are physically and organisationally well isolated.
      However, the last British Smallpox outbreak in 1978 did come from a lab in Birmingham (UK) University. There was also a Smallpox case in same Medical School in 1966.
      There is a world of difference between the standards and controls then and now. But human error is always possible.


    • Steve Hale

      Hi Daniel,

      Good stuff in applying technology to where it actually means something meaningful, and not just more abject materialism. It is in the escapist mindset that our present dilemma exists.

      You wrote about the 250th anniversary of the birth of Hegel, and your paper on him due out next month. Steiner gave a thoughtful lecture on the 150th anniversary of Hegel’s birth here, which you are likely aware of:


  13. Bernard Jarman

    I agree with you Steve that it is vital to keep an open mind. There can be no party line on this. Each one of us needs to think through the evidence available and come to one’s own conclusion. This demands real facts and rigorous questioning:

    Coronavirus advice: Who is paying for the research?
    Why do lead scientists have a stake in the vaccine industry?
    Why was a simulated coronavirus pandemic arranged just months before the outbreak?
    Who is funding the WHO?
    Why is the introduction of 5G, internet of things, mass surveillance being pushed forward during the epidemic?
    Why are death figures being manipulated?
    Why is draconian legislation being introduced and passed throughout the world?
    Why has a lockdown been imposed when in the past epidemics were managed without panic?
    Why are different view points being censored?
    Is the lockdown causing more suffering than the virus?
    What spiritual power is driving this epidemic of fear?

    And there are many more questions that in your words “we anthroposophists should” ask
    Bernard Jarman.

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    • jaromer

      Bernard you have listed questions that must be occuring to most of us.
      They are important to bear in mind as the situation develops and more information becomes available.
      In the meantime keeping and open mind and a cool head may bring more clarity than jumping on a bandwagon.
      It is interesting that NHS is buying lots of Trump Tablets. Gosh- The Donald may be RIGHT.


  14. Mark Mcdougall

    Dear all, so many thanks for your gifts and considerations here. My alignment is mostly with Bernard Jarman here and the abundance of irrationality in the world that lead to so many questions requiring answers. Leaving them aside for now, glen atkinson, bdnow, predicted the trouble and called its waning dates in feb, with the cluster of outer planets oob (out of bounds). They were outside of the suns eliptic extremes, outside of the solar harmonising influence till April 14th.
    It seems Boardman’s requests to understand the heaven’s connection to understand the virus is our biggest ask from the zeitgeist. Thanks all again for your offerrings .


  15. Ton Majoor

    A characteristic of disinformation methods in hybrid warfare is to raise endless rhetorical questions in stead of conventional scientific scepticism (see above).

    To dissipate doubt is a prerequisite for asuric forces working in the consciousness soul, too (CW 107 and 184).

    Steiner described this kind of scepticism concerning WW1 and the French Revolution (‘only confusion results’ GA0185/19181019; ‘to wreak havoc and confusion’ GA0346/19240912).

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    • raginald7 Mars

      we are in the Era of total noise. The Art of thinking is Silence. In Science – we only report DATA we can prove by Experiment and Methods any body can check. We ask what we do not know yet. There may be no Answers possible. The emerging new Tyrants abuse Mass communication for political Warfare. Reminds me to 1932 in Germany – where we were Breeding such Communication Masters. “The Gathering Storm” – Churchill – nobody listened. Perfect Storms are gathering right now… those who listen, gather more Storms…


  16. Manny Blosser

    Steiner writes in ‘Theosophy’ chapter 4, that human beings are thought beings. Other places he describes how illness arises from disturbances that the ego creates in the astral body through its moral choices that when severe enough pass over and create disturbances in the ether body. The ether body organizes the constitution of the mineral body. Viruses are protein molecules that can be identified in the mineral substance as being present when illness symptoms are present. The mineral body is organized by the ether body. If there is a disturbance in the mineral body is it because a mineral protein molecule migrated from one mineral body to another? Or is it because there is a disturbance in the ether body that formed the dis-eased protein molecule? The life forces can be disturbed by the immoral activity of the astral body which is derived from the ego that has incarnated from the spiritual world. Human beings are thought beings. What happens when human beings think they are the result of the random accumulation of chemical activity and that the health of their body is a chemical activity that is not effected by what they think? Human beings are thought beings. What we think can change how we feel and what we do to the world. This happens first in our consciousness. What happens in our consciousness changes what happens in our astral body, which can change what happens in our life forces which in turn changes what happens in the mineral body. The chemical model of mineral activity at this point in time says this idea is impossible. The chemical model currently says that chemical activity can’t be effected by what human beings think. Does that conclusion drawn from measurements in isolated experimental systems support life or disturb its constitution?

    Manny Blosser
    Edmonton, Alberta


  17. Robert Duerr

    Two things for vaccines. No human fetus tissue. No liability exemption from the law.


  18. Ottmar

    Among anthroposophists there are more conspiracy-happy people than on average in society.With Corona there s a difference though here in Germany. I got a lot of mails, private and from newsletters, and there were all! Corona sceptics. Why so?

    Germany was lucky with handling the pandemic, so far: less deaths per million than in many other countries, less severe measures in the lockdown, the numbers came down low. But many cant see the link between the measures taken and the outcome so far. Where are the deaths, they ask? The lockdown wasnt necessary, they say. Why so? Lack of logic thinking?

    Many famous anthroposophists are Corona sceptics, just take Peter Selg, who s a doctor. Forum 3 in Stuttgart, a famous anthro centre is promoting all kind of „sceptics“ and of course supported the Anti-Corona demonstrations in town, which are the biggest in all Germany. Corona sceptics give lectures there and most probably elsewhere, too. How come?

    I think it is not a lack of mental capacity (although it looks like it) and it s not a lack of morality (although it looks like it). Yes, it is an amalgam of anti-vaccination, anti G5, other red rags, general anti government attitude, clever use of Steiner quotes etc. But I think there is also something else happening here. 2 things:

    1 Rudolf Steiner talkes about many senses, among others of „Wahrheitsempfinden“, a sense to feel or perceive the truth, beyond rational thinking. (You all know the feeling or impression you have when someone tells you a story that makes perfect sense but you cant help to have doubts: Is that true? My „Wahrheitsempfinden“ tells me there s something wrong with it.)
    This Wahrheitsempfinden can be aquired by meditation: in the meditation for Sagittarius: Gedankenkontrolle wird zu Wahrheitsempfinden, Control of thought becomes Wahrheitsempfinden. GA 267 p. 75
    But it s also a matter of say basic karmic configuration, whether you have a good sense of Wahrheitsempfinden or not and again that s not a question of guilt.
    Sure this will not bridge the gap between conspiracy and non-conspiracy, between climate change and climate hoax, between Corona virus and It s just a flu. But this context shouldnt be overlooked.

    2 later

    My personal interest is more on the occult side, not so much where it comes from but what it does to us, individually and as a mankind. Which changes come about in the etheric atmosphere?

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  19. Sevak Edward Gulbekian

    Good article, Steve! Whilst I don’t agree with all your conclusions, you certainly say a lot of things that needed to be said!


  20. Steve Hale

    Steiner warned in a couple of places about where the real liability exists. In his final leading thoughts here:

    And then, some seven years before here, in which he warns about the danger of inoculations. I don’t think the terms, vaccine, or even virus, existed at the time.


    • Ton Majoor

      The correct ‘inoculations’ reference is 19171106. ‘Virus’ at that time was used in the orginal Latin meaning ‘poison’ (e.g. smallpox poison, rabies poison). Therefore, ‘viruses [inoculations, in the original] have been discovered’: (cf. also ‘vaccine‘ in

      In this connection, with ‘Ahrimanic Powers and Beings’ in the Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch could also be meant: Asuric Powers (evil Archai). Likewise with ‘the purely Ahrimanic spirit‘ in GA026_c29.


      • Steve Hale

        “The time will come — and it may not be far off — when quite different tendencies will come up at a congress like the one held in 1912 and people will say: It is pathological for people to even think in terms of spirit and soul. ‘Sound’ people will speak of nothing but the body. It will be considered a sign of illness for anyone to arrive at the idea of any such thing as a spirit or a soul. People who think like that will be considered to be sick and — you can be quite sure of it — a medicine will be found for this. At Constantinople the spirit was made non-existent. The soul will be made non-existent with the aid of a drug. Taking a ‘sound point of view’, people will invent a vaccine to influence the organism as early as possible, preferably as soon as it is born, so that this human body never even gets the idea that there is a soul and a spirit.” GA177, lecture 5.

        “It will be the main concern of these spirits of darkness to bring confusion into the rightful elements which are now spreading on earth, and need to spread in such a way that the spirits of light can continue to be active in them. They will seek to push these in the wrong direction. I have already spoken of one such wrong direction, which is about as paradoxical as is possible. I have pointed out that while human bodies will develop in such a way that certain spiritualities can find room in them, the materialistic bent, which will spread more and more under the guidance of the spirits of darkness, will work against this and combat it by physical means. I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are still very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinated against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life — ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists.” GA 177, lecture 13


        • Ton Majoor

          Yes, this congress held in 1912 was on (eu)genetics. See Steiner on future (eu)genetic, hygienic and mechanical occultism in the years 1916-1918, and the connection he made with the influence of the ‘third force‘ or Asuric powers in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, e.g. genetic engineering, vaccination and computerization/robotization (in CW 167, 171, 173, 178, 182 and 186).

          The Asuric powers want the ’I’ to “unite with earthly materiality“ (in the German original: with earthly sensuality/sensualism), GA0107/19090322 and GA0107/19090101 (cf. Sub-Nature in GA026_c29). That is different from the Ahrimanic spirits, who “entice (man) into regarding everything in his environment as material”.


        • Sophia machine

          I respect your endless models and simulations BTW.
          Have a nice daY!


  21. kathy

    Hi, Ottmar:

    I resonate with the concept of “Wahrheitsempfinden”. Also, I agree that it’s not where Covid came from but what it’s doing to us that should concern us. I see the preoccupation with conspiracy theories and competing scientific data, and massive lies from leadership and armed demonstrations for “human rights” as similar efforts. I think we use these strategies to protect the psyche from the advent of the Consciousness Soul. Mankind’s development relies on our efforts to cope with/accept the octaves of “realty” (spiritual worlds) behind the “evidence” of our five senses. But we are so afraid to be confronted with the fact that what we see with our own eyes and “know” of our reality is illusory, we deny what we are experiencing. We become desperate for finite “answers” to infinite realities. We hold onto the “known” – we spin absurdities and engage in all forms of projection and paranoia – all the way to genocide.

    I am seeing some evidence that this existential crisis is more than a tragedy. It’s an opportunity to realign ourselves with our deeper-lived reality. To look each other in the eye – and in a new way. To be brave. To re-tune priorities.
    To feel Michael’s sword at our back. And the possibility of a crash and burn of a malignant global economy wouldn’t be bad either!

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  22. Dear Steve,
    Thank you for your clear overview demonstrating lucid modesty, integrity and rational thinking. Very helpful to make this fresh start in an ongoing conversation which did not yet come to a “conclusion”. It may have to continue for a while before becoming productive in terms of conceptualization of anthroposophical movement inspired solutions.
    I have no time to go deeper into it now but I just would like to swing in to include myself and offer my attempts to contribute.
    I think the point is now no longer whether Covid-19 is a flu or a vicious virus with ever unknown characteristics, but whether the global “2020 corona crisis” is something we will master within a half year or so, or whether we are confronted with a crisis of unprecedented proportions which will take decades to overcome.
    For an answer I miss in your overview the dimension of “systems approach”. We are not dealing with separate phenomena but with a whole cluster of interdependent factors building up to a “storm” we don’t know yet how serious. Let me illustrate this with the way we analyse 5G. For me it is not so much an issue of radiation and unacceptable landscape pollution (as well as cosmic pollution with the number of satellites involved, as far as I understood), but the promised “benefits” it stands for: do we really want more surveillance and social control based on facial recognition and implanted identification chips? Do you want driverless cars? Do we need more robotization at a moment in history that millions of people are getting jobless and may never be able to go back to decent work and income (and proper housing) and young people to human-scale education? Do we need enormous entrepreneurial energy flowing into a need to make this technology profitable (by forcing all kind of gimmicks upon the innocent consumer) in a period that real poverty is returning to global rural areas overcrowded by day-workers who have been chased forcefully out of urban “markets”? Do we need huge investments in technology and related human intelligence and organisation while food security risks soon to be under pressure at a global scale? Has it become impossible for humanity to say NO?

    And this is just a quick reflection on one factor in a complexity of interacting phenomena including climate emergency and exhaustion of the Earth, economic inequality maintained by the 1% (“Bill Gates”), lack of international collaboration (Europe-BREXIT destruction of positive energy) and shared cultural vision as well as altruistic determination.
    In my understanding Covid-19 is just one of the symptoms of a global multiple crises. I still hope and belief that anthroposophy – including threefolding, which you present, within the limitations of your contribution, of course I understand that, as a lukewarm mantram – is part of and maybe a leading source of inspiration with practical goodwill towards “solutions” for this multiple crisis.

    I hope that the collaboration of Emerson College with our friends (from Thailand where I live we also work together with promising young people) in China will help to give birth to the co-leadership role China deserves to play in the future and the transformation of this crisis into an impulse for global citizenship and the co-creation of wellbeing for future generations.

    Critical thinking is essential for mainstream science as much as for anthroposophy and for reflections on our own and others’ cultures and social practices.
    Warm greetings,


    • Richard Moxon

      Hello Hans: You may want to check this out. It is regarding an online global solutions summit. I don’t know anything about the Ubiquity group running it, but it seems like something up your street. A little bit like the conference Jeremy was thinking about a couple of years ago.

      I am enjoying your posts ! Keep them coming !

      Midnight Rambler


      • Done, Midnight Rambler. I submitted my request for partnership. I know about 10 of the listed speakers including Vandana Shiva who was with us in February. I proposed them to join hands for an online event in July which we have in the pipeline for some time to replace our annual Right Livelihood Summer School and I hope we can work together. Thank you Richard,


        • Stephen Hale

          Hi Richard and Hans,

          Charles Eisenstein has written a recent essay on conspiracy theories with or without corona, and it seems to be a good consideration, although lacking any of the occult science of Steiner, who took it to a new level as far back as 1917. Some of Steiner’s notions have been given here, and it could be that we are still getting acquainted with it. Eisenstein is one of those who seems to still lack the gnosis in favor of the existential, but he still has the inspiration to see that we are in the fight. I like it as much as these conferences being proposed today. Virtual is the next best thing to being real. We can always wonder what Jeremy’s fourfold conference would have meant if it could have happened in real-time.


  23. Ottmar

    Kathy: I am seeing some evidence that this existential crisis is more than a tragedy. It’s an opportunity to realign ourselves with our deeper-lived reality. To look each other in the eye – and in a new way. To be brave. To re-tune priorities.
    To feel Michael’s sword at our back. And the possibility of a crash and burn of a malignant global economy wouldn’t be bad either!

    1 I want to continue in this direction. It’s like a little apocalypse, a “judgement”, a testing of the maturity of the soul. The result is then also a message or signal to the hierarchies, what is the state, the level of the human souls? Signal for whom? The individual angels know us, they don’t need a test of our soul level, but the archangels of the nations are interested and above all the ruling spirit of the time, Archai, today Michael. So there is this test or question of Michael: What is the “weight” of humanity? In the sense of; what is the attitude of the soul as a whole in relation to spirit and matter, how far is the soul’s development towards tranquility and truthfulness? (Tranquility or calmness in the face of fear of viruses , fear of conspiracy and also the arrogance of trivilization of the pandemie, not sharing the pain and suffering.)

    2 And I see and experience something else: I do experience that the etheric-astral atmosphere has changed. In German there was a saying „city air makes you free“, meaning reduced social control made it possible to develop more freely. This was a development towards the good for many, but for others it also meant a lack of stability and falling down.
    Similarly since the beginning of 2020, I experience an atmosphere that has greatly facilitated spiritual development, upliftment; what used to require great meditative effort is now easier to achieve.
    But on the whole, I would say that for 85% of people not much changes in this respect, they are simply too dense, too lethargic, too hardened. For the rest, there may be an accelerated development towards the good, but there are certainly also people who have now lost their footing and are sinking into a bad direction.

    3 This has to be explore further of course. What exactly has happened, what is new now in the relationship to the 4 ethers

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  24. Kathy

    Ottmar and Hans, thank you for your thoughts. “City air makes you free”, in addition to referring to the benefits of cosmopolitanism, speaks to me of Michael’s role in man developing the courage to consciously evolve. And the central importance of a “systems approach” – the living recognition that all things, earthly and cosmic, are interrelated – does so as well. I ask: how do these factors, along with Michael’s presence in this time, relate to the development of the Consciousness Soul?

    Steiner warned – and I have a hard time consciously holding onto this topic because I don’t want to believe it – he warned that (in my words) the influence of Ahriman would lead us to believe we are developed into gods without the work of growing and evolving spiritually. Today, we believe we have instantaneous access to all the information in the world at our fingertips through electronic media – through 5G and all its forerunners. This fosters a sense of omnipotence. Why should we credit the meaning of working our way through the stages of Initiation, when it’s all so easy?

    And I am thinking that this virus – and perhaps the ones yet to come – is so complex that it is undermining our belief we can always “figure things out”… “get on top of this”. And might this be the very impetus – a spiritual gift – we need to devote ourselves to developing the CS?

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    • Steve Hale

      It’s all about Iron Necessity, and the will to endure and sustain in a crisis where certain elementary spirits have been turned over to humans for the agenda of “progressive destruction”. To know about it, and its reasons for being so, is the hallmark of the Consciousness Soul Age. In other words, to leaven evil with a measure of the Good in order to defeat it.


      • Midnight Rambler

        Jeremy -could you post this as Midnight Rambler please.
        Jeremy – could you post this as midnight rambler response

        Thanks Steve. Interesting piece by Eisenstein. Not sure I quite grasped his mythological angles but he concludes in a healthy way -essentially to take time to consider what the people you are disagreeing with say, don’t scapegoat people on one side of the argument and keep open !
        In his vein of thinking, I think Paul Levy is one of the most articulate. Lots of thought-provoking articles on his “living the dream” site. His recent views on Covid are here. .


        • Steve Hale

          Hi Richard,

          Here is the thing about Paul Levy. He leaves a lot to be desired precisely because of his own denouement in which he says:

          “A radical synthesis of the realms of quantum physics, alchemy, shamanism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, mystical Christianity, and the works of C. G. Jung and Philip K. Dick.”

          So, you see how much he can be a harbinger of our present dilemma with his opinions. Remember when we once talked about Frank Buchman, and the Moral Rearmament Movement? Well, and this should be of particular interest to you, it was his right-hand man, Peter Howard, of England, who carried his movement forward in the 1960’s, and took on both the empire, and the american quest to rule in Vietnam. He was got rid of in Lima, Peru, and on the very day that the more famous Malcolm X was murdered in a brutal assassination, c, 25 March 1965.

          So, we should start getting serious about things, Referring to Paul Levy is a joke, but maybe you take it seriously. It is the politics that needs to get real. Peter Howard had the courage to write a book in 1963, “Britain and the Beast”. You should go and look at it.



    • Ton Majoor

      Again seven years later, Steiner (1924) pointed to the Asuric forces in our consciousness age. The destruction and splitting that is taking place, could be opposed by creativity and cosmopolitanism:

      “Something like a splitting into three and a crossing of the threshold by mankind is taking place in our time. In our consciousness age individual men have to acquire something which constitutes a going past’ the Guardian of the Threshold, if they want to do it. However, mankind is going past the Guardian of the Threshold in our time, although, individual men are unaware of this. The whole of humanity is crossing the threshold. Whereas the physical body still gave something to men on earth up to the end of the 18th century [French Revolution] because of the elemental beings which are living in it, men must now get their virtues and everything productive that they will find inwardly from the spiritual world; this is mankind as a whole, not individual human beings. … This striving of men into races and nations that has come to expression so incomprehensibly throúgh Wilsonianism today really only arose in a distinct way under the influence of Napoleonism, of the first Napoleon. The way that men are striving towards races and nations and the way that they basically want to bury all cosmopolitanism today is really quite terrible. But the reason for this is that this passage through the threshold, place is occurring.” (Apocalypse, GA0346/19240918)

      “Ahriman’s messengers”, the elemental spirits of darkness: “In certain [Persian] occult teachings the hosts of Ahriman are also called the Asuras. These are of course, the evil Asuras who at a certain time fell away from the evolutionary path of the Asuras who endowed man with personality.” GA0107/19090101

      (“the period of Enlightenment in Europe” is a mistranslation of “our present world view … the enlightened Europeans” GA177/19171006)


  25. raginald7 Mars

    From my Studies of Steiner, I am struck with his concept of:
    Homeless Souls
    As a German Biologist, I see in this a devastating blow. I call it
    Neuro Corrosion
    that makes us fragile and vulnerable – a slight attack may throw us down – and incapacitate us. To find a Home for the shattered Soul. To gain the robust constitution to deal with the crescendo of attacks – we can not run away from. And the Social Corrosion of a corrupt, fragmented, polarized, hostile Society – that drives the vulnerable into addictions, abuse, suicide…
    The Homeless Souls
    Dornach, 10 June 1923


    • Steve Hale

      I think it has more to do with the fact that the soul no longer lives in close alignment with the physical body. Thus, we experience various illnesses because the soul is separating and going its own way. There is a big difference between being an Egyptian or even a Greek, and being a human being today. Here is something that expresses it very well:

      “In regard to our future growth, the Holy Spirit is for us humans the Spirit of development into free humanity, into the free human soul. The Spirit of freedom holds sway in that Spirit which poured itself out over the first understanders of Christianity in the first Christian Pentecostal festival, the Spirit whose most significant characteristic was indicated by Christ Himself: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!” Humanity can become free only in the spirit. So long as it is dependent on that bodily nature in which its spirit dwells, so long does it remain its slave. Humanity can become free, only when it finds itself again in spirit, and from out of the spirit becomes lord over that which is in it. “To become free” presupposes the discovery of oneself as a spirit within oneself. The true spirit in which we can make this discovery is the universal human spirit, which we recognise as the Pentecostal power of the Holy Spirit entering into us, and which we must bring to birth in ourselves and allow to come to manifestation.”

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      • raginald7 Mars

        right! This is the concept of Homelessness in the widest sense. We become conditioned to this state and take it as “normal”. So there is no need to do anything else. A sort of Therapy Resistance. Or worse: Aggression. Regression. The lost Soul will not accept any “home” as a place to dwell and develop. Herbert Marcuse wrote about the “ 1 Dimensional Man”. Now we are going to Zero Dimensions and worse. Those who have a Home – do not understand, what that is and what to do about it. I personally see no way to address this phenomenon. It is a striking Metaphor, that Steiner lived his last Days in the “Schreinerei” – a sort of Atelier to keep his Soul in a strict working environment – devoid of any dis Tacktion. We do the very opposite. We dwell in the Universe of total dis Tracktion. Cementing our Homeless ness. For me, this is the driving force for our social destruction. A tiny Virus, a Molecule, is enough to Stop the entire World. Where are the Signs of “Pass Over”…Those who are passed over – may abuse this privilege even more…


    • Ton Majoor

      The homeless soul (GA0258/19230610) is “called the wanderer in the language of occult science. He has no home at first. Etc.” (GA010_c07).

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      • Steve Hale

        Okay, I agree. The homeless soul is one that would rather remain within the domain of soul-spirit, and that makes sense. Yet, it has come into the bodily domain, and this is what causes our current dilemma, which is worth considering, If the soul no longer wants to affiliate with the body, then this needs to be considered in the present situation. It only makes sense. In other words, we are being encouraged to take up the science of the spirit in order to resolve the situation. I have another insert to offer in this regard. The homeless soul would rather remain in the spiritual world and never incarnate with a frown on their face.


        • Stephen Hale

          Here it is where I said that I have another insert to offer in this regard.

          Hi Ton,

          One of the things that will stand out in this discourse is the fact that today the soul no longer lives entirely within the physical body. In earlier epochs, like the Greeks, the soul lived entirely within the physical body because it was still alive and living. So, they felt health and vigor as a culture that was still alive, although the paradox is that they were approaching death as a culture, which alludes to the “gray horse” of the Apocalypse.

          In today’s climate, it is essential that we realize that the soul no longer lives fully in the physical body. It is separating from it. We bear a cross of dead wood across our body, much the same as Christ did two thousand years ago. So, we have to strive for the spiritual and its explanations, which yields the redemption of the physical phantom. We can only hold on to the death and dying so long, and this pandemic is a really good indicator of the terminus.


          • Ton Majoor

            I would say that “the Greeks loved and valued, the external form of the human body” (the phantom, GA131/19111010), in contrast to the Buddhists. This thought is expressed in the Leading Thoughts as an Imagination: “It ought to fill us with solemn feelings when, on looking at the human form, we realise that with physical senses we are perceiving in the physical world something that is spiritual.” (GA026_c17). The homeless soul would be the inspirational side of this.


          • Ton Majoor

            Steiner (1909) actually described the human form (gestalt) as the corona, the “crown of life”:

            “Paul said of himself that he was a “premature birth,” that is, an initiate through grace. He stresses that he did not receive initiation through a training that required a sequence of steps. But he stood closer to the spiritual world than those people who had descended deeper into matter. He was able to experience the “crown of life,” the last act in Old Testament initiation.” GA0104a/19090509


          • Ton Majoor

            Revelation 2:10 says: “Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.”



            • Steve Hale

              Hi Ton,

              It is very important to consider these words from Paul, who was the infamous Saul of Tarsus, and enemy of Christianity, until his conversion on the road to Damascus to arrest the infidels of the first Christian nation, Syria. As such, he would receive the Light of Christ and have his sight restored in order to receive the Holy Spirit. This is what enabled him to remember his own former life in the ancient mysteries as a neophyte who was murdered just before receiving initiation. This is why Martin Luther’s incarnation, originally set for the fourth cultural epoch, was pushed to the right, and into the early 5th cultural epoch, as the redeemer of Paul’s so-called “justification by faith”. This became the Protestant religion in opposition to the Catholic domination, but only slightly thereto. It is worth looking into this situation.

              So, Paul receives redemption through Christ, but also becomes His rather extreme bond-servant. The reasons are obviously given in the chapters of Acts of the Apostles, especially after Peter’s miraculous escape from prison described in chapter 12. After this, it is all about Paul.

              Now, Revelations 2 has important indications in its own right:

              Message to Smyrna
              8 “And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write:

              The first and the last, who was dead, and has come to life, says this:

              9 ‘I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10 Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to cast some of you into prison, so that you will be tested, and you will have tribulation for ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. 11 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death.’


  26. Kathy

    Raginald wrote about homeless souls and the issue of man’s addiction to perpetual distraction.

    We would love to stay safe and warm ‘neath Mamas’ breast, and be fed regurgitated worms for all eternity, wouldn’t we? After all, there’s no guarantee that spreading our wings will ensure we can fly – we could crash and burn. Or we could learn to coast but never get strong enough to get anywhere. Or we could do well and have lots of future plans and get taken out by a Hawk.

    So we stay home, safe in the nest, entertaining ourselves, tormenting each other because we’re bored to death, and relying on the bounteous material world and its predictable laws of nature for our continued existence. Until events tip us out of the nest: a dictator, a war, a comet, an economic collapse, a virus. Then we become trapped in the quicksand of denial, or desperate for a new way to cope. The danger is to grasp on to remedies grounded in materialism – which will just leave us in the same existential condition.

    Consciously engaging in the steps of initiation – spreading our wings – seems to me the only remedy. We will always feel homeless until we have the living awareness that the stars LOVE us. That we are part of something – belong to something – wondrous.


    • raginald7 Mars

      this is about the lost world, reminiscence of Eden and before the Deluge…The Homeless Soul is under a Curse – like Turin in Silmarillon…- Tolkien
      To find the Home for the Soul requires a succession of Initiations and the Courage to face the challenges. The Homeless Soul refuses the challenges of Initiation and is prone to accidents, sickness, misery… Our current challenge is a Test like in a tough examination. What I personally respect in Steiner is, he always faced the challenges and never ran away. We are excellent runners from all kinds of challenges- blaming others for self created miseries. I read Steiner to remind myself to not run away and seek the Home for my battered Soul…


  27. AdamM

    There is also one more approach from Total Biology or so called New German Medicine which questions viruses and bacteria as the cause of illness, treating them as sensible natural programs within our body. Our sickness is not for the body but for the soul (astral body) and this approach is so far the most accurate with an Anthroposophy, but yet incomplete due to lack of understanding etheric realm/climate conditions (There is also a book of Steiner – “On Epidemics”). In this scenarios sickness is spread by media propaganda which cause, or release our karma by activating psychological conflicts related to lungs and breathing, plus conditions in our environment – like climate (or maybe 5G radiation) which effects our etheric body.
    Also in Ancient Chinese Medicine (Lucifer incarnated as Yellow Emperor) lungs are related to fear, and all breathing problems are connected to climate conditions (unusual seasonal weather) and our cowardice in astral realm.
    In Astrology epidemics for spring 2020 were predicted in December of 2019. There is also a strong influence of planetary bodies predicted for December 2020.


    • Steve Hale

      Yes, in December of this year an extremely close alignment between Jupiter and Saturn will occur, and it has already been likened to the conjunction of these two planets which occurred in 7 BC, and associated with the Star of Bethlehem.

      Our sickness today exists because the soul no longer can live fully in the physical body. Earlier allusions to the Cross of Christ bearing the lignified beam across Its back is a real living situation. Just ask the old-timers here. Yet, Rudolf Steiner describes a solution here to the dilemma. In the transition from 1918 to 1919, and partly caused by the amnesty that ended WWI in November 1918, Steiner resolved to turn toward certain practical achievements in the realm of social formations in time. This has a basis in revelations concerning the Spirits of Form passing their regency over to the Spirits of Time, and moving on into the ranks of the Spirits of Movement, ref. lecture 20 December 1918, GA 186.

      So, here we have the beginnings of Steiner’s great work in the various areas of social formation, e.g., threefolding of the social organism, Waldorf Education, Anthroposophical Medicine, Camphill (curative education), etc. Michael as the leading Time-Spirit of our age is instrumental here in providing the guidance and inspiration. Now, in November of 1919, Steiner gave lectures on the Mission of the Archangel Michael, and wherein he describes in a very specific place how the present Michael culture invokes a new kind of yoga wherein the Will is made the subject of an active dynamic designed to yoke the two polarities of Thinking and Willing by the mediation of the Feeling Soul. Thus, respiration becomes a key factor here, and this lecture gives the details.

      Closely associated here is the element of Life-Spirit, or Buddhi, which is the secret ingredient of anthropsophical spiritual science for the expansion of the “content of consciousness” needed to effectively live partly outside the physical body and more in communion with soul and spirit. This is a direction we have to go in and because the physical body is dying much in the same way as the earth in the course of its physical-mineral demise. Steiner often referred to the indications of the geologist, Eduard Suess in his lectures. Thus, both earth and humanity are in a mutual process of transformation to the more diaphanous and transparent, and we can conscientiously accelerate this process by active engagement with little to no rhetoric. Words are important for explaining actions, and then we should move on it.


      • AdamM

        I believe that this coronavirus thing is the repetition of 30′ of XX century when ahrimanic forces make another step for adapting to living on the Earth. Now we got another step.

        During the two World Wars medicine gain knowledge by experimenting with chemical weapons mostly (plus Nazi camps eugenic experiments). In the period of Cold War there was some knowledge about physic influence, mostly radiations. Now it’s time for electromagnetic knowledge and this will come from Elon Musk’s satellites, 5G technology and chip implants (so called vaccines) and also from ecology which need more collective action and reduce of individual freedom. In China they already started doing this kind of experiments on society.
        This all will give a lot of power to arhimanic forces, because it will show how to treat all illness mechanically (how to alter the body so it no longer manifest illness). People will renounce freedom in favor of security and well being. Today almost all healthy people in the world are under the quarantine, this is a huge sociological and technological undertaking (criminal action in my opinion, nothing to do with science), and I believe it’s just a beginning, a preparatory stage. I see arhimanic forces as killing the individual in the sake of collective, in the sake of protecting the collective from danger and everyone who don’t want to be a victim of this will be pushed back into embrace of Lucifer (eastern buddist/jogic escapism, spending whole life out of society on meditation). Life Spirit will be present here, but I afraid that in some places like America or China it will come from the State, like a force (also it might come from union of Jesuits and Masonic lodges as Global Religion of Peace). So we must be very aware here, because I suspect that this all will not happen within one day, it could be whole XXI century.

        For Michael mission Steiner also mentioned something about a special role of Germanic and Slavic people here. This Middle Eastern Europe (I am from Poland by the way) has got central position between arhimanic and lucefiric forces from West and far East.
        New Germany Medicine or Total Biology (or Anthroposophy medicine) is the only way where an individual must be treaded as the individual person, not as statistic abstract person from computer models. One must simply treat his illness as his personal and also karmic problem to be solved. To do it in proper and successful way the spiritual science is needed, also special focus on the Will forces. Consequently this could lead one to Christ impulse, because one must “know yourself” honestly if one want to get any progress.

        We should focus our attention on Germany now, because during this lockdown a lot of scientist from that country has been treated with open ostracism from so called mainstream. This could lead to some divisions in scientific communities and consequently more inteligent people will turn their attention into more spiritual science. Total Biology approach could be a bridge between materialistic and spiritual approach to knowledge. In today’s world people are not fully ready for Anthroposophy and threefolding social organism, effects of materialistic education are still to strong, they need the bridges, other than ancient yoga from East etc.


        • Steve Hale

          Etherisation of the Blood through an intimate and internal fire process is what is needed for self realization. This is the new Yoga of Will infused by the Venus Wisdom. Spiritual Science possesses this wisdom, and to embrace it yields Life-Spirit; an alchemical process. It is more than an abstraction.


          • Steve Hale

            Hi Adam, you wrote:

            “I believe that this coronavirus thing is the repetition of 30′ of XX century when ahrimanic forces make another step for adapting to living on the Earth. Now we got another step.”

            This is true, and why Steiner forecasted the reappearance of Christ beginning around 1933. This is the solution to the present pandemic, and while Steiner died in 1925, just eight years shy of his 72nd birthday, which would have been a complete and individual ‘platonic year’, he foresaw the dilemma ensuing in his absence. So, he left it to those who could possibly carry the ship in its navigation between Scylla and Charybdis. Now, how successful has that been?

            Well, it hasn’t been that successful, and likely for the obvious reasons of materialism taking the upper hand while humanity sinks lower and lower due to Ahrimanic [especially] and Luciferic influences working in the world.

            Yet, I think we are on the verge of something important as it arrives out of the supersensible worlds. Steiner often inveighed the tri-fold honorarium
            of: Ex Deo Nascimur, In Christo Morimur, and Per Spiritum Sanctum Reviscimum. So, I think he had the right idea of what was approaching us humans. Aurobindo was the first to receive it on 24 November 1926.

            Now today, we are there in our own right. The supersensible is approaching much like the Prodigal Son of olden times. Yet, so true when one opens the lotus flowers in order to invite it. Of course, it stills leaves the dilemma of our post-modern age, which is both disturbing and challenging in its accomplishment.


            • AdamM

              I am looking at things from evolutionary perspective, also from collective, bigger perspective. I see Christ impulse as an event in 4th pos-Atlantic epoch and for better understanding I use chakras (in Christianity we can call it churches form The Book of Revelation).
              So Christ is (also) a collective development of Anahata chakra which is also mission of our Earth, to develop universal love . Now we are in 5th post-Atlantic epoch which I relate to 5th Vishuddhi charka. We simply learn how to be an individual, how to express oneself, gain personal power but there are three lower charkas which could be related to inferior realm, or to devolution (I picture this in descending Christ to hell for 3 days=3chakras). What happen in the first half of XX century? After 2000 years of wars people finally learned about basic human rights end of physical violence and wellbeing for everyone.
              Now in repetition of 30′ of XX century I see lessons about violence (this time state/police) and basic food and shelter security for all, climate crisis and economic crisis about wellbeing for all people of the Earth. So people are dealing here with issues related to 3rd Manipura chakra which could be read as repetition of Egypto-Chaldea epoch on materialistic level, and on spiritual level we are dealing with freedom of speech , freedom of knowledge and freedom to be an individual in the society – 5th chakra. Also from spiritual perspective there is the necessity of gaining a control over astral body, mind and emotions, without that there is no future for the soul, only devolution. So this are tasks for this epoch, but…

              …another aspect also has begun. This pandemic has opened Swadhisthana chakra issues (although everything started with cultural revolutions of the 60′ and 70′, sexual revolutions).
              The age of Aquarius will be painted with health and sexual problems in my opinion (this relate to Moon forces, Yahve culture, fornication etc). We are still in 5th post-Atlantic Age, age of Pisces but we’re also starting opening issues related to 6th Anja chakra which will be 6th post-Atlantic epoch. Humanity as a whole to properly develop energies related with 5th charka need to resolve problems with inferior materialistic chakra, which is 3rd Manipura. The same is needed for gaining clairvoyance from 6th Andia charka. We need to resolve problems with 2nd chakra (which is like mirror reflection of 6th), with etheric realm, with health and sexuality, we need also to go back to early Abraham and Zaratustra culture epoch to get some answers and guidelines. After that there will be this War of All against All which relates to Muldahara chakra on material level and Sahasrara on spiritual level (the last judgement) but this will be 7th epoch.

              When we know that Ahriman is trying to suppress an individuality in sake of collective and give only mechanistic (technocratic) answers to the problems, and Lucifer is trying to make us “the moral egoists” completely wise but with now interest in social live of the collective, then we can easily predict where the danger lies when we see things from evolutionary epoch perspective.

              So this is how I see this worldly affairs, and I use this evolutionary ages and chakras to gain a bigger picture. Now science after gaining some control over mineral kingdom will need to lear how to deal with plant kingdom which is related to health issues and etheric plane. In my personal opinion this knowledge of science about living, organic matter is still very poor. The way how they see viruses, cells, bacteria etc, how they treat living beings is really childish, so we got a lot to learn.


              • Adam, it is very good to have an evolutionary perspective like this one. Yet, it can be shown [indicated] that all the chakras, owing to the Astral Body, have been divided off, with the major seven having gone into remission in favor of the minor five, which beget sense perception of an outer-external world of Maya. This is the present situation.

                As well, the Etheric Body has duly contracted from its original posture, which was largely predominate over the physical body. In other words, it is now subordinate to the physical body, and even slightly indentured into it. This was demanded by the Mystery of Golgotha, which occurred at the low point of earth evolution two thousand years ago. Herein, the Etheric Body received a mandate to remain connected, even unto death of the physical body.

                The Physical Body was once a phantom presence, with only a hint of a shadow. This was before the dustification of the earth took place. Then, the mineral element entered in order to go through the process from warmth to aeriform to fluid, and then finally solid, which coincides with the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, and wherein Christ entered and walked out onto the dry land. Death and resurrection have been with us ever since. But, now we are entering a new era, and where the Divine will be experienced in the very life between birth and death. This is the New Pentecost, and it is ours to be had at the outset of the third decade of the Third Millennium.

                Thanks be to Jeremy to change this subject to the one that can afford real change, even as we suffer through the current crisis. And, that is the paradox in which we live. Gnosis is the solution, and people should really try it because it has been around for 120 years as the veritable paradigm-shift of this new era. Even Thomas Kuhn, if he had known of its existence, would have been impressed, and likely acknowledged it.


                • raginald7 Mars

                  As a Biologist – I study Calhoun : The Behavioral Sink. When a population has too much comfort and security – it descends into parasitism and declines to extinction. We are past our comfort Apex and we will self extinct. We sink ever faster. Global event – nobody can stop. We only can accelerate it to sink faster…


                  • Stephen Hale

                    Come on; Calhoun of America? He explored rats and mites and tried to make an impression. You, as a German biochemist should have tried to stay to a higher level. Yet, maybe it tells us of a sad position today, which is the loss of spirit. Steiner gave lectures on the Principle of Spiritual Economy, ref. GA 109, and wherein he told of how acceleration came into the spiritual-evolutionary system and wherein forward progress became the incentive with various etheric, astral, and even egoic copies being formed in order to further progress in an accelerated system of human evolution on earth.

                    As such, it had nothing to do with a sinking into the quagmire that you suggest here. Very disappointed in this kind of response, and hoping that someone might also adhere with this sentiment. The reason is that spiritual science is a sight to behold even in these frustrating times. It holds many answers, and even questions for the future.


                • AdamM

                  I use chakras more in abstract sense. It helps me to visualize the main point of focus of the collective or cultural attention. If for example we picture our previous 2000 years we can see that people were concentrated much on creativity, exploring and gaining personal wealth thus this gave us popular science and vast technological advancement, so I can connect it to Manipura . Now when I see Svadhishthana energies approaching I recognise that the most of the people are pleasure seekers now, this also explains why we are so lazy in this days. Instead of developing clear thinking and forces of will, people chose to develop fast Internet and smartphone apps. You don’t need to think anymore, you need only to collect some data and AI will think over everything for you. So for scientist it will be extremely hard to search for knowledge in Gnosis, because even if they would find something there it wont let them change it into a product which makes peoples life fun and full of comfort.
                  From that I assume that we are going to have a serious issues with the health (for our benefit after all) because this is the only way for pleasure seekers and worlds explorers to stay connected with real wisdom. The art of healing (and proper child education and agriculture) could be a real chance for Anthroposophy to step out of the shadows. The most danger from Ahrimanic forces is when our health systems start (it is already happening) to treat only the diseases but not the patient. This will make health care system more demonic in nature and people even more shallow and lazy.

                  Thanks for discussion.


        • Ton Majoor

          Steiner (1919) described this form of ‘sensationalism’ as a new Yahve culture, too:

          “And we must learn to realize the sense process, permeated by the soul element in a similar way we have realized the breathing process three millennia ago. … It must become a certainty for us that with every ray of light, with every tone, with every sensation of heat and its dying down we enter into a soul-intercourse with the world, and this soul-intercourse must become significant for us. We can help ourselves to bring this about. … something will arise which will signify for us what the Yahve culture signified for mankind three millennia ago.” GA194/19191130
          (cf. Boundaries of Natural Science, GA0322/19201003)


  28. Mark McDougall

    KM 4 – 51000/29#2
    KM4 Analyse des Krisenmanagements (Kurzfassung) was a leaked German report. accessible here
    Politicians didnt like it.
    The leaker lost his job and was defamed.
    There is a background here.
    Those who smelt a rat were likely right.
    Some haven’t yet developed a sense of smell, or don’t trust it.


  29. ininsoi

    Wait a minute here.
    Your nice Mr Steve Briault had me all calmed down and breathing normally and now the German government is admitting this is a fake panademic?
    So Jon Rappoport and others were right after all?
    Guess I should start polishing up my tin foil hat again.
    I’m starting to foam at the mouth…


  30. Stephen Briault

    Dear ininsoi

    Actually the German government has admitted no such thing. Looking at the actual report, it seems to have been written by a single individual, who repeatedly uses the word “Ich” [“I”] which would be extremely unlikely in anything produced by an expert commission. It does seem to be a personal view, though it was later supported by a small number of other medics and academics.

    It may indeed be that the danger has been exaggerated and the harm caused by the lockdown partly unnecessary – but if preventive measures are taken and the mortality rate is low, does that mean the lockdown was superfluous, or that it was effective? The balance of medical opinion, even in Germany where minimisers are prevalent, is still towards the latter – but we are free to make up our own minds.

    In any case, keep breathing!

    Steve Briault


  31. Mark McDougall

    Whether its one man or seven, I would’ve thought the question would be whether it was true. We now have hindsight to support us in any considerations? Would you expect any government to say, “We were wrong, we squashed the report and the leaker, nothing to see here folks move along”? That sort of thing takes years for governments with entrenched media. Meanwhile we say, “Nothing to see here folks, move along?”
    KM4 looks like a Krisis Management team of 4 or number 4 to me ?
    To me it looks rigorous then April 25th and in hindsight now.
    Its not saying the illness wasnt serious, its saying how we dealt with it was disproportionate, ill advised and harmful.


  32. Someone mentioned, I think it was Ton, in the previous thread concerning the Corona Virus and how we are handling it, that Steiner asked a very interesting question somewhere about the pandemic of 1918, and what constellation we as the human race were in when this flu virus was in its benign state in the 1890’s. I found that so intriguing because who could even remotely answer such a question? Yet, today I think it is possible to formulate such a theory about our present corona virus. In today’s world, the younger generation is all wrapped up in the technology of the hand-held android device that they possess and live in, and I have witnessed this phenomenon over the last seven years, while living right across the street from a high school here in Tacoma. I have often mentioned it on this blog, and so it should be no wonder what the concern was about.

    So, any affliction in a benign state likely has the opportunity to become chronic (active) at some point, isn’t that correct? What I watched from our younger generation everyday for some seven years made me sick, and very disturbed about what the future held. Steiner often mentioned how important the younger generation was in the further advancement of the Science of the Spirit, and especially here in this course:

    Now, with the previous references to the threat of sinking into the sub-earthly realms where technological materialism dwells and houses Lucifer, Ahriman, and the oh-so evil daddy, Sorath, what other theory exists to express this present dilemma? I am really open to suggestions because I truly feel that the work of Rudolf Steiner is the paradigm-shift that has been needed to avoid what is happening now, but humanity resists it for some reason, which is likely due to the clever power of the cosmic intelligence working in reverse, which is a blasphemy to Michael. Well, he knows it, as he turns his taciturn gaze our way and wonders what we will do.


    • Mark McDougall

      Upon evening, place ones cares into the imagination of the effulgent setting sun , “Transformed by love, redeemed by light, may they return as strengthening thoughts for deeds of radiant self sacrifice”
      They do not understand our world yet, we can offer them unsolved pictures, they share them with heaven and humans.
      Starlink EMR sattelites are the skeletal/robotic simulation of cosmic communication,… the archetype is outlined in the michael meditation.


      • Steve Hale

        Hi Mark,

        Here is something I wrote a few years ago in relation to what you write about Starlink EMR satellites simulating cosmic communications:

        “The Internet is a direct consequence of the expanded ‘etheric wave’ activity that surrounds the earth, seeking to send Cosmic Intelligence down to man. Space satellites and radar scanners have been created in an attempt to absorb and disperse this incoming intelligence; to keep man from receiving it. Thus, the cosmic intelligence was originally intended to be a streaming down activity of spiritual force and power designed to quicken our perceptive and cognitive faculties; a World Pentecost made possible through Christ’s evolution in the etheric body of the earth for two thousand years. Although not nullified in the least, its cognition has been offset through the efforts of science and technology, politics and economics, and other evils of ignorance.

        The earth’s atmosphere consists of several layers wherein satellites have been placed since the forming of the space program back in 1957. This mandate, formed out of the Eisenhower years when the military-industrial complex was the chief objective of realization, sees each level of the earth’s atmosphere as designed to be a progressive receptor of the cosmic intelligence meant for mankind. In order to offset this reception, satellites were launched and installed for the purpose of forestalling this reception in order to pursue the aims of this military-industrial complex.”

        ref. Quaternium Organum, 2004


      • Stephen Briault

        Hello Mark. I’m interested by your reference to the verse, which starts “I carry my pain into the setting sun…” There is also an accompanying morning verse. For some time I have been trying to discover the origin of these: I was told they are not by Steiner but have not been able to find the source. Can you help, I wonder? Thank you.


        • Mark McDougall

          Its the Michael meditation loosely translated.
          In the morning, I place myself at the service of Michael bringing heavenly order to life on earth, here quoted from;

          “Let us then set to work to discipline our will, let us endeavour to awaken within us each morning and each evening-

          In the Morning
          O Michael, I commend myself to thy protection,
          With all the forces of my heart, I place myself
          under thy leadership, that so the day that is
          now beginning may be indeed a picture of the
          right ordering of destiny that belongs to thy Being.

          I carry my sorrow into the setting Sun,
          I lay all my cares in its shining lap
          These my cares come back to me filled with
          glowing light, warmed through and through with love,
          come back to me as helping thoughts, as power to carry out deeds that are filled with joy of sacrifice.

          Another translation:


          O Michael,
          Under your protection I place myself,
          With your guidance I connect myself,
          So that this day becomes an image
          Of your destiny-ordering Will.

          O Michael,
          Under your protection I place myself,
          Wholeheartedly and with a will,
          So that this day which is now beginning
          Will be an image of your destiny ordered Will.

          I carry my sorrows into the setting sun,
          Place all my worries into her radiating womb,
          Purified in love, transformed into light,
          They return as helping thoughts,
          As strength for self-sacrificing deeds.

          Rudolf Steiner,
          Lecture, 27th November 1919
          Posted by 888 at Sunday, November 17, 2013 “


          • Stephen Briault

            Thank you Mark. Looking at your reference I learn that ” The prayer was created by paraphrasing and remixing material from a lecture on 17 Feb 1910 (GA 59) using material spread across about ten pages. Once again it is well-meaning, and “in the spirit of”, but not an actual Steiner composition.” I have posted a question as to who did the paraphrasing and remixing – the result is certainly beautiful and inspiring.


          • Emanuel Blosser

            HI Mark, I looked the the lecture for 1919 Nov 27, ‘Spiritual Science and the Art of Education’ and in the English translation on the RS Archive don’t see any mention of this verse. Is this the correct reference? Thanks, Manny


            • Steve Hale

              My understanding is that the Michael Meditation was formulated out of the lecture-course that Rudolf Steiner gave in Stuttgart in October 1922 on “The Younger Generation”. Herein is where the so-called, and even to this day current, ‘Esoteric Youth Circle’, first formed. And, it is herein in this course, and its final lecture, that Rudolf Steiner invokes the substance of what a conscientious recognition of Michael means. His concern for a Michael Impulse working in the world is as palpable as you can get. And he had the audience at the time. Just look at the prose and how much it serves to create the substance of a more poetic offering, which we have today working in the world.



            • Mark McDougall

              Not sure, thanks, will investgate


              • Steve Hale

                Hi Mark,

                According to Reverse Ritual, Steiner on 16 October 1922, was asked to found a youth movement based on an esoteric orientation, ref.


                1922 – The founding of the Esoteric Youth Circle by Rudolf Steiner. Notes from the various preparatory discussions for the founding of the Group:

                ‘If I am to go into what I understand with the term “esoteric group” then let me say that if you want to take the esoteric earnestly, you must say to yourself that it is an action out of the impulses from the spiritual world. One can strive toward this. Anthroposophy is a path to this end. To build such a community would constitute a decision to set upon this path.

                The spiritual is a living element & so such a group must not be something dead. The group must be a force-group. The health of each part is the health of the whole. It is the mutual taking on of karma that is created in such a community. There is then mutual suffering to live through, but also mutual joy. People must be treated like fellow human beings, with all their imperfections.

                What you seek is to find a friend in the spiritual world. The important thing is to remain spiritually true to the friend once found. Therefore, the 1st requirement is that you learn quite precisely what spiritual loyalty is.

                Your community will have in it something of the primordial mystery of all human community. This mystery is that, what we ourselves do within the community bears no fruit for us ourselves, but for others, & that the fruits for us come from others.

                We must work for the progress of humanity – Just as the physical social life consists of deeds done together, so too we strive for common deeds in the spirit – thus actually, for a social working in the suprasensible.

                We must endeavor to carry spirit into the furthest consequences of our actions. This alone – that we bring spirit & love into our will – can make it possible to stand firmly against being overrun by the cultural machine. Too few people today develop real initiative. There is a lot of willfulness, but little will.

                The true meditation is a fulfilling of the spiritual will that the Time Spirit bears with itself. Where such meditation is practiced, a spiritual force is able to work into the earthly events. Spiritual worlds want to work in to earthly events today, but they can do this only when, through human meditation, space is created for it. Through meditation, something like an empty space comes about. Into this space, the spiritual beings can enter with their effects. And the power of meditating such a meditation in common increases by potentization.

                When we do this community-meditation, it will bring about a deeper connection of the core of our being with our sheaths.

                These meditations, when used correctly, could become something like windows into the spiritual world. The words & pictures given, form only half of what is to be entrusted to us. The other half we are to find ourselves through spiritual activity.

                Each of you must feel joy for the success of the other. You must avoid every feeling of rivalry & have the awareness that what each of you accomplishes, you accomplish through the power of all of the others.

                Uniting yourself through a mutual promise to strive toward a common spiritual goal – & leaving one another completely free in actions & judgements in life – such a community based on this is something completely new in the evolution of humanity. And it is what is most necessary today.

                For someone who comes to specific results on the esoteric path, there is always the danger of delusions of grandeur. Such a community as yours can be a protection against this. For in it, you strive together to cross the threshold of the spiritual world. And there each of you has to say that you have the efforts of all the others to thank for what you have achieved personally.

                Effects will arise in the destiny between human beings who are connected with us in the community physically & spiritually. The community will never die out. With the 1st community members who reincarnate, the community returns to Earth.

                By persevering with the exercises we have a chance to stand up to Ahrimanic powers that no one person can withstand.

                Through the reading of the oath given by Rudolf Steiner on 16 October 1922, in the presence of the others, the admittance into the community was effected.

                And now consider your community as having been founded by the spiritual world itself…Now get to know each other well.

                This gave us the idea to tell each other our biography at the mutual acceptance into membership.

                What has taken place now is a 1st in the post-Christian era: human beings themselves chose, out of freedom before the spiritual world, to join together esoterically’.

                The founding member list is then given, which would also include Carl Unger as a supporter. This would prove to be very important for certain reasons after Steiner’s death. – Steve


  33. Krešo


    This might be seen as a critique, but it is just an observation.

    I am so sorry to see this kind of thinking and dismissal of facts. I have to be direct; it is allowed to be, and the Spirit of Time demands it.

    Yes, your text is smart in a way, but lacks a lot of basic thinking methods and it hurts me to see how you present Anthroposophy to the world. I am sure not much of common people read this blog, but for those who should know something about Anthroposophy this is crazy.

    You should really dig deeper into what is happening because it is not that hard do understand it. You talk about viruses and give opinions on 5G, reviewing theories etc. You have that right, but when you do it in the name of Anthroposophy you should get your facts checked, because as you probably know half-truths are most dangerous ones and you made yourself an advocate of those.

    This is just one example that show how fragile is your materialists tower of cards (Lecture: S-3426: 6th November, 1917 | Zurich | GA0178):

    “Among a few friends, I have already spoken of these things. The age of materialism is striving, through the work of certain circles, to paralyse, to eliminate all spiritual development in mankind, to bring human beings to a point where simply by temperament and character they reject everything that is spiritual and regard it as folly.

    This trend — and it is already perceptible in some individuals today — will intensify. People will actually long for the time when the Spiritual is universally deemed to be insanity, craziness! Attempts will be made to achieve this end by inoculations; just as viruses have been discovered as means of protection against illnesses, so certain inoculations will be used to influence the human body in such a way that it provides no place for the spiritual proclivities of the soul.”

    From that you conclude:
    “To move from “ecology” to “Ecosophy” – “wisdom of the household (of nature)”, as “Anthroposophy” enhances “anthropology” – one can consider, for example, how Steiner speaks about the way in which suffering inflicted on the group souls of animals can create beings which inflict necessary consequences, in the form of diseases, on humans. This perspective is the most convincing for me, and calls on the responsibility of us all to work towards our own health in harmony with the healing regeneration of our earthly environment.“

    Come on, this is not the time to make jokes!

    So, if you know that divine beings have a plan for humankind and on the other hand have those who oppose the evolution, in the middle you can clearly connect the dots with basic materialistic thinking. Most of the actors and agendas are available online, sadly you refer to some of them and give them no credit. Maybe you should read again what did Steiner say about the future and the spider net?

    It is rather a sad notion that Michael has to inspire all but none or few Anthroposophist (I am not including myself, to be celar).

    The MAIN problem here and in general is that the Anthroposophy didn’t take it ground like it should have and help more people in understanding of reality and to stand our grounds in the mist of evil. And because of that, Anthroposophy is viewed in all kinds of way rather than the knowledge that can heal and help people to evolve in accordance with the hierarchies.

    Please do your homework before you talk and quote Steiner, Anthroposophy already has a jet lag because external influences and also internal like yours and many that undermine what Rudolf Steiner gave the world.

    And please read some books from Elana Fleenland or give her a call for a fast-forward to reality!

    Sorry for my English, I am not from around here.


    • Steve Hale

      Elana Freeland novels, huh? This is priceless stuff, and so we should embrace its content. Yet, the world is becoming rather disorganized and chaotic, don’t you think? And what would be the basis of that if the cosmic intelligence were being disturbed by some kind of an outside force? Space satellites have no real functional purpose other than to disturb the incoming vibrational frequencies coming from the planets.

      The stronger force comes from those who study spiritual science with their heads and hearts. This yields the will to withstand and meet what is now, and coming. I hope the English will suffice your concerns.


  34. Stephen Briault

    Hello Kreso
    It’s a pity you feel the need to use this tone. Let us by all means share what we have each learned and understood from Rudolf Steiner, whose work I have been studying and applying for half a century. I referred to what he said about the effects of our mistreatment of the animal world: the concept of ecosophy was not meant as a joke and I don’t see why you need to dismiss or ridicule it – for example, it is very much the basis for biodynamics.
    You refer to other statements Steiner made, and these are indeed to be taken seriously. But our movement and the effect of anthroposophy in the world will not be served by us patronising or insulting each other.


  35. Krešo

    Well, I didn’t have Elana’s novels in mind (haven’t read them, after your comment, I suppose I should not?… also Thomas Cowan is another man who has a lot to say in regard to this corona situation), but her book “Under the ionized sky” which is probably the most important book now because it, in fact, shows how one can use the technology to open the threshold, bypass the Small Guardian etc. and guess who controls all the tech! You all probably know that in fact we are in a way manipulated due to an intelligence far greater than that of an average person. Rudolf Stainer offered to us an explicit and deep insight into the workings of secret societies. So, if you Steve think that all will be OK while we just proud ourselves on being Anthroposophist, I am sorry to be bringing bad news.

    I have a great respect for all who strive in spiritual development suited for this period of evolution and said that, hope that my previous remarks didn’t shadow that. That was not my intention you probably had good intentions and wanted to say something by the book, still, your approach doesn’t make your words bear more truth or meaning. The facts are that Stainer spoke on viruses rarely and when he did, he said “altered viruses” meaning, chimeric viruses. (this might help: and he spoke on the virus origin, for those existing in our body, was in connection to fear.

    Here you already have 2 important facts. 1) the origin of the virus; 2) knowledge on how to make artificial viruses in the lab and by imposing fear.

    Let us go a bit further. You say the most probable scenario is that we got sars-cov-2 from a bat because of the karmic aftermath. Take into consideration that a virus is not a living being and its structure is rather fragile. That is why you can actually destroy a virus just by drinking a hot cup of tea or by washing your hands. Now tell me, in the fish market (if that is still the official main-stream origin), strangely we have a bat soap and not a starfish soap – still, I suppose it was cooked? Can a virus survive cooking or did the bat land into someone’s plate and took a bath while spreading the virus, giving that special soup flavour? We for instance know that the most dangerous microbes (a living organism) can not survive cooking.

    Now you have 2 more facts. 3) virus is not alive (what realm is then its origin?) and 4) no, it did not jump species because we have a much better divine solution, made by the hierarchies, for our karma than to wait for an peace of sub nature to punish us for in vivo experiments and burning the rainforests.

    I will stop here because it is not my task to lecture to you. But when you follow this train of thought you will probably land somewhere like: Why is this virus agenda so important right now and how does it connect to vaccines that will disable the spirit and why do we have all those satellites and wait for 11,000 more and why is there so much technology rolling out…. and how come that our “virus karma” took an unexpected turn, practically vanished after the G.Floyd’s death? Could it been that someone tries to manipulate the narrative? Someone like those retarded souls and fallen spirits of darkens living in human bodies?

    No, you will say – the problem is probably in my choice of words. And all who can put Antroposphy in their CV should stay politicly correct and hope that the angels will cut the evil with their swards while Christ makes one more sacrifice for us all.

    Our task is to understand what is happening and to take parts of the Ahrimanic and Luciferic intelligence during our path home!

    And in the meantime, when we want to say something in the name of Anthroposophy, we all should use a disclaimer on the top of the blog post: I am trying to understand the reality and it is probably wrong because I haven’t yet fully understand what is happening. But this is in no way an official opinion of Rudolf Steiner nor Anthroposophy. It will help those in search of deeper answers to get to know more about Anthroposophy.

    In the end, I should have probably taken another angle in commenting, patronizing is not what I intended. This shouldn’t have been just a strong heads up because it looks to me that you are dreaming Anthroposophy instead of living it. Steiner was not shy to say that this person or that person made a fault in thinking, and his task was to learn us how to think. No one can speak like he did, I surely can’t and my knowledge is limited like my English language, so only hope remains that someone will get the main point and dismiss the faults I’ve made.

    Take care!


  36. Krešo

    Here are some books that feature are a great Anthroposophic response to the present time:

    Elana Freeland – Under an ionized sky

    Nicanor Perlas – Humanity’s Last Stand: The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence, A Spiritual-Scientific response

    And like I’ve mentioned before, Thomas Cowan (no books on the subject, but there are some yt videos on his channel that were not censored: and some of his lectures here: ), more on the author and his books on other subjects:



  37. Mark McDougall

    Thank you Kreso, I really like your disclaimer, it leaves so much room for growth


  38. ininsoi

    I can understand, having read them, that Elana Freeman’s novels would not be every one’s cup of tea, but her two non-fiction books cited above seem to me to be backed by a lot of solid research and well worth reading by anyone wanting to get up to speed on the big picture of what is occuring in our modern world.
    I wonder if Elana reads this blog? She is an ex-waldorf teacher as I understand it. I’d certainly be interested in any comment she would care to contibute on our current reality.


    • Steve Hale

      My question is this: How have we as the human race allowed science to do so many destructive acts seen throughout the 20th century, and now here into the third decade of the 21st century of this third millennium? RS indicates in that lecture from 6 October 1917, GA 177, that our present fifth epoch equivocates to the same point in time of the previous fourth epoch of Atlantis, and wherein the so-called “elementary spirits of birth and death” are allowed to fall into the hands of humanity for its further progress. Of course, we know what caused the demise of Atlantis, and we are currently headed on that same course.

      To quote from a previous comment:

      “Now, for example, who got the grand idea to intrude upon the ionosphere of the earth’s own higher atmospheric layer? And who got the idea to dig down some 17 miles in order to plant high-energy particle accelerators?”

      Modern science knows the destructive power and potential that resides in the world just on the other side of the physical world, which is the elemental world of spirits which are by nature, inimical to humanity. So, what kind of responsible science is this that has done so much damage? And, how does a responsible humanity fight back? In other words, how do we better engage the Michael Impulse and its heartfelt Will?


      • Krešo

        Steiner once said that if the Anthroposophical thought doesn’t take root in the general public, we as humanity will be on the path of destruction.

        “It is urgently necessary for mankind once again to know and realise that the physical world is connected with spiritual realities, to become conscious of the fact that a spiritual world is working into the actual details of physical existence.” Lecture: S-3431: 13th November, 1917

        And he gave the image of the spider net women around the Earth, after re-union with the Moon, when our souls won’t be able to incarnate and will work on the body from the outside, like in times long past. I am mentioning this in regard of the question about engaging with Michael Impulse.

        There are two points here to look at – first, what did the Anthroposophical movement do in the last 100 years? There are of course great achievements, but did it reach the benchmark? When I’ve read this article, I also went to see what people at the Goetheanum are saying about the corona, and found: This is exactly what was the conclusion from the post above and strangely nobody did really question it. I find it rather strange in a way that the Anthroposophical core became so infected with the untruth.

        Spirits of Darkness make it their business to spread confusion; from their arena here, on Earth, they want to prevent the establishment of the right attitude vis-à-vis the spiritual truths, they want to withhold from men the blessings which it is the purpose of the spiritual truths to bring. Lecture: S-3431: 13th November, 1917

        Not surprised really because it is well known what happened with the first Goetheanum and how Nazis wanted to destroy Stainer, but now it is evident that they have succeeded in their dark plans via infiltration in the movement.

        The movement did not spread the Anthroposophical teachings as is should have and let the rise of New Age spirituality based on channelling and abstract concepts about the Soul and Spirit, and again in accordance with the dark forces pushing the agenda the materialistic science went even deeper into the material without approaching the science with a religious feeling like Steiner said was a necessity if one wants to take moral control over the scientific findings. We were told about the secret societies who have the spiritual knowledge, we know they are using it for manipulation, but the Anthroposophical movement stands still and quiet, bending its spine in a way that will help it to survive, sacrificing everything along the way, just to survive. This is not what Parsifal would do! The Movements is not to be trusted anymore (and this no news!!!!). My child is starting Waldorf school in the Fall (btw. Elana Freeland started 5 Waldorf schools) and when I asked how they plan to teach if the lockdown restarts (and it will) – the answer was via the Internet! I felt the pain in my body, looking at the principal laying down all that should have been sacred in Waldorf school while putting it into the sub-nature. There is no spiritual courage, people just want to survive in the physical and hold the erroneous ideals above the water.

        This directly links to the 2nd point, how to connect with the Michaelic Impulse, in my opinion, first of all, the Anthroposophical movement has to go through a cleaning process, and it has to do is fast and with full power, there are people who can steer it back to the right course, but those in charge now, the majority for sure, do not work in accordance with the spiritual evolution or on the other hand, are not suited for the positions they occupy. On the other end, all individuals who are connected with Anthroposophy and have been sitting in the Michaelic school during the time between lives in the physical bodies, should revise their lives in an objective way and also discard all that is stopping them in thinking, feeling and willing like Stainer said was necessary for our age. I know this is a hard task, from my own experience, I can say there are a lot of ups and downs, but the time is now and there is not much space for political correctness, but wisdom and knowledge are a necessity. Michael will provide the strength and also, even more important, Christ which is now fighting in the 8th level of the sub-earthly spheres and will finish the fight until 2040. This period of course is opposed by the UN Agenda 2030 and Agenda 21 (contra impulses), where will look all possibilities for spiritual growth if we do not take a firm stand.

        Get informed, materialistic science is here to be respaced but stands in a black room without light. Just by reading and knowing so many laws of Spiritual science, those in the position of authority can spread the knowledge and help materialists acquire deeper understandings. This is also why I had to say something about Steve’s article, which in fact is steering the Movement in the wrong direction. So, first, find out the Truth and set your spirit free then start building thought trains from scratch and you will come back to the Michael stream. There are honest people who can help. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Rosa Koire–umdjnvds&t=540s.



        • Mark McDougall

          thanks kreso


          • Steve Hale

            I think a few notes are in order here. Rudolf Steiner died 95 years ago, and knowing just how bad things were going to get in his absence. He produced some 400 volumes of occult science, although much of it was designed to integrate with the philosophy and natural science of his time, and therefore, he was the herald of a new cultural/educational imperative. This can be seen and felt every day, and maybe even especially in this very strange year of 2020, wherein every day feels like a new impulse on behalf of the pandemic of a global virus that kills, and yet remains largely still undefined in terms of its real scope. Thus, it is mutating into the greater social and political streams, as seen over the last few weeks.

            Yet, Steiner in his very direct simplicity only wanted to convey that the time had arrived with the advent of the 20th century for the renewal of the ancient gnosis into a modern, and higher, form. People today don’t realize the brutality that was involved in the stamping out of the ancient gnosis, “root and branch”, in the aftermath of the Christ Event on earth. This, of course, was due to certain power structures existing at that time, i.e., Jewish and Roman, which had certain vested interests in maintaining authority. The martyrdom and death of Manes at Gondhi-Shapur in 277 AD remains the high-point of the extermination of the ancient gnosis that Rudolf Steiner resurrected at the outset of the 20th century.

            So, he must have felt compelled to do it for a reason. He died in half the time it took for the Buddha to die of so-called “pork poisoning”, which is a metaphor for the honey of the tongue becoming a bitter pill for the stomach. Just compare Buddha’s teachings of the Eightfold Path, which extended for some 50 years, to Steiner’s occult science [Anthroposophy], from 1900 to 1925, when he died far short of his goal to lead the GAS right into 1933. Yet, the important thing is that the knowledge proffered by Steiner stands very clear, and still very accessible today in its parameters, which were very exponential in terms of an evolution from elementary to intermediate to advanced in terms of knowledge acquisition.

            And, this was the whole idea because modern initiation science is quite different from the ancient variety, which was more “hands-on” because the neophyte needed a teacher to direct the course of the teachings and the eventual initiation. Now, today, because of the evolution of the Ego toward self-conscious realization, initiation is more a matter of self-initiation, and wherein new knowledge has to be obtained and incorporated over many years, and even an entire lifetime.

            And it becomes a welcomed resolution for those that see the wisdom and genius behind modern initiation science that Rudolf Steiner conveyed with his truth-wrought words. Thus, while the history of the anthroposophical movement isn’t perfect, and Rudolf Steiner conducted an experiment along these lines from 1913 to 1923 to see if the movement could sustain on its own inherent strength, which it could not without his own power of leadership, it still leaves us with a perfect model today of what it means to be a conscientious, awake, and striving soul; and all that requires is will and effort on the part of the participant.

            Thus, to end these brief notes, which could go on and on, and thank God for ending them here, is this final notation: The history of the movement and accompanying society of Spiritual Science has suffered many failures in the aftermath of the death of Steiner, which by some accounts, was a premature death for certain reasons, and yet, the knowledge that needs to be received as its very own cultural and educational imperative in our very day and age still shines supreme, and is accessible to even greater measures than ever before due to free availability on the internet, and the unsung and tireless efforts of translators into the diverse languages spoken and read in the world. So, nothing really stands in the way today for a concrete experience of a spiritual future for all humanity.

            We simply need to care about it, ourselves, and our fellow humans evolving at this time.
            –end notes–


  39. Krešo

    Steve there was another way to have this conversation but I was not kidding when I said we have a big problem. Please take action, I can still have hope that you just do not understand what is at stake. Listen to Catherine Austin Fitts and start changing the scales. This is not a joke. If you discard this, well, it will be clear what is this blog all about. I do not have to be included in the discussion, but you can help a lot.



    • Steve Hale

      Well, CAF is all about the money, and where it is going, and we know she knows nothing about spiritual science, and so, why are you taking us down this road? Let this be the first question. If Steve Briault holds an idea, then he can respond. I have also given my response already, which can be further expanded on. In short, it is not about the money, it is about spiritual evolution. You do see the issue, don’t you?


  40. Krešo

    Well yes, that was my point from the beginning – they (not karma) are stoping the evolution!!!! But Steve wrote the opposite, Goetheanum science guys also. Cov-sars-2 and covid-19 are fabrications of the so-called ruling elite and there is no need to spent too many words on that. I have made all those points in my comments, also the need to be proactive in fighting this colossal, global false flag & torture (look at this if you think torture is too hard of a word:

    It is quite simple: If “I am” (insert your name) an Antrophosopist, will I play my role inline with the “elite” or with Krist? If the latter, “I” just can not say that Cov-19 was/is in any way connected with karma (in the literal meaning = action leads to karmic reaction / e.g. in vivo animal torture – illness called covid-19) but is used to enslave our brothers and sisters!

    I just didn’t get the same feeling or thought after reading Mr. Briault’s article. He discarded all the tools and tactics (CAF talks about just one of them) the occultist use via their proxies in the governments, banking, business, media, etc. to tear humanity apart from the evolution and inflicted one more guilt-trip to all who are reading this sending the message: This all is my(our) fault! And

    I just couldn’t allow that this has Anthroposophy in the signature.

    Good luck to you all and may the Krist help us all!



    • Steve Hale

      Yes, it can be shown that the GAS became very conservative after the death of RS. In fact, it represents the major historical motive for any kind of continuation. Yet, from a certain valid standpoint, it was all about how to handle this huge legacy of esoteric knowledge left by Rudolf Steiner.
      No true leader was looked for as the immediate successor in order to keep going the second 21 years. According to a certain account, when Ita Wegman asked Steiner, “who will succeed you?”, he simply turned over in his bed.

      So, as I indicated in my previous installment, here we are today with pandemic written on everything. It is a nasty situation, and especially coming in a year in which the potential of hindsight meeting foresight was/ is a distinct possibility.

      Yet, it is also important to expose certain factions of the corona crisis for their self-supporting propaganda toward personal gain, and Catherine Austin Fitts is one of these. She is a financial adviser, and follows the money trail for many years now, and yet, when she ends a sentence concerning the banks, and then begins her next sentence about “the injection”, one might think she is talking about a certain injection of money into the banking world. But, oh no, she is now talking about the upcoming corona vaccine. Now, she starts talking like a medical specialist with public health knowledge about a vaccine that will contain biological waste, and even aborted fetal tissue. Yet, how does she know this? It likely comes from Jon Rapapport, who she talks with, but at least she could acknowledge the source instead of making herself out to be the sole authority.

      Discriminative thinking is required here to a high degree, and if anthroposophists today lack even this important tool, then we are, indeed, in trouble. The propaganda mill is working overtime, and it is cheap and easy, with little expense and overhead. CAF would probably like that kind of financial situation 🙂

      Steve H


  41. Mark McDougall

    Dear Fellows,
    it looks like this line of comments has lain dormant for ~100 days, but its definitely worth revisiting. Not everything is clear yet, but we do know now that the CDC in March changed the criterion for labelling a condition covid (effecting a ~20 fold increase in case numbers) and that PHE said in March it wasn’t a really dangerous disease.
    Following our KM4 German comments it seems Germany was courted/pressured/forced to get on board as they were taken as being seen as serious and they would be followed by other countries. (Seems “they” couldn’t rope Sweden totally in). have been enquiring into what it is all about.
    Dr Schoning founder of Drs fur Aufklaerung and part of the extra parliamentary enquiry into covid, came to the UK to speak and got locked up at Trafalgar Square!
    The corner of free speech for 800 years in the UK and the Met police lock him up seize his laptop, his phone and the book by top medical experts! Orwell, Huxley and Tolkien weep your hearts out. also don’t feel its been managed well.
    The Great Barrington Declaration has been signed by many health professionals.

    On the other side, there is said to be pressure for the great reset to happen. – Compliant future.
    More lockdowns. More vax trials ceased, more vax talk of mandates. More quests for blockbuster wonder drugs, more prosecutions and bans for nourishment, sunlight, fresh-air, vitamin supplements and anti-malarials like hcq.

    “When it comes to the point that mankind only remains reasonable or even useful when everything is prescribed by law, then really mankind on earth is no longer worth very much” RS 8Jan 23 (on alcohol).

    Rumour mills are whispering of Covid 21 being next in the line, travel passports and mandated shots or else concentration camps (for the unimproved, the new normal refusers). This will keep the true believers safe.

    Did Steiner indicate anything like this for the future?
    Have we misread him?

    Your best source so far as I’ve seen or read, should you wish to understand Covid and further RS endeavours might be to read JvH on the Corona Crisis. Its a hurried letter, but she points the right direction.
    Bacteria, the cellular principle, “I will not be advised nor serve a higher order than myself”, are the illnesses of the past. Viruses, deformed lifeless twisters of the archetypes, oppositional schemers, are the diseases of the future and will fill the void where the spirit hasn’t yet been lived up to. Materialistic thinking, and the hardening and schlerosis that goes with it, are the opposite of the Michaelic task flexible thinking, love based deeds, vitality and light. Covid awakens us to what we have lost and foregone. Mephistopheles seeks to harm, but always good comes about.

    If I were a numerology freak I would say this Century has passed its moon node and is entering the trauma of the birth of its ego. If I were a parabola devotee I would say Michael’s time is nearly half done and our thoughts, deeds and love are what’s going to make the next few years the turning point, on behalf of the next few thousand years.
    But I am a realist, keep your wits about you and devote yourselves to the tasks at hand!


  42. Mark McDougall

    Dolores Cahill is an interesting voice among the scientists.
    Her work is wide ranging and worth investigating.


  43. mark mcd

    here’s part of the battle plan, weigh it up?


    • I’ve previously cited a video by Professor Cahill as worth watching but it should also be noted that she is a controversial figure – not for her professional skills and track record but for her politics. See here for example:


      • mark mcd

        Thanks Jeremy. That’s a June piece, with comments closed but between it and the comments it highlights the polarising that occurs, especially if we add the perspective of 7 months.
        The WHO yesterday was advising to reduce the pcr cycle-amplification and only test symptomatic, then repeat the test five days later to be certain! (Dolores has forced this upon them by commencing verification testing)
        The American Journal of Medicine has published this month, an article with a protocol pretty close to what Dolores proposed 9 months prior and that the college tribune smeared from many aspects.
        Dr Peter Goetsche yesterday circulated a petition over the issue of the opacity of the funding details, the shady deals between the gov and the private parties for the cov-vax rollout, the opacity of the trials and the trial results in the eu, saying it has to change or people will lose trust in government and lose trust in vaccination as a whole. Here’s that Spanish piece towards a petition link
        Sauron and his ringwraiths come to mind for me,.. are we to nonchalently continue to trust their intentional obscurity or expect transparency? Take their duplicity at face value or question? Should we do blindly as bidden or like Dolores, begin the tasks of checking what they call science/health advice to really do what is best for everyone?
        Thanks again, insights emerge continually towards a better world and how we might build it, either alone or collectively 🙂


  44. mark mcd

    A clinical trial, but without the approvals, disclosures nor permissions in place,
    Thats a country that takes these things seriously enough to report on them.


  45. Krešimir Skender

    Time. Without taking time into account, there is no possibility to understand what Steiner said about diseases and treatments. Also, deeper understanding (knowledge) of the whole human being is also essential while sometimes one quote from Steiner does not represent the whole picture he drew during his lifetime. In the case when one or two statements look pretty much out of context, I personally always think about who made the transcript (was it compiled from fragments, or was it the stenographical record, or was it hear-say etc). There are too many possibilities of malversation with his original words, especially in our time.

    Pro & contra division is a mistake, any division is destruction in itself, and future understanding impossible if TIME period is left out of the picture. I am aware that he said in GA314: “Then you should vaccinate! … For if he does not vaccinate, someone else will. It is utterly absurd to be fanatical in particular situations.” This statement is used to show that Steiner was pro-vaccine but omits the fact that he looked at the jab as a remedy in most cases (to divert the astral/etheric body from causing the illness or illness itself). Combined with the reference to Hedda Hummel, Steiner’s stenographer, who as far as she could remember, said Steiner received the smallpox jab and ordered the vaccination of kids, things can get pretty messy. Let’s take a closer look at this combination of quotes (don’t miss her saying as far as I remember), on the way let’s take into account that he also said that the real knowledge is stronger than any vaccine, … ”when you understand the connection, to go among the smallpox patients without fear, and full of love.”

    So, I am quite sure he had the proper Inspiration and Intuition about smallpox, and therefore I find it had to believe that he would put a needle in his arm. It sounds like the first corona vaccination in the U.K. with the man named William Shakespeare. Is Mrs, Hummel the only source of that information? If so, one could easily dismiss it. In 1924, he said: “I have actually never shied away from exposing myself to any danger of infections and have really never caught anything, have never got myself infected.” The smallpox outbreak in Germany was in 1920 (2.115 cases, in 1924 – 16 cases) so the years are a bit mixed also?

    Now, the holy jab! In the time period when Steiner spoke about the smallpox vaccine (1920s) the jab was pretty simple, serum-like, with no adjuvants. Regarding adjuvants, he spoke in length about minerals that people take in through food and which cause diseases so from that point, there is no need to invent hot water, it is quite clear that that same quantity of x-mineral (aluminum, mercury, etc.) put in the jab as adjuvants these days will cause diseases, if not with the first jab, then with the second or third or fourth while our bodies have limits. So, the smallpox jab in the 17th-19th century was much safer than jabs are today. That is a fact. But even then, he spoke about the vaccination effect in regard to Ahrimanic powers “…and that is really why vaccination causes us concern because people are garbed trough with phantom. The individual has a phantom which prevents him from feeling the psychic entities as far from the physical organism as in the normal state of consciousness.“ From the start of the 20th century to now, we also have the third appearance of Sorath, and in so the case for taking the vaccine declines rapidly if one wishes to walk the normal evolution.
    Next, in regard of smallpox, he said that imitation was the prime principle, “We should not carelessly plump straight for physical means of transmitting the disease, however.” He also emphasised in numerous occasions that the bacilli or fungi are the result, not the cause. And in rare occasions, he speaks about “catching the disease” which makes me wonder did he got confused or might there have been a misinterpretation by the public taking notes or…? All diseases he described had their source in the disbalance of the 4-fold human being with emphasises on the rhythm. For the external causes he mostly spoke about poisons (virus=poison) e.g. eating a plant from the lead-soil will cause paralysis which has influenza as the starting point, or by the influence of heavenly bodies that cause disbalance in the rhythm of etheric/astral body.
    Now, would he speak about the modern meaning of virus (dna/rna in an envelope) if he thought that it will be so important as the mass media and IT experts want us to think? I am sure he would, but he didn’t. I would like that he said bacteria cause disease and you can catch it from a sneezing person, but he did not say anything similar, just the opposite and how then is it possible that now the whole globe is locked down because of the even smaller particle – virus? Not to mention all misinterpretations and manipulation done with the PCR test and the fact that the virus has not been isolated but we are served by a computer model!?

    But he did speak of the global birth of communism (then just in the seed form planted in Russia), technology and lack of understanding of life from the point of materialistic (abstract) science etc., about all that we are now witnessing during the period when the humanity unconsciously passes through the threshold. So, yet again we have time in between Steiner and this crazy illusion called covid-19. Fear and despair are all around, and no real knowledge with the healing power, no love in the mass media nor in experts’ group, just steps towards the 4th industrial revolution, a step closer to diverting the Earth to an alternative evolution. This will not go as the fallen spirits imagined, we are much stronger, a man is a religion of the Gods and we will push the darkness away.


  46. mark mcd

    Following up. The World Doctors Alliance and the World Freedom Alliance people have commenced Project Accountability and are demanding the inalienable rights, written into our varying Christianised Country’s constitutions are up held and not over ridden by any rushed legal proclamations nor by any one professing to be a servant of the people(ie in the public service). So the Corona Controversies will be ongoing for some time yet. Sad to see truncheoned fathers, bloody heads with dogs at their legs as the UberPolice give liscence to their rage and pleasure in blows upon fellows humans and destruction of their bodies.
    Ugly beyond even Hitlerian storm troopers, and grown up in our own countries. The laws for these new powers were passed not long after Steve’s piece here, just in case you were wondering whether this has all been in preparation for a long time,…


  47. Krešimir Skender

    Of course, this was the plan all along. And it wasn’t a secret plan either. An objective look at the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. ( or Event 201 (months before the so-called outbreak) or the opening ceremony of the 2012 OG in London (with detailed scenography of today, even the actors like Boris Johnson) can help those who still think that the “plague” of 2020 is a product of human karma or Ecosophy (offered in the blog post). From any standpoint in touch with reality, this is an orchestrated scenario that ends up with the passing into transhumanism via the Great Rest (or not!). The plan is most intelligent, but still, peace by peace we can see through it! People gathered on their own will, like those in World Doctors Alliance and the World Freedom Alliance are surely inspired by Michael, hopefully, they will manage to make a bridge to a moral, better version of “new normal”, and on the other hand that inspiration is blocked to other people I shall mention later.

    From another standpoint, reflected in the gathering of free people around the world in the Spirit of Christianity, this crisis a blessing, nevertheless. In our period we have been faced with the struggle for ones I which is under attack by hordes of low level Asuras ((I read somewhere on this blog, among comments that there is a misunderstanding of the fallen hierarchies – Lucifer (astral, sentient soul, the middle period of Lemuria), Ahriman (etheric, intellectual soul, from mid. Atlantis), Asuras (physical, consciousness soul, from mid. Post-Atlantean period) – all connected with the evolution of man. On the other hand, not connected with our Solar system – Sorath – works through the three before-mentioned hierarchies, comets etc.)). So, now we are confronted with the unprecedented situation, under the 3rd Sorath intervention and with Asuras devouring our I, and those two, each pulling to its own side… it is completely normal that one is feeling torn apart. The main objective now is to see through the workings of Asuras and Sorath in the background. It is the necessity of our time because when one understands that it is I under attack now, then it is possible to pull the sword of I and cut through. Michael is here, we know that, but he waits for our deeds, looks at us with the hope that we will rise up to the challenge. Before that, it is also of great importance to see through the Ahrimanic deception and that can be done if one is ready to change one’s opinion and not let the image become hardened under the influence of Ahriman. I know it is not that simple and it takes a lot of courage to do so, but the way forward is walking the path of Truth and the first step is to reject the crude hard images placed before us by those who want us no good. The fallen spirits are all-in, and they are bluffing, it is so obvious, they always want to pull to the present day something that should appear in the future. Our freedom (spiritual and physical) is in the pot, and we have to call the bluff.

    Individuality build from upwards has to become the guiding principle. I will use a broad picture on purpose just to make a general point – institutions of any kind today are the opposite of individuality – and it makes me sad to know that Steiner merged his karma with the karma of the GAS (he did that in 1923) and now he also has to carry the burden of their deeds. As someone with a modest knowledge of Anthroposophy, I find my obligation in helping him. One of the steps was me sending a Freedom of Information request to Goetheanum. Until now, no reply – not even: “Sorry, you don’t understand what you are talking about”, despite that there is a low of replying in 20 days, despite the fact that a reply should be the least every human being should do. I have no problem with that, but when I receive an e-mail from my kid’s Waldorf school introducing information about Cov-19, online classed and self-isolation, I am quite sure that before sending out that nonsense, people in charge took a look at Goetheanum for guidance with shaking knees due to global propaganda. In the end, it will fall on our children’s back, and at that point, I have the problem with image emanating from the rotten core. We could make that burden a bit easier to carry, don’t we? I suppose there are other people here that smell what is creeping in the Goetheanum hallways, what else can be done to open the windows and let some fresh air in, empower those moral individuals who are there? I suppose the answer is to take a stand – to create an obstacle in the present phase of evolution so that spiritual beings who lead the evolution can set free God’s wrath, to create a tsunami of Light and Truth? Or, did we reach the stage when we have to fight off the fallen spirits ourselves and win another piece of our humanity? I would try with the latter and see what are we made of!


    • Mark McD

      Thanks KS. I’m told Oriphiel will be terrifying to the malingerers. I will be leaving that to the future, but theres a lot we can learn in our times, even if we cant see where this is heading realised in our days.


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